Kelly Thomas Murdered by Police on CCTV, Police Walk Free From Court

Kelly Thomas Murdered by Police on CCTV, Police Walk Free From Court

Managing a situation with a mentally ill person is an extremely difficult task. No one could deny this. Especially a schizophrenic where part of the condition means they have an increased fight or flight reflex, are heightened by anxiety and a belief that they are not safe, and have diminished cognitive capacity.

Part of Law Enforcement training is management of situations with escalated emotions and conditions relating to mental illness due to the reality that people with this condition will come into contact with the police more often than members of the general population. This is due to their profile, living arrangements and fear others have in their apparent erratic behaviour.

So when you see a police officer target Kelly Thomas, a known mentally ill man, bully and threaten him, twirl his baton as he interrogates him on the street, menace him with clenched fists and then call in backup before they systematically beat, taser and kill him, it is a little hard to comprehend. We all know that isn’t how it is supposed to be. Police are there to Serve and Protect us from violence, not deliver it with weapons we as taxpayers have paid for them to carry.

But at least with video evidence, you just know that the offending officers will be fired, charged and convicted, right? Don’t kid yourself. The legal systems of our countries today are about who can put on the best show and who can sell a story that the jury will buy. A smoking gun is no longer a gun, but a prop in a play performed by very expensive liars and fraudsters. So needless to say, with the best legal team the Police Union could buy, these pigs walked away.

Two of the six officers went to trial, the original agitator Manuel Ramos was tried for Second Degree Murder and Involuntary Manslaughter, and Jay Cicinelli, third on the scene, was tried for Involuntary Manslaughter and Excessive Force. A third Officer, Joe Wolfe, had his charges of Involuntary Manslaughter and Excessive Force dropped following the acquittals of Ramos and Cicinelli.

The defence stated that the officers operated within their training in performing an arrest on Kelly Thomas. However, when I watch the video I see an officer ignore his training, deliberately escalate a situation and needlessly menace a known mentally ill and vulnerable citizen. I then see another five officers join in on the action, with blood lust and a power trip motivating their behaviour. This is a stark contrast to the professional training and duty to the public we expect from people provided weapons and set loose on our streets.

To make matters worse, Jay Cicinelli has initiated legal action to get his job back. His statement through his lawyer was that being a police officer is an integral part of his identity.

Wrong, Jay Cicinelli. Being a bully and deriving power for your depraved ego is integral to your identity. You repeatedly smashed the butt of your taser into Kelly Thomas’ face you sick motherfucker. Your future should be nothing brighter than the inside of a prison cell for years and years, followed by the ignominy of guarding a roller door at the back of a Walmart somewhere. Your freedom is an insult to justice, and your attempt to get your job back is proof you have no sensitivity to the family of your victim or the community at large. You are a clueless cunt.

And of course, while these police officers, these thugs, get away with murder, over the border in Canada the founder of, Mark Marek, is awaiting proceedings after being charged for identifying a criminal by posting a video of that criminal’s crime on the internet.

If you believe the killing of Kelly Thomas should be reviewed by Obama and Federal Prosecutors to initiate Federal Proceedings against the officers involved, consider signing the petition by clicking here. It will open a new page and take you to the Kelly Thomas Petition.

The more people who sign, regardless of whether they are in the US or not, the more pressure that is exerted on the government to do something about an injustice. This is an issue which goes to the core of what is about: Identifying lies and injustice and seeking the promotion of truth and justice. So please, get on board.

Below you will find a video of the assault on Kelly Thomas, perpetrated by six of Fullerton Police Department’s apparent finest, lead by Ramos, Cicinelli and Wolfe.

Another video of Kelly Thomas being beaten to death filmed at ground level by bystanders:

And here is a gallery of images related to the case.

