Best Gore Member Cuts and Stitches Herself Back Up

Best Gore Member Cuts and Stitches Herself Back Up

Todays edition of Best Gore Member Rocks is brought to you by Best Gore member. theyatemytailor, a veteran cutter who would like to share the story behind these images. Theyatemytailor, if you will:

After a couple years of browsing BestGore and particularly bad evening, I finally came up with the courage to submit pictures of my recent self-harm and scars. I’ve been cutting for about eleven years now and these are just my cuts on my left side (and also some boob because it’s an easy place to hide). Tonight, I went a little bit too deep so I had to stitch it up

Thank you so much for sharing and never fear, your BG family is always here for you when you are in the dark and in the cold. I think you need a new name, though. How about, stitchtits? 😆

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          1. I would if I could my friend..on the other hand yeah all that want is attention..there’s no reason for one to cut’s fucking stupid..”oh my life sucks so let me cut myself” get the fuck over it.

        1. I agree with you. That is typical for some people or emos who are not accepted in the real world and hope that they get flattered in the internet by a couple of so idiots who pretend they would find the action great. If this guy/girl seriously want to inspire me, she/he need to tear his/her nail from his/her fingers, she/e pull his/her teeth out or stabbing his/her eye out. Honestly, she/he would not have to do. Hey, everyone loves her/him XDXDXD

      1. Yeah I have a major gash on my thigh. Went too deep. Didn’t get stitches but I really fucking should of. Shits scared almost an inch wide. I don’t feel the need to cut anymore. I’m beautiful smart and finally happy to be me. My victimizer is gone (sister) so I don’t have anyone around beating me and mentally abusing me anymore. She was 9 years older than me and the worse person I’ve ever known. She almost wrecked me permanently. I’m good now. I hope stitchtits gets it together and realize her worth. Many stints in treatment centers didn’t help me only I could. And this wonderful kid who is my ten year old son. The love of my life. If I’m not healthy he won’t be healthy. Then that would make me a very selfish person

          1. Omg I fucking love when people don’t give an explanation to a question like that, it’s fuckin hilarious! My friend and I laugh at that shit when someone just replies with yes.

      1. Can you believe there are some people that pray to an invisible being, and cry and speak in tongues? I mean , to me that’s more psychotic than releasing physical anxiety like cutting.

    1. doodurty is right! Overbored and attention seeking consume society fuck ups that waste millions of $ in the health system … therapy ‘penalty boot camps’ where they beat the shit out of them.

    2. Are we sure this is a female? The cutter has unshaven armpits. While I know some women don’t shave, this is a masculine looking arm. The hair is thicker and more abundant, which is characteristic of a male. Also, the breast doesn’t seem to contain breast tissue, but fat. I know breasts store fat as well, but the shape and the small size of the areola hints that this is in fact, a male. While it’s round near the armpit, the other side isn’t and looks like what an overweight male’s breasts look like when sitting down.
      For all the men that have complimented the breast, I believe you may be complimenting a man ;).

      1. ISIS delivers pain, they are not pain. But we’re not talking about ISIS here… 😐

        Also, cutting the root of the problem in a rough way is not the solution either… thats where the common sense comes in when finding solutions, otherwise i’d also mention that if one is in pain, they should commit suicide… 😆

        1. they are some pain, can only be kick out by pain.
          i dont know about her mind or any reason to do this.

          but as exempl:
          you can feel yourself “responsable” of the death of your love (mother,father,sister,etc..), this is hard pain , you know that. and trust me, best way to kick this pain out is to have pain yourself, like this scar. sort of redemption.

          i hope i be clear enougth as i cant explain good what i try to say ^^

    1. The purpose is for the physical pain to block out emotional pain. Unless ofcourse their only doing it for attention in which case they’d feel so desperate for attention that they’re willing to harm themselves for it though according to her she’s been cutting for 11 years so there’s no way it’s about attention

    2. I’m not sure if this is the case for everyone, but for me, when I’m in a bad enough space that I feel the need to cut I generally have a higher pain threshold. But, like Jack Doe said, the purpose is for the physical pain to block out the emotional pain.

      I started out doing small scratches that barely bled because that was enough to hurt me so that I was too focused on that pain. But I suppose each time I cut I eventually gained a higher pain threshold. My cuts are now well into the fat and sometimes make me pass out, but the more excruciating it is, in the end, the less room I have in my mind for all the other shit.

  1. Stitchtits sounds good for a nick, but I still don’t get why would you wanna do this to your body and your boobs?? I think they are so much better looking without mutilating them. But I don’t wanna judge either.

