Media Assassination of Justine Sacco For Allegedly Racist Tweet

Media Assassination of Justine Sacco For Allegedly Racist Tweet

I don’t have twitter, never have, and never will. The idea of posting every trivial detail of my life for all to see just never grabbed me. But for those who do, good on you. Because from that mass of useless information sometimes comes a pearler.

Recently, Justine Sacco, a well respected executive of a US internet company, posted this:

“Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”

Yes, I laughed too. But this rapidly became a news item around the world on account of Ms Sacco apparently being a racist.

It is such an easy insult to throw around, and often isn’t even accurate. A racist is not necessarily someone who plays on stereotypes for humour. A racist is someone who denigrates someone, avoids association with, or withholds professional or personal services with another on account of race, holding a belief that their own race is superior.

I don’t see Justine doing that in this post. She is a woman excited to be travelling back to her birth country to visit family. There is a stereotype associated with the region she is going (forget the fact the stereotype is a rather accurate one) and she made a joke about it.

I am and always have been a fan of humour that relies on the awkward truths of society and the human condition. I thought the post was easy wit but mildly humorous nonetheless.

But what the ‘socially conscious’ losers giving Justine Sacco a hard time don’t recognise is that they are missing an opportunity to address the real issue here. If they were the do good moral beacons that they insinuate with their attacks, they would be using this as an opportunity to educate the populous of the dire conditions in South Africa and other African nations where AIDS is rampant.

Here is an easily researched statistic. In 2008 the prevalence of AIDS in South Africa by ethnicity was such:

  • African 13.6%
  • White 0.3%
  • Coloured 1.7%
  • Indian 0.3%

If you are ethnically African in South Africa, you are around 45 times more likely to have AIDS than if you are white in South Africa.

Flippant as Justine Sacco may have been, her Tweet was statistically accurate.

Clearly the issue of AIDS in South Africa is massive. 11% of the population now carries the disease. This is an issue in scope far beyond the Morality Patrol, so instead they are wielding their morality stick at an easier target: an individual who can’t fight back now because they have stripped her of credibility. People like those attacking Justine Sacco don’t want to help or make a difference, they just want to make themselves look good in the eyes of others.

Yes, Justine Sacco derived humour from an easy target, a target that can’t easily respond. But does she deserve to be cast as a pariah? Does she deserve to be fired? Yes, she was fired by her employer for her Tweet.

Beyond this, there are a number of questions that have to be asked. Why did this even make the news? With wars, famines, epidemics, profiteering, political corruption and numerous other crimes against humanity all over the world, this story managed to weasel itself into the news cycle.

It is subtle ‘education’ of the populous. Fear is a tool used to control the masses and Justine Sacco is being made an example of. The media, by picking up this story, is confirming that they are an agent of thought control, intent on manipulating what you think and what you say.

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  1. People say the same shit as her every minute of everyday. However, she is an employee at a place who has to care about its image more than its employees. Twitter and facebook fuck peoples careers and yet people are still too stupid to see it. No sympathy.
    Thr shit I say here I would never say at work; not because im s pussy, but because I’m SMART I need my fucking job.

    Ps. Fuck face book and tw itter. No one gives a shit about your pointless lives.

  2. That’s an accurate reflection of the super politically correct world we live in at work. So many important matters and problems for people to attend to and yet a throwaway joke by one woman demands that she be publicised as a racist and all the shit that goes with it. Everyone, including the people persecuting her, say shit that would get them in trouble were it made public, only mistake she made was giving them an opportunity to catch her out. It reminds me of the recent post about catching criminals on bestgore, and how paedophile cops worked on catching other paedophiles and we’re eventually found out. Another example of people jumping on the bandwagon to try and make themselves look good in front of the world at large. Bottom line is by going to Africa, she could catch hiv, the statistics of how many of them are infected prove it, loads of them have it. And most Africans are…. Black. It’s sad that this shit can get someone in “trouble”. Such bullshit…

    1. but AIDS is only contracted through fluid exchange.
      So if she was smart she wouldn’t share food or drinks with anyone which if you were logical in thinking the only real way she could contract it is through touching infected blood, or having sex.
      SO for her to say, “it’s ok, I’m white” kind of throws it into racial overtones, like she’d never sleep with a black guy.
      Because afterall, I just showed you the only ways she could possibly catch it, and it’s totally easy to NOT contract it given all the free info out there.

