Woman Seeks Advice on Divorce Raping Husband After He Caught Her Cheating on Him

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      AWALT – a cock carousel rider cheated on her husband behind his back, until by happenstance he caught her with her lover doing the thing. Obviously, he wants to divorce that cheating whore, so she now turns to the internet to seek advice on how to get half of what he owns, because she’s a woman and that comes with a pussy pass:


      Female Bias Marriage Contract:

      1. You get to be someone’s ATM.
      2. You get to pay for damaged goods that other men before you got when it was still fresh and new, for FREE!
      3. You get sex when her feelings align up to her memory that she once loved you.
      4. You get to put away your hobbies and work longer hours.
      5. You won’t have to worry about where to spend all that money you’ve been making.
      6. You will know how cute she is when she is angry.
      7. No need for a TV, she will tell you all about the drama in her life.
      8. She will give you a reason to keep working.
      9. She will manage your reputation for you.
      10. She will not bother you about her sexual needs.
      11. You could become the father of her second or third child.
      12. If you have beautiful children with her you’ll get the opportunity to stress over a more lucrative career.
      13. And if you’re lucky she’ll leave you and take half your stuff so you won’t have to worry about what to do with it all when you live in a more stress-free and less materialistic environment.
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      While her whole question is obnoxious, I’m also annoyed that she’s so stupid. What she wants to do isn’t morally right but if you are that corrupt, go to an attorney, you dumb bitch. Why you go public with that shit? Now, a bunch of people know you behave like this. No self-respect?

      But as always AWALT is bs.

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        @itsplaster Going public though, from a mans perspective, is great!. It seems the biggest problem you have with her, is that she went public, female nature, has long since lost its lustre, the sugar is bitter(as am I) and the spice gives a lot of men the shits.

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          @fcUKer Or it could be bad to go public. Because without much effort, the next woman who wants to know will find that post with people pointing out that she should have no problem getting half or more of his belongings. So, future cheaters won’t even have to pay an attorney’s fee.

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          @itsplaster Well, either way, men will still get shafted, but if you think that most women don’t know by now, that they can take men to the cleaners, they never will. Besides, I usually look at these types of stories with a tilted bonce, its probably just another one, of the many divisive tactics, used by a certain foreskin-less hook-nosed tribe that I’ve grown quite fond of mentioning, you may have noticed. Its probably another fake story to divide men and women, this “tribe” funds both feminism and as I suspect, MGTOW too.

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          @fcuker Jew was both behind feminism and behind anti feminism movement, the same way they are behind white genocide and many white nationalist movements, like the fake white nationalists in Ukraine, etc. They feel the need to control the opposition in order to have complete control of the narrative.

          The way one can tell whether certain opposition is controlled is by looking at what the Jewish mainstream press has to say about it. If they give it undue press in order to promote it (such as with Snowden, Wikileaks, etc), then you know that’s most certainly controlled opposition. But if they try to hush it, and only mention it because the cat is out of the bag, but do it by talking it down, you know the nerve has been hit.

          Even though the destruction of family as the most fundamental and important building block of a society was entirely a Jewish construct, for which feminism was the means to an end, and even though MGTOW assists with that goal, MGTOW also makes men red-pilled and that scares the shit out of the Jew. Men are the driving force behind everything that’s been achieved. Jew can’t do shit without white men being blue-pilled. They need white men on the plantation and loving it. MGTOW takes men off the plantation and makes them their own masters. Many MGTOW, including yours truly, escaped the most anti male countries and relocated to where they can pursue their goals without TPTB having full control of them.

          If MGTOW was a Jewish construct, it backfired on the Jew gloriously. MGTOW is not a movement. It’s a philosophy. Each man on their own, following their own rules. There is no headquarters, no guidelines, nothing. That makes MGTOW uncontrollable (which is why it also scares the living shit out of feminists). Jewish control of the world is only attainable if men remain complacent and maintain their participation in the rigged game. Participation is the key. Elections are also rigged with predetermined results, but so long as people participate in them, the illusion (and with it the enslavement of the populace) remains, and the populace keeps slaving themselves. If the populace opted out of voting, it would completely and utterly destroy the illusion, and with it, the power TPTB hold over the populace. That’s why non participation, whether by way of not voting, or going MGTOW, scares the living shit out of the Jew. It is the death of their hegemony. And that by extension, is the end of feminism.

          Still, I commend you for questioning everything. Never take anything at face value. Jew has 5,000 years of documented history of usury and trickery. After 5,000, he perfected the artform and is now very efficient at it. By questioning everything, even the most blatant bits, one can uncover Jewish agendas no matter how well concealed.

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          I’m not convinced that the jews are scared of MGTOW, quite the opposite, but I’m willing to concede the point, but feminism is more vitriolic now, more so than its ever been in its history. Anti-feminism is definitely on the rise though, that, I’ve certainly noticed, but I chalked that down to the rise of the number of rapes all over Europe, suddenly western men aren’t that bad anymore.

          Muslims and migrants in general are drop-kicking western women off of the pedestal that western men put them on, and a lot of these women are seeing this, and they don’t like it, I can’t say I blame them. But after decades of back-stabbing their men, they seem to want to reclaim their femininity all of a sudden, lets just hope that they don’t get the chance to retreat in to the kitchen, before the real chaos starts. This is very much a mess of their creation(if only women rose up against feminism, a decade or two ago instead of reaping its continued rewards), but with help from a certain tribe of course.

          Feminism was never for womens benefit, we see that, thats becoming plainly obvious to even women now, they’ve been fucked over on a grand scale all over Europe, real rape culture is right here, right now.

          Just a quick p.s. What do you think of the whole Bradley/Chelsea Manning freakshow, I mean if that wasn’t a pre-cursor to the trans-gender mania we are seeing today then I don’t know what was.

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          @fcUKer You mention that problems of feminism are women’s own creation and if we’d rose up against it when we had a chance, we wouldn’t be dealing with real rape culture and other issues. But which women are paying this price? The women who actually fostered feminism? Or women who were children when this rise against feminism should’ve taken place? I often think anger/hate against women is very general and arbitrary. Comments like yours seem to back that up. The originators of change can’t be punished, so let’s just punish the women who are here now.

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          @itsplaster all women, including those born long after the inception of feminism, live up the insane female privileges. Feminists or not, supporters of feminism or not, women still wouldn’t part with the privileges and with being on the pedestal their whole lives, while men are arbitrarily oppressed.

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          @happy That’s very vague. What privileges have all women enjoyed? And beyond the metaphor of a pedestal, what does that mean?

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          @itsplaster thanks for proving that it’s true when they say that privilege is invisible to those who have it (copy pasta):

          From an early age the opposite sex will be instructed never to hit me but I may not be given the same instructions. However, should I strike males I can expect not to be hit back and any social penalties that occur from my actions will actually fall on the male.

          If I’m not smart, but pretty, I can marry and achieve the social and financial level of my husband without ever working.

          I can produce offspring. A status which grants me an “essential” status in our species that men can never have and which can never be taken away from me even in old age.

          Regardless of my mate value society has organised fertility clinics and social welfare programs that will allow me to have children and provide for them should I choose to reproduce without a mate or marriage.

          I not only have the more valuable and sought after sexual identity, but I also have complete control over my reproductive choice and in many ways over the reproductive choice of the opposite sex.

          At any time I can abandon my parental responsibilities with little or no social stigma and hand the child over to the state or abort the pregnancy. A male could never relieve himself of this burden unless I allow him to.

          I am granted all the rights of a democracy without any of the burdens of military service.

          At age 18 I lose the protective status of the child but retain the protective status of the female. Boys at age 18 lose the protected status of the child and become targets if they fail to gain status after that point.

          When I marry a man with status I can take his name and become whoever he has spent years becoming. I need not do anything special to be worthy of receiving the reputation he has built. However, if I wish to keep my own name I can do so. Should my husband feel the sting of this insult I can simply call him a sexist for it.

          People will help me more when I’m in need and I will receive no social penalty or stigma for it.

          When I’m on a date things will be paid for me.

          When I search for employment I can choose jobs which I think are fulfilling without concern of whether they provide a “family” wage.

          I can discriminate against the opposite sex ruthlessly without social penalty.

          If I marry and quit my job and enjoy a leisurely life with light housework and then later divorce I will be given half of the marital assets.

          If I commit a crime and am convicted I will get a sentencing “discount” because of my gender. If I am very pretty it will increase my discount.

          If I am a partner in crime with a man I will likely be charged with lesser crimes even though I committed the same crimes even if I was the ringleader.

          I have the option to be outraged if my husband asks me if my behaviour is due to PMS and later on use PMS as a successful legal defence for murdering that same husband.

          At age 18 I will not be forced to register for Selective Service and will not be penalised for failing to do so.

          At a time of war I will never be drafted and ripped from my employment, home, and family and forced to become a military slave.

          My feelings are more important than men’s lives. Every precaution will be made to protect me from harassment at work. However, males will make up nearly 100% of workplace fatalities.

          My gender controls 80% of domestic spending. We get to spend our money if we have any and we get to spend men’s money.

          The majority of luxury apparel is designed, marketed to, and consumed by women.

          Seven times as much jewellery will be purchased by or for me than by or for men.

          I have a department of women’s health whereas men have no such department.

          My gender enjoys more government spending on health than males do.

          My gender consumes the lioness’ share of entitlement programs while men contribute the lion’s share of taxes.

          If I rape or molest a child I can expect lighter treatment in court and afterwards receive less social stigma. What’s more, should I become pregnant, I can sue my victim for child support when he finally turns 18.

          When I divorce my husband I will be guaranteed custody of my children unless I am deemed to be unfit. Even if my husband is “Parent of the Year” 10 years running it is unlikely he will get custody over me even if I am a mediocre parent.

          When I divorce I can use false accusations of domestic violence, sexual molestation of the children or abuse of the children to gain advantage during court proceedings. If I am found out to be a liar I can expect to get away with it.

