Drone Aircraft: War by Remote Control

Drone Aircraft: War by Remote Control

For millennia man has devised ways to efficiently kill his enemy. From sharp sticks and slinging stones to the AK47, man has progressed enormously in his available arsenal.

Peoples have sought advantage through their technology to improve the prospects of victory in a conflict. History is a continuous tale of new weapons, strategies and defences. But up until the nineteenth century, one thing remained the same. Generally, you could see the person trying to kill you. Your enemy placed themselves at risk in order to attack you.

Non targeted weapons such as booby traps, poisoned wells and the like aside, it wasn’t until long range artillery that you could effectively target an enemy position with reduced personal risk. But even then, artillery could be vulnerable to counter bombardment or assault if you didn’t have the protection of forward units.

Mechanised warfare provided new ways to attack and retreat with some level of impunity. Tanks, planes and zeppelins were all intended to deliver fire or bombs on a position while reducing the risk to the assailant. But each became more dangerous as weapons and munitions were designed to neutralise the threats posed.

The V weapons provided the first true long range, unmanned delivery of warheads. As they evolved into modern ballistic missiles, the launch crew were able to be station even farther from the enemy and deliver a more accurate payload. But the launch vehicle or site was still a target which could be attacked. Be it a submarine, truck or silo, a sophisticated enemy could deliver return fire.

Enter the drone.

The pilot of a drone may be seated in any variety of locations. The pilot may be on another plane, near or far from the drone, on a ship, on a military base, in an office at Langley or a kitted up room just about anywhere.

The pilot can assume control of the drone which has flown from a remote location, select a target and kill it. He fears no retaliation, he is untouchable. He has not put himself at personal risk and his enemy will never know his face. He is not a combatant, he is an assassin without courage or honour.

We have all watched videos of the Taliban shooting Pakistani soldiers lined up for execution and maybe you too felt that revulsion at watching a cowardly extermination of life. I have often wondered what the victims feel and think before they are shot, the terror, the disbelief that they are about to die. Do they hope a miracle will happen and someone will come to their rescue? Do the shooters worry they are exposed, that other soldiers will suddenly attack? If not then and there, tomorrow as they trek back to their mountain retreats?

But when a drone is used, the target doesn’t know it is coming. Neither do the collateral civilians who are often caught in the explosion. The operator, the executioner flying the drone from perhaps on the other side of the planet has zero fear. They are cowards behind a monitor, murdering from the comfort of air conditioning and a short commute home.

War has never been a glorious enterprise. There is nothing honourable about killing other people and destroying a country’s infrastructure. But there is an honourable way to conduct yourself when engaging in conflict, and drone warfare, which is rapidly expanding in scope of missions and the autonomy of the vehicle, is completely devoid of honour.

Many weapons have been outlawed over the years, and if the international community has any credibility, these weapons of cowardice must be banned from any target elimination roles.

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  1. Wow, I could say so many things in this post, but like I have had to say to many people, ” If I tell you,,,,,,they will come and kill me”.

    Its late but I will say a few.
    There is no such thing as a true drone in use, currently. A true drone would run on its own A.I, without any human input at all, selecting and firing at targets based on its own programing.

    But what I dont understand is the resistants to their use. A tomahawk missle is more like drone than any UAV, the main difference being that that the Tomahawk does not drop??its warhead and have the main body fly back and get fitted with a new one.

    Also, I would like to add that just about all current military aircraft, mainly fighters and bombers, could be flown completly autonomous, from take off, to hitting the target, flying back, and landing. No pilot needed.

  2. a soldier is a soldier, large caliber artillery, missiles v1 and v2, cruise missiles, ICBM’s, SLBM’s, and now uav’s, the distance is just a natural consequence of technological advancement. u have a childlike perception. should learn to have respect for those who fight to maintain their freedom and right to talk nonsense instead of supporting terrorist ideologies. very brave and noble of you, Mc…

    1. That’s ok if you think an opinion about the legitimacy of a weapon can be drummed down to whether it is child-like or not. I guess opponents of cluster bombs, splintex, landmines, nerve gas and the like are child like too? I have found that the first to pull the na?ve card are the ones with a narrow and uninformed perspective.

      As for having respect for those who fight, I don’t know what point you are making. I haven’t questioned the role of soldiers. If you could keep it to the facts I would appreciate it.

      You will note that I single out use of the drones for eliminating a target. When a guy in Virginia can kill a village in Pakistan without a military chain of command above him, I see accountability issues. I see abuse of power and I see the handing of life and death decisions to ruthless thugs who subscribe to a philosophy inconsistent with the vast majority.

      Explain to me how I am supporting terrorist ideologies by calling that?