      Never the less, there was absolutely NO NEED for the post.

      It was stupid on every level, especially when you’re an executive and are traveling and will have to meet with people of other big businesses from all other countries.
      You think any company involved with big money is going to let some dumbass who can’t manage their social media represent them on an international level?


      1. also posting statistics after the fact and implying she was playing off of statistics would never fly in court and it doesn’t here.

        AIDS is not color selective, not in Africa or any other country.
        So she should have chosen her words a little more wisely.

        After looking at it with some knowledge and critical thinking, she pegged herself into “not taking black dick”….from Africa at least.

  3. Racism is just another word the liberal left loves to employ in a failed attempt to take credibility away from people who have the courage to express their opinions.

    Is there anything wrong in admiting that despite being all alike internally, externally, we are different? That we are the product of millions of years of evolution, migration, adaptation, natural selection, survival? Why is Europe the most developed continent on earth, and has been for hundreds of years? And why is Africa plagued by the enourmous poverty we have all grown accostumed to? Is it by chance? Of course not. The fact humans had to migrate north into Europe to find more suitable climate conditions to prosper, which they did, also came with a price. Cold. And the cold is what made us become innovative and resilient in our quest to find better ways to preserve our species.

    The liberals love to criticize everyone who don’t agree with their points of views, and tend to point out how bad whites have been throughout history, while disregarding the fact that long before Europeans started the slave trade (which by chance happen to have been my ancestors, the Portuguese of 600 years ago), blacks in Africa were already commiting slavery amongst each other, not to mention cannibalism. In fact, Europeans got their black slaves through other blacks who sold them in exchange for goods, invented in Europe, of course.

    The liberals also ignore the attrocities that have happened in Africa just in the past 60 years, where over 50 million people have been killed in civil wars, genocides and purposely induced starvation. Many African warlords would (and many still do) take the food from the villagers for themselves and troops, and let the populations die out of malnutrition.

    So keep playing the “white guilt” card lefties. I mean, hey, just pay a visit to multiculturalism cesspool Sweden or Denmark, and see the wonders that race-mixing has done there… I mean, apart from all the violence and rapes.

    1. And the right has been the caring backbone in Africa?

      I could type the same shit and put “right wingers” or “conservatives” in place of liberals or leftists and it would still be accurate in todays politics.

      1. I don?t have a political ideology, affiliation or preference. But i do however find hipocrisy despicable. And no others show it more than the left.

        They pretend to be for the good of the misfortunate, for equality, while they support policies (like those of Obama) that are destroying the misfortunate, in other countries. They are just as indoctrinated as a lot of conservatives. However, right wingers tend to be less hipocrite.

        At least they admit they are racist, hate immigrants and love guns and wars, while the left pretends to be for peace, when it suits them, and ignore the attrocities their democrat leaders commit, while always using the same, worn out excuse.. ?if it were right wingers, it would be a whole lot worst?. Yeah, so instead of choosing representatives who are actually different, consistent and represent positive change (as we saw with Ron Paul), they prefer to go for the ?lesser of two evils??

  4. Funniest thing is – Justine Sacco is probably a hard core leftist herself. Just as we’ve seen so many times on Best Gore, Liberalism backfired on her.

    You support a societaly destructive ideology, in the end it’s gonna bite you in the ass whether you’re on its side or againt it. That’s why societaly destructive ideologies are so heavily promoted by the corporate media.