          If a man calls me a slut it will probably hurt his reputation more than it hurts mine, but at any rate the damage will be small and localised. However, if I call him a child molester or claim that he raped me I can destroy him completely and the damage may be nationwide.

          If I fail at my career I can blame the male dominated society.

          I may have the luxury of staying home and being a housewife but if my sister’s husband does the same thing I’m likely to call him a deadbeat loser and tell her to leave him.

          If I “choose” to join the military; the best military occupations providing the most lucrative civilian training will be reserved for me. I will be kept away from the fighting as much as possible to the point that I will be thirty times less likely to be killed in a war zone than my male counterparts. I will be given equal pay for less risk. I will never have to consider the fact that by joining the military and getting a plumb assignment I automatically forced a male out of that position and into a combat role that may cost him his life.

          If a male soldier injures himself before a deployment he can be arrested and court marshalled for it. If I deliberately get pregnant before a deployment or even during a deployment I will be reassigned and or taken out of a war zone and I will receive no penalty for it.

          My gender watches more television in every hour of every day than any other group. This along with the fact that women control 80% of domestic spending means that most television shows and advertisement are designed to appeal to me.

          I can wear masculine clothing if it pleases me however men cannot wear feminine clothing without social penalty.

          Not only is there a wealth of clothing choices designed for me but it is likely that I will be able to afford or have them provided for me.

          I can claim that a wage gap exists and that it is the fault of sexism while simultaneously seeking employment without considering income as a priority. I will probably choose my job based on satisfaction, flexibility of hours, and working conditions and then expect to make as much as the males working nights, out in the rain and cold or working overtime.

          I can be bigoted or sexist against males without social penalty.

          If I make a false claim of rape against a male in an act of revenge or in order to cover up my own scandalous behavior I may well succeed at both and he may spend years in prison. If I am found out it is unlikely I will be charged, convicted, or serve any time at all.

          If I abuse my husband and physically assault him and the police arrive it is almost guaranteed he will go to jail.

          If I am in an abusive relationship there are a multitude of social organisations to help me get away from him. There are few for men in the same position even though women initiate the majority of DV and even though men are hospitalized 30% of the time.

          In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency that requires evacuation I can expect to be evacuated before males. This includes male doctors, humanitarians, politicians, captains of industry, billionaires, and religious leaders. I will receive no social penalty if all of those people died because I was evacuated first. However, should they manage to get evacuated before women and those women died they will all suffer a social penalty.

          If someone is attacking a person on the street I have no obligation to assist them and I will receive no social penalty if I do nothing.

          If someone is harming my children and I run away and ask someone else to help I will receive no social penalty for my cowardice.

          I’m immune to cognitive dissonance.

          I may denounce the concept of a dowry, however, I still expect a man to give me an engagement ring when he asks me to marry him.

          I expect a man to ask me to marry me and suffer the potential risk of rejection.

          If I lie it’s because I’m a victim of a male dominated society forced into difficult circumstances and not because I’m a bad person.

          If my boyfriend sabotages a condom he can pay me child support for the next 20 years. If I secretly don’t take my birth control my boyfriend can pay me child support for the next 20 years.

          If I’m uncomfortable exercising around men I can demand a female only gym be made for women. If any male only gyms exist I can demand membership under threat of lawsuit.

          If my female only gym at the university decides to close early for safety reasons I can scream sexism and force them to keep it open as long as the main gym.

          If I succeed at keeping the female gym open and I leave late at night and I don’t feel safe I can demand that the university spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for more lighting and police presence.

          If after getting new lighting and police protection I decide I don’t want to go to the gym anymore well that’s just my prerogative.

          I’m likely to believe that if a woman is intoxicated she is not capable of giving consent and if sex occurs it is rape. However, if her male partner is also intoxicated he is capable of consenting.

          If a man is promoted over me at work I have a right to suspect sexism even though I also believe that under adverse circumstances men are more capable than women of making good decisions. (see #55)

          I can cry and get my husband to do something for me that he might not have done otherwise.

          I expect people (especially men) to be sensitive to my feelings.

          I can deny a man’s feelings or disregard them or ridicule him for having them without social penalty.

          If I lose my job it’s because of sexism or the economy. If a man loses his job it’s because he’s a loser.

          If I go to a club or bar with my girlfriends and I look my sexy best I have a right to be perturbed when men approach me and hit on me in this public place.

          Even though men die more from prostate cancer than women die from breast cancer I can expect that twice as much funding is given for breast cancer. The same will apply to any female specific disease or malady.

          If for some reason I do not get custody of my children I will be expected to pay less child support than another man in my exact same position.

          If I kidnap my children and I am eventually caught I can successfully defend myself by claiming I was protecting them from my husband–even if my children were given to him to protect them from me.

          My gender makes up 53% of the voting population yet when I see more men in political office I will call that sexism.

          If I am married with children and I want to stay home with the kids I’m likely to blame my husband for not making enough to allow me to do that.

          I think it is my right to work and I am unconcerned if the influx of women into the workforce has reduced overall wages to the point that it’s hard to support a family on just one income, or affirmative action has kept men from being promoted even though they deserved it.

          I can get student financial aid without signing up for Selective Service (the Draft).

          I can get employment with a federal agency without signing up for Selective Service.

          Restrooms for my gender will be cleaner and are more likely to have flowers or other decorations.

          If I’m caring for a child restrooms for my gender will more likely have a changing table for my convenience.

          People I’ve never met before are more likely to open doors for me.

          People I’ve never met before are more likely to talk to me in public.

          If I go to a bar I can expect that members of the opposite sex will purchase drinks for me.

          Anytime I find an organisation just for men I can denounce it as sexism.

          I believe that women should have organisations just for women.

          If I meet a man that I like and I give him my phone number and he doesn’t call I have a right to think of him as an asshole.

          If I meet a man that I like and I give him my phone number and he calls me I have a right to blow him off or act like I don’t know him.

          I believe I have a right to live in an orderly and safe society but I feel no obligation to risk my safety to secure or maintain that society.

          I like it when bars and clubs have drinks specials just for women.

          I think that organisations that offer any discounts or privileges just for men is a clear sign of sexism.

          If I’m white I will live 6 years longer than white males and 14 years longer than black males.

          If I’m encouraged to get medical care it’s because I owe it to myself.

          When my husband is encouraged to get medical help it’s because he owes to to me and the kids.

          If something bad happens to me or just one woman I believe it is an offence against all women.

          I believe that if something bad happens to a man it’s because he’s a loser.

          I think that alimony is fair when paid to a woman but not fair when paid by a woman.

          I’m more likely to believe that women who commit crimes are sick and need treatment or understanding whereas men who commit crimes are evil and should be locked up forever.

          I can criticise the opposite sex without social penalty, but woe be to the man who attempts to criticise me or other women.

          I can throw a fit and act like a two year old to get what I want without damaging my mate value.

          I have the luxury of not being the filter for natural selection.

          I can sleep with my boss if I want and afterwards I can sue him for sexual harassment.

          I can wear seductive clothing and perfume to attract a man at work but no one will accuse me of sexual harassment.

          If I hear a story about Darfur and how men who leave the refugee camps to gather wood are hacked to death to prevent their wives from being raped I am likely to think that is proper but not likely to send money.

          If I hear a story about Darfur and how women are leaving the refugee camps to gather wood are being raped I’m likely to be outraged. I’m also likely to wonder why these women’s husbands aren’t protecting them.

          If I ever heard these stories about Darfur it is my privilege not to care or even consider that the reason the second story exists is because all the men in the first have already been killed.

          It is my right to maintain the belief that men oppress women despite all of the evidence to the contrary.

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          @happy There’s a difference between not recognizing privilege and things one has never encountered. Some of these I have never experienced, some I have never heard of and I am almost sure many men haven’t either, some are just completely made up drivel by someone who doesn’t like women. Many of the “privileges” you listed centered around girls not liking boys that want them. Well boo-fucking-hoo. I’ve been rejected. We probably all have. And I am SO sorry that the men’s restroom doesn’t have flowers in it. Am I supposed to take that as a serious grievance?

          I’m going to C&P this list as well on my own computer and edit out the petty shit. Then I can get a look at real issues versus silliness. I’m seeing medical issues that deserve to be taken seriously. Military issues that need to be addressed. Those things, I will look at with concern. Don’t worry, I’m not going to re-post the edited list. That’s not the point. I want to consider it for my personal interest.

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          @happy I did find a male privilege list as I knew one had to exist. I’ve said on numerous occasions that I wish I’d been born male – not in a transgender way but because of things like on this list.
          I cut the list down a lot and that’s why the numbers aren’t in order and some are skipped. I felt this short list was a fair representation of your privilege. I didn’t feel the entire list needed to be posted.:

          2. If I fail in my job or career, I can feel sure this won’t be seen as a black mark against my entire sex’s capabilities.

          5. If I choose not to have children, my masculinity will not be called into question.

          6. If I have children and a career, no one will think I’m selfish for not staying at home.

          7. My elected representatives are mostly people of my own sex. The more prestigious and powerful the elected position, the more this is true.

          11. If I’m careless with my financial affairs it won’t be attributed to my sex.

          12. If I’m careless with my driving it won’t be attributed to my sex.

          13. Even if I sleep with a lot of women, there is no chance that I will be seriously labeled a “slut,” nor is there any male counterpart to “slut-bashing.”

          14. I do not have to worry about the message my wardrobe sends about my sexual availability or my gender conformity.

          16. The grooming regimen expected of me is relatively cheap and consumes little time.

          18. I can be loud with no fear of being called a shrew. I can be aggressive with no fear of being called a bitch.

          20. My ability to make important decisions and my capability in general will never be questioned depending on what time of the month it is.

          21. I will never be expected to change my name upon marriage or questioned if I don’t change my name.

          22. The decision to hire me will never be based on assumptions about whether or not I might choose to have a family sometime soon.

