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      what is this bullshit….??
      why you have such a idiotic policy here….??
      when someone talking about niggers or jews, there is no need for moderation…
      but when i make normal comments without being racist i need to wait for moderation…
      common man we aint living in china or what…? no need to censor my comments.

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      Don’t piss off Mark dude. It’s a pretty simple rule we all follow. Get in line.

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      no i dont wanna piss at anyone…
      i was just wondering if i was the only one… and if yes, why…?
      anyways great to know its not just me 😛

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        This will usually happen when you are fairly new to this site, and just to make sure that what you post is legit, and NOT Trolling, or site mocking in any way. With time, this will cease once @acneska, and @Mark, gain your trust, and see that your comments are solid. Hope that this helped answer your question, mate. 🙂

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          I’m gonna make this one time exception and ensure this dude never comes out of moderation.

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          @acneska Bahaha hahaha 😁😂😅😤😥😁😀😧. I don’t know why but I found that incredibly funny. I seriously think I busted a gut laughing, oh shit my sides hurt. Hats off to you for handling stupidity like a fucking champ! Thank you for the laugh I really needed that…even if I’m the only one who found it that funny.

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          @deathbyduck87 thanks buddy. Seriously, it’s a standard practice that helps weed out spammers to hold comments in moderation unless the member has at least one approved comment. Every single member on the site – thousands of them – went through it and essentially none whined about it. It’s a one time thing that then gets you on the way to comment for the life of the website, unless you start off as a scammer right away.

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      @acneska I think most of the regular members know about it and I have never seen anyone bitch about it. I just found it extremely hilarious that not only did he bitch about it he had members explain it just to bitch about it more…then you MODERATED the fuck out of him. Idk why but the way you did it tickled the hell out of me. Anyway I hope you enjoy your much needed down time.

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        Dude got fucking owned, as it should be. If people are worried about the wait to post, maybe they should go to some other shit site where they dont care if you post something relevant or not. This is the only gore site where I have seen this much structure and mods doing their job to keep dimwits and spamming trolls at bay. Bravo to the staff here.

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