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This Open Post is the first in a three part series on Journalism. It will touch basis on how Blogging fits in within the scope of Journalism, why Mainstream Media Publishers are rapidly losing their audience to Bloggers, and why it’s Bloggers who increasingly face the governments sanctioned persecution.

In its first part, I will focus on establishing why bloggers are journalists in every sense of the word. Part Two is about the difference between honest journalism and mindless propaganda. Part Three is primarily about why majority of persecuted journalists are bloggers.

Blogging and the Rebirth of Honest Journalism

Traditional media no longer hold a monopoly over the information flow.

Over the last few years, mainstream media have experienced rapid decline of viewership/readership. The people are spontaneously moving away from multi-billion dollar networks, often ditching them completely, and spending more and more time getting their news from small, alternative media websites whose survival is not dependent upon corporate sponsorships and government contracts.

According to data released late last year (November 2013), CNN lost 48 percent, and MSNBC 45 percent of total viewers in just one year. The numbers were even worse in the all important demographic of people aged 25 to 54, in which CNN shod 59 percent and MSNBC 52 percent.

While losses of Fox News were not as drastic, with 18 percent down overall and 30 percent down in the important demo, no matter how you slice it, the message the public is sending to the mainstream media networks, whichever spectrum of the false left-right paradigm of the Liberal/Conservative debacle they support, is clear – the people are sick and tired of their censored reports and slanted views and are tuning out.

It’s thanks to bloggers, vloggers and other online activists that honest and objective journalism is experiencing a rebirth after it was pretty much annihilated by the mainstream media. And while it is understood that some blogs are informal and social in nature, focusing on personal or family affairs, and thus do not necessarily fall within the definition of “journalism”, non social bloggers gather and disseminate information in the public interest in much the same way as traditional journalists – by interviewing sources, checking facts and debating important public issues, which means they are every bit journalists, no different from traditional ones.

Bloggers now play an invaluable role in the free flow of information worldwide. They enable a true exchange of information in ways that traditional media often fail to. Blogging represents a valuable form of alternative journalism and is an example of the Internet’s “Democratisation of Publishing.” And as we see at Best Gore, bloggers also serve as watchdogs.

It is however not uncommon to see mainstream media journalists respond to the loss of readership to bloggers by flashing their journalism diplomas and membership affiliations to various press organizations, looking down on bloggers and shunning them as no real journalists. Fact is… just as not all that glitters is gold, not everyone who wears a saffron robe is a monk, and just because someone has a diploma and membership in an exclusive club, it doesn’t make them any more a journalist than a blogger who tells it like he sees it, not how a corporate sponsor wants the report to come across as. is a London, UK based non-governmental organization which defends and promotes freedom of expression in all its forms, including freedom of the press. The organization derives its name from Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Right which states that:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; the right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers.

If you suspect this is not the first time you have seen Article 19 of the Universal Declaration quoted on Best Gore, you are correct. I’ve mentioned it several times in relation to politically motivated persecution of Mark Marek – founder of Best Gore, who faces reprisal lawsuits in the clutches of the oppressive Canadian government for acting upon his duty as a journalist to inform the public. His persecution is in stark violation of this fundamental human right, and violates international treaties Canada is bound by.

In light of Mark’s persecution for reasons of obscenity, I’d like to share’s position on what they refer to as “offensive or menacing speech”. argues that:

…freedom of expression cannot be trampled upon in the name of civility or politeness online. Laws giving rise to such prosecutions should be repealed.

Canadian authorities – are you listening?

In 2013, released a Policy Paper titled “The Right to Blog“. The paper addresses the seemingly endless debate on whether bloggers are indeed journalists and whether blogging constitutes journalism. Since mainstream media journalists often use their little journalism diplomas and memberships in the press organizations to tear into bloggers and look down on them like on someone beneath them and thus unworthy of being called a “Journalist”, let’s take a look at what, a foremost authority on journalism and the press has to say about it.

Journalism vs Blogging

In common with many other aspects of modern life, the Internet has transformed the way in which we communicate with one another. Where the printed press and broadcast media were once the primary sources of information, the Internet has made it possible for any person to publish ideas, information and opinions to the entire world.

Blogging now rivals newspapers and television as dominant sources of news and information. Unsurprisingly, these developments have also called into question the very definition of “journalism” and “media” in the digital age. It has also raised difficult questions of how the activities of bloggers and “citizen journalists” can be reconciled to existing models of media regulation. argues that it is no longer appropriate to define journalism and journalists by reference to some recognized body of training, or affiliation with a news entity or professional body. On the contrary, the definition of journalism should be functional, i.e. journalism is an activity that can be exercised by anyone.