      And by the way, no American soldier has ever fought for my right to free expression or action. And as I don’t have shares in Haliburton, no American soldier has ever fought for my wallet either.

        1. Not the pilot, no. The pilot is a paid monkey who does what he is told. I’m talking about the guy standing behind him who no one elects and no one meets.

          Who assists the President in maintaining plausible denial by ‘taking care of business’ without oversight.

          I’m not inferring you are a monkey, by the way. Unless you fly for the CIA, in which case I doubt you would log in here with that handle.

          1. How is killing by drone more evil/cowardly than killing with your bare hands? The decision on who to kill is subjected to the same scrutiny, regardless of what tools are employed.

    1. @UAV
      please tell ScHoLaR a bedtime story ,sir…not the one about the girl and the lamb, not the one about the 3 pigs and one gasey wolf.
      tell me the ones about the chinese SIZZLERS and will they be baptized with soya sauce when theyre lob them at you folks off the coast of lebanon .
      *or is your boss mean or worse, crazier than tom cruise

  3. drones aren’t just for killing, they are spying on the american populace. our freedoms are being compromised more and more every year. obamacare, guncontrol, forced political correctness, the americant government wants its people to be one hundred percent relliant and subserviant. they want us to be the true mindless drones.

  4. good history on the evolution of warfare. for those who are interested and not lazy watch a film from 1970 called “Colossus : The Forbin Project.” these autonomous machines will become our masters. when artificial intelligence becomes self aware it will decide humans are a plague on the planet and a threat to all other species. the solution will be our extermination. Skynet.

  5. who gives a shit where the persons at? i dont care if hes sitting in office eating a damn bagel while he destroys what is to him “the enemy” if you have the technology why not use it? if your country can afford to keep its people including military out of harms way then whats the problem? yes there are resulting innocent caulties but wars in recent history all have innocents lost due to new technolgies, a mortar shell fired from a mile away that ends up hitting the target and blowing everything and everyone in the house to shit, is really the same thing as a drone. there is no hounrable way to take a life under any circumstances. but if lives are going to be takin regardless i will take the side that puts my people out of harms way, which so happens to be the use of drones

    1. Also collateral damage is by far less than say ww2. We have grown into a society of moist vaginas. Ask a ww2 veteran especially from England, Japan or Germany. Now a soldier or two dies and the whole country fucking cries and makes the army undo all the fucking work they fought and died for for naught to to appease the moist vagina bleeding hearts. I’m sorry to come off as insensitive to those who have lost friends or family in combat but I’m siding with the fallen and broken and damaged ones who gave it all misguided or not. I don’t think it all that misguided to serve but I know many don’t feel that way.

  6. I don’t want an innocent civilian dying, no matter how.

    Likewise, I want all terrorists and people who cut others heads off dead, and I also don’t give a fuck how.

    If drones kill terorrists, then good for them, I encourage it. I hope every last terrorist from ISIL, Al Qaeda, Taliban…and every other piece of shit Islamic radical is blown the fuck apart by a drone.

  7. reminds me of that original Star Trek episode where The Enterprise goes into orbit, and when they contact the planet, the planet says they’ve been killed and must all come down and enter their death machine. They’ve made war so sophisticated that it’s just run by a computer with simulations, so there’s no real damage to either side’s infrastructure. If you got notice that you have just been killed, you just had to go down to the death machine facility and zap, you’re vaporized. Clean and easy.

          1. Gotta be something like that. No lights on the cluster like check engine and all that. Removing the fuel relay in the fusebox under the hood gets her to go but you pop it back in when its going. Which post is the comment?

          2. tomorrow…
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            give it a try tomorow and let me know eh
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          3. Damn… you girls are turning my crank!
            Is it getting warm in here?! πŸ™‚

            Left you a little somethin’ on the Thai Black Metal Singer post πŸ˜‰

        1. Booger and i are gonna fog 400 shot burnouts this spring when he’s allowed outside again by me πŸ™‚
          *you’ll get a boner when you see him in action.
          *roars like a devil and gets gets front end airborn when he dusts πŸ˜‰

          1. Sweet. Now I’m tempted to take the journey out on some snowy bush roads at high speed . gotta make a YouTube acct though. I got blizzacks and she’s fast on snow and ice. The awd seems to work just fine. The rt also has performance suspension so almost no body roll for a tall wagon and it came with anti roll bars.

        2. @reality
          had 2 black camaros, my babies Murder (3rd gen z28) and Maniac (3rd gen)
          both charged badboys went up in flames from heat soak.
          *loved them but let them burn to hell in the street so the electric could be totally fucked and i could claim insurance. loved the screaming from homeowners on their street panicing til the cops firedepartment and ambulance got there hahahhaa

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