  2. I made a deep cut when I was a teenager once, I didn’t know how to stitch so I put duct tape over it. A couple days later it got infected. Felt like an idiot after that lol

    1. I get the feeling she’s shy, you’re gonna have to reeaally put that charm to work if you want a response lol come to think of it I don’t recall ever seeing her username in the comments sections before though it’s possible I just missed it

  3. I don’t know how an intelligent person like Obli put this cuts on BG, putting BG at more “law” risks as if it is not just now at high risk being against the “west jewish empire”
    This post shows us just s an illness a mental disorder, and I would close “member fansign” section if I where in the role of administrator, the law enforcement can hang on anything just to tear this site dowm, far before accusing it of major crimes like not like what the MASTERS says the Good West Sheeple have to do with their freedom of speach or in this case freedom of webspeech.
    In my country BG will have been closed over 5 maybe more years ago and ALL the ” oblis” as all the “posters” like me imprisoned for minimum of 5 years up to ten, and I don’t live in Saudi Arabia but simply in a conventional vassal state of the empire.
    I do not care if they take me to prison for being writing here cause at that time it will have already begun a total world’s war and I will die someway ore another, as I know total war will happen if things got worse and the empire continues to loose battle after battle this third world war, or maybe this fourth world war since the in the third saw the loose of CCCP bolshevics and their true master flead / emergency jettisoned in the victorious US.

    1. Mark and his team seem like smart Individuals. They know what they are doing in publishing these images, and that is in the sense that they may possibly argue that these images themselves act as a deterrent to those who may wish in future life to self harm as they show the ramifications of those actions (in the form of scars.) I for one know that every time I look at my wrist and see those scars, no matter how low my mood can get, those scars act as a reminder that they are real and permanent and hence stop me from ever self harming in that way again.
      Now one can argue to the extent of the attraction of self harming, just so they can post it to the admins here to get it featured. however, you need to put yourselves in these peoples shoes and actually ask yourselves how much one would gain in terms of sympathetic ‘attention’ from posting these images. I for one would believe that I would get little to none if I were to upload A Picture.of my wrist.
      Many people lurk on this website but still read the.comments and I can imagine they are here for vaguely the same reasons we are all here for. The opinion generated from these posts is possibly enough, despite the actual graphic nature of the pictures, to allow people to rethink and decide against what they previously may have done. Hence these images can serve as deterrants to potential self harmers.

      w/e, I am intoxicated and felt like writing an essay and to all of those who think it is bs, well I don’t care because I am anonymous, isn’t that the beauty of the internet?

      Back to something more philosophical, one could argue extensively if the door is open or closed, or so I have heard. haha

        1. I’d take care your words on this post last I remember members that are kind enough to share anything personal are a ‘protected breed’ on this site just giving a warning….

          1. Lol… Try harder dumb shit nigger. Do the world a good deed go hang yourself. Take the rest of your nigger trash with you, to a place were we dont have to smell it.

          1. Lol sorry hun no prank I was taking a nap and Fred there is one of 13 various snakes I have due to his old age he spends his days in his cubby in my head board and usually lays across me whenever I sleep. My sister thought is was funny how he was laying that time and took the picture I didn’t even know about it till roughly 4 months later. I take it your afraid of snakes?

  4. Dear Obli, It’s a shame you have defaced your lovely young body in such a way. I am not judging. I just think you may need a little help to get you through this stage in your life. Probably, when you get older you will look back at this phase in your life and say WTF was I thinking. Hoever you have a very nice tit, you should be proud

      1. @Obli, I agree with elsimo.

        We all go through that stage in life where we wake up one morning sporting a pair of tits and so you shouldn?t be ashamed of yours.

        They will disappear on their own soon enough so take good care of them so that when you get older you will not look back at this phase in your life and say WTF, why didn?t I fondle them some more when I had the chance.

  5. heres my thing about doing this..Why? I mean besides that fact they you may get a little pleasure at that given time. How much triple anti bacterial do you go through so it doesnt get infected? What kinda attention do you see showing it to us? All I see is a cry for help..

