Miscegenation, the Hidden But Destructive Agenda

Miscegenation, the Hidden But Destructive Agenda

Race-mixing. Most people these days think it’s something normal, no big deal, that no one chooses who they fall in love with, and that is true. However, did it ever occur to you that this behavior could be incited by certain people, in order to accomplish certain goals? That miscegenation could in fact be propagandized and encouraged by meticulously targeting particular groups of people, mainly teenagers?

In the past recent decades we have seen the surge of tolerance and acceptance of different ideologies, life-styles and sexual orientation, and I believe we can all agree that people are indeed entitled to live their lives as they please. No one denies that. But where do we draw the line of what’s merely a choice and what’s social influence? Society does have the ability to mold people’s way of thinking, as most individuals yearn to be accepted, respected and belong in social groups that match their personalities. And here’s where it starts.

For a long time I thought that love is love, that it chooses no gender, no color, no age, no nationality, and in part it remains true, but little did I know that a majority of the miscegenation that occurs, especially here in Europe but also in other Western countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, was being intentionally promoted to destroy us.

And by ‘us’ I mean us Europeans, white Americans and Canadians and everyone of 100% European ancestry. But who is causing this, you may ask. Well, the same people who consider us inferior to donkeys. The Jews.

For millennia they have nurtured a foul hatred for us. Whether for our technological advancements, whether for our civilized life, whether for our great culture, they have always sought our destruction, something that is clearly stated in their religious texts:

A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything against them.
Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore

The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.
Talmud: Baba mezia, 114b

Jews may use lies (“subterfuges”) to circumvent a Gentile (non-Jew).
Baba Kamma 113a

All Gentile children are animals.
Yebamoth 98a

The mentally feeble liberals will continue to say “you’re a bunch of conspiracy theorists“, regardless of how much evidence we keep shoving in their faces, like this Swedish advert, sponsored by Sweden’s ZOG government:

But the irony that resides in all this is that the Jews repudiate race-mixing when it involves them. And it is unbelievable how with all the technology and information flowing around this duality is not of the public knowledge. The Israelis make no admission of their hypocrisy and try to conceal it as much as they can, but their lies are rising up to the surface every day that goes by, as this video shows:

I have no aversion against people who are different than me, nor am I attempting to degrade or dehumanize other races of people, even if the specter of dehumanization is still profoundly present in the minds of leftists, who accuse us of enforcing it at any given chance. We are simply trying to protect our culture, our heritage and our people, who are the product of thousands of years of countless efforts to survive, the endurance of hardships, a will to improvise, adapt, invent and an overwhelming sense of resilience and cooperation.

Miscegenation, the Hidden But Destructive Agenda

Of a human population of 7 billion people, whites account for merely 18%, little more than 1 billion (and this is the official version but I seriously think we are less than 1 billion, around 800 – 900 million). Yet, despite being low in numbers, all the major human progress has been made by Caucasians. But this doesn’t really matter in a Jewish-owned world. To the world we are portrayed as aggressors, colonialists, slave-owners, oppressors, and nothing more. With birth rates at an all time low here in Europe amongst whites and miscegenation and multiculturalism being constantly shoved down our throats, it’ll be of no surprise that in only a few decades we’ll be a tiny, tiny minority if people don’t start waking up and preserving what is ours and ensuring a decent future for further generations.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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      1. No , you were correct first time . Keep away from her . You do not want little half dink / slope fv’s , or do you ? And take it from me , the pill is not 100% safe and neither is a rubber , in fact nothing is , even whipping the old man out won’t save you man , best to give it the old five knuckle shuffle , far less stress .

  1. Two thoughts:

    1. That Swedish multicultural promo would be seen as inappropriate due to all the grinding and terrible music and references to race in itself if it was for something else, yet it gets a pass here.

    2. Did anyone else catch the headline “Group Of Alleged Neo-Nazis Go On Trial In Moscow Accused of Killing Dozens Of People In Ethically Motivated Crimes” scrolling across the bottom of the screen in the second video? Wonder what that was all about.

    1. Wow, can a chick get pregnant if I bust a nut in her mouth ? So if she swallows my ultra strong spoof, then she won’t get pregnant? Ah ok, I guess it’s all about making sure no baby batter is left hiding under her tongue and making sure she swallows it all, so it can’t fertilise the egg in her throat??

