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Best Gore in the Early Days

For the first 3 years of its existence, Best Gore looked something like THIS. Internet moved on so the old design no longer met the growing expectations, and Mark responded to it by changing the design to meet those expectations. Unsurprisingly, the response to the change was a major bitchfest. Everybody bitched and whined like little pussies that they are. Meanwhile, people got used to the new design, and most of those who had previously bitched, farted off.

Fast forward to 2016 – like before, the way the internet is used has changed, and that put pressure on us to address the usability of the website on the growing number of mobile devices. There was also the pressing need to lay off design vulnerabilities that contributed to frequent downtime during the Christmas and New Year seasons. I’m sure nobody wants to go back to the site being unresponsive, loading slowly or not loading at all. These were all issues that needed to be addressed.

But as was the case before, this change is also met with bitching and whining. I guess once you give the people the platform to bitch and whine, bitch and whine they will. It’s as if a voodoo spell was about to befall on them if they passed on the opportunity to bitch and whine. I betcha 3 years down the road, new batch of Best Gore members will wonder what the frick people were whining about in 2016, when yet newer design is introduced.

Not to mention such things as people bitching and whining about comments being too narrow on the old site, and now that we addressed it and comments are broader so they don’t end up being a column half an inch thick, they forgot all about it and bitch about other things. One could wear themselves out trying to please the crowd, yet the crowd will still bitch and whine for the sake of bitching and whining.


If you haven’t heard it yet, ProChan, our video streaming provider of 4 years, deleted all our videos. That’s over 4,000 videos published over the period. That happened without a warning and without explanation. Repeat requests for explanation were ignored.

We joined ProChan right after it launched and were the biggest website to exclusively use and promote it. But I guess we just weren’t politically correct enough now that the Canadian Jews got their panties wet trying to shut the website down.

So while addressing the performance issue, the issue with ongoing attacks against the site, the issue with vulnerabilities to prevent exploits from happening, the ProChan backstab also tasked us with having to look for an alternative. We are currently in the process of establishing a new partnership, however all the best prospects so far required installation of dubious scripts that connect back to the host site, without the means for us to know what they do with the data. Owing to our commitment to your privacy and security, that became unacceptable, so there hasn’t been significant progress in this regard.

Further challenges arose form the fact that most providers shy away from this type of content, and those who do not, have quite considerable monthly fees.

Meanwhile, we’ve tried self hosting solutions, but have been having troubles with certain underlying challenges, in particular reliable cross platform streaming, and protection of video hotlinking.

So as an unpopular necessity, the few latest posts continue to have videos streamed by ProChan from a different account. Yes, it is clear to all of us that ProChan cannot be trusted and will not be trusted, but until alternative arrangements are made, we’ll have to put up with it.

TL;DR – bitching is cheap, anyone can do it. So before you do, ask yourself what have you done to make any difference? As for videos – we’re working on it. Bear with us.

Author: Acneska

I'm new here.

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    1. Agreed. I am also DONE, with pro-chan, now! Although i still visit Live Leak, from time, to time, only for the Syrian, and Ukrainian Wars, as it is becoming increasingly rare on here. I am actively looking for our member @ Syrian_Boy, hope he is well, and alive.

  1. OK…but could you put a knob on this ? πŸ™‚
    @ska sorry about bitching…been using this new layout and haven’t had a problem…as a member who comes from a simpler time when they still believed the earth was flat I apologize.
    Forgot that with anything new you should try it before you cry it.

          1. I dunno kiddo, I saw some recent pictures of her and I can say with certainty she’s had PLENTY of Happy Meals. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if she gobbled ’em down toys & all! πŸ˜‰

          1. @YNEG, I remember reading once, a ahem, lady of colour, lol, rang 000 when her local Macca’s (that’s Aussie for McDonalds, lol) ran out of McNuggets! Someone downloaded the actual call to the emergency services, she was rather agitated.

          2. @Tas in the states people start shooting if they leave the bacon off the burger, or get their drive – thru order wrong and people call 911 all the time cause their out of nuggets.
            I saw a guy one time wanted to beat up a 7-11 clerk because they had no medium coffee cups. Some people are outrageously fucked up and entitled.

          3. @rayf, yeah I have actually heard of 2 cases where a black woman has called 000 because they ran out of McNuggets, but shooting up the store, beating people up? Fuck that! my oldest kid worked in Macca’s for 3 years, the worst it ever got was people grumbling about waiting time etc.
            @rayf, I have a book on Texan executions, so many of the black inmates were executed for killing a store owner (of some sort 24/7 etc) I would HATE to be in customer service in the US.