    I’m however deeply sickened by character assassinations of decent human beings who stand by the principles of truth and fairness. Tila Tequila and Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame are the latest victims. They should be praised and they would be, if not for Zionist media and their army of shills paid to make it look like the public opposes them.

  5. I could come to forums such as Bestgore, make a name such as Frodogore and no one would know who I am; unless I was dumb enough to put my full name in the info. Anyways, I could be the President of the US and talk shit all day long here and no one would be wiser.

    If I make a fakebook or twitter account, using my real information and picture, you are asking for trouble if you post stupid shit; just like if you stood outside your work saying stupid shit, it’s no different.

    The real question this article doesn’t ask is: Why the fuck to CEO’s, movie stars and higher ups in fortune 500 companies still continue to talk stupid shit that pisses off their employers? Sure, everyone has a right to an opinion, and every employer has a right to set the bar higher for employees on and off the clock. So fuck sakes, if you feel the urge to get retarded, do so where you know you are not under a microscope; like forums such as this one or the other thousands you can easily discuss or talk shit, without drawing attention.

    As for the left V. right thing, it’s neither. Many businesses that have fired people are very right wing. Take the CEO that decided to drive thru Chick-fila and bash that poor girl then post the clip on youtube. He was a rightwing douche bag CEO in a rightwing company and lost his job quick as shit.

    The bottom line again is watch what you say when you’re put into the limelight with a huge salary, stardom or politics. The right, left and middle are always looking. To focus saying it’s a pure leftist thing is stupid as it’s well known a leftist says something stupid, the right brings it forward first; and vice versa.

    1. You misunderstood what I was implying. Look up Elin Krantz on Best Gore. Like all leftists, she was also trying hard to be politically correct. And it was this political correctness that bit her in the ass. She promoted multiculturalism, attacked everyone who brought up evidence that it’s destructive by calling them the typical left embraced names like “anti semite” or “homophobe” and then multiculturalism raped and murdered her.

      Jewish media spouted character assassinations are almost always a result of self destructive, left leaning political correctness. That’s why I find it ironic when hard core leftists who no doubt participated in character assassination of aware individuals by labeling them “anti semites”, “homophobes, “chauvinists” or whatever label is momentarily popular get painted with the same brush after they got caught in the web they helped to build.

    2. It doesn’t mean it is ok to throw labels at people. Regardless of their job or salary.

      If Obama put out a tweet that said “Heading to Africa. Hopefully I won’t catch AIDS. Not kidding. I’m black!” I wonder what the reaction would be. Would he be called a racist (he is half white remember), or would he be lauded as a hero for bringing public awareness?

      1. I do agree with both of you’s, it’s silly as Hell when one side barks and the other side bites with labels and accusations; then rinse and repeat for the other side. It’s becoming a snowball effect and unfortunately, it’s getting larger and picking up speed ready to crash into a wall of pure ignorance.

        Good point on Obama. The left would surely attempt to rationalize that quote (or fans of his on the left which is shrinking), but the right would have a field day talking more crap about him than the left did about say Phil Robertson. They’d be calling for impeachment. Which of course brings to the real point: The leftist media is no better or worse than the right media and players.

        About this chick though: Wasn’t she already fired before the story came out? The first I heard of it on CNN (the worst news around), they had shown her tweet, then announced she was already fired. Though I agree she didn’t deserve any news feed at all (or getting fired, though I support employers right to do so), but I don’t think the news story resulted in her firing. I could be mistaken though as I only spent 2 minutes caring.

  6. The manner in which the media latched onto this was creepy as hell. It’s made even creepier by the fact that 9 out of every 10 times the accusation of racism is thrown around, the behavior being objected to isn’t racism. Racism has come to mean saying anything non-white people find offensive, REGARDLESS of whether it’s true or not. Even creepier is what people call Political Correctness. What is political correctness? You don’t know what it is until you violate it. Then you find out being “un-PC” means you’ve said something that conflicts with liberal worldview and thus offends them because they find it offensive when they encounter people that don’t think EXACTLY THE SAME FUCKING WAY ABOUT EXACTLY THE SAME FUCKING THINGS AS THEY DO. The liberal mentality is responsible for this and make no mistake, it is the fascism of our age.

