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      Raving Mad Pigeon

      Would you rather
      – get hung in a stuffy room with your right toe just able to touch the ground
      – get shot, however only one person of eight is firing live ammunition. (.22 calibre). The others have slingshots firing rotten, maggoty meat or pebbles. From a distance of twenty meters.
      – get decapitated with a serrated butter knife.
      – drown in a dark cave
      – burn to death on a pyre in the company of overtly zealous religious people.
      – starve to death in a tiny room.
      – Be roasted under the desert sun, basically dehydrate to a crisp.
      – Be kicked sparta style down a well. (which is a kilometer deep.)

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      Spartan kicked fosho. Although that firing squad scenario i could handle as well.

      Would you rather:

      -have one of your legs mauled and shreded by a dull chainsaw

      -stick your hand in a lawnmower blade spinning at full speed

      -live in a Brazilian favela surrounded by flipflop da silvas (which we all know means inevitable death of sorts)

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        Raving Mad Pigeon

        Damn, that’s a hard one. I think I would prefer the loss of a leg over a hand, though.

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      Aegrescit medendo

      What is the first one, a back alley penis enlargement surgery? I think getting kicked down the well would be nice, kinda like going back into the womb.

      Would you rather:
      – be aborted or
      – relive your life from the beginning?

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      I’ll got for Sparta style because that’s bad ass and I hope I die when I hit the ground.

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        just a bit of math here but 1 kilometer is 1000 meters so basically you would fall 1093.613yards or 0.621371 miles… or another way to put it is 3,280.84 Feet or basically near the top of the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia when its complete (the proposed height is 1.6 kilometer’s tall in 2020 is when it is scheduled to be completed) have fun jumping off a sky scraper ^.^ also you will be hitting the ground at or near terminal velocity got to love math

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      I choose living in a favela surrounded by flip floppers…. okay I got one… would you rather live your life over again,see all your mistakes coming and not be able to do anything to change… but be able to help your friends avoid the mistakes they previously made OR live your life over again avoiding all the mistakes you made in the previous life, only to see all of your friends make all the mistakes they made in life and not be able to help them…???

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        Being a selfish cunt I would have to choose the latter.

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      Would you rather —

      Drop the bomb on all the isis scum and never see another one of their killing vids


      Keep the isis scum in a controlled area and let them film their killing vids using murderers,rapists and peodo’s?

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      Winston Streicher

      Push them over the border into Israel and parachute video cameras down to them.

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      Hung in a stuffy room. Lift my toe off the floor and get that shit over and done with…With the ‘stuffy room’ situation, They will smell and find my rotting bloated corpse quicker than most which i count as a plus lol andddddd who doesn’t love a bit of asphyxiation.

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      I would rather starve in a small room…

      Would you rather:
      Have all of your skin peeled off one inch at a time…

      Have your genitals cut off cooked and served to you on a platter OR

      Be mauled by starving loins in a cage?

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        Mauled by starving lions! Recycle yourself for a good cause and all that spill lol

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