136 thoughts on “Kelly Thomas Murdered by Police on CCTV, Police Walk Free From Court”

    1. I do see a few things. i see that they seem to provoke the man in to snapping. The Rambo effect, they push until he snaps. I do see excessive force, however, he did plead several times to stop and that he was sorry however may have not stopped struggling. but that may have been hard to do considering that he had knee’s and feet on his back and face. However knowing that he is mentally ill i don’t think was the case, they asked him several times for identification and who he was meaning they did not know him.
      Another part of me feels watching this video that they provoked him into fighting, then murdered him. If cops swarm you, no matter how bad it hurts, go limp. Or they will keep beating. I’m up in the air on this one. its real good audio and i thought that wile he was limp i heard tazers. I could be mistaken. If that’s the case then your theory of putting on a show to murder him could be right. But these cops where a bit out of shape, and may of gotten worked up.

      1. @JohnCandy, just want to touch on a couple points you raised. #1) According to testimony I read, he was not doing anything illegal or suspicious at the time. Therefore he does not have to give his name just because it was a police officer who asked for it.
        #2) The officer said something to the effect that they basically have an encounter with him every night. I’m gonna go with him exaggerating, but I’m convinced they knew him well enough by then to at least know he has some kind of illness.
        #3) I too thought I heard the taser after he was subdued, but can’t be 100% sure that that’s what it was. What I do know is that as he was being tased, and his body involuntarily convulsing, the police were yelling commands at him. Commands that no person could possibly follow as they are not in control of their movements at the time.
        But, just as in the free pass of shouting “stop resisting”, this too was used as their justification as to why they needed to use such force.

    2. I have dealt w/ tons of homeless schizophrenics as an RN, and this guys was not doing shit. I would have told him to have a good night and gone on about my business, but these filthy cops had to murder him in a prolonged and wholly violent manner that belies the true nature of cops: they are thugs.
      Maybe someday God will see to it that they get a taste of what they did to an innocent man who was causing no problem whatsoever; the justice the courts failed to give them.

    3. I hope everybody took the time to sign the petittion???? Something has to be done about these barbaric violaters of justice and their despicable display of ignorance. And they wonder why people want to kill them. Fucktard cock jockies.

    4. You could just hear the life snuffed out of him at the end. They don’t care. For them, he was just a homeless guy who they could torture and kill without fear of reprisal. This is why I don’t trust cops.

      I’m military, but I don’t trust cops at the state and local level, ever.

    5. This is sick, they were so blinded by adrenaline or whatever turned off their humanity that they couldn’t even recognize that after a few minutes of his cries, they were real. What grown man calls for his dad and or daddy? Why after 3 cops had him on the ground did they still need “help”? And they clearly used a tazer. ~24:20 and ~25:10 they clearly reference it and one guy said something to the effect of, my taser gave out so I just went to town on his face. WTF?!

  1. That’s fucked up. But unfortunately not surprising or unprecedented. Fucking idiots shouldn’t be trusted, is it any wonder there is a culture of “fuck the police”. If there’s any justice karma will come back around for these cunts. Or some randomers will tale their liberties from them, physically or materially. The first one will do nicely. If they were in fear of their lives they and others might think twice about what they do. But with this they are safeguarded, and it will happen again and again until that changes.

    1. They see the doubts that the defence lawyer has seeded in their mind.

      The same lawyer who challenged any potential juror who seemed remotely intelligent or competent.

      Lawyers profile potential jurors to get the dumbest, most gullible twats they can.

      And then they flatter them with occasional references during proceedings to charm and ensure their statements carry more influence.

      It is an art of persuasion and hoodwinking. Lawyers are truly among the worst society has to offer.

    2. the defense’s case was the guy’s death did not result from the police’s actions. wasn’t in the courtroom so I don’t have an opinion. But there may have been an outside factor. (pre-existing condition? medical negligence?) But from the video it looks like the cops are at the minimum guilty of violating protocol. Even if he was fighting back they didn’t handle him properly.

