Four Zambia Military Officers Involved in Abuse of Recruits Fired Thanks to Best Gore

Four Zambia Military Officers Involved in Abuse of Recruits Fired Thanks to Best Gore

On June 2, 2015, Best Gore published a video exposing brutal military hazing at Zambia National Service Training Camp. The video has since gone viral, and today it has been reported that four officers and one serviceman, whose abuse of the recruits was exposed by the video, have been fired from the Zambia National Service.

Best Gore continues to serve and protect the public by providing access to images and videos which expose what really goes on around the world, despite facing ongoing attacks by organized groups that have vested interest in preventing the public from seeing the whole picture.

Many thanks to our sister African Angel for the original video, and the follow up information on the case. You can read more about it on the Zambian Post.

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39 thoughts on “Four Zambia Military Officers Involved in Abuse of Recruits Fired Thanks to Best Gore”

      1. Why would anyone have to feel/show concern for black people?, it is merely a matter of factual evidence.

        It is a fact that this footage exists and that these recruits were treated as shown. It is also a fact that black people in America, on average, commit far more crime per head than any other race there.

        As you can see feeling/showing concern for black people, or any other group of people be it feminism or the gay/transgender lobby, is not only pointless but also self destructive when it gets to the point of society creating ?isms? and forms of positive discrimination in order to protect the feelings and failings of certain groups.

  1. congratulations. you got 5 jungle bunnies fired who will now join ISIS for their employment. hazing during military training is nothing new. i went thru it myself. go on yt and watch all the basic training vids. mot much different from this.

    1. Maybe in the 70s it wasn’t different. Now the cadre can’t/won’t lay a finger on you. Aside from unarmed combatives training. Even in ranger school the worst you will get is a baton to your gut. Navy SEALs are the only ones who go hands on, with waterboarding and such. Atleast in my experiences anyway, the “full metal jacket” days are long gone. My son could pass basic training.

    2. ‘I’m a girlie so I don’t know these things so well, but my understanding is they break you down and build you back up again. If your a conscript and didn’t sign up for it that’s a shit deal, but if you do sign for it take like a man.

  2. A snowball will keep taking on size if pushed far enough through the snow until it can no longer be camouflaged by the surrounding elements and becomes visible to all.

    It therefore only takes one website with a global presence to start the ball rolling and once it does and picks up speed it becomes harder for others to ignore.

    Maybe the Swedish people should try the same in order to bring to global attention the massive rise in rape crimes inflicted on their women as a result of mass, uncontrolled immigration.

  3. I wonder if just these four officers and the one serviceman were the only ones doing this… I think not…

    Do you think for one minute that the officers did this behind the back of their superiors… I think not…

    You know the old saying – “Shit rolls downhill…”
    Don’t get me wrong… I don’t condone hazing…
    The five men were found guilty because… And ONLY because they were CAUGHT doing this… Not because the Zambian military condones this…

    They’ll just be more careful next time when they “break in” their new recruits…

    The new boss is the same as the old boss…

    Anyway… Thanks BG for your vigilance…

  4. its same on alots of country , usa, germany, brasil,russia,etc.. everywhere they are some bad guys military ranked that imagine themself more powerful than the humanity law. its just not published, most of time its didnt even know and simply not filmed at all.
    army is full of shitbag (thats what i have say to my sergeant when i was recruited on foreign legion before kick his face with my hand. fucking sotb. i got ranked after that ^^ considered me as “reckless”)

  5. Interesting that the Zambian military sees footage of indecent acts on BestGore and takes action against it. The Canadian Police Service solves a crime due directly to the assistance and content of the site and arrests the founder for allegedly corrupting public morals….who’s backwards?

  6. When I initially stumbled upon Best Gore I was just shocked at all the images, then I became fascinated, then, obsessed and now empowered. I am loving all the pictures and videos of the popos ‘ being exposed in all police states murdering the people that they are supposed to protect, but I digress Bottom line I am a huge fan of Best Gore and all it stands for!!!

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