Featuring Expression of Young Israeli Who Got Banned All Across Internet for Not Being Politically Correct

Semen and Shit and Piss Therapy by Netanel Yakobovich

Over a year ago I published a post proposing that we set our differences aside and pursue what connects us, instead of focusing on what picks an argument.

In a personal reach-out for a group hug with everyone, I present to you politically incorrect artistic expression of a young Israeli man that got him banned from every website he had joined. In his own words:

I got banned from every possible site on the internet: twitch, facebook (groups/friends), 4chan (2 months), devinatart, etc. They told me to: seek help / not reproduce / commit suicide (people on the internet basically told me I’m too sick) and I don’t have anywhere I can share my art. I’m so sad because all I want to do is share with the people that are awake. I was wondering if you could check me out…

Here at Best Gore we don’t judge. It has made the website the most trusted platform for people whose expression involves acts that other people find offensive, and make them react with “seek help / not reproduce / commit suicide“. Accordingly, we have always maintained a safe environment for people who open up to us to share their personal “politically incorrect” side with us.

As such, I’d like to thank Netanel for sharing his artistic expression with the Best Gore community, and for giving us the opportunity to follow up on my group hug proposition.

So as a reminder to everyone – keep in mind that this is not a political post, so don’t make it one. Furthermore, don’t make Best Gore the same prejudicial bullshit like Facebook, DeviantArt, etc. The young man who reached out to use did so because every other place judged him and rejected him due to his political incorrectness. Should anyone on Best Gore feel inclined to take the Facebook path and become judgmental, perhaps you should go back to Facebook and forget about Best Gore, because on here we won’t resort to crushing expression to protect your precious feelings from getting hurt.


Netanel gave us a shout out on his Facebook page. But of course, Best Gore is banned on Facebook too, because we’re not politically correct either.

Netanel also explained in an email to Best Gore that he got depressed in 2014 because of the responses he received after the release of his track called “Semen n’ Shit n’ Piss n’ Boogers“. He said:

People in the street recognized me, stared at me, pointed fingers at me, yelled slurs and cusses at me, tripped me with their feet, my orthodox Jewish kippa wearing place fired me, and it was a really rough time for me in a nutshell.

I’d still say it’s bamboozling that people must turn to a gore site to have their expression featured, because art and social networking sites will not tolerate it.

Author: Acneska

I'm new here.

154 thoughts on “Featuring Expression of Young Israeli Who Got Banned All Across Internet for Not Being Politically Correct”

    1. I find it amusing that everyone is willing to support this form of artistic political incorrectness, yet I get raked over the coals because a couple of my posts don’t follow the mainline feminist bullshit. Go figure.

          1. I could try a southern drawl if you like? Life’s no fun unless you inject a new persona every now and then? We’re a bit rough and ready in Yorkshire though, I might struggle to pull off a ladylike southern belle ๐Ÿ˜€

          2. Hahah @re-pete. I hate all those southern sayings. The worst one is “That bled like a stuck pig!” I hate it!

            @Gnat Oh i have a huge southern accent. I hate even talking to northern people. I don’t think they can understand me lol.

  1. He got banned for this? Seriously? I’ve seen some fucked up shit on those various sites and some others, even what looked like borderline child porn art which freaked me out. This is nothing in comparison, certainly not something to be banned for. People need to stop taking themselves so seriously and get a sense of humor.

    Thank you for the submission, I appreciate your art, bodily functions is one of my favorite topics of discussion amongst my friends ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. It takes balls to associate your name ( the artist signs his art) with that kind of
        Piss and semen and shit and dick ……..Art.
        Oops I forgot the anal prolapse.(at first I thought that it
        Was a coffee bean, I know I’m lame….. !!!!!

        1. God dammit I just realized you’re a woman, I gotta quit commenting half asleep when I’m not reading usernames or previous comments properly. I’m so desperate to see @DOS‘s nipple I got confused. It’s still nice though ๐Ÿ˜†

    1. Who would have thought the Israelis were so old-fashioned and conservative? I mean, Jews in the West seem to be so open minded. They seriously need to lighten up and embrace the wonderful contemporary age where anyone can express themselves in any way they want. Come on Israel, you can do better than this.