  2. ignorance is the enemy, most people embrace other cultures because they dont know enough about theirs to be proud at.

    the ppl i admire the most is from other countries, but since im proud of my roots, i dont need to use contact lenses or get my hair artificially blond even when im being told several times i kinda look like an italian.

    if you know who you are and where you come from,not even god can take away the proud of being from your country, your roots, your language, and many other thing that define you

    you maybe wonder… why the hell is this guy proud of being him and doesnt even writes his real name, my real name is carlos villalpando, but charles melmoth is from my favourite book, Charles Robert Mafurin.- Melmoth The Wanderer. love that book !!!

  3. The only thing the jew fears is the rebirth of white pride. So they seek to create a slave class of coffee coloured, low IQ, uneducated mongrels with no sense of tribal identity, and no standard to rally around. But they have underestimated the Aryan. We fight best when our backs are against the wall. As they increasingly marginalise us in our own ancestral homelands, the jew’s agenda of white genocide will be impossible to hide, and the more united and determined we will become to defend ourselves. The Jew World Order will fall victim of it’s own hubris.

      1. That’s right. PoZ. Most of us are still supressing our racial consciousness, terrified of being labelled a racist for the heinous crime of wanting to preserve our culture and heritage. But awareness is spreading like wildfire. White genocide shall be the catalyst for white solidarity. We are not done yet, not by a long shot.

      2. That’s right PoZ. Most of us have been brainwashed into suppressing our racial consciousness, terrified of being labelled a ‘racist’ for the heinous crime of wanting to protect our culture and heritage. But all that will change as Europe continues to disappear under a third world mudslide. The attempted White genocide will be the catalyst for White solidarity. We are not done yet, not by a long shot.

          1. Thanks to guys like you and Acneska, PD. You are delivering the truth to a vast audience, most of whom will never have strayed too far from the mainstream media. A well written piece on here will have far greater impact than on a dedicated site where you’d just be preaching to the choir. I salute you Sirs, keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Obli, respect, but let me ask you, why do you have such a negative outlook on life?

      You need to travel buddy, you’ll learn a lot. I too shared the same sentiments of lack of meaning until I started visiting other countries and talking to other people. Thing is, life has many great things to it if you only do the efforts to look for them.

  4. You can see how the ploy has worked pretty well over the last twenty or so years by looking at the national football teams . It is a good indicator of race mixing and miscegenation . You would never have found any other than a white person playing for Germany / West Germany twenty years ago . That’s changed now though . One can even look at those teams and deduce what direction had been taken behind the scenes by their hierarchy . I find it sad .

    Also the guys who walk down the street with a Thai wife etc , forgive them for they do not know what they have done , that’s the best I can muster for those guys .

    There are many more examples and references to this cancer . I echo the sentiments mentioned in the post . We need to wake up before it is too late .

    1. Yeah, it’s unfortunate. White women have become so impossible to deal with most of the time due to feminist brainwashing, that the poor white male has no choice but to go and get a Thai wife if he wants to have any wife at all. Jew propaganda is to blame for all of it.

    2. The French National Football Team is almost completely black. The Portuguese National Football Team has around 30% black or Brazilian-born (mesti?os-mixed) players.

      The problem is incredibly complex. Not only do we have feminism, multiculturalism and miscegenation as part of the problem, we also have the so common ‘white guilt’ syndrome that is sweeping through Europe and other white-majority countries.

      It’s not a problem for others to claim they’re proud of their race, but a white cannot simply do that. He/she will face discrimination, will be called a “white supremacist”, a Nazi, a racist, and as many derogatory adjectives the jews and their shills can come up with.

      People need to start ignoring these mere words and show pride of who they are. There’s nothing wrong with that.

      1. You are right @PD .

        For my own part , I show my pride in my own race and I don’t care what these bigoted idiots call me . Where I come from people have a built in bullshit antenna , we can smell it a mile off , and after smelling it , we bring to the attention of those who are spreading it .

        I just wish the rest of the country was more the same.

      1. não é questão de querer admitir ou nao. a unica coisa que digo é: (é um facto que, quanto mais “pura” é uma raça, seja animal ou humana, mais fraca fica em termos imunitarios e d adaptação, que é o que no que o instinto de sobrevivencia se baseia , e há uma tendencia natural para a mistura E tirar o maximo proveito disso, como adquirir os aspectos mais positivos de qualquer outra raça. Isso ja acontece desde sempre com a evolução. MAS , e agora espero que percebas o q quero dizer, alias porque detesto td o q é imposto “subrepticiamente” por uma minoria “invisivel”, e aí estou de acordo com qualquer um que esteja contra uma ordem zionista de qualquer tipo. tou só a apontar isso, n tou aqui a trollar o post 😉

  5. @P Dude,

    You should also create a post covering the other side of the equation just to show how media propaganda works in it’s entirety and to prevent anyone pretending that this is a white power thing.

