Armed Robbery at Casino Savanna in Suriname

Armed Robbery at Casino Savanna in Suriname

Suriname is the Dutch speaking country in South America. We have recently seen a video from Suriname on Best Gore, but it’s not a country we hear too much from. Best Gore member mac-enik stepped up to change that.

About 2 years ago, Casino Savanna in Paramaribo, Suriname’s capital city was robbed by members of an armed gang. Mac-enik explains what happened:

What you see in the video is a gang robbing a casino. They were part of a bigger gang who operated mostly throughout the capital Paramaribo. They were a gang notorious for brutality so people all over Suriname were terrified of them.

People were getting robbed in their homes, and killed because the robbers didn’t like to leave witnesses. And we just got over the Sampi era (Sampi was a big time mobster who also lead a gang of robbers, but he was hard to catch, since he was a Maroon – every time the gang struck, they fled back into the jungle where they lived).

This casino in the video just opened before the robbery happened. Thanks to this experience, they restructured their security and are now really well guarded. The robbers were very nervous by the looks. They didn’t even got for the safe. They only grabbed the daily earnings from the till and left.

I love this casino a lot. I go there at least twice a week. This casino is in a Brazilian neighborhood with a lot of “nightclubs/brothels”, and many beautiful girls live there (Dominican girls too).

So if you like girls, alcohol, or like to dance to some bachata, and if you planned to come to Surinam, don’t hesitate to visit this neighborhood.

The robbers took off with US $30,000 and an unknown amount in Surinamese dollars. The robbers have fired shots during the robbery. An employee had his head grazed with a bullet and had to be transported to the emergency room. The police recovered three bullet casings from the scene.

Thanks a lot for the video and backinfo, mac-enik:

24 thoughts on “Armed Robbery at Casino Savanna in Suriname”

    1. no worries i uploaded it with pleasure it was my first one 🙂

      but i think the editor took my text to literally i told this happened a couple years ago but i know a couple means 2 but it was a bit longer than 2 years ago.

      i am still looking for the video where the elite forces executed this gang. it was on tv, but its hard to find on internet but anyway these bandits are now partying with the isis guys in bandit heaven 🙂

      and this country is a bit fucked up, our president got a arrest warrant by interpol for running a drug smuggling operation but he dont give a fuck, his son faces life sentence in america after he got arrested in panama for wielding a rocket launcher apparently in a drug deal. he is accused just like his daddy for conspiracy in drug running operation and selling passports to jihadis so they could set up a base in surinam to attack USA and or other type of enemy strongholds throughout south america (that gives me the thought of Jewish settlements in south america). and he had a adopted son who was in jail for murdering someone in a robbery and as soon he became president he gave him amnesty so he could get out of jail. kind of weird country right 😛

    1. hahah i had the same when i was in Rio de Janeiro last year, i went on a hotel arranged trip to Angra dos Reis and me and my wife were sitting behind 2 South African girls (white ones) and we almost understood each perfectly only a couple of words were different. but it was so funny and we had a good time. love zuid afrikaans people they were very nice and friendly and had the same party mentality as we south americans. +1

  1. bachata exist in suriname?
    Im sorry if i offend any bachata fans but it is god awful. Its boy band musi c but 100 times more bitchlike and a lot more repetitive. A guitar solo in a bachata song means picking the same note rapidly like as if you’re trying to make the guitar blow a load on you.
    Over and out.

  2. it was my first upload here, and i feel happy about it. more will follow.

    i am still looking for the video where Faya Blo (our elite police force) found their house/base where they hideout and wait for a part of the gang to move on to their next hit. and then they struck killing all of them in the car, the didnt even car to stop the car they just opened fire and riddled the car with bulllets 🙂 i know it was on tv but its hard to find, cause its pretty long time ago now. the editor took my words to literally i wrote this happened a couple years ago because i couldnt remember when exactly so he assumed a couple is 2 years but it happened a bit longer ago 😛

    but anyway this is a pretty cool country, where you can become president after you been 1 of the biggest cocaine traffickers in this country. anyway our president mr Bouterse is wanted by interpol for drug smuggling operations. his son went into his fathers footsteps, he is now facing a life time jail sentence in the USA for conspiracy to run a drug trafficking operation. he got caught in panama they also say he was waving around with a rocket launcher (pretty sick family) and if thats not enough he is also accused for having contact with jihadis from the middle east who paid him money to buy surinam passports and setting up a jihadi base in surinam to use it to attack enemies from surinam. and if thats not enough he also have a adopted son who was in jail for murdering someone in a robbery. well as soon as he became president he had the right to give his adopted son amnesty and a “get out of jail ticket”

    so if you are planning to make a carreer out of criminality this is the country for you. only dont rob our own people cause we dont like that, if you are a drug kingpin everybody loves you 😛

    1. You are very negative about your own country mac-enik. I live in Suriname too but i come from the Netherlands. Bouterse is wanted for drug trafficing after he was convicted in an unfair trial based upon just one witness statement who has no confirmed that the trial was just to convict Bouterse so they could dispose of him. Just like the USA does with all puppets they don’t like the Netherlands tried to do this with Bouterse. His son Dino is indeed a shameless criminal of whom Bouterse is himself ashamed and finished with. You portray him without getting all the facts in the row. He is a loving father and has adopted many children. I wonder if you would speak like this if he stood in front of you? Here, watch this about the Bouterse trial where he was framed for so called drug trafficing which was never proven.

      Casino’s are a sickness in Suriname, they are designed to make poor people even poorer. Criminal money is laundered through casino’s which you support by going there. Shame on you.

      Suriname is a beautiful old Dutch colony, it can not be compared with Guyana for instance. You portray your own country poorly to outsiders.

      1. Well i never said that Bouterse is a bad guy. i admire him a lot, he did great things for our country like building shit we people need and not foreign interests. About Bouterse in the times he was trafficking cocaine, you might find some websites who are at his side or against him. There is always 2 sides to the story, but believe me he was involved in big time drug trafficking in the 90’s.
        He himself always stayed outside the picture, the big cocaine shipments are controlled by only a couple of familys, Bouterse had his hand in that cake as well. Not sincerely as the big Pablo but the man behind the scene. And common man everybody here wants to be a big cocaine trafficker when they grow up, its not something bad over here. Only you are fucked up when you are a junky and living like a bum. But anyway i hope i changed your point of view, of how i looked at it. I never mean to say something bad about Bouterse, the only thing i wanted to say with that was even when you are the biggest trafficker (associated with them) you get rewarded. Everybody loves big time drug traffickers and the money they have.

  3. Suriname is a terrorist state, a state who hates Latin America and its Democratic ideals. Venezuela, Brasil and other Latin American states who are dominantly Catholic like myself should invade it, not only to eliminate Europeanism as a cancer but Americanism is the real cancer against Democracy.

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