          27. In general, I am under much less pressure to be thin than my female counterparts are. If I am fat, I probably suffer fewer social and economic consequences for being fat than fat women do.

          28. On average, I am not interrupted by women as often as women are interrupted by men.

          29. I have the privilege of being unaware of my male privilege.

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          @itsplaster surely this is a joke. It’s 4am and I’m heading to bed, but let me make a quick address to that blabbering of an emotional child:

          2. This one has got to be the biggest joke of them all. Men are treated as utilities and as disposable by the entire society. Because of such toxic, anti male climate, men are judged for their career and unlike women, don’t have many other options. A woman can turn to prostitution, which means she doesn’t have to try to get education even though quotas privilege women exponentially, scholarships are mostly for women, she doesn’t have to worry where she’ll get money for food from if shit doesn’t work out, and doesn’t have to go an extra mile to get or retain the job. Also, a woman gets a better job for the same experience, safer work conditions, less productivity pressure, etc.

          Man’s life is without options. Unlike women, men are not handed out passes strictly for existing. Men must bust their ass off to obtain any kind of pass, but they only obtain it after they have earned their merit and their “stars” with risk analysis, cause-effect correlation, planning and hard, hard work. It takes them decades of super competitive existence to drive themselves up to the point that they finally start building some advantage for themselves. Man’s accolades come with hard work. Females have them handed to them at birth and every day henceforth solely for existing.

          5. In current female privilege climate, questioning women about anything is a taboo, while questioning men is part of every day agendas.

          6. LOL, seriously? Whereas this is completely the other way around, it makes you wonder why feminists grasp at straws and are forced to make up shit like that to support their anti male agendas.

          7. My elected representatives will tax me more, but will hand majority of my taxes to the opposite sex. They will ponder to women with every move they take and every word they utter. They will open female shelters, but none for men, even though women face significantly lower chances of becoming victims of crime. They will appoint representatives exclusively for women, like the White House Women and Girls Council, but none for men. I will not exist to them, because everything will go to women, regardless of the representative’s gender.

          11. The thing is – a woman can afford to be financially careless because everything is geared to her privilege. As a man, I don’t have privilege.

          12. See #11. In particular because if a woman is careless with driving, a man will be found responsible and punished.

          13. Except that feminists and SJWs will work round the clock shaming me if I choose to go my own way, because apparently that means I can’t get any. So just because women ride cock carousel made exclusively of Chad cocks and decent guys can’t have a chance at a relationship, the man will be shamed.

          14. You mean to tell me the remarks I get for only owning two shirts and two shorts and thus I’m always seen in the same clothes all the time and get made fun for it, it’s somehow male privilege? Besides, haven’t you just bitched about being labeled a slut? I’m sure sluts don’t wear slutty clothes and shoes because they are comfortable…

          This was also addressed in the list of female privileges that I copy pasted before:

          If a man calls me a slut it will probably hurt his reputation more than it hurts mine, but at any rate the damage will be small and localized. However, if I call him a child molester or claim that he raped me I can destroy him completely and the damage may be nationwide.

          Indeed, men have the privilege of not being called the harmless and localized “slut”. Their privilege ensures they are falsely labeled rapists or child molesters and end up with their lives destroyed without a possibility to fix it, and caged for decades, even if they are completely innocent. Women really have it so hard… OMG, precious feelings hurt with a “slut“.

          Women are not objectified by men. They are objectified by themselves. They choose to wear clothes and makeup strictly to accentuate the their feminine features in order to attract objectification so they can make themselves feel relevant by bitching when a toil battered man takes the bait.

          Women have an option to dress up and act like radical Muslim women, so only their eyes are showing and none of their curves, hair, breast size, pussy mound size, etc are showing. But fact of a matter is, non Muslim women not only refuse to not objectify themselves, they choose clothes and accessories that are tight, with a lot of skin showing, with super deep cleavage, with push up bras, high heels to make their legs look slimmer and longer… Women are sluts by choice. How could anyone buy into the whole “don’t objectify me” thing, when you go to such great lengths to objectify yourself. In conclusion – if women are labeled “sluts”, it is strictly by choice.

          And if you take a peak at dating services like Tinder, you’ll realize that while women objectify their bodies, in men, they objectify their bodies and their wallets.

          16. You have got to be kidding me. Grooming needs for women = 0. Unless they choose to groom. Men don’t have that privilege. Men have to groom. The choice is exclusive to women.

          18. Like saying that Jews are victims in Palestine.

          20. No, it’ll be determined by how I get judged by women. I must have missed the memorial for all the women lost to the great battle of Tampon.

          Thanks to modern medicine developed by men, women don’t have to go through menstruation or pregnancy. Iron pills trigger only mini menstruation, and the estrogen pills keep the female body in the state similar to pregnancy, so the woman will not menstruate.

          21. Thousands of people, both men and women, change their names for one reason or another. A name change has zero traumatic effect on the name bearer. This argument is as ridiculous as stating that because your parents didn’t give you name you would prefer, it happened because of male privilege.

          22. The decision to hire you will be determined simply by the fact that you are a woman. A man could be more qualified, but you will get the job because you have a pussy.

          27. Being judged for one’s choices is what people do. As a woman, you have the privilege of being only judged by that all people are judged for – your own choices. Men don’t have that privilege. Men are judged by things they have no control over, like their height, whether they are bald, or their penis size.

          28. Bullshit. Like they say, anything that must be believed without evidence, can be debunked without evidence. Bullshit statements pulled out of one’s ass because one wants it to be true does not make it privilege.

          29. See #18.

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          @happy Deny, deny, deny. That goes even further than being unaware of privilege. It’s a choice to pretend it doesn’t exist. When you gave me your unedited list of female privilege, though some was absolutely ridiculous and not true, I didn’t pretend that no female privilege exists at all – as some does. But you completely deny male privilege? That’s a willful ignorance.
          I find it so unfair or even quite weak for some (not all) men to claim retribution for how women have treated them. If it’s all about getting even, it took less than a century for men to think women had an unfair advantage. How many years did men run the world before that? Oh, basically every year? Yes, I see why you feel so attacked.

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          @itsplaster we’re once again back at the same old “facts are a kryptonite to feminists” credo, but whereas I’m not a woman and thus I’m capable of empathy and compassion, I’ll stop tormenting you with facts (kryptonite) so your precious privileged ego can live on.

        • #95354

          I looked at your female privilege list and actually was open to ones that were true or that I’d never thought of. If my ego was as big as you’d like to pretend, I’d have done like you and scoffed at the notion that my magical gender has any flaws. But I don’t have an ego problem. To accept some truths even if they aren’t very flattering requires not hiding behind an ego. And I agreed with some truthful items on the list. Were those facts? Yes, I believe they were. So I am accepting facts and admitting flaws but you say I have a privileged ego and facts are worthless to me. I have to think you just didn’t even consider your reply or you lie. It’s very clear that I am not fitting the picture you want to paint of me. @happy

        • #95356

          @itsplaster I decided to treat you to your own medicine, by mimicking your way of replying whereby your reply doesn’t address the questions raised, contains no rational argument, and places the whole weight of the argument on frustrating the debater with complete dumbassery. Hope you enjoyed the experience of being in the shoes of people trying to have a discussion with you.

        • #95358

          @happy That’s convenient. But, what were the questions that I didn’t address? You told me about toy stores and circumcision and I had very rational replies, actually. At that time, I had not looked at all of the female privilege list, which you knew, so I didn’t address that.
          Are you pissed because I sent you a male privilege list? My doing so was not dodging the female privilege list but you seem to be unaware of any privilege that you have which you shamed me for. I think it’s fair for you to be aware as well.
          So, is there something specific I didn’t answer or address rationally prior to the male privilege list?

        • #95769

          @itsplaster that’s all you have – insults. Let me destroy you one more time – you did not admit to female privilege. You said “female privilege exists” three (3) days after I have repeatedly stated that privilege is invisible to those who have it. So no, I did not reply with “privilege is invisible to you“. It was you who denied female privilege, but once destroyed with the avalanche of evidence, and no longer to maintain the bullshit, only then you made the “female privilege exists” statement in a desperate strife to save your face.

          You just keep yourself digging deeper and deeper into a hole. Like I said – it’s all here for anyone willing to read. You have been exposed. You can be upset that your privilege doesn’t extend to BG all you want. The wall is real. Here there be equality. Your insults will change nothing about that.

        • #95133

          @itsplaster You seem to think you live in a fairy-tale land where only the guilty are or should be punished, life isn’t fair. Yeah! Its a shitty reality, a reality where innocence is punished, and cruelty seems to rule the roost.

          But to try and absolve women from any type of blame is one of the main reasons why a lot of men see you women as tribal, always backing each other up, outraged at violence or criticism directed towards women, you all pile in to comments sections like this with your typical feminist talking points.

          Where did I say “so lets just punish the women that are here now”?? This isn’t the first time I’ve had to debate a woman that injects an “emotional” hook into an argument, its common-place, even here on BG, Jeesh! No violence and criticism of women, got it!

          But back to fairy-tale land for a moment where only cheating men, wife beaters, murderers get fucked over by women, where men lose their business, house, car and kids, women have arbitrarily being looking down on men ad-nauseum. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but we’ve been living in an age of generalised and arbitrary comments for quite some time now, just that women were the ones making them, tough shit if you don’t like it.

          You women come on here and laugh your arses off, but as soon as women are victims at the hands of a man, there better not be any sexist remarks made, otherwise the female gaggle will try to gag you. Shit happens! By the way are you suggesting that Europe is not a feminist shit-hole where women are reaping a lot of rewards, these rewards come with a risk surely? But does that mean that their mothers are to blame?

        • #95135

          @fcUKer If I lived in a fairytale land, I wouldn’t find myself constantly accused of things I haven’t done or threatened with the coming hellfires that I didn’t provoke.