    I’ve lost count how many times I have seen black men chasing after white women instead of looking towards their own black women for love.

    Almost every time a black man comes into money they automatically go out and get a trophy white woman to have on their arm, always the whitest of white women, always the blond ones, it’s almost as if they hate themselves and their skin colour, black men should be proud to have a good black woman in their lives.

    I have spoken to quite a number of black women and they share the same disappointment as the white man towards what their other halves are doing. They often complain that black men must hate themselves because they no longer wish to be with black women and don’t find them attractive anymore.

    In all honesty I have travelled to and lived in quite a few different countries and mostly all races are the same in the sense that they find their own people the most attractive first and foremost and will choose to date their own kind more than they would choose to date other races.

    My point is not to hate on the black man but to highlight the other side of the argument that yes, white women in first world countries intermix far more than what would be considered natural if media brainwashing did not exist, but that black men also choose not to view their own women as potential partners anymore.

    My conclusion, seeing as how the media propaganda machine promotes white women/black men intermixing the most it does not surprise me that the most intermixing goes on between white women/black men and when you consider the obvious success of this media propaganda you have to conclude that there are people in power with an agenda to increase the rate of intermixing.

    1. @EmptySoul, speaking of blacks, here is a book that you might find interesting to read. It’s called The Secret Relationship Between Blacks And Jews. It was written by The Nation Of Islam out of Chicago USA, whose members are all black. Their leader is Louis Farrakhan. The book is full of interesting facts. I think you would enjoy it.


    2. Far from being a “white power” article, my goal was just to show, to those who still believe otherwise, that the mainstream media plays a significant role in the race-mixing that is occurring. It not only fully tolerates it, it encourages it.

      Here in Portugal similar advertisement is starting to appear, although not as degrading as that Swedish video, but they are making their way into tv channels and into the minds of young girls, and boys too, but mainly girls, and why females? Because they are more susceptible to this kind of garbage. The international jew knows how to appeal to their sensitivity, how to indirectly imply that if they don’t mix they are racists of some sort. Guys tend to not give too much importance about such labels, unlike women, so it’s much easier to influence and control them.

      Miscegenation has occurred for hundreds of years if not millennia, but never in a scale as close as the one today. And the fact Europeans are an ever increasing older population, and the younger generations are postponing having kids, while the exact opposite happens with Muslims here (50 million already) and blacks, who have lots of kids at young ages, the future looks grim for us native inhabitants of this great continent.

      Miscegenation is only part of the agenda to destroy us. Feminism tells women to hate men and become Lesbians. Feminism is contributing in an almost equal way as miscegenation to the destruction of our people. And guess who led the Feminist movement back in the 1960’s? It starts with a J…

    3. @POZ,

      Thanks, I will give it a read when I am home from work.

      @ P Dude,

      I know and fully understand the point that you were making, I feel the same way, but you have to acknowledge that many others, including the media and government, will try to categorise your comment into the box of white power and racism and it is up to us to make sure that our arguments are watertight and difficult to dismiss.

      By also showing that black people have been brainwashed by media propaganda too you effectively destroy their counter argument that it is a white power, racist comment and you achieve your goal of bringing to attention the media propaganda machine and the high levels of intermixing as well.

      The key to winning an argument is to always think three steps ahead.

  6. Another great, and True post by our friend P-D. Until the sheep stop dismissing the truth by saying that we are all Racists & such, we must continue to educate, and show them all this important material on a daily basis! Great Job, keep it up please 🙂

  7. I am a blond hair blue eyed male and America/Europe used to have many many many blond hair blue eyed children but due to race mixing the number of people with blond/blonde hair and blue eyes, especially in America, has dramatically decreased. I feel that is one of the objectives of the people who are trying to suppress us, to eliminate the blond hair blue eyed population, mainly males, and i’m not just saying this because I happen to be a blond hair blue eyed male. I am not a racist in terms of hating on other ethnic groups, because I don’t anyone, but I am a racist in terms of keeping it in the same race/ethnic blood. I do not want to see my race fade away.

        1. recessive genes VS dominant genes.