What Is Journalism and Who Is a Journalist

By virtue of universally accepted standards that “journalism” consists of disseminating information and ideas to the public by any means of communication and is as such an activity which can be exercised by anyone, the definition of the term “journalist” should be:

Any natural or legal person who is regularly or professionally engaged in the collection and dissemination of information to the public via any means of mass communication.

Owing to corporate interests (and obligations) of mainstream media, job of a traditional journalist, if he wants to retain it, is to keep a good relationship between the corporation (including the government), and the people they are actively screwing. Thus in the eyes of the corporation, a good journalist is one who’s able to spin the truth in such a way, that the victims are grateful for the opportunity to be taken advantage of.

Therefore, despite it being called journalism, what many traditional “journalists” perform – voluntarily or not – is really just “Public Relations”. Public Relations, as you may be aware, is a brainchild of Khazar Edward Bernays, the nephew of Khazar Sigmund Freud, who came up with the name because it had less negative connotations than “Propaganda”. Thus by association, many traditional journalists are nothing less than Propagandists, although because they do it as part of their job description, they can’t really be directly blamed. Afterall, each of us who’s employed is made to get up at a time they may not enjoy, deal with people they may not enjoy, and engage in activities they may not enjoy, but we do it because it pays the bills.

It is no different with traditional journalists whose salary depends on what they report on and how they report on it. However even though somebody else is to blame for setting the course for disinformation, a man of character would quit before selling his entire soul to the devil. Thus, if an individual elects to remain the agent of disinformation, the excuse that he did it solely because he was acting on orders from others, or because he could not afford to lose the job, would still take nothing away from him being an immoral, unscrupulous, degenerate and corrupt dud.

An attempt to excuse being an agent of disinformation because he didn’t know, would only also make him laughable. One does not get into journalism without the superior ability to do the detective work. If while acting as a journalist you write an article picturing Iran as a threat to mankind who’s only a year away from having a nuke they surely intend to use to annihilate us all with, you would not have written what your research has lead you on, for no researcher worth his salt could come to such misdirected conclusion. That could only happen if misdirection and disinformation were your goals before you even started.


William Randolph Hearst, an infamous American publisher credited with creation of Yellow Journalism (cheap sensationalism) type of reporting once said:

News is something somebody doesn’t want printed; all else is advertising.

Because many mainstream journalist would not deviate from reporting on what their publisher wants printed, it is not news they are producing, it’s advertising, aka PR. Thus, even though they often have journalism degrees and are members of professional journalistic associations, they are not true journalists, but rather propagandists.

Bloggers on the other hand do not own loyalty to corporate sponsors, nor are they paid by special interest lobbying groups (barring occasional exceptions), which leaves them free to report on “news somebody else doesn’t want printed.” Thus, even though many bloggers don’t have journalism degrees, nor are they members of professional journalistic associations, by simply there being no incentives for them in deceiving the public, they are more likely to publish reports that contain the researched truth, as opposed to “advertising” what’s favorable or profitable to sponsors and lobbyists. As such, bloggers are often truer to the original premise of journalists than traditional journalists.

It is therefore of no surprise that more and more people tune out of mainstream media and log in to their favorite blogs for news they can trust.

Here at Best Gore we continue on with the tradition started by Mark which holds honesty and integrity as its core values. Mark stood for the truth and had his freedom taken away for defending it. Few journalists stay so true to honest and objective journalism they “print what somebody else doesn’t want printed” despite being threatened by the powers that be for it. Mark put his foot where his mouth was and never backed down an inch. His sacrifice and the unrivalled contributions to the public awareness will never be forgotten.

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  1. Talking about bloggers, i’m still wondering of that guy Adam Kokesh is truly honest in his ambitions or just controlled opposition.

    Journalism these days is nothing more nothing less than the propaganda machine the zionists use to brainwash the masses. No mainstream news outlet is really unbiased and impartial, they all have the intention of showing both sides of the same coin, but at the end of the day it’s still the same coin, and it’s still in the pockets of the same people.

    It becomes really hard to filter all of these lies that have become ubiquitous, and separate the lies from what’s reasonably truthful, and make an informed opinion based on it. This discernment ability is rare these days though, unfortunately.

