Following endless trepidation, much scientific research has been done into strange phenomena happening to comments on Best Gore. The international scientific community eventually traced the mystery down and found an undisputed proof that Best Gore is guarded by an army of supernatural gnomes who answer to no one and eat parts of some comments alive. Professor Jenkins of the University of Wildhogstan followed up on the research and concluded that in certain cases, the horrifying gnomes swallow the entire comment whole.

The Best Gore gnomes are extremely feisty and easily irritable. Their adrenaline levels appear to sky rocket when comments contain certain stimuli linked to increased production of cholesterol in Yeti lice. When the adrenaline levels rise above the safe four-toe-dunk-stump threshold, the gnomes enter a trance of castration and start chomping on the foreskin of robotics.

Bilateral consultation with retired inter-galactic mummy revealed the secrets of the classified ceremony performed by anointed gnomes whose whiskers’ length determine the circumstantial viability of parthenogenesis. Their findings are inscribed on an unobtanium mantelpiece currently on display in Cairo museum of prehistoric stock exchange. His highness the President of Soiledcondom Republic had the honor of examining the sacred inscription and graciously shared the knowledge in the Book of Revelations. After the fan-on-high blew the book out the submarine window, its content was published on a whistle-blowing website WikiFlukes. Now everyone can learn why those damn gnomes eat comments:

  • They are all in CAPS or contain more than one whole word in CAPS
  • Contain words like “ur” instead of “your” or “cuz” instead of “cause” or “b4” instead of “before”, etc.
  • Contain personal attacks
  • Add no value to the debate (includes single word comments – such as LOL, and comments written solely with an intention to boost the poster’s comment count)
  • Are written as if 12 year old wrote them
  • Contain spam
  • Contain undue hatred, whether racial or otherwise
  • Contain stupid questions
  • Are completely unrelated to the topic of the post
  • Are written by a hot chick who wouldn’t for the fuck of it show her tits (jk)

EDITOR’S NOTE: I have no control over actions of gnomes. Sometimes they follow their own rules, sometimes they don’t. If your comment disappears, blame the gnomes. I’m still trying to get mailing address to the gnome supreme court so you can file an appeal should you feel compelled. I keep the gnomes doped up on Snickers which has psychedelic effects on gnomes, so they hardly ever chomp on comments, but sometimes their addiction level fluctuates and leaves the creatures unpredictable. Ummm, Snickers…

261 thoughts on “Gnomes”

        1. Well i joined this lovely and brave ccomunity l. And sorry for my bad english im swiss cheese ^^ jodeli jodeli juuuhu.
          you know cheeese cows banks and …….. Peasants.
          You now the Matterhorn ? with love from cheeeseland.
          i forgot choclat as well.
          Chuchich?stli ^^

          1. I only joined six minutes and twenty seconds ago, and I want to know if and how you change your profile pic. I absolutely infatuated myself with gore, and DUUDE!!! The President of the Soiledcondom Republic?? Genius.

      1. Well go to the contact page, attach an initial image, and on the description make sure you state that you have more images to send ( if its more than one)
        send. attach, send. attach,send, etc.
        That’s how the wise sensei drccoco taught me

    1. Hahaha, right?!? XD I was like, “What the heck, gnomes don’t exist… This guy… I don’t know about him… I’ll get my gore somewhere else, thank you…” Then I got that it was just a joke. Thank God I actually read it 😛
      I hope this adds value to the discussion 🙂 I think I followed all the rules. Keep the gnomes away from me!! Take my son!

    2. Made you go peepee? I shat my self from the pure gold that is humor! Those damn gnomes! And get me started on those freaking lawn pelicans, Why are you just standing on my lawn!? Disrespectful prick! Pink jerk.

    3. If you catch one of these gnomes I would love to take it off your hands. I’ve always wanted a pet gnome! I’m not fast enough to catch one. I heard they look like those little trolls that are nude with long wild hair on top of their heads. Is this true or just a myth?

    1. Very true, that is 🙂
      Before I read those rules, I was about to comment something to someone I thought was talking about Pres Obama (I’m a liberal) and then I was like, “Fuck it, they’re on a GORE site, that’s reason enough to just acknowledge their opinion and ignore it…” Then I looked it up and found out they didn’t mean “Obama,” so that was good that I didn’t leave a death threat XD.
      I thought it was really nice that nobody’s leaving death threats to people. Not really any idiots on here, I LOVE IT! (Okay, that was a compliment to the site, was it okay that it was three capital words?) 🙂

    1. What about, having them so cute, and lovable, then in another light you have them chewing people to shreds, maybe someones arm in one hand, and their intestines stuck between their teeth, like when you bite into a chicken leg and you get that little tendon stuck between your teeth? C: Brilliant! Mark, that was amazing XD if only the other humans I interact with had the same sense of humor as me 🙂 Alas, I am alone oh well, more secrets for me 😀

  1. I have always been amazed by the quality of the boards. I knew there had to be great forces behind them! Really though, asides from the great content and steady updates…I was initially impressed by the lack of garbage comments. So many other gore sites claim “free speech” as an excuse to be lazy and not moderate their site. A million thanks; gnomes!