      1. @P Dude,

        The reason why Israel is so closed-minded and judgemental is because they don?t have enough diversity, they simply lack the cultural enrichment we in the west have become accustomed to.

        Perhaps opening their borders to a few million Africans may help in this regard.

        1. Absolutely. In the same way Tel Aviv embraced homosexuality with such kindness, all of Israel should as well embrace all sorts of art. And what sort of sick idea is that of wanting a nation for “Jews”? Aren’t we all human? I thought the age of wanting monolithic, homogeneous societies was over. Nearly 80% of Israel’s population is Jewish. That is a racist concept in itself.

          1. Hasn’t anyone heard that once every single Jew locates to Palestine that they will get their ‘rapture’ as the chosen people who have chosen themselves as above all others which weren’t chosen? Of course, they would say that sanctimonious crap…

  2. Don’t know if I would take down the Jesus Last Supper in my dining room and replace it with this “Just kidding I don’t have one”. Art is art if you think it is I remember years ago where people got crazy over public art grants going to a guy who put Jesus on the cross in a jar filled with his piss and called it Piss Christ….things like this shock and take you right out of your comfort zone…kind of what this place is about…personally not my type of art but I don’t have a type anyway and I would not want to be the one to decide what people should or should not see…above my pay grade…I might not stop “yea I would ” and look at it but I would not infringe on another’s right to make or view such art.
    And you are an artist or you would toadie and make changes just to be published…I respect that.

      1. Hello rayf , it was a pleasure to have read the words that you have written , your compliments really touched me , i have also made a song called : ‘i only wipe my shit with my right hand’ , that was based on the aftermath of the bullshit i have gotten to my life because of the porngrind i play and gore painting i make , my school gave me publicity for my entire life , i was the main joke for 3 years there , and every where i go people stare right at me , usually when i’m on the bus.

        lately i have played a forgoten song by my brother , you can watch me play the guitar after i took a break of 3 years from it , i am sloppy and not as fast as i were , it certainly frustrates me as you can see and hear in the video.


        1. @Nathanielyakob thanks for your reply brother…keep doing what your doing…the haters will make you stronger.
          Only advice bro is watch out for the real crazy fuckers…those with the high morals are prone to violence…and like hurting and destroying people who aren’t “normal” or moral enough in their eyes.
          I wish you the best of luck.

    1. @rayf, the ‘artist’ who created Piss Christ is Damien Hirst, he also put a taxidermied calf (cow) in formaldehyde, this ‘art’ of his sells for 10’s of millions of dollars. I think the calf in formaldehyde sold for $150+ Some folks have more money than sense.

      1. Piss Christ is actually a photograph of a urine filled jar with a crucifix in it by Andres Serrano. His work is pretty underwhelming if you ask me as is Hirst’s work. They rely on shock factor more than genuine artistic talent. Having said that, taxidermy and post mortem photography are severely under rated as art forms.

      2. @tas: The quotient of money seems to be diametrically opposed (and mutually exclusive) to the quotient of sense, common or otherwise, in most FV’s. Both possess opposite polarities which cannot typically tolerate the other, such as “negro” and “civilization”. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I actually have the original drawing in my drawer , before i have painted it in Photoshop , it has a sentimental value for me , and therefor i will not sell it for 1 billion dollars because it will make me hate my life , i would rather donate it to a gallery or museum to be show cased forever “n’ shit” – oh the banter haha ^_^

      1. Prints of it or just paint a few more and you can sell those ones or donate them. I’m sure you can help many lives from the earnings of these paintings with the proceeds going to some kind of charity.

  3. This is better than all of the modern art these days where a tipped over rubbish bin can be art.
    How does some one get banned for that, yet facebook allow a girl who knits by using wool that has been stuffed in her vagina, and yes she does it on her period so it is red sometimes.