    That is why alternative and preferentially non-profitable (or slightly profitable in the sense that they rely on donations to fund their research) news outlets are the ones I look for and suggest to others. Look for the small media that rarely gets mentioned. The media that tells it like it is and is not afraid of labels.

    1. Exactly. Mainstream news media has an agenda that suits their best interests, not the presentation of truth to their readers. emotional and intellectual manipulation of facts designed only to sell, sell, sell!

      Money is god.

      1. They manipulate the information to the best of their abilities to best suit the demands of their audiences.

        You remember when Osama Bin Laden was supposedly killed and Obama announced it to the world? Remember seeing all the herds of sheep screaming in happiness at a man who in reality worked for the CIA and had been dead for years? You see how stupid the vast majority of people are?

        George Carlin once said “When you are born into this world, you are given a ticket to the freak show. When you are born in America (USA) you are given a front row seat.” – No offense to the highly intelligent Americans out there :), I pity you guys though, for being part of a minority over there.

        1. No offense taken. The media brainwashing machine has surely succeeded.. The combination of arrogance and ignorance running rampant in our great nation is staggering. I really feel for the good people that are victims of an elaborate system of modern slavery. Unfortunately, if your instincts, and reason are not extremely refined, you are most likely doomed to a slave’s death. Of course it’s nowhere near as bad as violent oppression, it’s still shocking.

        2. PD ….there is a reason why schools in the USA are funded by property taxes….the quality of education depends where one resides…..if we had an outstanding universal education system we wouldn’t have this current president….

          1. Presidents are selected, my friend, not elected.

            The last one I believe was genuinely elected by the people was John F. Kennedy, who really wanted to end the zionist owned Federal Reserve, and look what that got him 😉

          2. Even if JFK tried to accomplish that, I’ve changed my opinion of him over the years and consider him very overrated now. The US has not had that many great presidents and I think W. and BO are the worst, at least in my lifetime.

      2. I’m happy to say that where I come from , most people still possess that in built quality to seperate the bullshit from the truth . It’s dying slowly but it is still there . Just wish more would act on those instinctive , intuitive feelings .

  2. Well, if we’re being honest, Best Gore is the only “blog” I visit and I dont watch mainstream tv.

    I spread my own truth in my own ways through my poetry and stories. I encourage people to use their imaginations. Its so easy to become placid with all the endless media bullshit and celebrity nonsense, how we’re given seemingly no option but to care about stupid, shallow shit….but, many have awoken. There’s not a single person I know today who believes a word the government says. They want so bad to silence the “wrong” opinion, they want to label this a hate site that they dont realize its not this site. Its everywhere. Scores of people are shedding their wool and they think the same things we voice here.

        1. Acneska you did well then,i never waste my time on msm or any muzzled b/s government approved lap dog of a news agency,whether its about “global warming”,syria or crimea,the last year has seen a rise in great discussion and foresight over the web about such issues,and i for one thank you for this enlightening article and eagerely await the others…many thanks.

  3. As long as all of you fellow B-G, members, and staff continue to inform, and Wake up the worlds sheep, I will always be here, until i die. My support, verbal, and monetary will continue, as i would rather die than succumb to the Zionist Agenda.

  4. CNN, FOX, MSNBC and stations like that are now talk radio shows with pictures. They no longer have boot on the ground reporting facts, digging up truth, etc. They speculate on breaking news (think flight 370 here) and simply show a few minutes of “news” then talk for hours on end.

    People don’t want that anymore, they want real news, not opinions.

    Shows like “Vice” on HBO are possibly going to be taking over if they keep boots actually reporting and digging up truths (or lies). Unfortunately within the US, a show like Vice could only be on HBO due to the content; first season they showed the blown up body of a suicide bomber for example. You won’t get that on ABC, NBC, etc.

    1. Their anti Syrian propaganda documentary showed who their masters are. That’s why I implied that journalist have the skill to dig deep into an issue to find the truth or whatever is the closest to it. Vise showed with its documentary that their purpose is to twist the truth to make peoples opinions favorable for the Zionists. There is simply no way a journalist worth his salt would not uncover Zios supplying and training the rebels for the purpose of overthrowing the Syrian government to take over the country with a puppet president while enslaving the population with the IMF debt and their natural resources privatized by friendly parties.

      1. I do agree that “Vice” does have it’s own vice, mainly Bill Maher as the executive producer for their show on HBO. Many of their stories do hit the nail on the head for proper reporting and journalism.

