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      YouTube Comment Summing Up Kyle Rittenhouse Shootings

      Dear Leader worshipers are twisting themselves like motherfucking yoga masters to sanctify their new favorite NWO agent.

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      Ha, ha, ha that fucking cracked me up dude,,, Like Yoga-Masters ?? lol. 😉
      B.T.W. Good & Very Informative Write-up brother.

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      Empty soul

      There are three ideological narratives at play. The leftwing, the rightwing and the Zionists pulling the strings.

      The above youtube comment is very much a leftwing narrative then.

      As of right now a new killing has happened in Portland. This time a Trump supporter was killed by Antifa/BLM and it happened in a similar way and situation as the Rittenfag one. I bet you can guess then how the leftwing narrative has been spun this time. Yep. This time it is a self-defence killing from their perspective now that their own actor and ideological champion has been caught in the act whereas it was a white supremacist racist fascist bigot mass murder when it was the other side’s actor that did the exact same thing.

      It works both ways then and its all just tribalism and hypocrisy at the end of the day.

      As for Rittenfag being a secret NWO agent, lol. A useful idiot perhaps but definitely not a paid operative. The guy is a clown. He is seen wearing American flag shoes in one photo and joined the local cadet programme or some shit because he hero worships cops. He’s one of those patriotic flag wearing “America, Fuck Yeah. Coming to save the mother fucking world yeah” types.

      A paid operative wouldn’t have shit themselves and plastered their face all over the planet via murder charges for which he is very likely to do serious time for.

      The police definitely made use of the cop loving, over enthusiastic sucker that’s for sure but that’s probably where his role started and ended.

      There is going to be a lot more of these back and forth attacks and back and forth narrative spinning for quite a while longer no doubt. There is an election soon after all.

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        I agree with you that albeit accurate, the summary has a very left leaning bias @empty-soul

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          Empty soul


          If you want to understood the author’s intent Mark its often best to start at the conclusion and work backwards looking at the detail on the way down.

          This time its,

          “You can’t go looking for a fight and claim self-defence. Especially when you commit crimes in the process.”

          The author is admitting that it is, on the face of it, self-defence. He then works to undermine it by adding “looking for a fight” and “crimes”.

          Now to the detail. What does he mean by looking for a fight and crimes.

          The looking for a fight part is simple. He showed up where the protesters were whilst being in ideological opposition to them.

          Now. What are the crimes the author speaks of, and this is the most telling apart I have to say.

          The crimes he speaks of are all minor infringements of the law. Nothing to do with the actual act of taking life because the author can’t as they have already acknowledged that Rittenfag’s actions were, on the face of it, self-defence because if he does not he will not be able to defend any of his side should they do the same thing which they so often do.

          Now. Why is this telling. Its telling because the author is on the side of the protestors, you know, the ones committing crimes left right and centre. Looting. Property damage. Arson. Assault. Theft. Murder etc. He is on the side of tear down the system and fuck the law etc and yet he now leans on and depends on that very same system and utilises those very same laws to undermine that which he would otherwise be supporting had it not come from his ideological opposition.

          In other words, he makes use of things he doesn’t actually believe in and wants to destroy to undermine that which he would otherwise support and defend.

          The author’s comment is more than just left-leaning then. It shows just how empty and unprincipled the author’s actual belief system and ideological foundation is. What this tells you is that the author has been spoon-fed his current position by others via indoctrination much like how a cult operates. He didn’t educate his way into his current mindset, he was maneuvered into it by others hence why he behaves like the average football fan taking on the rival team and less like a principled political fighter like the classical liberal.

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        @empty-soul here’s perspective from some right wing combat fag:

        Combat Fag on Kyle

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          Empty soul


          It starts with “Combat veteran here…” and then proceeds to speak in a way that no army veteran ever would on such a matter. Army veterans tend to be flag waving patriots and are all for “defending our country” rhetoric and behaviour. You often admit this yourself Mark which is why you always call them bootlickers and scum who live to do the governments(and therein the Jews) bidding.

          He also says that if you arrive armed to a place where violence is happening, prepared for violence and you engage in violence there is no self defence and you are in fact a willing combatant however he completely ignores the fact that this also applies to Antifa and BLM as well because they have also followed that exact same pattern.