  2. If only these “gnomes” would start doing this to the entire internet, I wouldn’t complain! It’d make it so I don’t get a headache everytime I browse the web! Continue on, little gnomes! May the force be with you! 🙂

  3. Ooh…can you change the message when someone post a comment from saying,
    “This post is awaiting moderation” to
    “Gnomes are currently busy, your comment will be moderated when they give a shit”,…..or something like?? lol

  4. …..Did I just leave a different comment or am I finally going nuts?
    I think I may have been thinking…
    Oh that’s where all my comments have gone…..fucking Gnomes.
    I don’t mean to spam but I always seem to talk shit..
    (Sorry Mark)

    1. Same. Weird when we stab the “post comment” button and then scroll down just to find nothing there.
      Pretty iffy to it will ever come around to see the eyes of others, sometimes that eats shit piles, because those posts are the better of the blasts, other times, the “why the fuck did I just write that ” comments are the ones that make it up onto the site with super quickness.
      Figures, wonder what’ll happen with this one……’bout to find out.

    1. its a pathetic way of saying lol, which stands for laugh out loud, yet some troubled doushebag decided to write it the way it sounds, so it has no meaning what so ever, v he has probably got the best guess.

        1. Wow. must you swear like that? You have upset my verginal eyes with such a potty mouth.
          At some point you may want to KILL YOURSELF and then you can deal with such tarmatic things like this in the future.
          May a gnome eat your brain…….wow! it worked.

        1. Thanks, I mean it. And sorry…i meant you’re* not ‘your’. Glad you weren’t offended, because I love turtles, and turkeys. The awesome big-eyed, sneaky, ancient wisdom of a turtle, and the although cute, voracious turkey. And they are both delicious to chew on.

  5. “President of Soiledcondom Republic” I have looked on downloaded geographical maps for HOURS attempting to understand where this part of the world can be found, and all I can find is what looks to be Hung Like A Mouse’s toilet bowl.

    1. Can you clone him? I’ll buy all of his offspring . They would get fed really well and soon I’d finally be living in a neighbourhood where all of the fucking idiots would be quiet at last. People around here can’t talk properly and their brains don’t function in a normal way either.

      Because they’re such stupid cunts they need to suffer good. So I want their eyes ripped out also by the gnomes.
      I’m looking forward to taking my gnomes for a walk and put them to work. Then I’ll go sit on a bench and enjoy watching all the fucks around me being tortured as they have deserved for so long. Aah…that’ll be the first day I will like this place….when all other denizens get a good taste of their own cuntness.

  6. It’s funny because alot of people think you’re kidding but I have first-hand experience with gnomes.
    For a long time now things around the house have randomly disappeared- from clothing to electronics to pies- and usually appear under my bed, but have never been near it before. After doing some research, i found out that gnomes- probably a close cousin to the variety on bestgore- were, in fact, to blame.

  7. this made me laugh but ive noticed a lot of people are friends here and are on first name basis…….obviously there is going to be a lot of post unrelated to the topic considering there is no private message function……when you interact with the same people everyday you become friendly with them so normal chit chat is going to occur in the posts when there is no other option to talk to people

  8. Uh oh… I used LOL in a comment, but it’s my first day.

    I knew I was going to love it here from the get go.
    People who use all CAPS and condense words (u – you) need to be culled.

  9. I really love the site especially the medical section as a student studying ophthalmology it’s really helpful on my side . More power bestgore and God bless you 🙂 , greetings from Philippines.

  10. This is honestly the best site I’ve ever been on, and I love it!!! I’ve been trying to get my friends to come on this site and check it out but I don’t think they have yet… 🙁 one of my friends said “I don’t know how anyone can look at that kind of stuff it beyond disgusting” I just rolled my eyes and replied “I love it” it’s nice to be on a site that has little to none of the stupid fucking crap that most other sites do. Keep up the good work gnomes. Love ya BG!!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. I haven’t told any of my friends about this site because most of them will just think i am a fucking loser more then they already do 😛 …. and the ones i have told just don’t talk to me like they use to -_- they just don’t understand how important it is to learning and see what is actually going on in the world these days… they just seem to act as if its a dare type of thing such as asking someone to watch BME pain Olympics or two girls one cup it annoys me how they don’t take reality seriously

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