          4. “I saw a guy one time wanted to beat up a 7-11 clerk because they had no medium coffee cups. Some people are outrageously fucked up and entitled.”

            I did that ONE time and @rayf will never let me live it down…
            BTW…I wasn’t fucked up but I’m definitely entitled to my medium size coffee…
            Oh yeah…almost forgot…sorry about the broken nose…my bad…

    1. We are gonna try to make additional changes to the layout to make it closer to the old look. But the growing use of mobile devices simply could no longer be ignored, and neither could be the outdated programming used for the old design. Ongoing patching of old design would be far more time consuming, and would still leave most vulnerabilities present. Sometimes it’s easier to tear the old roof down and lay the new one, than to continue patching each hole that leaks. But the new roof will never look like the old one.

        1. Ditto! And as a lurker for years, and a newish member, I love the new layout! Much easier to read! Thank you for all the sleepless nights, worry, dedication and work! Even as a lurker, this site and it’s many posters, have helped me thru some seriously tough times.

  2. yeah, i get it. traffic and revenue…and galleries are less popular and more time consuming. plus all competition is video as that is the medium of this day. no video, people go elsewhere. well, the unique visitors/lurkers/part timers. but the core stays around.

    i guess i look at it more from an integrity stand point as it doesn’t affect my wallet in any way. it’s shitty these fuckers can fuck whoever and however, and still leaving you no choice but to keep sucking their dick.

    as for new layout, i like the colour scheme. the community and content are the same. just gonna take time for people to get used to.

    1. Theres this guy on a firearms forum I go to that rose unholy hell about changes there. The mod told him simply if he didn’t like it to go fuck himself with a Hi Point (cheap gun). I see no reason for bitching there or here. I’m not afraid of change. It’s called adaptation.

  3. Anybody remember Traces of Death? I wish someone would actually put together a collage of these murder porn videos and call it “Murder Porn Box Set I-IV” the moment of death, you know, wham bam thank you death. Thanks Best Gore for being around for the sake of my fragile psyche. Love you guys!

  4. As a PC user, I liked the wider comment section and the improved security. I disliked the placement of author and tags (it’s ok when I narrow the window) and the round avatars (but I got square avatars with a little CSS).

  5. I think like anything else in life, this change will just take some time to get used to. I know once I learn whose comment is first I’ll be good.

    On a side note, I saw the puppy picture for this post and got really confused thinking I couldn’t get to the ‘All the Gore’ section. Took me a minute to realize it was part of a new post πŸ˜†

      1. Lol oh good this made me feel better. I am easily confused especially at 5 am Monday morning. Next time we’ll have to put our brains together and figure this out because it took me longer than I’d like to admit to realize what was going on.

      1. @tas!! Where ya been? How are you? I missed you, stop leaving πŸ™

        And you are correct we are currently unable to watch older videos. I’ve seen a few that were fine but I don’t think they were hosted by ProChan. It’s very disappointing but I believe someone mentioned having them on file but it will take a lot of time to reload them on the site. It was a dick move by them.

        1. @LF, hey mate! I’ve been off-line for 2 weeks but it feels much longer! I noticed @Trainwreck just say she has been a month off, I’m always glad when she returns too.
          How dare those ProChan jokers do that, they show similar stuff to BestGore, the hypocrites. Also @LF, you know BG wasn’t the only site to show the video that Mark is in trouble for? I saw it on another site called That’s Phucked, even after it was removed from BG.

  6. I thought my browser fucked up the web site so I tried one of my others and it was the same and this is now. well this explains it and my flipping out over a skin change was for naught. (thankfully) As long as we have people to run the site and people that view it and contribute to it BG will still float

  7. “Bitch and whine, bitch and whine, bitch and whine.” – geeesh… talking about fighting fire with fire… πŸ˜•

    I know a few members have been making a scene about the new layout… and to be honest i dont really blame them. Now i know youre allergic to any form of criticism, even if you know we appreciate the work you do maintaining the site, but still ill point out the main issues i believe its affecting most people’s opinions:

    As a moblile user, although the site is a bit more responsive than before, its now a bit harder for me to scroll down through the entire fucking main page, as in opposition to the old visual, where it wouldnt force us to read everything the page has to show without clicking on that post in specific, making the page unecessarly cluttered with information from all the 10 posts per page. So its still kinda hard to understand if we’re actually on the main page or in a specific post thanks to that.

