Demodex: The Gore in Your Pore

Demodex: The Gore in You Pore

It is believed by the scientific community that the average human’s body is host to more passengers than there are cells in their body. Some estimates have this as a ratio of ten to one. Ranging from bacteria to mites, yeasts, viruses and worms, we are literally crawling with them.

Some of them are part of our normal flora. In fact, without them we would run into some serious medical problems. Some are good in one part of our body but potentially harmful in others. Some are always bad, but others are normally not an issue unless something else triggers off a reaction.

The picture above is of a mite called Demodex. Two species are known to be parasites of humans, one living in hair follicles, the other living in oil glands. They are less than half a millimetre long and live for several weeks. Once you have them you will never be rid of them, with half of all adults infested, and two thirds of the elderly.

They live mainly on the face, but can be found elsewhere on the body. You can catch them through direct contact and by sharing hats, sunglasses and fake moustaches.

So what of them?

They feed on your dead skin and drink the oil straight out of the glands. And they have sex. Lots of it. While you are reading this there are probably any number of them in your eye lashes fucking away. And they aren’t picky. They will jizz and take jizz without getting to know each other at all.

They have been linked with several dermatological issues including rosacea, acne and hair loss. These conditions are usually associated with an explosion of their number and generally coincided with suppression of the immune system.

At night they will come out of the pores and go for a walk. But they can only travel about a centimetre (less than half an inch) per hour.

Next time you are face to face with someone you don’t like, and they are making you uncomfortable, remember these pictures and know there is a good chance these things are having an orgy on their face.

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  1. We have billions of microscopic bugs who live in our beds and pillows and feed on our dead skin particles and blood. The most prominent being Cimex lectularius. Their task is actually very beneficial for us. We have good bacteria living within us as well and that without their presence we wouldn’t be able to live. Because that is what we are too at the end of the day. Fleshy bacteria with a brain.

  2. Demorex never poops. It save its excrement inside its body, that’s why the rear part keeps growing while it is alive. Scientists believe that when the parasite dies and its body explode, the excrement when touch the skin gives rosacea to some people. Some people are allergic to demorex shit.

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