          Most people with characteristics nordic if ?? marry with other whites(white with dark hair and eyes) than with other races
          is because of this that there are currently less white people with Nordic phenotype compared 50 years ago

  8. the race mixing/multiculturalism is most certainly affecting many once white majority communities here in australia also. daily we get the multiculturalism acceptance idea rammed down our throats. it seems that this agenda is to also make us accept the recent massive influx of non white people trying to live here and welcome them with open arms. along with the race mixing is ok message it is also accept them too. they are coming like it or not. to not welcome them is “racist” even though it has nothing to do with hating another race or colour….. another way zog is polluting our mind and that of our children too.
    The mass media is also pushing the homosexual agenda harder than ever too. its just another way to pervert the white mans thinking and distract us from what is going on behind the smoke screen the jews have thrown up. in their talmud book did you know they consider a girl of 7years old to be sexually mature and fair game? hows that for perverted hey? and there’s plenty more where all this comes from you can be sure of that…. this just touches the surface of their scheming ways and it seems the distractions are working on some folks.

  9. Its all your cultures fault.

    Some times you see the white man has no decency because of culture.

    If you want to save your own race then you shouldn’t be so liberal all other cultures deem it disrespectful to shack up with another religion/sect/culture….but for whites nothing matters

    1. it could be from the chemicals leaking from non-stick fry pans the white folk are using.

      We ought to eat the meat right off a spit spinning on an open fire. Maybe just throw meat while it is still alive and sear it flesh and then eat it fresh.

      Sure it is really bloody. Just imagine the money you will save and the best part is you can upload vids to gore.

  10. Hilarious that you want to call it race mixing and multiculturalism now. A few hundred years ago, what did you call raping the slaves or the savages who were in the US first? Get over it. The Caribbean is full of diversity and none of them feel a need to make a big deal about it. Somehow the white people there don’t feel threatened. This post is all about fear.

    1. America was founded by whites, before them there was no U.S.

      the Indians were savages who inhabited 0,00,01% of the current territory of the U.S.and they did not know the concept of property, this was a concept from the old world

      the Caribbean is a hell hole, look at jamaica, honduras, haiti, dominaca republic, Mexico, Venezuela, etc. etc. several Caribbean countries are among the 10 most violent in the world. are poor, dirty, dysfunctional and violent countries

  11. Try and find a ‘White Only’ dating site. Every other group has their own, but for some reason we’re considered to be racist for desiring this. White guilt is taking it’s toll on people around me, but I’m aware of what’s happening.

  12. I understand the divide and conquer idea. I get how this and multiculturalism are closely related. Speaking strictly of individuals though, are children of mixed race automatically inferior to that of pure breed? Or does the whole single white mother syndrome and race mixing go hand in hand? If a child is born into a family who, regardless of race, parents stick together, wouldn’t they have a brighter future than one born into a single parent home? I understand how values between like peoples are shared, but in the end, what really makes a successful individual? How they are raised, no? The advantages they had over others. So because I can drink out of this fountain and you can’t, I’m going to grow bigger and stronger.

    1. no, not the “values??” that determines the success or failure of a person, but their genes.

      Look for more developed countries and civilizations of the world, they all have one thing in common: racial homogeneity in a high IQ.

      now look at the countries of hybrid population; are countries miserable and full of crime and corruption

      1. Once you go black, we don’t want you back.

        And I was reading something about a Spanish king who was so thoroughly inbred that his genome was actually more homozygous than that of a child whose parents are siblings, and jaw was so deformed he could not even chew his own food.

  13. hey, relative new comer! i wondered if you guys could clear me up on how jews are apparently controlling the world or something? to be honest this seems very far-fetched and contrived, to say the least. i want you guys to enlighten me. thanks!

    1. From what I have seen, the federal reserve in the US is where the government gets it’s money. From loans with interest. Basically the fed reserve owns the government. Not who we elect, but the people with the chedda. And also, from what I have read is that David’s people will be the operators of said reserve. So, that’s how. At least in USA. Also it is called Zionism is what Jews believe is their born right and duty to expand Israel’s borders, only peacefully however. Now all this hook nose this and Jew bagel that, is for sure a bit over the top and would classify as ignant in my book cuz to label and classify so broadly and indiscriminately against anyone or thing is I think a bit lazy. But then again to think some people are holier than thou because what May or may not have happened in the past is equally lazy it would seem.