          Feminist talking points, lol. I disagree with “all women are gold diggers” because I am NOT and I say so. It’s only around men who hate women that I become this mythical feminist. Normal people don’t think my dislike of rape is weird. But of course, here, it makes me a feminist to call rape a bad thing.

          Just because the norm and life is unfair doesn’t mean that I going to stoop down and play along. I don’t define men as a collective. I don’t join these users who make fun of a man’s penis or say he must not get pussy. I never join that emasculating shit. Just because mud is slung at me for having a vagina does not mean that I return the favor. And you can fault me for being emotional at times but I’m acquainted with logic and reason as well. And I’ll continue to speak up. And tough shit, if you don’t like it.

        • #95136

          @itsplaster that list was copy pasta and is nowhere near conclusive. There are still things like one sided health funding, assumed auto “victim” in Domestic Violence laws or false rape accusations, legal protection against female circumcision, default “Women First” in any case of emergency…

          Also, women have the privileged of guaranteed maternity. I have never heard of a court case in which a woman was required to provide proof of maternity. It’s female privilege that they are presumed mothers without proof. Men do not possess guaranteed paternity. In fact, 10% to 16% of men are victims of paternity fraud.

          Source: http://australianpaternityfraud.org/PATERNITY_FRAUD_STATISTICS-AUSTRALIA_OTHER_COUNTRIES-STUDIES_DNA.aspx

          Women have a privilege of not having to unknowingly raise another woman’s child. But how many men out there are raising another man’s children?

          Women have the privilege to terminate pregnancy at their discretion. If a woman is impregnated by a man and the man wants a child but the woman wants to undergo an abortion, there is nothing that the man can do. Whereas if a man doesn’t want to have a child and he gets a woman pregnant and the woman decides to keep the child, the man has no say in the matter. The man who never wanted the child in the forced place will be forced to take care of the child, even if he doesn’t want children.

          97% of recipients of alimony are women according to the US Census Bureau. Let me repeat the number: 97%!

          Source: http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748703399204574505700448957522

          Compare being someone’s wife to being an employee at a job. As an employee, when you leave your job, the job that you just left doesn’t keep paying you money every month for the rest of your life. You’re done with that job, you don’t work there anymore, you don’t provide value to the employer anymore. That would be absolutely insane. However; alimony exists. You as the employee (the wife), have left the job (your husband), yet the job (your ex-husband) have to keep paying you monthly sums of money, sometimes for the rest of the ex-husbands life? How’s that for privilege?

          Men are expected to pay the bill for their dates or face social stigma/shaming:

          There are tons of shelters for abused women, the Violence Against Women Act, domestic abuse hotlines for women. Only 1% of domestic abuse shelters are for men, yet over 70% of aggressive acts done in a relationships are perpetrated by women. When a woman is abused in a relationship everybody is expected to step up and defend her (ie – female privilege), yet when a man is abused by his girlfriend (like in the clip below), the audience laughs at him:

          Also a graphic in support of the number presented in the previous paragraph:

          female privilege

          Can you honestly imagine if the sexes were reversed in a situation ike in the clip below, if a giant mob of men were assaulting women, throwing things at them, spraying cans of spray paint on their faces:

        • #95137

          @itsplaster Oh and I suppose I’m guilty of promoting rape? Good luck with finding evidence of that by the way. Heres a thought, instead of, when you see criticism of women,(I know! how the fuck dare we) like for example, 1.72 billion aborted babies, how about say something like “all those poor little souls, its so shocking and awful” but you go straight to 1,300 murders by men and male doctors. If you women can take a dick and a joke, surely you can take a little criticism from time to time without trying to deflect it away and towards men, feminists would never try such a thing would they? By all means keep speaking up, its getting women to shut up, thats the hard part.

        • #95138

          @fcUKer Why would I say you promoted rape? I’m just referring to my presence on this site. That’s an issue I’ve argued with someone before. It’s not something we’ve (you and I) discussed.
          When I brought up men murdering pregnant women, I was challenging the parameters of “abortion.” You mentioned smoking, for example. Back in the day, women didn’t know better. So, they weren’t trying to kill their babies. I just don’t think that would count as abortion. Bringing up male doctors was about the gender thing since we were discussing women as killers with actual abortion. And the docs definitely were involved with true abortions.
          As to why I didn’t say “those poor babies” – that’s just not something I’d say. If they were that unwanted, I don’t know how great their lives would’ve been.
          As far as deflecting, criticism and such, it’s not a feminist thing; it’s a Plaster thing. I’ve always been somewhat defiant, defensive or what have you – long before I knew what feminism was. When you’re a kid, they say you’re spunky. When you grow up, they call you a bitch. Eh, I am who I am.

        • #95140

          @itsplaster I mentioned the 1.72 billion number, which blew my mind, then I said that smoking, drinking and drug abuse could probably take it up 2 billion. I never stated that those abuses were part of the 1.72 billion number. Your defiance and your defensive nature is one thing, but to be defiant and defend all women, no matter the criticism, is pretty close to the “F” word as far as I can tell.

          Anyway, like I said the Jews have used women to destroy the family, but now they’ve moved on to the next great, divide and conquer phase, black and brown versus white men, but theres a slow creep, of targeting white women as well, you’ll be in the same boat us before long. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, fuck the kikes!.

        • #95164

          @fcUKer I’m not sure if you recall my naming well-known female killers and stating they were proof that woman can be violent but that was not an example of defending women. I was calling them out as murderers. If I chose to defend ALL women, I would not point out ones who are obvious murderers. Unless, I pointed them out and tried to excuse them and I didn’t. They were found guilty and 2 were executed and rightfully so.

          As far as what you meant when you added miscarriages to the number of abortions, for 2 billion total dead babies, I assumed you included those as abortion because, well, who wouldn’t? – considering the discussion was regarding number of abortions. I didn’t make a giant leap there, but if I misunderstood then that was a mistake many could’ve made.

          I have issues with Jews and I’m a Holocaust revisionist and I see media influence, etc, however, I don’t know any Jews who are personally angry with me. The people who dislike me because I’m a woman are just regular guys. And whether or not Jews started people on the path to war doesn’t mean that people must follow it blindly. It’s up to individuals to choose to partake in a gender war, a race war or any other dividing tool used against us. If I allow hatred to seep into my way of life, that’s my problem. So, though I may get angry regarding gender issues, I’ll never hate men. If I decided to just hate men because of a few, then I’m no better.

        • #95172

          @itsplaster “The people who dislike me because I’m a woman are just regular guys” How much should I read into that I wonder? Do they say that they dislike you because you’re a woman? Are they not arseholes as opposed to just “regular guys”? I think I’m a regular guy, I must therefore dislike women. If I’ve read too much into that, then I apologize.

          But the more important aspect of your last comment, which concerns me the most, is the “I don’t any jews that are personally angry with me.” I’m shocked! Have you talked to them about your doubts over the holocaust? Or have you bit your tongue and kept silent? Silence is compliance, does that not anger you? The mass rapes, anger you, I can tell, and rightly so.

          We can’t criticize all jews and their holocaust bullshit, because of not wanting to offend all jews, we will never get to the truly evil jews and hold them accountable if people are too afraid to offend the innocent jews(if there is such a thing) which are forever providing cover for the rest of them. The sooner this growing criticism(anti-semitism) of the jews reaches some sort of critical mass, the better. Their power and influence doesn’t dwindle each and every day, obviously, quite the opposite, the growing division is evidence of that surely?.

          But to say that it is an individuals choice whether or not they want to partake in the upcoming wars of division is, I’m sorry to say, is naive at best. I mean, what have we been talking about this whole time on this thread? How none of us really have a choice, we’re slowly penned into many different groups, divided, throw in a few instigators on both sides, boom! chaos. Hatred is wading its way closer by the day, to you and me both, whether we like it or not, we were born with white skin, that was our greatest crime, its time to pay up.

        • #95283

          @fcUKer When I said “regular guys” I meant guys that have made clear their hatred for women. But they are still regular guys – I’m not afraid of them or anything. They aren’t killers or something. But I only mean guys who have made their hatred of women known; not every guy I know. I know more guys who aren’t obsessed with female privilege etc than ones who are.
          The reason I don’t know any Jews who dislike me is I don’t know any Jews. When you live most of your life in the Deep South, you don’t know any Jews. There are like none. (There were a few places in the capital city but they were bombed in 1970s.) I only knew 4 Catholics until I was about 14 and they were distant kin. Then I moved to an area that is full of Irish-Catholics. I literally don’t know any Jews.

    • #95139

      @happy A lot more to mull over and some video clips, I see. It’ll take time to get through them but I’ll do so.

      • #95141

        @itsplaster Well, I made some claims and brought up some numbers, so I provided links to sources and videos that back up these claims and numbers (is I’m not pulling random claims out of my ass).

        Whether you have the time to watch them or not, fact is – you are the proof that privilege IS invisible to those who have it.

        You enjoy the privilege of living with intact genitals, because female genital integrity is protected by the state. Men are not as lucky – millions get mutilated before they can make that decision themselves and are forced to live with their sorry looking mutilated dicks for the rest of their lives without having had a say in it, or without there having been a medical emergency. And no one is held responsible for that. You may not feel like this affects you, but it does. You’re just blind to the privilege of having had your bodily integrity protected.

      • #95152

        As a woman, you enjoy the privilege of not being assumed to be a pedophile around kids. Or in my case – in a kid store. I have two nieces who live in Europe. The older is 10, the younger is four. I have relocated so this is no longer an issue since I no longer live in a society where misandry is a mandatory norm. But when I was forced to spend 3 consecutive years and one month in Canada, that was horrible.

        I’m their only uncle from their father’s side, and because I can’t be with them, I send them presents by mail. Those girls are the most important women in my life. Receiving emails from the older one (she’s 10 already, she’s a big girl now and has her own email address, the younger one is 4) telling me how I made her cry with the new tablet for school, or the videos they upload for me telling me how much it means to them, or the gifts they hand make for me and send me as a token of their appreciation for always keeping them in mind, looking after them and providing for them is immeasurable.

