Beautiful Artwork of Undead Women

Beautiful Artwork of Undead Women

Since nobody gave a shit about my proposed art contest, I’ve decided to bring the art to you. These are some really well-done zombified women, some of whom are of the Asian persuasion and I just thought they looked cool. Caught my attention and are keeping in the theme of the macabre nature of the website. We’ve seen so much violence lately, so much of our fellow men and women being monsters to each other…why not just take a step back and look at the wonderful things that the human mind is capable of. Portraying the darkness of the mind onto canvas rather than onto fellow humans.

All imgaes used in accordance with the Fair Use Act.

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    1. Did you not hear what the man said? It’s not like he posted pics of butterflies. If you don’t like it, don’t look and don’t be an ass. You’re gonna find out that no one that frequents this site appreciates people with an attitude like yours.

    1. @LF –
      the threesome looks like the Dixie Chicks;
      Asian woman = Crystal Liu;
      tongue/earthworm = Pink;
      stressed one = Jennifer Lopez
      green skin = Jennifer Aniston;
      waiting for her lover = Penelope Cruz
      Happy face = Angelina Jolie
      Flayed look = Eva Mendez

      Did any of mine match yours? πŸ˜€

  1. Reminds me of back in the day when that manga style, torture art was used for an article. Reminded me of the artwork from blade of the immortal. If memory serves well, one had a girl impaled on a tree branch similar to the Asian girl on the spit.

    1. Some of the eyeballs Mia paints are really amazing! Thanks @R2R. I’ve always loved looking at tattoos of this kind of art. Find it amazing that tattooists can create such beautiful art on skin πŸ˜€

    2. @R2R, Some of the Mia Makila art is awesome. Really cool stuff while some are only old photos that she scribbled on.
      All in all, I liked them. Thanks for sharing this link.

  2. Cheers Ob’s, it’s nice to have some different material on here now and again. Sorry didn’t know about the art competition. I’m a professional artist and have my work shown in galleries all around the world.

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