        I think they are a step into the right direction though on their style and if (and huge IF here), some other people could make a similar format for a weekly news program, that might cover 4-6 topics in a two hour period, but not have an agenda other than digging up truths (or bullshit), and reporting it properly in the raw way people want these days, then they would become very successful. They still would have to be on a cable network that is not censored and there lies a huge problem; at least in the US and a few other countries that censor basic TV access.

          1. @ P.Dude

            When a comedian has to laugh at their own jokes, eh…………………

            Side note: I would love to see a Vice like formatted show that doesn’t actually have a political agenda. Can that ever happen? That is the real question anymore as of course, almost all thinking people in the World will have some sort of political view; which will pour over to reporting.

            Whether bloggers, TV journalists, hour long comedy/news shows on normal or cable networks, etc.

        1. I disagree. It is because of the cheaper, faster, route for natural gas supply going thru Syria. As it stands now, the Natural gas is running from Russia, through Ukraine an continuing into Israel. This route is long and expensive. The Jews wanted a much cheaper route going thru Syria. Look it up Google-Man!!

    2. I can’t watch news programmes in the US. All they keep saying is ‘and coming up’, and you think ok, that sounds interesting I’ll wait for that. After fifteen minutes they cover the story and it’s literaly 60 seconds and they go back to a studio debate about a local pig in a poke.
      I can only watch Al Jezeera England now, the rest of breakfast news programmes are becoming like the US here. Current events just take a back seat to some celebrity in the studio talking about thier latest weight issues or whatever.

  5. Journalists are like the Samurai of the western world, they’re skilled and they have keen senses but they serve a master and that master serves the high level lords of society and therefore the journalists, just like the samurai, always act in accordance with their masters wishes.

    Bloggers are like the Ronin, they serve no master and therefore have the free will to decide how to think and act for themselves.

    The Ronin were discriminated against in society, they were subjected to vilification, character assignation and general propaganda by the lords and the masters and the reason why this imposed shame was created was to bully and condemn those who chose not to serve a master, in other words the masters and lords wanted complete control over everyone so that they would face no possible threat from the people.

    Bloggers, for the most part, serve no master and that makes them a possible threat to the masters and lords, after all words can create action and change public opinion.

    My conclusion, the reason why our governments keep on trying to censor the internet is because they see the internet and the free exchange of information via bloggers and such to be a threat to them.

    They have spent a lot of time and money buying and maintaining the mass media machine and they can see that people are now turning away from that machine and instead getting their news from alternative sources, this fucks with their plans of course and they will not stand for it.

    I expect that within five to ten years they will put a ban on “unlicensed journalism” because I fully expect them to suggest that all forms of journalism need licenses to operate so as to prevent “corrupting morals” or something.

    Once they have you on a license they can threaten to revoke it if you break their rules and to continue on without a license is a crime punishable by jail.

    As the weatherman would say, I forecast grey clouds and plenty of rain before the sun finally decides to come out and play.

  6. I have been a super long time lurker, then started a profile here a few years ago, but too shy to jump into commenting until recently….but I’m always here, lurking daily for as long as i can remember. Not going anywhere, BG has my support. I appreciate learning the true reality in the vast scope BG covers. Opened my eyes to a load of issues.
    I even appreciate the road more knowing how easily chaos can occur. I tend to drive a lot rescuing wolves and wolf dogs. In 2012 I drove from Florida to Vegas and back rescuing a 14 year old wolf and in 2013, drove from Fl to Ca and back rescuing another wolf and helping others. Regardless, I like to go to BG for a refresher on the importance of road safety. I also learned something else…crazy things happen to those with dash cams, therefor, I’m still scared to get one, lol

    The biggest thing about BG and a huge reason BG has my upmost respect Is the fact animal abuse is not tolerated here. Kudos!!
    Btw, I am known as Advocate for Saving Dogs. Anyone needing help, simply click my link, I work solely on dedication and passion. Fuck gawd money!!!