        Going to a toy store in Canada was absolute horror show, though. The looks I was getting, fuck I don’t even want to recall those memories. The women looking at me and murmuring to one another while giving me nasty stares, store clerks coming to enquire what am I doing in a kid store being a male without any accompanying kids, etc… I eventually stopped going to toy stores because it was just a question of time before I was arrested again and charged with rape for being in a toy store. Luckily some general merchandise shops also carry toys, so after several bad experiences, I limited my shopping for there, but it still changes nothing on the way men are mistreated and female are privileged.

        You really have no idea what it’s like being privileged. What it’s like when nothing like that ever happens to you.

        • #95169

          @happy About circumcision: As you mentioned before regarding abortion, not every country is the same. Location saves me from having my genitals mutilated since some girls in more primitive societies do face that. The number is so low compared to male circumcision, it’s almost not worth mentioning. But it does happen.
          I see genital mutilation as both a gender issue and a religious issue. I have no idea how the idea to remove the foreskin survived into modern times but at least, people are finally waking up to its barbaric practice. Younger, more modern parents are deciding against this and it seems the less religious they are, the more they find this tradition as cruel and unnecessary. While girls don’t face this issue and have the gender advantage there, I often see men in favor of circumcision. So, yes, girls dodge the bullet but it’s not a group of man-haters who force circumcision – it’s usually mom AND dad. A lot of men need to be convinced this a bad thing before it stops. If you ever read debates about circumcision, you’ll see men who are cut getting very defensive and standing up for circumcision. You’d think they’d be angry and some are but many are very defensive.

          I’m sorry for your experiences in Canada. Is Canada just completely fucked up? I say this because my husband has gone in toy stores alone many times and he hasn’t had problem or he didn’t notice. He’s a video game addict so Toys R Us is not an unusual stop for him at all. He’s a big guy with a shaved head and some visible tattoos. He might seem threatening to some people but he’s never had problems and even worked in Toys R Us during college. So I wonder is it because he grew up in NYC and people are less judging considering the diversity or is Canada full of paranoid weirdos or maybe he just didn’t pay attention to other people as he is very oblivious to what other’s think and I envy him for it as he’s calm constantly. Whatever the case, you being treated that way was not just wrong but quite odd.

        • #95171

          @itsplaster I’ve traveled around the world and lived on semi permanent basis in dozens of countries, so i have the means to compare based on first hand experiences. And my experiences are conclusive – Canada is single worst country for men to live in hands down. Nowhere else int eh world are women as privileged and as pampered as in Canada, and nowhere else are men as oppressed and as trodden down on.

          And even though this is just my personal experience, a short visit to any MGTOW or Man’s Rights forum would reveal the same – there’s never any contest when a question is brought up which country is the worst for men to live in. Canada always wins by a margin so vast, it’s like no other countries have anti male problems. India is second, BTW. It should come as no surprise that the whole idea of MGTOW originated in Canada and most MGTOWs are Canadian men. Look up any meme featuring angry feminists and you’d be hard pressed finding one that features a woman not from Canada. Those red haired angry feminists in all these memes are Canadian women. Canada is absolute hell to live in.

          As for circumcised men who defend genital mutilation of men – this is their way of coping. The main difference between a mutilated and unmutilated man is the the unmutilated man has a choice, whereas a mutilated one doesn’t. If an unmutilated man wanted to mutilate his dick, he could do so any time. But once mutilated, there is no going back and restorative surgery won’t restore the sensitive nerve endings in the foreskin that account for much of pleasure during sex. Fact of a matter is – you don’t see unmutilated men lining up to have their dicks mutilated, so that tells you all you need to know.

          Mutilated men don’t have that option. They are at the end of the line so all they have left is try hard to make themselves feel better about it by fooling themselves that it’s better this way, and by enacting revenge for their mutilation on their kids. It’s the kind of thinking that “if I had to suffer through this, someone else will too.

    • #95294
      Barry Halls

      Hmmm, spray paint the guys faces? I have a fantasy. Find and track down every woman who participated. Grab them some night and tattoo in indelable ink, “Baby Killer” on their foreheads. Make it so they would have to laser the tattoos off, and that always does not work.

    • #95348

      Feminism is ORGANIC! It’s just women being women when allowed to be women. All women are like that and all women are gold diggers to a degree. Everything revolves around access to vagina! Women use the vagina to secure resources in some way or another.
      Males are indeed the most discriminated class of people. They are exploited and manipulated from birth to the grave and it’s quite disgusting how most people ignore this. I have covered most of these topics on my Google plus post Called Anti-misandry here- https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/EaKfTB
      Its very enlightening. People like itsplaster could learn some stuff if they chose to accept that they do not in fact know it all. Men also pay the majority of taxes across the board but guess who uses the majority of those taxes? Affirmative action puts females before everyone’s safety. Men live shorter lives by about ten years, compared to females. Breast cancer gets all the funding even tho male cancer is as frequent….shit just go to my links and see for your self all the research I have done to date. If itsplaster can debunk what I write,I will kill myself on video with a bestgore sign on my neck,lol. Itsplaster is quite foolish and very narcissistic. She displays her solipsism very aggressively, as do most women. Here is my astonishing four part video production on itsplasters and all females “psychosis” ENJOY!


      • #95359

        Perhaps, you should read a bit closer. My comments above speak several times about my not being aware of certain privileges women have. I actually make that statement very clearly. So, you don’t need to say that I think I “know it all.” A quick read of my remarks above already say that I know I don’t. Thanks.

        • #95360

          I vote to spank her in the mouth!

        • #95361

          Me? Surely not. All the while young hitler is saying I should debunk this or that, it isn’t anything I’ve disagreed with him about. It’s strange. And you, JSM, if you want to start some bs with me, at least let me actually disagree with you first. If I took this wrong, then my apologies. (I’ve never heard that expression.)

        • #95362

          Theres no way i was gonna read all that bullshit and dialogue that has gone on up there. It was a joke plaster…..you know….”ha-ha”

    • #95353

      My man Mark keep schooling them bro.

    • #95363

      this video beautifully nails it on the head.

    • #95369

      Itsplaster is condescending,manipulative and flat out ignorant. I eloquently broke down her psyche in my videos above. She always resorts to “I never experienced that” or “my husband isn’t like that”- this is a example of her narcissism. She is chockfull of excuses when it comes to gender discrimination. Feminism or not……i have yet to met a female who denounces all the privileges granted from it. Does she ever concede? I wonder what her husband truthfully thinks of this egomaniac?
      Itsplaster PROVES the point that exceptions prove the rule.

      • #95390


        You: “She always resorts to “I never experienced that” or “my husband isn’t like that”- this is a example of her narcissism.” Those are examples of complete truth in my life. How is telling the truth narcissistic?

        You: “Feminism or not……i have yet to met a female who denounces all the privileges granted from it. Does she ever concede?”

        Me regarding female privilege in above statements with Mark:

        -“I’m seeing medical issues that deserve to be taken seriously. Military issues that need to be addressed. Those things, I will look at with concern. ”

        -“I didn’t pretend that no female privilege exists at all – as some does.”

        -“I looked at your female privilege list and actually was open to ones that were true or that I’d never thought of.”

        -“…I agreed with some truthful items on the list. Were those facts? Yes, I believe they were. So I am accepting facts and admitting flaws…”

        I ADMIT to privilege in those statements. I wrote those on this page before you said I denounced privileges. What you said is in an outright lie that can read by anyone. Maybe you are a narcissist. You seem to think making up stories to benefit your argument is perfectly fair. No, that’s dirty.

    • #95376

      watched the series. maybe its time we are reaching a tipping point as men, its now clear that we have crossed the boundary where our friendliness really has been taken for weakness. much like immigration they are now ‘given an inch and taking a mile’ (dont bother with any pun’s) its time that men realised we are bending over and hurting ourselves just to grant them better lives, much like a doting parent will do for its child except these bitches are not here for us to just serve them and their needs, we dont owe them ANYTHING. the day will come when we have to wager war because its clear they have declared it on us. we should mobilise like they have and wage a campaign of terror fear domination and utter displays of sheer POWER. we are men that build civilizations weapons aircraft monuments i could go on and on .. and you are telling me we cant deal with some small statured physically weak oddly shaped baby incubators? come on guys if they want war then we should give them their WAR. instill a terror and show of force so deep that throughout history just a whisper of what men are capable of (if pushed to the brink) is enough to make them quiver with fear and respect. we never wanted it to be this way of course we have been chilled and blase about the female aggression for so long but they are subconsciously sucking the life force and power from us and distorting the natural balance. what else do we do? just continue a miserable existence just so they can live the good life whilst riding our backs at the same time?

      • #95387

        Thanks for watching bro. Also seen the one you posted last year. You are right, we should mobilize.

      • #95393

        @haydolf_hittler It seems like if women are mad and say “Fuck all men” or some nonsense or if they are rational and admit to injustices, it doesn’t matter. On this post I was very open to Mark’s list of female privilege. Some things did not belong on the list but the ones that were fair, I admitted to freely and did not defend those injustices.
        But the point is “does it matter?” Are we all just one? Do you guys plan on eradicating feminists but also good wives and mothers just because they have a vagina? If so, logic can never be exercised again in this kind of discussion.

        And so you’ll know it was something silly on the list, one thing he’d called female privilege was. “I believe that if something bad happens to a man it’s because he’s a loser.” First, that’s not a privilege. It’s an opinion Second, I don’t think any woman has seen something bad happen to a man that was a stranger and thought he was a loser. Bitter ex-girlfriends might but as a whole, women don’t do that. That was just weird. If I see a guy with broken down car, I don’t think he’s a loser – like ever.

    • #95398

      Itsplaster is great at deflections. Typical female. She should watch the series.

      • #95400

        I did, actually.