  4. Never heard of semen and shit therapy…..(I’ll rather go happy with liver fish oil therapy.
    One thing I know is that everyone of us is a walking pharmacy.
    PS: when you know that many BG members are inflicted with some serious ailments @#&@&?!?!?!?!?
    And right there for free anyone got the panacea…….
    Ignorance is one of the worst bitch on earth…….
    Big corporations love ignorance……
    And don’t come up with the “waste” thing………ha-ha!!!!

  5. If it were me I would get rid of the writing because I suspect it?s the direct expression of thought which is causing the art to be rejected and banned, ambiguity would solve this and allow you to express yourself without getting fucked by authority.

    There is also too much empty space which is not only wasteful but distracts the eye from the art as a whole.

    Crudity can be a good tactic when making an opinionated expression using art because it immediately pulls people in, however once you have their attention what then?

    The average attention span of most people is very short and so once you gain their attention you only have a short window in time in which to gain their interest before they leave. A book is a good example here, the front page of a book is the ?shock effect? and the ?introduction? garners the readers interest, fail at these two sections and the book gets closed and put aside.

    Taking the above into account then you could fill in that empty space by adding detail to your art, for example by adding many smaller heads under the big head you create the notion of politics(ie many becoming one via combined voting strength) and so now the art becomes a depiction of those in power shitting and pissing all over democracy and thus the art is not so crude anymore because the message is far more disgusting.

    Anyhow this is all just my opinion so please don?t take it as critique and keep up the good work.

    1. “There is also too much empty space which is not only wasteful but distracts the eye from the art as a whole.”

      Who better to notice the empty space filling in by standing out than our empty soul? ๐Ÿ˜›

    2. @empty, i just wanted to throw this out there my brother but you are fuckin brilliant! Almost everything you post you so well thought out. I’d be curious to see what your art would look like. And as for this artist, keep up the good work..

  6. Banned for expressing himself in a way that harms no-one else. The social direction our species has taken is a fucking sad joke. The people who judge and try to “protect” us from art like this are scared little lapdogs of the mainstream social machine. If it wasn’t for this site I’d have even less faith in humanity, and I’ve already got next to none anyway. The rest of the Internet did him a favour by rejecting him cause he ended up here and won’t have to endure the bullshit # popularity contest that is Facebook and the rest of it.

  7. i never new art was this easy,im goin to shit into a water ballon and bust it off a canvas,Cum into a water gun and spray my name,call it art,make millions,picaso got nothin on this.

    1. I highly encourage you to do that. Contact a wealthy Jew (there’s plenty to pick from) in order to disseminate your art. They are at the fore front of modern art in the West, yet seem highly reluctant in letting people with new approaches to art express themselves in Israel. We need to change that.

  8. I think I would have been sent to the principal’s office if I turned that in at my art class, too. It would have been very popular among my peers though, but nevertheless today I would have been tasered, choked, beaten and arrested for obscenity by someone looking for rayf’s the The Last Supper, and subjected to the imparting of grossly unnecessary and brutally misplaced discipline stifling my freedom of expression with a most unhealthy dose of PTSD! I mean, this didn’t come from thin air. It came from my mind and from within ( ๐Ÿ˜† ) and censoring it hurts the most. I would rather have criticisms because at least I can continue to express myself in my work around those.

    Salvador Dali sparked outrage in certain circles more often than not with his surrealism, particularly when he left that paradigm more or less and changed to “nuclear mysticism” and used blatant religious symbolism as he did in Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) among others, yet many still admire and adore his work, including me. I don’t remember any of his critics, only how shallow and unenlightened they were/are due to their inability to see the bigger picture within.

    While yours is no depiction of Jesus on a tesseract, with ridiculously brilliant details of you and your wife multiple times within Christ’s knees, it does make one think and that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

    I would rather be a part of unlimited creativity where deep thought is fostered and rewarded by more than just its own merits, and its fascinating and never ending processes, than part of this world without it. Just imagining the possibilities gives me hope in humanity, albeit for only a moment or two.

    Besides, I thought that was a depiction of authority figures and some of their fetishes or at least a version of the best and most useful things to come out of politicians, clergy and corporations.

