Zionist Shill tries to police Japanese Nationlist’s Gathering

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      Empty soul

      He basically told them that they were not acting like white people in Germany and that they should bow down and change themselves in accordance with the will of the white German people or face arrest.

      These libtard fucks always go on and on about white privilege and white supremacy and often direct those attacks towards anyone not politically far-left and yet here we have a prime example of both privilege and supremacy being enacted……….by the libtard…….upon another race of people.

      They really are everything they paint others as being.

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      @darkmater95 This is exactly how the Jews have taken over the west. The Japanese people own and control Japan. In order to conquer them, they first have to put in the minds of the Japanese that Japan doesn’t belong to just them, everybody should be allowed to live in Japan. And if you don’t allow foreigners to live in Japan and have all the same rights as the Japanese then you are just a “racist!”

      This is a sick way of conning them through talking of allowing foreigners to flood into Japan. Then once these foreigners flood into Japan, they start demanding all of these rights. Then they start telling the Japanese people that they have Japanese privilege.

      They are talking their way into getting what they want. The Japanese just have to tell them NO, go fuck yourself, and deport them.

      By allowing foreigners to mix with them and have all the same rights as them, they are allowing the possibility of foreigners to flood into Japan and take control of power. By allowing them to mix with them, they are putting themselves into the position to eventually be ruled over by them.

      The first thing these Anti-Japanese do is try to get the Japanese to agree with them by appealing to their conscious. If they can get the Japanese to agree to their arguments, then they can start mixing with them. Then the can flood in and slowly start taking over the territory.

      Letting them in and letting them have any say whatsoever in the affairs of the country is the first mistake that leads to being taken over and conquered. By being nice, you get conquered.

      By allowing the Jews into our territory and giving them the same rights as us, they have flooded into our territory and now they have taken over power. By being nice to the Jews, we have been conquered. We should have told the Jews to go fuck themselves and never have let them into our territory. They used our niceness asa weakness and took advantage of us. They had an ulterior motive the whole time.

      The way to defeat the Jews is for all of us to tell them to go fuck themselves and deport all of them. We simply need to deport all foreigners and ignore their arguments and pleas. Fuck you and get the fuck out.

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      I wonder how many nips know about unit 731. I’d bet it is erased from many of their history books.

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