    1. The word racism is slowly being redefined to fit people agendas. It’s becoming a point where you disagree with a black dude you’re racist. It’s sad that that is happening.

      You rob a black guy it’s racist, a black guy robs a white guy, it’s business as usual. Go figure. Either way, both the left and the right have done a great job redefining what racism really is; or is not.

    1. Call her a milestone. Each milestone you pass is of little individual consequence. Give a damn, don’t give a damn, it is up to you. But if you start paying attention to the milestones, you may start to understand the journey you are on. You may start to understand where you are heading. You may be satisfied with your understandings, but there are others who read this site who may be yet to appreciate what is happening. This article is for them.

        1. @ Obli agreed! WIth putting your whole life up for all to see, comes even more responsibility. Something many people are failing hard at right now.

          I don’t understand the draw really. Fuck fakebook, twitter and tumblir. I’d much rather get the same opinions across in forums and not worry about being roasted by my peers I have to deal with daily.

          1. she’s nobody. look at that smug face. i wanna knock her fucking teeth out. she ain’t one of us. she’s just another shit leftist who got too cocky with her false sense of self worth and fucked herself over.
            she’s nothing but a place for me to rest my nuts.

          2. You need to take a breather Jew Baiter and get off your high stool. McTreblar is a great writer who takes time off his day to write educational and funny posts to brighten our days. You yourself have done nothing to earn this level of respect so shut the fuck up.

          1. Yeah i don’t understand what you have against McTreblar, @ Jew Bater. He makes good articles and seems like a cool guy.

            We’re a community, and we have already been under fire by a lot of people who want to shut us down. Being divided will only aid their efforts.

  7. It is not racism if it is factual and to claim otherwise would be akin to emotionally protecting the lie at the expense of the truth, religion’s favourite concept, for the truth can shatter the illusion that lay before it.

    1. what fantasy world do you live in where whites are privileged? whites can’t even open their fucking mouths without fear of being ostracized, fired or otherwise harassed.

      plus the fact that in another 100 years or so we are very close to being endangered species.

  8. and to think i almost got beat up by a group of feral apes for telling them that “i wasn’t afraid to fight them because i thought i would get beat up, but because i thought i’d strike blood and walk away with AIDS”…..and another time for screaming “NIGGERS at 12 o clock!”…….fuck, i ran over one when he was trying to pick up his bike from in front of the car

  9. These McTreblar articles are absolutely amazing. The person behind that pseudonym has for the 10th time demonstrated his superior writing skills and i sincerely hope to continue reading articles of such quality on bestgore. Characteristics that make them great are: easy to read, educated use of the english language and very good humor. Please keep up the good work!

        1. i will put the guns away when there is nothing left to defend and nothing left to fight for.

          i will fuck the kind of damaged women that i enjoy fucking and who enjoy being fucked by me.

          and i will get my ass to the gym. that is one thing still necessary for my evolution.

          1. ‘allow it’ pssshhh….
            …I don’t know about you @nextex but the last time some bonehead said that to me I allowed him my foot in his nuts…
            ..sheesh eh?

          2. @division Aww, I was right! So cute. But Winona Ryder and Rose McGowan? I thought gay guys had good taste? 🙁

            @ali Haha.. He obviously needs a good kick to the nuts. He’s just a little boy with a superiority complex.

  10. I’d stand up for myself against the butt hurt television army. I’d say even more racist but funny things, its bullshit that you can watch tv all day long and listen to every other color of person in the USA bitch about their problems with white people, but if a white person even jokes about another race its like shazam you be racist.