  6. to all people who are suffering in daily life…. its time to look inside and try to keep mind still, into medidative state and you will cut through all darkness what is happening in your life. you dont need anybody to make yourself good and good news is there are no hangover symptoms, this bliss lasts so long as you want

  7. this is sad, i hate seeing people do this to themselves. it bugs me also because i have some scars on my body. they are not self inflicted but I hate my scars some are raised like hers an I’ve gotten injections and lasers to try and smooth them out and reduce the redness of the scars but it’s very difficult to get rid of hyper tropic or keloid scars (raised scars).

    the poster of the pics should get help, there is nothing shameful about seeking help about mental health issues. and although this is disturbing i get it’s a coping method for some to deal with pain. i don’t cut myself but I will go get high when i’m feeling really shitty sometimes.

  8. I think self-harming is not attractive at all. That includes physical self-harm and other forms of self-sabotage, like mentally harming yourself ( self-hatred and such ) , or messing up your and/or someone else’s life.
    I think self-harm is mostly an outlet for frustration and often ( but not always ) a cry for help. It’s like punishing yourself for shit someone else is dropping on you because you feel powerless ( or not allowed to ) stand up to the aggressor.
    Imo, there are more constructive ways to deal with harm, to reclaim your power. Like counseling, learning a martial art, getting involved in some other kind of art, etc. .
    Just my thoughts.

    1. It all depends really, i cut and my leg is pretty scared up atm. I have depression etc and i am trying to get help but the system it failing and so far it has been almost 6 months and i havent been given any help. i get told it will take 3+months to get therapy set up.
      I do agree that this is away for crying out help, but it releases some of the frustration and pain that someone is holding in. For me all i wish is i was one of the dead people in some of these videos to let me be at peace.

      1. I hear you.
        One needs to be lucky to get the right help which gets to the core issues. Self-education to gain insight, is sometimes of benefit as well.
        Hang in there. One day the tables may be turned, and then things will change for the better. It happens.

    2. @H.Thompson, sometimes the only control a person has in their own life is the actions of their own body and sometimes even that is taken away by disease and such.

      Family pressure, catastrophic events and social/economic factors etc can completely overrule a person?s dreams leaving them an empty husk of unfulfilled desires.

      In the above one chooses to deal with their external reality in many different ways, be it sport, religion, self cutting, boozing, drug taking, hedonism, suicide ect.

      Suicide of course being the last port of call, everything else is just a means of preventing the former from happening.

      Is self cutting the best way to deal with life?s hardships?, no, of course not. However it is better than suicide and more or less equal with boozing, drug taking ect because self cutting harms the outside of the body whereas booze/drugs harms the inside of the body.

      Boozing/drug taking is a socially acceptable form of self harm whereas self cutting is not and it is our own perception that determines such matters.

      The religious can engage in self flagellation, the drinkers can booze, the smokers can smoke and the fat can binge-eat but the self cutters are sick in the head as the tale often tells.

      1. Nice one, @Empty.
        Indeed it is thought-provoking why cutting yourself is frowned upon in these societies, whereas booze bingng, food binging, gambling, hard drugs, computer/cellphone addiction ,porn , body mod addiction and god knows what other means of destructive escapism are all being accepted.

        A difference between cutting and the rest of the above might be, that cutting leaves permanent marks on the skin. I tend to notice that people somehow are attracted to this all the time and they ask where the scars come from. But no one but the aware seems to mind if someone is sabotaging their life in the more ‘accepted’ ways .Although these also, can leave permanent damage.

        Anorexia nervosa is another way of escaping the pain, which is effective, but not really accepted by society. Anorexia is quite a form of self-harm – and self-preservation at the same time. Like cutting, as you have pointed out.
        Young women starving themselves ( as i’ve been informed by someone who should know ) used to be an accepted element of society in the Middle Ages , when girls did this for religious purposes;. They were called “the Hunger Girls”.
        Maybe some of that is still left in our communal human psyche.
        But still, why are things like cutting and anorexia , ( and hair-pulling and other lesser known means of self-harm/preservation ) not accepted by society? Why are these means not generally considered “cool” but taboo?
        I don’t know. Could it be that the silent cry for help is stronger than the attempt for sedation with these means? Or could it be something cultural?

        Suicidal ideation,.. even that can be a means to hold on; and it’s not visible on the outside. Har.

  9. @theyatemytailor.-
    Thanks for posting these pics. I know that it’s not easy to share something as personal as this. If you continue to cut, please keep us in mind and send more pics. Thanks and be careful.

  10. What’s the point? Granted, it could make you tougher by raising the pain threshold but as long as you’re not harming yourself, it’s ok. I’ve seen “artist”, considered normal for some reason, with much more brutal selfhurting methods; it would be hypocritical to raise some brows to this then.