    While on the post, the comment section might be cleaner, but its now “too clean”, as you can barelly make a difference between main comments and repliers, (just like in the first version of Redit before they add a few seperators between comments) but i suppose its all the same to you, since we’re all the same cattle of commentators, right? Maybe add some sort of seperators or a box just like in the old layout to make an easier life for those that comes home after a hard day, and not to wear our eyes out trying to figure out who’s replying to who, or a fucking ruler to see if one is a main commentator or a replyer…

    1. Come on, DK. Simmer down a little. I understand some may be frustrated about the site design change but I think the admins have good intentions on why they decided to change the layout/theme. I admit I bitched and complained about something but I certainly would admit that the change has its perks. No need to get angry or violent, really. We would all eventually get used to it.

      1. When someone doesnt take user rejections kindly to the new changes, and goes on as infantile as the others, calling both the real whinners and criticists alike “bitches and whinners”, since apparently having the Admin powers flowing high in his head allows the neglecting of the differences between constructive criticisms and real whinning, its basicly not making things any better for any of us. Unless hes adressing to the real whinners, while criticisms are falling on deaf ears… I wouldnt be surprised. We all know him for that for a while since he doesnt like being corrected in any way, so its kinda ironic really.

        You know that saying, “with great power comes great responsability”? Its sad that it never catched on…

        1. @ Der, he’s a she actually. But, I completely agree with most of what you wrote. It gets a little annoying when we’re insulted from time to time, because our opinions are either wrong or very wrong. We’re not supposed to be “sheep” except for the times we’re expected to basically shut up & like it.
          The way I look at it is I personally don’t “bitch & whine” (repeat the phrase 15 times) about the way the site is run, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ever voice our opinions. For all I know some of the people who have complained may be ones who’ve made monetary donation(s) to keep the site going.
          As for the new layout, if it’s supposed to be easier or what-not when viewing it on a phone, it’s done the opposite for my two cells, but who knows, maybe it’s just me.

          1. πŸ˜• Acneska is a woman?… Ahh…

            To be honest im not really upset with the changes, im just disapointed with the reaction like if they’re reminding us theres some sort of bureaucracy going on arround here.

            And its not just you, i pointed out that issue above about the main page being too cluttered for mobile users.

        2. There is constructive criticism, and there is whinery. You are a whiner. There are people who assist in moving things forward, and then there are crybabies who act as roadblocks to progress. You are the crybaby (although BG member crybaby has been there for us for 8 years).

          We’ve received a lot of constructive tips by email and other means and followed up on them. There are still some outstanding tips that are a work in progress, because implementation takes time. But you have been involved in none of them. You just whine. We actively talk to members who actually help and cooperate with them. They are just as pissed with whiners as the rest of us, because time spent on addressing whinery is time that can’t use on addressing constructive tips.

          1. Like I’ve said before…BG should hand out pacifiers…

            If anybody has any constructive criticism about this site…use the e-mail…real simple…
            It’s so simple I could even figure it out…

          2. I’m glad u cleaned up the comment of callig who ever it was a pussy. That was sort of uncalled for and out of line.

            Everyone needs to calm the fuck down and let the admins and whoever runs this site do their thing.

            They can’t please everyone so maybe we all need to compromise or just shut the fuck up.

          3. @ska
            Some people around here remind me of a certain Tool song…

            “Wear the grudge like a crown of negativity.
            Calculate what we will or will not tolerate.
            Desperate to control all and everything,
            Unable to forgive your scarlet letterman”

            Some people around here refuse to let go. You know your doing what’s best for BG and that’s all the matters. Hell, you don’t even have to explain yourself or justify anything at this point. People will either be part of the problem or part of the solution…not much gray area.

  8. I would bitch about all the bitching, but I’m no bitch. Rather, I focus on being grateful that Best Gore is here today and that I actually found it!

    “Drop some of your needs.” – George Carlin

          1. it’s all good, my brother. i’m done bitching. ProChan reserves the right (like most companies/corporations/employers these days) to fuck with or terminate a channel at will, at any time and for no reason/explanation. and you have to agree to these terms to use their services. doesn’t mean we don’t know why they did it. nothing we can do about it.

            if i was them, i wouldn’t have made it so obvious. i would have waited a couple weeks or hell, even a month. but, then again, they are fully protected so they don’t give a shit.

            and that’s my final thought on ProChan.

