Zuckerberg Lied to Congress – Facebook Shares Personal Data

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      Jew Mark Zuckerberg lied to US congress. Facebook does share personal data with about 60 companies, including Apple, Amazon, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Samsung.

      But his testimony wasn’t under oath, so there will be no penalties. Nevermind that some 90% of people in the room are on Facebook’s pay slip and thus bought out by Facebook. They knew all too well what the game was before Zuckerberg testified. It’s all smoke and mirrors. A big PR stunt involving public wagging of fingers, but when the cameras shut down, they all have a good laugh at our expense. You’d have to have been born under a rock to not know they’re all on the use of the people’s personal data for securing their rule over us. If you think Jew is going to give up all the info FaceBook collects on the people, I have a bridge to sell you.

      Source: https://www.wral.com/facebook-gave-device-makers-deep-access-to-data-on-users-and-friends/17602273/

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      They are all in on it. His lawyers told him there would be no oath. The questioners told his lawyers there would be no oath. He himself said i will only turn up if it is no-oath.

      If i had my way ,i would drag him there by the scruff of the neck. Fuck this ,him having power bullshit! Scruff of the neck! Spill or i put you in prison ,bread and water .no talking ?Good time for a Roman Decimation of him and all Major Media officers eg Microsoft,Apple Amazon. Let’s see who sings first?

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      The best part of the Zuckerderg testimony was his big boy booster seat.

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      May I ask this question? How is this even surprising that Facebook is unsafe?

      It´s a info haven for the FBI, CIA and the NSA (who have been known for collecting data in bulk collection whose tools are now used by hackers to access the backdoors allowed by it) for crying out loud.

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