  2. That deformed face cop isn’t stupid. He got his Jew lawyer to get him off. When you encounter the police, here’s what you do. Start asking questions.
    1. Am I under arrest? If no go to 2. If yes, what are the charges?
    2. Am I being detained? If no go to 3. If yes, on what grounds?
    3. Am I free to leave? If yes
    4. Leave
    If they start asking questions, say, I don’t answer questions on the advice of a lawyer.

    I usually don’t like rap music, but this song by Ice T always makes me laugh

    1. Thank you for this very important information. I watched the video from beginning to end and Ramos was totally fucking with Thomas. I would have become exasperated myself. That cop couldn’t wait to go ballistic on this innocent man. I would not have known he was schizophrenic if the post hadn’t said so. I signed the petition and I hope they reopen this case. They are all cold blooded murderers.

  3. As a retired PO I am Fkn Disgusted by the actions of the Officers! Each of them should be Tried for 1st degree murder, Hands down. I have Dealt with many mentally ill people thru my career & NEVER have I treated someone like that. They are NOT Professionals, They are Murderers. Bring them to Justice.

      1. It’s the ages old trick police use – they apply force in order to cause unbearable pain, an instinctive reaction of every person will be to try to escape the pain, the cops will respond to it by yelling “Stop Resisting” and that’s their green light to treat their egos to beating the shit out of you.

      1. Here’s one of the FM secrets. All a PO has to do is give the Order to STOP RESISTING & whether a person is or isn’t resisting the Green Light for Deadly Force can be used. Fucked up I know, But that’s how PO cover their asses. This homeless man was a perfect target to take out their Frustrations & get away with Murder. If you think I never saw this before, Think again. I saw it Live in Person. But I did the right thing & stopped it. I did it more than once. I took that job to do Right, Not wrong.

        1. @Hells Gate, and how exactly did you “stop” it in person? i’m assuming by your statement that you witnessed other officers commit “wrong” acts against the public? please enlighten me, a former police officer myself, what you did “to do right”….

  4. It will never be investigated. The victim was a Caucasian male, so the courts, the law and the government couldn’t give a shit if another one of us dies. But if this was a Negro male, the media would be having a shit fit and people would be marching in the streets to have the officer’s heads on sticks.

      1. That’s because we’ve been divided into multiple sections by the media and education. The White people that stand up for themselves and their race are the minority, you know, the ones normally found here, the smart ones. Then there are the moderate Whites normally found in right-wing political parties. Then there are the guilt stricken leftist sheep, the ones who hate their own race and loves to accuse others of racism. Both the Moderates and the Sheep hate our type, calling us “Neo-Nazis” “Racists” “Extremists”. People back during those marches were united, not divided like us.

    1. it truly has come to the point @Darththork99, where a white, able-bodied man receives more prejudice against him than any other in our society.

      being a member of this particular “group” of people, i feel that when treated unfairly in our society, i have no a single “card” to play.

      i could give too many examples of how i have been prejudiced against, and have felt helpless to protest because of my race, sex, physical status.

      just how the fuck has is come to this?

    1. That true blason,I saw that at the very beginning,there was no reason to have that baton out.then the cop starts using foul language at the poor soul,real professional like,they just fucked with this man because he was homeless,not showered,and didnt fit into society s norms,that was a bit disturbing to watch .

  5. I understand that if the cops got you, put your damn hands behind your back! I also understand that someone with mental illness will not necessarily think and react the same way, as I have seen this countless times during my many visits to the slammer.

    It’s a shame that the mother fuckers don’t get that themselves. That and they just don’t give a flying fuck. I know a lot of em joined the force cuz their faggot asses got beat up and picked on in high school, so they use the badge as an excuse to commit legal crimes. Don’t get me wrong, I know some cool ass, trustworthy officers, just sucks that there can’t be some sort of psychological screening tests to weed out these sick fucks.

  6. The mentally ill really shouldn’t be dealt with by the mentally impaired. Just the way that moron was twirling his baton before there was any contact tells you the kind of person he is. Digging ditches or shoveling shit would be more suitable for him. Maybe shit could be part of his new “identity”.