  11. I am one of the “libtards” that has said ‘mental illness doesn’t exist’. I’d like to clarify.
    Of course conditions like psychosis, schizophrenia etc. are all too real . I did not mean to deny or disrespect those who suffer(ed) from these conditions.

    Still, however sick one can feel even physically when the mind is not balanced, i find the term ‘mentally ill’ very strange, and wrong somehow. To me, a mind can’t be ill because a mind is just a set of thoughts. That’s my opinion.

    I guess it depends what kind of charge is attached to the term ‘mental illness’.
    Where i live, the term is relatively new and it is used randomly for all sorts of unpleasant moods. Even worse, there is a not-too-subtle charge to it of pity and demeaning. Often, the term is used to socially stigmatize people as being ‘slightly incompetent’.
    I object to this kind of stigmatizing.

    ( By the way, nowadays if you go to a shrink overhere, the therapist must put your personal ‘diagnosis’ in an ‘electronic patient file’ and put it through to the government where it will be stored in your file in their database. That’s nice, eh.)

    What i also disagree with is how randomly people are branded as having ‘mental disorders’.
    Have a bad day? You have a mental illness called depression. Have a very active kid? The child has ADHD. You like spending time on your own? You must be an autist. Etc.
    This trend is relatively new here and i’m sure that many kids and adults get a label hung on them, by doctors and population , where there is no need for any label because there is no mental disorder present
    There is just a current obsession to name this and that a ‘mental disorder DSM IV spectrum such and such’.
    In my opinion people just have different temperaments, like the animals that we are, and being somewhat more melancholic or fiery than the average person does not automatically make someone ‘ having a mental disorder’. Nor does, going through a rough patch or having a low mood.

    Back to the ‘mentally ill’. I do not believe in certain ‘disorders’ for the fact that some were nonexistent 2 decades ago. Has ‘science progressed’ or have some (pseudo-)experts decided to make up some new terms to describe people? I think the latter and i think it’s just a sign of the fear-based times.
    ADHD, for one, is, and always has been, nonexistent in my book.
    I don’t particularly like to refer to shrinks , but for the record, even well-known shrinks in this country now say the same- ADHD doesn’t exist.
    The same for ‘borderline syndrome’. I don’t believe in borderline and that’s not an insult to those who have been “diagnosed” with it. Think what you will, but i believe that the “professionals” who diagnose others with this term are being ignorant ( Linehan is an example ) because they don’t know how to heal people in pain , so the “patients” are put under the umbrella ‘borderline, an incurable condition’ , that way the shrink has the upper hand.
    I believe there is no such thing as borderline syndrome.
    But there is such a thing as people in pain. A lot of pain symptoms happen to be the same in people with pain. Imo that pain needs to be addressed and it does not take a shrink nor a diagnosis to do so.
    However, many people who get some sort of diagnosis are happy to get one, because finally they know what they are. Because the shrink has said so and that feels safe.
    At last, there now are ‘leading’ shrinks who publicly recognize that this classification in ‘permanent mental disorders’ like borderline, has been wrong all along ( J. van Os in this country is one of them ).

    I’m ranting all this not in order to deny real, acute ( or chronic) disorders like psychosis and such, for which psychopharmaca can be a help. Also i have nothing against good therapy. But i feel that branding yourself as a psychiatric patient, can be a trap. I refuse to randomly label someone with some psychiatric stigma because i feel it denies the person who they are.

    1. ?To me, a mind can?t be ill because a mind is just a set of thoughts?.

      If we consider the human being to be a psychological operator within a physical tomb, (which is not far from the truth), we can see that the mind cannot be ill in the same sense as the physical world however it can become maladjusted which can and often does create psychosomatic issues.

      You are right in that a global industry has risen up to take advantage and profit from the issues of the mind and this does cause many a person to be diagnosed wrongly.

      Large pharmaceutical companies consider the unwell mind to be fertile territory and test all sorts of medication on them before selling them wholesale at marked up prices.

      All in all though, many people do suffer from an existential crisis and this does create psychosomatic problems, how they are categorised is another matter all together.

      Therein lies your answer, the existential crisis is true; the psychosomatic effects are true, the diagnoses however is up for debate.

      Regardless of the official diagnosis though, the fact that people suffer daily is absolutely true.

  12. Looks like a failed DIY breast augmentation. But seriously please stop cutting up and get help! Any fucker saying “well this is how they deal with shit” is a complete retard! This is a mental problem which I have dealt with first hand and it can lead to worst things like heavy drug use, psych wards or suicide.

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