          He then uses shoddy logic to brand his target terrorists because in his own words acting out violence without government sanction is terrorism even though much of the counter violence has come from local residents defending their homes and businesses which is not terrorism and will never be seen to be such apart from in the eyes of far-left, Antifa and BLM. It again also ignores the fact that the main invading force and “unsanctioned” actors of violence here are Antfia and BLM and so they would be the terrorists in his own logic. But no. Instead it places it all on Rittenfag’s door. Very convenient and very telling I might add.

          The second section is where he really gives the game away and reveals his true self and ideological position.

          “If your recourse to the terrorist is to look up the criminal history of the victims it is no different than looking up the criminal past of everyone that died on 9/11 in order to justify to hijackers.”

          First of all no American Army veteran would ever use 9/11(the Holy Grail of patriotism outside of the American Revolution) to make a “both-sides” argument. Its preposterous and completely unbelievable.

          It is also a ridiculous thing to say in and of its self and crushes his own previous argument. The 9/11 victims did not, to use his own words, arrive armed to a place where violence is happening, prepared for violence and engaged in violence without government sanction. The 9/11 hijackers however did.

          Further more. Because his own logic dictates that Antifa and BLM are terrorists it falls under normal protocol and recourse to investigate the history of dead terrorists. He knocks down his own point then all by himself.

          I could go on but I will get to the point. If I were at a casino and had to bet on whether this guy is really a US army veteran or a far-left Antifa lover pretending to be one I would go all-in on the latter.

          The fact that he completely ignores Antifa and BLM for the duration of his argument and by doing so creates a logical fallacy whereby everything he ascribes to one side(the terrorists) must also apply to the other but doesn’t. The fact that he both-sides 9/11 and the fact that by omission his argument attempts to completely exonerate the other side, the left-wing aggressors, pretty much tells me that the author of this comment is in fact a member of the far-left.

          Anyway. I am not even a right-winger, Mark. I have always been leftwing on more subjects than I have been rightwing. In fact I am only truly rightwing on immigration and border controls for the most part and the reason why I refer to myself as rightwing nowadays is because the loony left has put me there due to the fact that they have moved so far left that everyone else who didn’t travel with them, and who in fact stood still, appeared to now be positioned on the far right.

          What I am trying to say then I guess is that I scrutinise and criticise regardless of the presented narrative and ideology and so am slave to neither.

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          @empty-soul and yet you worship the whites-hating Mexican half-nigger who is an immigrant (whether first generation or not) to the country where he killed people.

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          Empty soul


          I do not worship him at all.

          I also don’t hate immigrants. I hate uncontrolled immigration and the complete lack of borders white western countries have nowadays and I hate it for socioeconomic reasons more than anything else.

          Educated, well behaved immigrants who don’t have any murder charges etc hanging over them and who go through the correct migration procedures are welcome in my book. Thieving Romanian gypsy scum and the like can fuck off and stay the fuck away however. Such is the luxury of having border controls.

          I don’t give a fuck about Rittenfag then. What I give a fuck about is what his actions represent from a socio-political perspective.

          Rittenfag may be a Mexican part nigger immigrant then but it could have very easily been a native white person called John who was defending his family and home from being burned to the ground by white hating crazies. If Rittenfag is found to have acted illegally it becomes case law and will mean that in future anyone fighting back against Antifa and BLM will meet a similar fate which will only serve to further embolden Antifa and BLM into carrying out even more arson, violence and murder towards white people knowing full well everyone else’s hands are tied apart from there’s.

          Now. I’m not even American so what the fuck as this got to do with me?. Well. I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice Mark but England has also been under attack as well recently by Antifa and BLM because when America farts the rest of us get covered in shit as well and so it came my way and now I am forced to contend with the very real possibility that this mass white-witch burning nonsense will come here too.

          What am I to do then should it come?. Submit to the mob?. Let them burn me down. Let them destroy all that I have?. I think not.

          To conclude. Rittenfag himself means nothing to me. Rittenfag the socio-political position however means everything to me. It is the difference between being able to fight back against those who wish me harm and being chained into inaction and ultimately destroyed. If not by Antifa and BLM then by the hand of others that may come in future.

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      @Empty soul
      Not Ideological empty,,, No, No, No Bro,,,
      Mr. Spock Says, “Highly Illogical, and nonsensical narratives.” My Man, lol. 😉

      No, but seriously, i’m shocked that the Cops told him to go away, and let him leave with his weapon on the day of the shooting.
      Maybe (Kyle) thought that the Justice System, & Trump would praise his work, and they’d also ask Soros to hire him for future protest clean-ups, & mayhem???

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