      • #95401

        @yunghitler Just a bit of friendly advice brother, if you’re going to promote “MGTOW”, using hot women, like in the thumbnails of the videos you linked to may not be the best of approaches, you know just saying!. Stick a load of 2s or 3s, not 9s and 10s in the pics, looking at those girls makes me hard as opposed to wanting to go MGTOW.

        • #95402

          @fcUKer I always notice that mgtow channels use hot girls throughout their videos. I thought they were the “enemy.” Sandman always uses pretty girls. Seems a bit counterproductive.

        • #95403

          @itsplaster Aye Exactly! I’ve pointed this out so many times on their channels, some of these girls they show, the average guy would sell his own mother down the river for. Its one of the reasons that I suggested that MGTOW was being funded by the same people that are funding feminism, I mean, the jews are famous for funding both sides aren’t they?. You watch those MGTOW videos and you come away feeling even more sexually frustrated, its a total mind-fuck.

        • #95406

          @itsplaster you thought wrong. For one, MGTOW is not about declaring one or the other an enemy. It’s about recognizing that the game is rigged and thus the only way not to lose is not to play.

          Women are not the enemy of men. MGTOWs recognize women for who they truly are – polar opposites of men which allows the two to complement and love each other – which contrasts the idea of competing and hating each other, as promoted by feminism.

          Men don’t go MGTOW out of hatred for women, but out of inherent love for them. The creatures of feminism are NOT women. A woman would kick feminism out of her life at sight.

          The use of women in materials produce by MGTOWs is not counterproductive. MGTOW videos are made by men who have taken the red pill, meaning they see past the tip of their nose, and are no longer mislead by the rose colored shades on their mugs. Wheres feminism is about exploiting men to advantage and privilege women, it is a must for anyone investing the time into helping to red pill more men and thus free them of the shackles of feminism, to feature images of those whom the exploited need to watch out for. Exposing the evil doers by making images of them public is also what I do here on Best Gore, as do many other bloggers who seek to educate the public on reality, not fantasy.

        • #95408

          @happy Feminism and MGTOW are two sides of the same coin. As much as MGTOW men who are going their own way do not like it, MGTOW has become a community and YouTube is it’s clubhouse and welcome center. The tactics of the MGTOW community are very similar to radical feminists – viewing the gender as a collective (AWALT) of gold-diggers (their absolute favorite talking point) among other negative things. Meanwhile feminists are making negative hashtags about ALL men and attacking their character. MGTOW attacks the character of women. The two groups are so similar. There are rogue feminists who are perfectly delightful and men who identify as MGTOW who are wonderful people but both groups are viewed as communities now even if you don’t like it.

        • #95409

          @itsplaster you couldn’t be more wrong. What a group is “seen as” by a hate group, is not necessary what said group actually IS. MGTOW could not be more different from feminism. Feminism advocates for and causes actual harm to men. Feminism destroys actual lives of real men in physical world. MGTOW on the other hand merely educates those willing to listen, and exposes those who cause harm and suffering.

          In other words, feminists cause actual evil, MGTOWs expose said evil. MGTOW causes no harm to anyone. Feeling butt hurt because your precious snowflake ego was offended by someone exposing the truth, instead of mellowing it down by deliberately twisting it to promote female privilege – that is not harm.

          What you are saying is a carbon copy of what the people threatened by my exposures were saying in order to silence me. They do evil things, I expose them doing evil things, so they used their power to label me an evil doer. See yourself in it?

          Feminism = Kill all men!
          MGTOW = Educate men so they realize there is nothing wrong with them for seeing things as they are, and so they understand that their lives are not worthless, regardless of what they’ve been told their whole lives by every educational institution, media, film, government institution, etc.

        • #95410

          @happy You can keep saying that MGTOW is simply about exposing and educating but their outspoken members will keep making them seem like victims, hateful and sometimes, violent. That sounds like another group.

          I have actually never heard a radical feminist say that MGTOW is their opposite. They probably wouldn’t want to say that because to a die-hard feminist being like MGTOW is an insult. And to a MGTOW being like a feminist is an insult. The comparisons come from more middle of the road types who think both suck.

        • #95412

          @itsplaster You are once again avoiding the issue, replacing it with a remotely similar sounding argument to fit your agenda. Feminism causes actual harm. MGTOW causes NO harm. Feeling butt hurt because someone exposed you for the filth that you are is not harm. MGTOW is just a philosophy, a way of life some men choose to live and whereas the internet affords the men the means to learn that there are many other men who took the red pill, they sometimes form communities to share their experiences and real life advice for one another.

        • #95422

          @happy I’m avoiding nothing. And I have no agenda. I have nothing to gain by saying that MGTOW and feminism are alike. I’m simply telling you a truth that you don’t like or refuse to allow your mind to see. Maybe you need a red pill for that.

        • #95423

          @itsplaster and that’s exactly your agenda. MGTOW and feminism are not alike. Feminists go out of their way to actually harm men, and strives to establish laws or rules to oppress men. MGTOW doesn’t cause any harm to anyone and doesn’t engage in any activity that results in oppression of anyone. You are saying that a movement of hate and oppression is the same as philosophy of survival for the oppressed.

          Do you really not see how ridiculous your statement is? Do you really not see the difference between a movement that actively participates in causing death or suffering to men, vs a philosophy of resistance based on detachment, instead of fighting?

          BTW, for your information, this is yet another example of your resorting to fallacies in order to avoid addressing the actual argument. In this case, you used a slippery slope fallacy (suggesting that making posts or videos on the internet about not bothering with relationships is the same as forcing a man to die because a woman pointed a finger at him).

        • #95429

          Feminism uses the state to enforce their ideals. MGTOW walk away from the state. Feminism exploits while MGTOW want to be left alone. Mgtow turns it’s back on society because society turned it’s back on men. Mgtow is peace. Feminism is backed by state violence. Feminism is force. Mgtow is freedom. Simple. Itsplaster is a master manipulator and has honed her techniques since infanthood. They can’t even see it and think we can’t either. But fuuuuvk that. I see that EVERYWHERE. Why would anyone care that MGTOW want to opt out and walk away? Why is that scary? Why is that hate? Why is men putting them self first so bad? Why do females get angry and do what itsplaster is doing when it comes to men simply taking their ball and going home? Oh yeah I remembe….who else understands? Anyone besides Mark?

        • #95576

          @llyounghitlerll If MGTOW really just “went their own way,” I wouldn’t care. But they don’t go. They stick around and talk about women. MGTOW discuss women more than guys who date which is kind of weird. If you’re ignoring something, why is it your only conversation topic? If all MGTOW guys did was take themselves off the market, women would not notice.

        • #95579

          @itsplaster you are twisting it again to fit your agenda. MGTOW is a philosophy, not a movement. In MGTOW, there are no agendas, no goals, nothing of sorts. These are set by each individual man. MGTOW is simply a teaching that recognizes that the society is gynocentric, that it exploits men in order to privilege women. An educated man can make educated choices, and he’ll be making them on his own, so how much or how little he chooses to opt out is entirely up to each individual.

          There are tens of thousands of men who have gone MGTOW, each within the boundaries set for themselves. Some may change nothing about the way they act, but they are still aware so should a trap present itself, they stand a better chance avoiding getting screwed. Out of the tens of thousands aware men, there are maybe a few dozens who post videos/blogs. Some of them are controlled opposition, pretending to be MGTOWs, but secretly promoting gynocentric agendas, or deliberately picturing men who freed themselves as lunatics. They each represent themselves, and their own view of what MGTOW is to them. However in none of their pieces, and I mean NONE, do you find any of them setting up any framework for MGTOW. Because there is none. It’s all about educating men on reality, not gynocentric propaganda, so they can make informed choices affecting their lives.

          I have been MGTOW since long before I found out about MGTOW. I recognized that women were manipulative and I was being played, so I stopped giving them an opportunity to play me. Each time there was a woman in my vicinity, I would simply look the other way. Instead of trying to give her a friendly smile, or a compliment, or an act of chivalry, all of which, in a gynocentric society, are an invitation for a false rape accusation, I simply completely ignored her. In my peripheral vision I watched her stand there puzzled, asking herself why is this guy not drooling over me. I’m wearing as low a cleavage as can be, as short a skirt as can be, I crave attention and validation, and this guy is not giving it to me. And I can’t even accuse him of rape cause he keeps his distance and never even acknowledges that I exist… Anyway, these were my beginning and it was glorious. I fucked hundreds of different pussies since them, which I was able to afford because I have not had a girlfriend since then. I basically went from being stepped on, to laying back and getting my dick sucked. Because this taught me that despite living in anti male society, a man can make a better life for himself, so sometimes I share my experiences too. Nothing wrong with helping to open the eyes of the oppressed so they can free themselves from oppression. Again, you need to understand what the problem is, otherwise you stand no chance at addressing it. And that’s what MGTOW does – exposes where the problem is.

        • #95598

          @happy Usually an agenda has a good reason; a prize, if you will. The only thing I gain from my posts are upset males. That’s a really shitty prize.
          I maintain my stance on MGTOW. If, in your life, it is totally a philosophy, then good. I’m glad it’s working for you and you aren’t harming anyone – unless your passing STDs and that’s a fair concern. But, it’s your life.

        • #95599

          @itsplaster I’m a MGTOW, not a cock carousel rider. It’s the latter that spread diseases. Prostitutes know their livelihood is in jeopardy if they get infected, so they tend to be much cleaner and safer than non hookers. I learned early on from men who used to date and then started to fuck hookers that they switched to hookers because they got tired of always getting chlamydia or gonorrhea from so called “normal girls”.

        • #95601

          @happy If you’re comfortable, then that’s all that matters. I’d be a real piece of shit to judge you because you fucked a bunch of people.

        • #95605

          thank you for saying that is indeed a bunch of people! because it is, call me shitty but that is total slut I about fell out of chair upon reading that. could you imagine if girl said she fucked hundreds of cocks OMG we’d be burnt at stake here or relentlessly hit on and I would be repulsed and watch “her” dance on fake youtube video.
          but earlier I did crunch the numbers and ‘hundreds’ equated to one chick a month which actually for single guy is acceptable I think . but wow hundreds sounds gross because it is!
          ok, sorry but I do feel better now.

