South Gate Cop Assaults Woman for Filming Him and Smashes Her Phone

South Gate Cop Assaults Woman for Filming Him and Smashes Her Phone

Incredibly, some perma-sheeple still don’t get it that they live in a police state!

A US Marshall was caught on video in South Gate, California assaulting a woman, snatching her phone from her, stomping on it, and kicking it back at her before leaving the scene. Now that majority of citizens walk around with a cell phone camera in their pockets, actions of police often get exposed for what they really are. This puts a dent in impunity the cops used to enjoy, and they don’t like it.

If cops acted in best interest of the public, if they served and protected the public, if they safeguarded the communities, they’d have no issue with being videotaped. If that were the case, being showcased using the public money for the benefit of the public, would only strengthen their image of guardian angels. But it’s not.

And this is why the citizen needs to remember – if you see something, film something. Even if somebody else is already filming.

Watching actions of this US Marshall is like watching a child throw a temper tantrum because he didn’t get his way. You don’t see adults behaving in that fashion, except in occupied territories, such as in Palestine, where an occupying soldier would be thuggish with the indigenous people he is there to oppress.

What this cop exhibited was strong arm robbery. He took property away from the woman without probable cause, which should be seen as illegal seizure. He also destroyed the property. However the way he approached the woman should be considered attempted battery, attempted assault, or assault. He is also illegally interfering with telecommunication equipment. Nevermind that he assaulted her with a deadly weapon. When you assault someone with an AR on you, it’s assault with a deadly weapon, even if you don’t use it.

The only problem is that it would take a non-corrupt prosecutor willing to do their job to see justice take its course. Unfortunately, in a police state, at best they’ll “investigate” for several months, until the controversy dies down, and then forget it ever happened.

Also notice how the other cops don’t place the thug under arrest after his egregious assault.

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109 thoughts on “South Gate Cop Assaults Woman for Filming Him and Smashes Her Phone”

    1. She asked for it , she should have stop nagging while filming , in fact she was harassing police in course of their duty , if she stood quietly it would not have happened , ,,stop nagging women now !

      1. I know, what a stupid obnoxious bitch. Teasing the police doesn’t solve anything. People are just dumb and think they by creating problems they can expose police corruption…it makes no sense. Bitch needs to get back in the kitchen.

    1. I pray to a God (that doesn’t exist) wishing for that to happen!! Every video I see where the cop is blatantly abusing his/her authority on an unarmed person, I wish the people standing around not doing anything, decide “enough of this shit” and just beat him/her to death.

      1. unarmed person? who the blk criminals? So you want them to beat the cops up? Society is getting out of hand! Therefore the cops are giving them a taste of their own medicine..Its a back an forth thing! Dont stick up for scum bags!

    1. @tard,
      You’re not wrong. There are parameters of course. You can’t film someone thru their bedroom window or in a private setting without consent. These laws, I believe, are statutory in nature, or at least the criteria is statutory, and can differ from state to state. Basically, if you are in public, you can be recorded.
      The questionable part is the existence (or not) of an amendment that prevents legally recording the police, in public, conducting police business. I don’t know if such an amendment exists anywhere.
      Also, it looks like the incident occurred on someone’s front lawn. Private property, but in full view of the entire neighborhood. It MIGHT have been lawful to take her phone only because that was technically private property but the assault and smashing the phone was all clearly over the top.

    1. Popstarsatan huh? You sound like a 22 year old wanna be bad ass but, always relied on an older brother to get you out of shit that your mouth got you into! Also you got small man complex. One day you’ll be on the wrong end of your mouthy opinion bitch!

    2. Really? Then why are you watching all these videos we have on BG..I mean you don’t approve of being recorded.. So if the laws where to ban allll public recordings. How would you watch your farm porn, or your gay porn…? Or videos of mayhem? Should we all ask to record a killing or a beheading from afar..? “”Smashed dude on the road dead,””,,( hey sir may I have your consent to record you? Please? Oh OK! I’ll mind my own business.. Thanks..
      @popstarsatan starts recording…..

  1. What is it with people having to film anything and everything. I’m sure she would not be too happy if someone was filming her without her consent. Go and buy a new phone lady and in future don’t involve yourself in things that don’t concern you.

    1. You need consent to film if the subject is out in public. That’s like if I take a photo of me at some famous landmark then I should go up to everyone caught in 5 he background and ask their permission?
      And can you even begin to imagine the number of people falsely imprisoned because it was simply their work against a cop? There’s been a sickening amount of situations where someone has sat in jail due to an officers testimony, only for a video to come out later proving that the officer made it all up. I hope if it ever happens to me that someone is there with a camera in my face.

    2. getting someone’s consent for taking video is not a reasonable or ideal standard to live by.

      there are cctv, traffic, dashcam, vendor/merchant cam.

      none of this is done with my consent, so it would be FAIR to not have to get the consent of others to film them.

    3. The company I work for has security cameras in place. They are there to make sure people are doing their job and other obvious reasons. Why shouldn’t a police officer be filmed? Any douche bag can get a badge.

    4. What is it with people having to record everything? For the record, it’s so there happens to be evidence, duh! Record everything and if its not worth saving for posterity then delete it.
      And by the way, keep your illegal shit behind closed doors and out of the publics eye

  2. I imagine her recording was legal but in the video you can see her mouth movie nonstop. I’m guessing the bitch running her mouth non-stop pissed the cop off and not the recording.
    I?d taken her phone away and recorded her as I slapped her in the cocksucker.