  9. everyone’s a critic. lol. welcome to the non-pc.

    all forms of expression can be categorized as art. as such, the value of art is entirely subjective. most people will judge an art piece according to their own talents or (if lacking their own “talent”) what appeals to their tastes as an individual. so there is no such thing as good art or bad art.

    this piece can only be considered “politically incorrect” if you were trying to make a political statement; ie if the subject of the piece was Netanyahu. but being banned because you don’t conform to the majority’s subjective OPINION of what good art (or art in general) is, defeats the entire purpose of sites devoted to artistic expression.

    so welcome to the last site on the internet actually devoted to expression.

      1. I’ve seen an apple on a piece of white paper submitted as ‘art’, people were ooh-ing and aah-ing over it, discussing it, the ‘artist’ put an apple on the table, I bet he didn’t even grow that fricken apple! I wished I’d taken a bite out of it, in hindsight, it would have made it more interesting.

        1. Swallow the evidence ๐Ÿ™‚
          I go to Tate Modern quite a bit and I don’t understand half of what I see. I stood listening to people talk about a piece of art and cooing over it and I’ve just stood there puzzled wondering why I don’t submit something. Like a bunch of twigs thrown on the floor ๐Ÿ˜€
          I might not understand it but someone out there will appreciate it.

          1. Wow, just wow. I’ve seen ‘Love Bites’ before somewhere but I didn’t know who the artist was. She’s fantastic. Love the two skeletons making out ๐Ÿ™‚
            She has a real talent. Thanks x

  10. At last, a visionary men has been sent our way. A man who is able to capture the fabric of our worldly society and put it on a canvas.

    I was moved to tears when I saw this painting. It expressed to me exactly where we are in our evolutionary chain. It reminded me that we are in a period of golden showers, R. Kelly, 69, Dirty Castro, deepthroating, cunnilingus, rimming, swallowing… And it’s all good.

    What a wonderful way to capture, in a Snapshot, all that is going on in the world today.

    Please, let’s see more images of dookie, pee pee, jizz and penis. We need to see more! I’m going to need more Kush now.

  11. “Here at Best Gore we don?t judge.” – …ehehe… ahha… HAAHHAHAAHAHAHAH!!! x’D Ohhh boy… :’D

    Anyways, whats so special about this drawing that got him banned anyways? o.O I dont see whats so “wrong” about it… People tend to do things way worse than this in.

    1. Israeli society is very moral, it seems. No room for perversion, except maybe for Tel Aviv, to give the impression Israel is progressive.

      Politically correct people should be criticized for their biased stance and their reluctance in admitting other possibilities. They have one outlook which stems out of a long-lasting indoctrination. When I am proven wrong, I change my opinion. I’m not inflexible at all.
      What we see with most of the internet is that certain positions are encouraged, while opposite ones are censored. Go on Facebook and take an anti-leftist stance, and see what happens.

      I still think Best Gore is aimed at people who already are red-pilled, and are permissive to new ideas. I saw a lot of trolls here before promoting filthy things, like race-mixing, communism, ideologies which are inherently pernicious, just wanting to stir up controversy, and I saw people putting very compelling counter-arguments against them, and the trolls kept at it, with the unchangeable rhetoric, only aiming at antagonizing others. Its like a bunch of dumb sheep going into a wolves’s nest, trying to convince them they are sheep too.

  12. It’s true that art makes people think and even ask questions, infact this piece has left me wondering one thing in particular… is it possible to cum while pissing? I’ve never tried it as I’m not in the habit of masterbating while taking a piss but what would happen if you tried? I’m guessing that either the cum would block the stream of piss or something would rupture. This picture seems to convey the message that it’s possible to execute both tasks at the same time.
    I love art…it always seems to ask or answer a question… Sometimes both.

    1. LOL quite a thought to ponder there, Brokes. If you’re about to pop one inside, I don’t think the lady will appreciate the fact that you came AND pissed on her both at the same time. Also, seriously, I don’t think that’s possible. I read somewhere that if you think about sex, the urge to pee goes away.