  7. How could the courts allow those pigs to walk free, there’s no doubt they killed this man for no another reason then they could, don’t let these murderer’s walk free its only a matter of time before those pigs kill another innocent man.

    1.’re right misfits….the judicial system is all fucked up nowadays…cops should be treated like you and I…they are no better then us…they’re humans as well…if you or I committed this crime it would be a clean cut case of murder in the judicial system….fuck these guys…getting away with this shit..what because their lawyers a kike?!?..FUCK man!!..this world is fucked up….our police..our homeland protection has gone bad…this was an unnecessary death… 🙁

  8. Some real interesting videos here from the perspective of the civilians around the scene where you can see the beating from their viewpoint! Gotta love the clued up bus driver who says ‘Y’all gonna be witnesses? I’ve got all your comments and images saved here, it’s logged, I pressed the button!’

    Can’t believe these fucking thugs in uniform got off with this shit despite all the evidence and all the public outcry. I’ve signed the petition but I doubt shit will follow.

    Lesson here learned: You can kick ten types of shit out of a human but u can’t beat a pig! No way..

    1. Its hard for me to watch even the bus people after the beating. I am truly amazed these murderers got off. Its high time to develop watchdogs in order to get rid of these asshole cops. This should have been dealt with by their superior officers long before the beating happened. I’d bet they have complaints in the files of these cops that go back quite a way. Basically they shouldn’t have been cops in the first place. They are thugs. I hope the federal government puts its foot down on this one. Its happening way too often.

  9. Actually, Thomas is more healthy then this seriously mentally ill cops.

    Wanting a little action, finding a victim to bully-they did they job but they didn’t know about camera.

    What rages me is fucking judge. How amoral you can be to release them from guilt?

    I’m very pissed of and sad for a guy.
    He was benign totally so what drive those demonic pigs to kick him constantly. They are not even humans. Just look a like. Reminds me of “They Live” movie. Inside they they are ugly demons, outside look like humans.
    This case disturbed me very much.
    And, where are the people around? Must be someone to stop and be visible for thug cops as witness?
    NO! They cowardly passing away.

    Rest in peace dear Thomas. May angels protect you.

    1. Kelly was schizophrenic and he was still more the mentally healthy person than any of these cops will ever be. This is a disgrace to our state, and it makes good cops look like shit, ultimately everyone pays.

      People didn’t stop to help because they were afraid the cops would do the same thing to them. They were afraid to come forward even though they had provided vids.

  10. I know I’m blacklisted for writing asshole comments and generally being a dick,but I still brouse the gore and this one got many others I couldn’t watch all of it but I signed the petition .peace.

  11. this video makes me so angry.. the pigs twirling his baton & escalating the situation like in every other way… It was trouble from the start. If I ever saw something like this on the street, I’d film it now, just in case…mind you, guess who else would wind up dead?

    Sign the petition if you think it’s wrong on any level!! I almost missed it due to scrolling down and not reading too well. Thank fuck these animals are ogf the streets.

  12. I’ve been hoping this would be posted here. I live in the area and have been following the case for the last few years. Monday’s verdict made me sick. This was murder, plain and simple. Ramos murdered Kelly because he couldn’t stand the fact that he was sitting calmly on the curb and didn’t seem to be intimidated by Mr. Macho Man. The whole thing makes me sick.

  13. It was announced on the news either Wednesday or Thursday that they are looking in to federal charges on them. They are murderers. BTW, this location is about 3 hours from us, so its local news.

    I’m disgusted that they cops got away with this.

  14. Hey everyone, I’m a new user to this site, so I’m saying hi.

    Although I have been looking at this site for a couple of years now and became above the age limit for creating a user account last year, I finally made the decision to make a profile. I’m not here just for the gore, but to be with awesome people in this community whose worldviews are not blinded by the lamestream media. I, too don’t even buy the media.

    I also am completely aware with what has happened to Mark and the Canadian authorities detaining him and screwing around with him over the ludicrous unused charge of ‘corrupting morals.’ That’s just pure bullshit.