          # he meant ten.

        • #95623

          @desp A woman could absolutely not say that without huge backlash. The double-standard is just disgusting.

        • #95676

          @itsplaster I hadn’t been following this discussion aside from here and there when it showed as a recent reply (I did catch flowers in bathroom line LOL and other absurdities, darfur? comes to mind) but I went back through and read in it’s entirety which isn’t easy on four inch screen so way too monotonous to scroll and pull specific examples but this thread is reminiscent of attack you faced in prison thread. alot of hootenanny and skewing of your words and dumbing down and arguing when you agree. is it onlybecause I am female that I totally get your angle and not only understand but comprehend? shouldnt be and that’s where descent begins. we know girls can be super shitty and shallow and seekers of self agenda, I know you are not like that nor am I and maybe that’s why so in sync with your words. regardless I get you and just wanted to tell you so. some of these boys are just way too over the top and maybe rightfully so, some wounds are hard to heal especially when heart is involved

        • #95692

          @desp Hey, I appreciate it. One of the truly frustrating things is agreeing with people and validating their claims and having them reply with an attack. “I just agreed with you, dude!” Lol.
          I commend you for actually reading all of it. And thanks for the understanding. You don’t even have to agree with me but you do see how EVERYTHING I say is wrong with these fellas. So thanks for weighing in.

        • #95705

          @itsplaster it’s all still here and it all still shows you;re full of shit – you did not validate anything. You tried your darnest to invalidate the factual claims with bullshitry, expectation of privilege, and whinery. You got called out for it and it offended your ego. But as is common, fellow privileged class and cucks joined on the clit sucking circle jerk. One just needs to read the replies to see for themselves.

        • #95713

          @happy I’m not offended as no one called me out on anything. Nobody has really shut me down but made excuses, denied or just made shit up. Even the post I’m replying to is just stuff you decided or think is true. That doesn’t make it true. So, of course, my ego isn’t offended. Nobody has made me think I’m wrong.

        • #95715

          @itsplaster that just proves what I said earlier and what you got pissy about – that all women, regardless of whether they consider themselves feminists or not, soak up, enjoy and defend female privilege, even at the cost of oppressing men.

        • #95723

          @happy You prove nothing. We are all arguing. Because I think I am right has nothing to do with female privilege. When you discuss issues and think you are right, is that male privilege? Of course not. Your last comment borders on insanity.

        • #95724

          @itsplaster what you think is irrelevant in the same way as what I think is irrelevant. That’s the difference. You have no concept of things like science or mathematics, which is likely explainable by you being a woman. You base your beliefs on what you “think“, whereas I base mine on what science and research prove as facts.

        • #95728


          You have more patience than me…

          Speak truth to privilege…


        • #95731

          You speak about science as if it’s something you employee to judge other people. You have preconceived ideas about all women. There is nothing scientific about that attitude. That is not logical and doesn’t use rational thinking. It is emotion-based. I don’t have one view of all men because I don’t view them with emotions as my main tool. I use thinking instead of feeling and therefore know individual men instead of making the irrational decision that they are all alike.

          Most of what you say about me is inaccurate. When I agree with you, you pretend as though I never did. However, anyone who bothered to read our discussion about female privilege can see I clearly agreed that it exists. Yet you say I “invalidate claims.” It makes no sense. I think it’s fair to say that nothing I say could satisfy you because you’ve already decided to reject anything I express. I can live with that. That’s not me being irrational; it’s you.

        • #95743

          @itsplaster Still hard for you to understand that Santa is not real, I see. So we’ve come full circle and have a clear take away from the thread – privilege is invisible to those who have it, no truer words have ever been spoken than AWALT, and women are prostitutes who trade their sexuality for resources. MGTOWs are men who refuse to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility.

          The existence of the internet has allowed a platform for men to talk among themselves on how to adapt, survive and live life on their own terms, not on the terms of others.

        • #95746

          true takeaway is I have completely lost my mind because despite you being filthy slut I am still coming for It

        • #95753

          @happy That proves my point. I’m not the irrational one here. I wrote “female privilege exists” and you replied that basically “privilege is invisible to me” as if I denied it when I literally JUST mentioned it as REAL. That’s crazy. I can’t take you seriously. You don’t show definitive proof for your assumptions. Your beliefs are just based on bias and anger. If this wasn’t your stage, you’d have to actually make a case. Privilege – in this tiny bubble, you have plenty of it.
          Anyway, do your thing – say something untrue about me (or introduce a new topic completely) and congratulate yourself for winning the day. And have the last word.
          Over and out.

        • #95649

          Itsplaster- “If MGTOW really just “went their own way,” I wouldn’t care. But they don’t go. They stick around and talk about women. MGTOW discuss women more than guys who date which is kind of weird. If you’re ignoring something, why is it your only conversation topic? If all MGTOW guys did was take themselves off the market, women would not notice.”

          This is extreme narcissism. Itsplaster thinks everything is about her and her sisters. It’s all about her as you can see. Not once did she consider that Mgtow are teaching other men and boys about female nature. She doesn’t care about males. All she wants is for men to shut up and get back to being a useful(to her) utility. I’m telling you all, my series on the female psychosis has exposed her.

        • #95693

          @llyounghitlerll No, you haven’t exposed anything. You don’t know me. Saying I don’t care about males is stupid on your part. My relationship with my father is proof that I care about men. A daughter cannot have a very close relationship with a father – who really messed up at times – and not care for males. It was my dad who didn’t let me date until I was a senior in high school. It was my dad who set what I thought (at the time) was an unfair curfew. He looked out for me. He wasn’t worried about ME. He was worried about boys because my dad had once been a “heartbreaker” before he got married and he didn’t want me getting involved with that type. He and my mom are why I didn’t end up being some club whore. I have a lot of respect for him. So to say I don’t care for males is completely wrong. I stood by my dad when he hurt our family. And so did my mom. We could’ve turned our backs and been bitter and mean but we didn’t. My parents are still together. And I got close to my dad again. You don’t know me at all.

        • #95428

          These videos aren’t meant for you. They are for MGTOW. The female pictures are meant to be condescending. To show how manipulative they are at exploiting men like you with their simple asses. We refer to your kind as a simp. Simply idolizing mediocre pussy. You can’t try to be MGTOW. It comes after certain life lessons or early childhood teachings.

        • #95459

          @yunghitler Simp here! You know someone with your name, although it is “yung” hitler, even so, I thought you’d be wise enough to Jewish fuckery by now, but I guess not, right?

          For fucks sake, I’ve been trying to wake people up to this said “jewish fuckery” for over a decade now, and if the alarm bells didn’t wake you the fuck up on 9/11, then you’re no different to the countless number of dumb cunts that I’ve debated across the internet, across all platforms, since I myself was also relatively “yung”.

          We’re just fucking “pawns” arguing with other fucking “pawns”, feminism, MGTOW, black lives matter, so-called white supremacists, muslims this, migrants that, liberal those, conservative these, black versus white, brown versus white, left wing, right wing, truther, tinfoil hatter, nationalist, patriot, Nazis, Commies, socialists, blah fucking blah.

          The list is never-ending thanks to dumb cunt pawns forever arguing amongst themselves. I’m fucking sick of being called this or that, by fucking morons that create and use names like “simp” and “mangina”, save it for the fucking kikes, our real enemy!. (SIGH) Wake the fuck-up, give your head a shake, don’t be a fucking dipshit “tool” of division, of the jews, all your life.

          The Jews have used our women(white women for the most part) against us to destroy our civilisations and enslave the men, so that we as a group are weak and divided and defenceless to all types of Jewish fuckery, whether it be at the “family unit” level or as a “national unit”, to where they’ve exposed our soft underbelly to mass immigration, I mean, thats certainly not going to bite us in the arse even harder than it already has, AND will continue on into the very near future, RIGHT?.

          I’m still dumb-founded by the 1.72 billion number, of aborted babies that Mark raised, I had no idea the number was that high, did you?. We’re being fucking genocided, its a fucking war, being waged by the fucking jews against us all.

          If you think that, thats “tinfoil hat” talk, then you should consider that, the jews have had some of the greatest thinkers in “group think” thinking of ways to divide the un-thinking public, think about it!. We’re cattle, useful idiots.

        • #95531

          Fucker, I already knew about the abortions. I already know about the Jews. I’m not young even though you think so. I’m not white either. I am male and not only white men are suffering. As for immigration- fuck off. My native American ancestors were fighting white immigrants long ago! MGTOW is anti politics, is a scam, MGTOW is anti usery! Mgtow is anti everything you think. We are not alike, we don’t give a fuck about women being whores, or not! We DON’T GIVE A FUCK! The ultimate goal for a MGTOW is to “ghost the system”. Become invisible. Take our resources and starve the state. Starve the exploiters. I understand your plight, but it’s not my plight. Not MGTOWS plight. You should learn what you are speaking on before you make yourself seem (didn’t say you are) stupid. MGTOW is anti racism and only care about male sovereignty. Now kindly, go validate some whores orifice.

        • #95577

          @llyounghitlerll @fcUKer If MGTOW have a goal of becoming invisible, try not having a website or making videos all about MGTOW.
          And MGTOW is anti-racsim? You are definitely not speaking for all MGTOW.

        • #95593

          Dumb bitch itsplaster is condescending to boot. MGTOW is raising awareness as indicative of the google trends showing the steady increase in search que…..if mgtow just disappeared, then young and old males would not be educated. I said ghost the system and not disappear. Nice try again but your manipulations do not work on MGTOW. If you know of racist mgtow,be advised that those are what we call INFILTRATORS! TRADITIONALIST CONSERVATIVES, WHITE KNIGHTS IN SHINNING ARMOR. CUCKS. ETC. A MGTOW can not be racist because mgtow IS PRO MALE. Being racist is anti male. It’s an oxymoron like a married MGTOW…..dumb bitch. I said don’t speak on us if you don’t know. And she clearly doesn’t know. Obviously,I know mgtow.

