NYPD Admit to Illegal Stop and Search Not Realizing They Are Being Recorded

NYPD Admit to Illegal Stop and Search Not Realizing They Are Being Recorded

If you see something, film something. You have a camera in your pocket – use it! Any time you’re being approached by a cop, you’re faced with a very real possibility of being murdered, or falsely arrested. Learn how to activate a camera on your phone, and turn it on as soon as you can. Police are gangsters and you should protect yourself from their treachery.

At approximately 4:10, after the NYPD put handcuffs on the driver and illegally searched his car without a warrant, the cop admits they had no probable cause (hard to understand what they’re saying, but I think this is close enough):

  • Cop 1: “I don’t even know why we pulled him over… he keeps asking me ‘why’d you pull me over’.”
  • Cop 2: “Just put ‘Cocaine Test'”
  • Cop 1: “That’s what you put”
  • Ha ha ha ha ha
  • Cop 1: “That’s how you right the summons.”

These cops did not realize the phone resting on the passenger seat had its video camera turned on and was recording their conversations, so the victim has the proof that the stop and search was illegal. Not that it matters, because for justice to take its course, one would first have to live in a free society, not a police state, but at least there is proof.

This cannot be stressed enough – if you see something, film something, cause this is what happens when you call the cops:

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34 thoughts on “NYPD Admit to Illegal Stop and Search Not Realizing They Are Being Recorded”

  1. If it were not for feral niggers the police would have been vilified years ago.

    Every time a situation like this happens where the police are clearly corrupt and are caught on tape being corrupt situations like the Baltimore riots happen and we suddenly feel better about them.

    Whenever some pavement ape decides to loot a store, rape and/or assault and steal from others as a way of supporting his mistreated brothers against the evil whitey po po it forces a once firmly anti-police mind into a oily neutral.

    The only conclusion it would seem is to record all and then judge all independently thus preventing any individual bias whilst giving everyone a chance all at the same time.

    What a shithole of a world we live in when we need to suspect everyone, including our own kind.

  2. No, cops are plenty smart enough to erase the video. Or to take the card out of the phone. Or to smash the phone. That’s why everyone needs to upload live time to The Cloud where it’s out of reach of dirty cops who try their best to cover their tracks.

    The only difference between cops and criminals is, cops have badges.

    1. Yes hahaha that would be so funny. In your words brutally beaten by cops but it would be so freaking funny because you never pressed record. Such a high school way of thinking.

  3. I’m getting sick of these illegal searches. I was watching the show Cops the other day, two fisherman got searched for no reason at all. The cops were just going around the lake asking people do you have weapons or bombs and searching them. Fuck this police state! We need a revolution soon!

    1. change comes from within. getting the right people into the right places is key. it is the longer route, but the least violent…i suppose it can come to the question; when do you want change? now or later? for yourself, or for your children? myself, i don’t believe in breeding so change should be brought about soon, yes? however, i dislike the idea of violence and i do not condone murder, i feel physical protest is idiotic. i’ll sign a petition, donate money, but i will not get in the streets and participate in civil unrest…maybe i’m just getting sentimental in my old age.

      the violence of the people in this Baltimore, has that brought about any positive change?

      1. We don’t have to do it violently. Just non-compliance. We need enough people to say no and stick with no! We can all say game over at the same time all around the world. The Earth will shake!!! We just need to set a time and date.

      2. I still believe in the right to march and protest, whole communities, oldies, children, a show of numbers. Organise it so that it’s in the afternoon, everyone know to leave before it’s dark. The looters and trouble makers only crawl out after dark, then, if it kicks off, water cannon them, tear gas them do what you want to them. Fuckem, I don’t care if someone gets a rubber bullet up their jacksie.

  4. Fuck them popos they tried to give me a life sentence for some shit I had no clue about talking about conspiracy to commit extortion murder and assassination for the benefit of a prison gang. No lie true story.

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