    1. Oh.
      *foot note
      I need to add all you gorelings here in the BG community are just awesome. What’s better than just checking out the posts here, is scrolling through the comments. I agree with so many, learn a lot from others, and admit. a majority of the comments literally make me laugh out loud. I just wanna say thanks. and although you all may not know me yet, I consider you like family. Your in my house everyday, in my iPod, and I share your curiosity for the mundane.
      Bwahahahaha! 😀

    2. that makes a little more sense, as i was clicking profiles earlier trying to see who everyone was, i clicked on yours and was redirected to an animal advocacy fb page. hehe 🙂 i myself make a habit of adopting animals. i have stolen abused animals and found them homes, ive rehomed strays, ive fostered and most recently adopted a red nose that i just wanted to foster. but she fit right in and the rest is history 😀

      1. Ahh Bella Bella, I love you already!!
        Thank you for rescuing and your love for animals!!!

        Yea…that’s my public Facebook page. 🙂
        I was sick of singing to the choir with my own network and started that page a couple years ago. Before that, I liberated a lot of animals. My first was an abused puppy when I was only 10.
        Saved a couple pits from fighters through the years too, and put myself in crazy predictiments helping the abused…now that I’m getting older, I’m striving to give others the burden of truth about the crisis with our animals, especially the horrors inside the shelter systems, and help educating on the importance of spay and neuter. Ugh. We live in a throw away society!!!
        I personally rescue wolves and wolf dog mixes. Shelters do not adopt them out and euth them immediately. The difference between wolf and dog is dogs keep mentality of five year old child and a wolf is an independent adult.
        Anyways. I call myself BSC here because animal abusers drive me nuts!!!!

  7. Hey Bella. Please go to my FB group called Advocate for Saving Animals. There are three beautiful pits needing a home ASAP. The girl says they keep getting out and getting attacked and stomped by horses, I’m trying to get them rescued ASAP. I pinned the pic of them to the top of my group. Maybe you know someone?!

    1. Are you being sarcastic or really asking? 🙂
      I thought its basically any news source you can find on tv and radio.
      You know. The news with pretty people smiling at you telling you everything is ok and stay a sleep while they subliminally sexually flirt with you while they give you their fake news stories.
      The ones covering the dippy shit like Miley virus and ignoring the real issues.
      Holly wood. The holy wood. Magicians wand made to keep the wool over our eyes.
      F’king zionists!!

        1. No I was just trying to catch those people that will stop watching something as soon as it becomes popular. I know what mainstream is, I’m a fucking Grammar Nazi enough said. You did blow my cover so that will be strike one. You will get three lashings and a quick hop in my shower.

  8. Nowadays if you are getting ready to tune in to the latest mainstream news show , make sure you’re b s antenna is in full working order .There is one guy in England who appears on TV every week day in a two hour show . Ten hours per week of absolute drivel . But the saddest thing about shows like these are the people who phone in and comment or email etc . Because these people reflect society and how society has been manipulated into one huge commercial merry go round .

    I remember when even TV journalists were true and just in their endeavors . The BBC once attracted these characters . Not anymore . You only need to look at who the top man at this corporation is to understand the direction in which it is headed

    It’s like the heading at the beginning of The X Files used to say . The Truth Is Out There . It’s now up to the bloggers and web users to go find that truth because you sure won’t get it from the mainstream .

  9. Isnt it an idea for bestgore, to make an another news site but without the gore. If you make something like that you can get an much wider audience and people then do not consider the site an shock gore website.

    Maybe call it something like BestBlog or BestNews?

  10. Gn, Put Twinkle In B.s. KRAY-Z
    ‘S eyes

    shine light in her ear!

    bsc u can come rescue
    stray dogs
    in my
    cuz there is way two many!

    right now rednecks & ex-cop drive by and just shoot then for sport. so sad!

    strange breed these dogs look kinda like mini wolf/dog mix’s

    knot shure how to pronunce the name




  11. The media are a bunch of fucking Jews cough* (excuse my French) and the bloggers are real people who speak the truth. That’s the difference and that’s why there are putting the bloggers under pressure. Because of loss of control and too right as well. We have been under the hammer for to long.

  12. I’m not a journalist but I do understand their issues…..

    It’s not rocket science with todays instant video and sound with instant communication everywhere.

    It’s very hard to hide these days and your face proves it 😆

  13. ‘ Presidents are selected not elected ‘

    This depends……..

    That comment is of course related to a legal demographic voting society.

    Putin needs to be shot on sight………… Just say’n

  14. Thanks @Acneska for a great article! I’m looking forward to reading part 2 and 3, which i will do now.

    And the dropping number of viewers on MSM, put in actual numbers, was great news to me! Probably made my day 🙂
    I suggest that the lower percentage of viewers leaving FOX during 2013, is because many FOX viewers had already abandoned ship, thus leaving an increasingly higher concentration of actual idiots.

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