        1. You took it out of my mouse……YR
          There are some really really horny chicks out there
          Guys….!!!!! Trust me on that one
          My grandma once said that people who talk to much
          About sex are like people who often talk about money….
          They don’t have any…..!!!!!.
          Horny ladies don’t care about talking stories
          They want action

    2. That’s correct @broke, you can’t do both at the same time. Just trust me and also, heavy urination after cumming will also be very painful down there, like a sharp cramp under the base of the penis as you’re peeing. So there’s obviously stress going on with our internal penis valves when they try to regulate the two. It feels to dangerous to attept. This is what happens to me anyway.

          1. Let me put it this way, don’t have first thing in the morning sex before you have your first big morning pee. That’s the only time I run into this problem. I know what you guys mean though, I saw “Me Myself and Irene” when Jim Carey was standing at the toilet.

          2. Believe urinating after sex is medically encouraged supposed to cut down on UTI’s and I suppose if your partner had something you would rather not share with them it would definitely do you no good to leave their fluids in your tract.

  13. My starting point with judging art is ‘Could I have drawn this?’
    Hence, for me this is just woefully crap.
    Sorry Netanel mate, get a better outlet, maybe cut your arms and legs that goes down well on BG too.

    1. He could beat his anal prolapse restlessly with a baseball bat
      And take pics they call it art too……
      His laser penis should be glowing in the dark and could be mercilessly stampeded by chicks
      Wearing stilledos…..with nails..
      Oh well I have other things to do……good day to all.!

    1. And what would you call an example of a member named @-Heveteskap- who made a comment about wanting to suck on a dead childs genitals ?
      Your comment was almost immediately removed but @Gnat and I both saw it…your statement reeks of hypocrisy.

  14. Really nice and well-written post. I like that approach, at the end of the day we’re all fucked up in our own ways. My family and friends would say I’m sick for watching the videos on here but the same people would be craning their necks passing a horrific car crash. Even the people outcast by society are much more normal and similar than people realise, but decades of psychological abuse take their tole and eventually can cause them to react in extreme ways.

  15. I see this all to often brother, people are so fckt up, they dont understand that to be human is to be different, they have that Cookie Cutter Mentality., and want us all to be Just another Brick in the Wall. Fucking Imbeciles.

  16. I’d take this painting before any Tracy Emin piece of shite any day of the week.
    But let’s face it, the art world is chock full of luvvies and narrow minded tossers who bum lick their inner circle. Art becomes a misnomer when someone from on high dictates what is suitable to beheld.

  17. looks like a monkey shitting in someones mouth and a black guy pissing on him. cool art?not. I don’t see the point of this “art” other than to shock. you could call it art but it’s just stupid to me. A lot of art that people pay a lot of money for is also stupid to me. like oh cool this painting with different colours just splashed together is so cool definitely worth a 100 grand.

    1. I would recommend for you to actually research what are those therapies , I have seen people drink their own piss for health reasons , and passing raw eggs and semen from mouth to mouth (snow balling) , and it inspired me to draw this , if you will go to my Facebook page , you could see the original draft before i had painted it in Photoshop .

      1. @ Nathanielyakob, i just checked-out most of you you tube stuff, and you seem like a normal young man, with some nice musical talents, and a good sense of humor. So fuck the others, and stay here with us, at least you will not be judged, and thrown away! Welcome Dude. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I just wanted to share with everyone that people in my country aren’t as old fashioned as google pictures shows – and by writing that i am not in anyway trying to defend my country , i have had good experiences as well.
    for example : when i made the first draft before i have had photo-shopped it and added the colors , i went to a Cam Shop , to ask them to scan my photo so i could work on it in my computer (although the scan went badly and i have lost a few pennies) , the seller that was the manager of that big store , told me to not be ashamed and that you should google the painting : “The Great Masturbator” by Salvador Dali , while i already knew about that painting i was so glad to be accepted and have a common sense with a ‘complete stranger’ , much love to all of you xoxo

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