  11. That shit was racist as fuck lol
    She did think she was superior saying she can’t get aids cause she’s white
    And ofcoures she shoulda been fired. Just imagine people afraid to ask her for a cheese burger cause shes a “superior white girl” and give them chicken nuggets cause they’re black
    Bad for business

    1. What she said wasn’t racist at all. Jews made a big deal out of nothing, trumped it up and got the girl in trouble. All she said was what everyone was thinking a knew it was true but never let out. Asians were being loud and obnoxious, disrespecting everyone else in the library who unlike them, showed respect by not bothering others with excessively loud talk.

  12. Omg I’m gonna get stupidity just kidding I’m not blonde
    Shoulda been an african tweeting I’m going to the united states if you see a picture of me 300 pounds heavier its fake I’m not white trash :p

  13. I use twitter to receive instant news about sports and whatnot but I couldn’t care less about celebrities and what they’re doing with their piece of shit lives.

    As for this girl, there is nothing I hate more than the politically correct culture we live in these days. But with that being said, you also have to use common sense. If I was in charge of public relations or represented a company in any way, shape, or form, and went out saying “fuck muslims” on my twitter or facebook page, I would expect to get fired as well.

    You have freedom of speech and you won’t get jailed for what you say, but companies have the right to get rid of you if you tarnish their image and ruin their sales because you offended a large group of their customers.

    You have the freedom to dress like a KKK klansmen if you wish, but don’t expect a call back after your job interview.

    1. the kkk was formed to stop blacks from raping, looting and doing things blacks love to do throughout the south.Fact.

      Anyone that thinks this kind of behavior(ghetto) is new, needs to study history. We are only seeing this more and more because of the ubiquity of video cameras these days. This kind of behavior is the reason that segregation existed. It wasn?t because Whites were so evil and racist. It was to protect Whites from vicious attacks like this. Even Abraham Lincoln, as a young man, was a victim of an attack by multiple Blacks and this was during the time of slavery!

      ?In the autobiography, he also spoke of a previous trip to New Orleans. With regard to this trip, he said nothing about slaves but did refer to *egroes, recalling that he and his own companion ?were attacked by seven *egroes with intent to kill and rob them? and were ?hurt some in the melee, but succeeded in driving the *egroes from the boat.??

  14. Don’t try comedy online after drinking in airport bar….bad taste yes but not racist….it’s crazy when the truth is considered hate or racist…who hasn’t said something stupid…her company should not have fired her for some stupid post online…

  15. Zionist control system at work again, Good people are getting screwed in America. Reminds me of the war on drugs and the lives of good people being ruined. I AM NOT AFRAID! Any fucking shills in here can eat a dick!

  16. I agree that maybe there was an element of truth that needs to be seen hidden in her tweet, but, I doubt that’s the message she was trying to get across.

    It’s clear she made a joke at the expense of others’ misfortune, posting it without thinking of the consequences. She doesn’t deserve a great amount of hate but she also doesn’t deserve a great amount of respect for it either.

    Not much sympathy for this one, I’m afraid.

  17. This is friggin funny but how dumb is she…. What did she expect to happen? Of course the over sensitive sheep will somehow find this offensive and relatable and crucify her to take their minds off their own insecurities.

    I like her.

  18. Well…damn.
    I guess that because I am just as proud of my color, my race, and my beliefs, as a black person- I am a racist.
    So be it.
    I don’t associate with blacks if I can help it. I don’t do business with blacks, if I can help it. I have been on the other end of ‘reverse discrimination’ and yes it DOES exist. I have been held back because I am white, I have been denied because I am white.
    Do I feel I am superior? Not at all.
    Do I hate anyone ‘of color’? Not at all.

    I don’t hate a negro anymore than I hate a rabid dog, a snake, a wasp, or a spider- all of which are equally dangerous. I look at all of those example’s color as a way of identifying their potential danger.

    If given a choice of having to live around, and deal bith most negros, or being locked in a phone book with a rattle snake….I’d choose the latter.

    At least, I’d know what to expect.

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