        • #95600

          @llyounghitlerll “A MGTOW can not be racist because mgtow IS PRO MALE. Being racist is anti male.”

          But you can hate Jewish males? How is that PRO-MALE?

          Yeah, keep calling me dumb bitch every time I point out you contradicting yourself. The real dumb bitch is in your closest mirror.

        • #95617

          @itsplaster Theres always exceptions to the rule, the Jews are that exception, besides you can’t call us “racist” when it comes to hating jews…… erm, well you could I suppose, but they have a victim card all of their own, that trumps them all, the “anti-semitic” card. Bless em!

        • #95622

          @fcUKer I wasn’t calling ya racist. It just didn’t go with young hitler’s “pro-male” declaration. I don’t think Jews are actually a race anyway. ? I wasn’t shaming anyone for racism. I just found it contradictory of him. And I didn’t mean anything at you.

        • #95648

          Women all the time, say I am SEXIST, because I point out their usury. Typical deflection from a dumb bitch like one who thinks I’m racist for pointing out a group of exploiters.

        • #95647

          Dumb bitch, I’m not against Jews because they are Jews! I’m against Jews because they EXPLOIT PEOPLE! I will always be against ANYONE who is a threat to male autonomy and sovereignty. If it’s whit traditionalists, black liberals, or women sing state violence to control men. Not many people can be mgtow because most people use and exploit men.I am pro male. That means I am anti anything or person who wishes to exploit or manipulate men. Itsplaser is a master at deflections and rationalization. I just justified my point.

        • #95694

          @llyounghitlerll You justified this point. – You’re PRO-MALE as long as it’s males you approve of.

        • #95584

          @lyunghitlerl I actually agree with most of what you’ve stated thus far, except “starve the state”, however you did mention the “usury” based system in which we currently reside, and thats my point, these fuckers can create money out of thin air, money DOES grow on trees, and has for a long time.

          My ONLY problem with MGTOW is the lack of criticism towards the kikes, I mentioned this once on MGTOW101 channel, he pinned my comment, then low and behold, within a week he posted videos about how bad it was for men in Israel and another about how bad jewish men were being shafted by jewish women in divorce settlements.

          I admit that I have a one-track mind when it comes to the Jews, I will always steer any blame towards them, everyone else be damned!. But when I see movements like MGTOW, I’m immediately suspicious, I’m suspicious of everything these days, and with ‘just cause’, I feel.

          Content Creators on youtube, using a term like Cock Carousel? Are you a fan of letters and numbers? CC=33 perhaps? Too deep? Maybe I’m connecting dots that shouldn’t be connected, but I fucking doubt it. Patterns, symbols and numerology is big in the world of the fucking Jews.

          But maybe you’re right that, the only way that we can maybe restore any type of balance, is to BOYcott the system. But to end in similar fashion; keep on yanking your own crank brother!.

        • #95595

          On twitter, I saw an account by the name of Israeli mgtow or Jewish mgtow. PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF. How can a Jew of all people be mgtow? More hypocrisy. Many many many men are riding mgtow and have no clue what it is. They are the same ones who think it’s for white men only as if all men don’t suffer…….lol. I hear you loud and clear.

        • #95596

          Believe me…. My name yunghitler should tell you exactly how I feel about Jews. Not many people do I, none actually ,do I get to talk like this about Jews. I study everything you do. I know they infiltrate. I actually posted in itsplasters other thread about freedom of speech for the nazis- saying how pathetic the nazis were to attempt to call out Jews like they did…..its a death wish……hitler, kennedy, Malcom x.etc all died because Jewry. Now a mob of white men thought it Bright to march and call out Jews. They obviously are ignorant to the fact that Jews run the system, and everything, and will retaliate against them like always. I said, to speak on a Jew,it needs to be done in secret and the attack must me covert…..they are master exploitative manipulators just like itsplaster. And all women. I apologize fcUker. Btw. MGTOW 101 is no MGTOW. He’s a media who’re. As are most YouTube mgtow.

    • #95404
      Empty soul

      I might as well get involved in this debate even though no one ever seems to reply to anything I post anymore. Forever the leper it would seem, not like I care anyways since booze is a far better companion than personal opinion anyway.

      Anyhow, to the point. You’re all arguing over equality despite the fact that no such notion actually exists. Men are inherently dominant over women, this is fact. History proves this to be fact otherwise world history would be less male oriented and more female focused.

      What the above tells us then is that past history was built upon dominant traits whereas modern history, as it pertains to our now, focuses on and demands from males subservience rather than dominance.

      In other words, equality of sexes requires that men demerit themselves willingly. This, if your brain still functions anyway, is far removed from any notion of equality.

      The reality is then that men have always risen to the top because of their genetic traits thus forcing women to become secondary and therefore subservient throughout history.

      To conclude, feminism requires and demands that men on purposely hold themselves back in order to make women more dominant than they actually are and would be.

      The above can be said to be many things however equal it most definitely is not. Equal opportunity therefore becomes preferential treatment in disguise when it comes to the battle of the sexes.

      I would like to further argue this of course but still, I am used to people choosing not to debate with me at all.

      • #95407

        @empty-soul I won’t be much fun as I pretty much agree with you. “It’s a man”s world” isn’t just words. But, this is where it gets tricky, I don’t mind that it’s a man’s world. I only want the chance. I do not want special treatment or lowered standards but if I can make the cut on my own, I think that’s fair.

        My beef on here is rarely about female privilege’s existence. My beef is with the constant woman-hate vibe that SO exists here. I don’t mean just all the name calling of dead girls we don’t even know but the high-fives when a woman is murdered and people adding things like they should’ve raped her first. I’ll never just act like that’s normal behavior. I think not wanting to be murdered is not asking for special treatment.

      • #95430

        Cry me a fucking river empty. what happens to you. you have changed. I used to laugh at your comments! Now im on the sympathy train.

        Heres your reply:

        Now stick it up your ass. Lol.

        Fair post though, enjoyed it 🙂

    • #95433
      Empty soul

      I apologise for my comment guys. I was drunk and just wallowing in self-pity.

      • #95439

        Kudos, i still love you.

    • #95602

      Women couldn’t care less about men’s rights, and suddenly when MGTOW started growing, they begin equating it to feminism. The gravy train is slowing down, so they are starting to take notice and worry.

      When men go MGTOW, they go free. They keep their money, and their most valuable asset – time, for themselves. Women and society don’t want this. They want men to be enslaved so that they work and hand over their money to government, and via the government, to women.

      Women all over the internet are trying to bring men back to the plantation by going tradcon and claiming that MGTOW is feminism. These women just want to control you and take your money. Woman are natural gold diggers. They only care about your money. They use children to enslave you so that you have a legal obligation to pay her dough.

      Women claiming MGTOW is the equivalent of feminism are known as the female chameleon. For a man, a woman is a depreciating asset, liability, and expense.

      @itsplaster @llyounghitlerll @fcuker

      • #95624

        @crybaby Think what you want. You made too many untrue statements in that post to be credible. Live in your echo chamber where everyone agrees with you. Meanwhile, in the real world …

      • #95661

        Crybaby knows what he’s talking about

    • #95627

      A woman with ambition is like a dog wearing clothes… 😂

    • #95654

      plaster is a decent type of girl i think, she isnt a whore or rides cock carousel and she can be quite caring if you get to know her. i think when we say things about women she takes it as though we are also including her but we arent i think most guys on here just go off their experiences with some women so we just say it as though as its women in general meaning all women but i know some are ok but i still think the majority (from my personal experience) are actually like how the guys talk about them on here. so men and women either see the world through very different eyes or both genders just naturally swing towards disliking each other these days which isnt surprising with the imbalance that false propaganda has nurtured this past 40/50 years.

      • #95695

        @haydolf_hittler I know you don’t agree with my opinions but thanks for being open and seeing me as a person. You know I haven’t lived a slutty life and I care about my marriage. You know I care for my father a great deal. You’re the only person that has talked to me outside of B-G so of course, you know me better. I appreciate that you spoke on my behalf as a person you know while still holding your beliefs. That’s respectable. You’ve told me before Haydolf that I stand up for females who are like below me, I guess and why do I stand up for trashy girls? Fair points, you make. I don’t think many of the guys here see the difference in a trashy girl or a good girl so I do get defensive. You’re right. Take care and thanks, Haydolf.

        • #95703

          A are as rare as a unicorn, a purple squirrel and that says alot. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how great you are or not. That’s not what this is about. It’s about exploiting men in some way or another, which has gone on for ever. It now stops. As for you thinking I’m against only certain males, you are right! I am against ANYONE who uses,exploits,manipulates or harms males. If that’s most men then fuckem. I only care about males and females who refuse to harm males. If you vote, fuck you. If you do anything that supports gynocentrism, I.E. MISANDRY than I do not support you.

    • #95730

      I am just so sick of these women who walk around completely absorbed in an egotistical life and the internet has magnified that by a million. They constantly are covered in heaps of make up hair all bunched up snapping their ‘life’ with selfie after selfie but they think this is somehow something special. And it gives a nobody a plain Jane an average Schmoe a platform of vanity and actually makes them believe in their own little mind they are actually super special. Beauty isn’t talent or a remarkable trait it’s a false ego trip. These false women are non entity’s they are a face on a 2 dimensional screen. A lifeless flat avatar. I mean come on what is so gifted about staring into a fucking camera? Yet these worthless untalented wretches believe their own hype that they are somebody. this world actually needs a world war some intense suffering so millions can have their Snowflake privileges and false lives turned upside down. Show them they are so low on the scale of things that actually really matter in this world and I think only sheer brutality and suffering is going to snap them out of this falseness they are submerged in.

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      Bravo bro!

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