    Again, I’m saying hi, and would love to be with you guys on this greatest site.

          1. @arjuna
            I’m doing great! I will be starting another semester of freshmen college next week. From that on, I will probably be much more busy than I imagined than last semester. Since being home for winter break last month, I have been really bored around here, so I just cannot wait to be back in school where I have plenty of things to do and keep myself motivated to do things. Other than all that, I will routinely check BestGore for more stuff.

            Thanks for asking, also how are you doing, too?

  15. Wat kind of people where in the jury to let these muderers go free?? Wtf where they thinking??! I live in o.c. and I expectected it… but had hope that maybe this time there would be justice. I was wrong and I know pigs have free reign to do watever they want even if its wrong they are always right.

  16. After being a regular viewer of BG for sometime now roughly when mark first opened the site and there were far less pages for us all to browse, I have made an account and an appearance to comment on this disturbing footage of the Kelly Thomas murder. First off hi to all members and can I say I totally agree and understand your frustration at the perpetrators of this brutal injustice. I have even been and signed the petition on the “we are the people” website to bring these motherfuckers to justice. I too recently was on the end of some pretty rough treatment by the police over here in the UK by where I was assaulted, abused and treated like a dog after trying to defend myself against there aggressive manner and actions towards me. I totally feel for this poor man and it is very scary when the police cross the line in their methods and you have to ask yourself the question ” am I going to get out of this alive?” It seems to me they are beyond the law and completely out of control and much stronger measures should be put in place to stop bullies and sick fucks on a power trip entering the police force. They are cowards and watching that video of Mr Kelly crying for his dad has made me so sad and angry at what this system allows people in authority to get away with. I hope they all rot in jail or worse have the same punishment brought down upon them one day in there lives. Anyway bye for now. 🙂

  17. I read this in the local paper, it was originally in the The Los Angeles Times by Merisa Gerber. I have to manually type this in, so here goes.

    When Tina Kinser showed up at the Fullerton police station Saturday morning she had a flashback to the summer of 2011.
    Almost everything seemed the same. The demands for justice blaring out of bullhorns. The people holding signs pictures of her brother’s bloodied face. And the way they crowd of protesters swelled so big it spilled onto Commonwealth Avenue.
    “It looks just like the protest I came to two years ago,” said Kinser, the youngest sister of Kelly Thomas, the homeless man with schizophrenia and died after being beaten unconscious by Fullerton police officers. “It’s the same faces.”
    But this protest was more painful, she said. This time there wasn’t something to channel her hope toward. It had dried up in a Santa Ana courtroom last week, she said, when a jury found the former Fullerton police officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicnelli not guilty.
    Thomas’ case, which Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas argued himself in court, was the first in Orange County history that involved an on duty officer facing murder charges for on-duty actions.
    “We still have no justice,” Kinser said. “I’m still here crying.”
    Kinser was among about 150 protesters who gathered for a rally Saturday morning in front of the Fullerton Police Department to demand justice for Thomas.
    For some, like 22-year Fullerton resident Julie McDonnell, showing up Saturday was a way to say that the jury’s verdict wouldn’t dampen people’s cries for justice.
    “We did lose this battle,” she said. “But we’re not going to stop fighting for change in Fullerton and across the country.”
    Other, like Curtis Johnston, said they showed up because they’ve already seen the power of protests in Fullerton.
    “In most cities where something like this happens, the officers are back on the job in a few weeks,” he said. “Not in this city.”
    The trial of Ramos and Cicinelli played out for nearly three weeks, but the jury deliberated just two days, handing down their verdict on Monday.
    The verdict led to a rallying cry by an organization that calls itself A California Campaign to STOP the Police Brutality .
    “We do not accept a NOT GUILTY verdict in the murder of Kelly Thomas! We DEMAND the murderers to be imprisoned or FULLERTON will continue to feel the wrath of the people.” read the Facebook page that promoted the Fullerton protest.

    If there are errors then its because I’m tired and buzzed.

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