  14. Although maintaining your cultural identification can be good, diversifying is how we advanced. By creating boundaries between petty things such as race, skin color, etc. we are preventing ourselves from learning new and improved ideas. Separating ourselves causes superiority complexes which eventually lead to violence which can lead to cultural extinction. If we are to only be with one group we are no better than the Jews. I can be proud of my culture but that should not stop me from learning another. I am only taking the best from each culture.

    1. What were referring to, at least what I’m referring to, is not so much race mixing in terms of separation or segregation from other races/ethnicities as a whole and not interacting, it’s about race mixing in terms of marrying and producing offspring. I don’t mind interacting with other ethnic groups but I think each race should stick to marrying and producing offspring with their own kind. It’s a matter of preserving your race, not completely separating your race from others. Whites with whites to produce white offspring, blacks with blacks to produce black offspring, asians with asians, etc. in terms of producing offspring, not in terms of interacting. Its not because of hatred for other races, as I stated above I don’t hate anyone or any group of people, its for preservation of your race so it doesn’t become extinct. I think it would be great if we could all live in harmony together as humans.

    2. the most violent countries in the world are precisely the most “diverse”. in fact it is diversity that leads to violence.
      There is no problem with the multiculturalism of superior cultures , multiracialism is the problem

  15. The most beautiful women in the world are in northern europe, I don’t know why white men would search anywhere else outside of “our borders”. The European Union should unite against this. That riddiculous video only showed what I already knew, this hip-hop shit, which was created by afro-americans and is now a world wide sensation, the powers that be used hip-hop and made it fashion, so that being black became cool. I see white girls pretending they are black, having black guys in photos with them and acting all proud because of that. While it should be the opposite, since black people like so much to live in european countries, they should hear our music, talk like us, and don’t act like ghetto retards all the time(not all are like this, many are respectable people way better than many whites, but most tend to go along the wrong path..). But I also find it wrong when whites invade other continents, in my opinion america should have allways been an indian territory. Races should preserve themselves, africans proud of being africans and live in african lands, europeans proud of being european and live in european lands, and so on…
    History taught us that many times : the roman empire is proof of that, Mesopotania fell because of multiculturalism too if I’m not mistaken, and the USA will fall sooner or latter…

    1. Then again, you may ask yourself what allowed Africa for instance to fall into such social ruin. Nothing to do with the imperialist war games and global capitalist exploitation of the west? No.. No.. Course not. It would be silly to question whether everything is the jews fault. Im an anti-zionist, I recognize Israel is a fascist dictatorship occupying land and nothing else. In other words you could compare it to modern day Nazi Germany. You may also study the roots of the Zionist movement, their ultra-nationalist ideology, the Havaara agreement with Nazi Germany in the 30’s and modern day racism by zionists in Israel against ethiopian immigrants and palestinian settlers. Also Otto Orzeny, the SS paratrooper and rescuer of Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, began to work for Israeli Mossad in the 70’s. Zionism is todays Nazism. Nazionism.

  16. I am bi-racial and am proud to be who I am fuck what anyone else believes. My country was raped and pillaged by whites in the worst way. And yes I am white too. But yet I have been made to feel different from my other white counterparts. My native american blood brews strongly in my blood stream. Rebellion is a way of life. Reservations are more like concentration camps. We too are suffering from multiculturalism. Ironic huh? Our race is dying off at a very rapid pace. So people can call me racist for wanting to perserve the native race but this is our struggle.

  17. This dude managing the page is stupid, white Americans,so ignorant I also have 100% European ancestry from Spain, you moron, southern europeans have more tanish tone of skin and brown eyes, that means, portugal, spain, france, italy, and Greece, not all of us are blue eyes faggots like you.

    1. many southern europeans are mongrel with north african,gypsy,arabic and black blood! are they that had tanned skin and ugly face. people like xabi alonso,fernando alonso, iker casillas and manica are true south europeans

  18. To funny how you refer to yourself as someone with 100% European ancestry. You life outside the real world my friend.
    There’s absolutely noone with 100% European ancestry living in the whole world.

  19. Brazil is the most race-mixed country in the world and I honestly hate it. But its changing, people are waking up (specially black peolpe) to the danger of mixing races. Gobienau was in Brasil at the middle of XVII cent and he said that mixing was needed because of “whitening” all the population.

  20. >>>/pol/
    But seriously though, the real issue with mixing is the loss or complete dissolution of the culture and heritage of either or both parents, interracial or interethnic children will often not know what they want to be. People no matter how they claim to not be racist will always form stronger bonds with people who Speak the same language, Laugh at the same jokes, wear the same clothes, celebrate the same holidays etc.

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