  9. Bob Dylan said it the best…”The times they are a-changin”. With life comes change and here at BG we should be some of the first people to recognize that fact.

    Ska, Obli and Ate; just remember you can please some people some of the time but you’ll never please all the people all of the time. Fuck em…youtube is always looking for new users.

    Also, a side note to Obli… We need to run a Chalice Dungeon bro. πŸ™‚

      1. As I overheard a dumb, young “nigga” say last week: “Dat shit on fleek homie”.

        Not sure if it’s English, or even a coherent statement for that matter, but he did seem excited… BG is definitely banging and on fleek.

        1. I HATE that. What the fuck is fleek and bae and now my head hurts. What ever happened to good ole fashion grammatical correctness. I can’t believe someone told me I use “outdated” words. What does that even mean? It isn’t like I’m speaking Shakespeare.

  10. I don’t mind the new layout one bit. I’ve been a , near daily and proud sharer, user of BG since I first came across it shortly after/around the time of the Nick berg beheading video (believe that was nearly 10 years ago).
    If people don’t like the way the site is they can leave. It’s not about the layout, it’s not about personal preference, it’s not even about who is in charge. The life force of BG is the ability for us all to see through the main stream media bullshit and know the truth about how fucked the world is.
    Users come and users go, true SoBs will always return. On behalf of all the users Id like to say thank you to the admins for keeping the site alive and kicking during best gores darkest most trying times.
    call me a brown noser, call me a faggot, call me what you will. you may not like the admins or the way they run the show but you can’t deny without all their hard work this site would have been dead in the water when all this shit went down with Mark.

    1. While I agree on everything you said, I cant help thinking the bright text against bright background is a bit of a problem… No matter what, they’re gonna have to clear that up cause it’s almost unreadable as it is now and you can’t deny that. Only way to be able to read any of the comments is to mark them so the text gets a blue background

  11. Look, I don’t wanna bitch for the sake of bitching but… Was it really necessary to make the text in the comments nearly the same color as the background? Or was it a mistake? It’s nearly unreadable now, I honestly don’t know how you guys were thinking with that idea if it was on purpose… Maybe it’s explained somewhere else but I haven’t checked in for a while

      1. Oh it seems they fixed it! Yeah it was, but so was the background, or very close anyway. It became really hard to read, not to mention every other comment had a color that was even closer to the color of the text so those became nearly literally impossible to read, but glad it’s fixed now

  12. Even an old wanky arsehole like myself can get used to viewing in a slightly altered format! Everything does seem a little BIG onscreen but that is probably a good thing at my age. When my Glaucoma starts really kicking in – in a few years – the large format might be a real advantage and help me to continue to see the world as it actually is – for a while. Before everything goes completely fuzzy and just shades of lighter/darker with no definition.
    All hail the new format!

  13. Happy with the new comment format. That pissed me off being on a phone. As for ProChan, that’s some bullshit. To just delete the videos with no explanation and ignoring attemps at contact after 4 years. Keep it up guys, ill be popping in here more often now.

  14. You had me until “But I guess we just weren?t politically correct enough now that the Canadian Jews got their panties wet trying to shut the website down.”

    I’m not Jewish but if you are going to be a racist, then be an equal opportunity racist and insult everyone or no one at all.

    What have I done? Well, I have continued to push back against racism, especially anti-semitism on this website when I can. One of the purposes of this site is to show things our governments don’t want us to see. Historically, WWII Nazi death camps, the horrors within, and the crimes against Jews, Romans, Homosexuals, etc. etc. were documented by the allies for the same purpose of hopefully preventing humanity from repeating this history.

    Conspiracy theorists who deny the death camps luckily are on a tiny island holding their hatred close, but the overwhelming proof (the photos and BW movies) proves without a doubt it happened. Experts in film can prove if film has been doctored and you can look up the results as this work has been done many times.

    Regardless, although I can only speak for myself, I appreciate what this website is about (for me) and that I can get an unfiltered view of the world on its own terms. It is sad to see history repeating itself (WWII NAZI STUFF) via the violence/propoganda portrayed here regarding the middle east especially. I also am thankful to you guys that often newsworthy information arrives on BG first, sometimes weeks or even months before the news hits the mainstream. I feel more informed than most about what is happening in the world. Again, thank you!

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