  3. I don’t agree with the plastic cops actions but, this camera out at every given opportunity is becoming more than tedious. Who the hell wants to film every fucking shitty little event that happens to be going on !?. I suppose times change, but this bulshit with camera phones is sad.
    That said, the pig oughtn’t be passed fit for service ever again after this footage has been viewed by the powers that be. Yeah right !!

    1. I think now when people see the police out on foot they know something is happening so they start to record ‘just in case’ the police start to abuse their position which seems to be a daily occurrence in America now.
      Probably just the civilians way of protecting each other and I say good on them.

      1. Which is fair enough. But those that get their phone out to film literally any old load of crap that’s taking place in the vicinity, are sad.
        On a par with a fuckbook status such as ” I just ate toast for breakfast ” or ” I just made myself look a proper twat by filming nothing very interesting ”

        This whole selfie / filming all and sundry, is beyond me, I just do not see the point.

  4. Imagine how fucking annoying it would be to always be filmed as you’re trying to protect those fucking cunt who’s insulting you all day.

    Lucky i’m not a cop knowing my temper i would probably have killed half my town by now.

    1. Right! Typical pink man thinking! Fucking cave-dwelling apes. Go back to the stone age where you neanderthals belong…The majority of violent crime, rape, and savagery comes from the pinks. In one breath you say nigger this, spick that. The next breath it’s ‘let the savage pink cop brutalize anyone he wants, they deserve it!’.

      That’s why yellow will be the new pink… Ni how ma bitches!!

  5. Very few people truly support the police wholeheartedly. They, for the most part, merely project their own sense of morality onto the actions of the police and then judge it to be right or wrong after the fact.

    If one prefers the police to act in a restrained manner and then witnesses the police doing just that they will judge the police to have acted in a satisfactory manner. Alternatively, if one prefers the police to get stuck in and physically harm suspects and witnesses and sees the police doing just that they will also judge the police to have acted in a satisfactory manner.

    So, it would seem then that we wish to see our own brand of justice reacted before our eyes and anything less is deemed to be a corruption of justice and a failure of the authority that carried it out.

    Since both sides of the equation are equal in standing in so far as they both stem from the individual sense of morality we must judge on elements other than the above because if we were to judge using only the individual sense of morality we would have to condone the murder of gay people, religious people, fat people etc because morality in our religious/social/politically different societies is definitely not uniform.

    There is also the consensus on how authority should act.

    Governments are desired to act in the publics interest and not on individual agendas and the court system is desired to pass judgement but to leave the actual carrying out of the judgment to others better suited for the role etc.

    The above is a system of law, the judgment of persons in relation to the law and the carrying out of that judgment.

    Why then are we happy to allow the police to circumvent the system by playing judge, jury and executioner when they clearly are not suitable for such a role?.

    We are happy to allow the above because we have not changed since the days of old. We still love to see a good lynching take place and to stand there cheering and celebrating the occasion.

    It?s funny because a lot of the people who look at the stoning executions, the third world public lynching executions and condemn them as barbaric, medieval practices carried out by primitive people also celebrate and condone the police in their own country who carry out similar versions of street justice.

    You can look at the criminals rap sheet after the fact and say that they deserved it but most of the time the police never had that rap sheet when they were carrying out their attacks, they simply responded to a call out and decided that a fleeing suspect is to be beaten upon getting caught.

    The above reminds me of a good quote from Naked Gun 2;

    Commissioner: ?Ladies and gentlemen, I would now like to introduce a most special American. Tonight, he is being honoured for his 1000th drug-dealer killed?.

    Dreban: ?Thank you. But, in all honesty, the last three I backed over with my car. Luckily, they turned out to be drug-dealers?.

    The point being that the police like to get stuck in and hurt suspects and then hope after the fact that the person who?s head they just kicked in had a long list of previous, it?s called retrospective justification and if by some ?unfortunate? chance the suspect had no previous, well?, whoops!, lessons will be learned no doubt.

    My conclusion. The police do not work for you, they work for pay at the behest of the government and they go after law breakers. That being so the government are forever changing the laws and not in your favour either so when one day the government decides that you too have broken the law, which may come soon enough for you Americans because your government wishes to stop you buying and owning firearms, and they send the police after you there will be that very same, familiar street justice carried out against you because you inadvertently allowed it to happen.

    I am not a liberal, far, far from it. In fact I hold a strong dislike towards mass, uncontrolled immigration which does not endear me towards a life on the political left. However, I can see further than my own nose and a future of condoned police brutality will come back to bite you, guaranteed. Therefore It is best just to keep the system simple, catch, judge, punish with no crossover in-between.

    Until the police can be trusted to act properly they will get filmed by members of the public who, through experience, have learned to distrust them and as far as I know it is not a crime to film the police going about their day to day jobs, only when they are not on duty does it become an issue of privacy and therefore a crime.

    1. Probably the person who stepped up and said, we can’t give these guys weapons and send them into dangerous situations they aren’t qualified. Then the person standing next to him said, well you go then. Oh, ok you can go.

  6. He should not have done what he did and I believe he broke the law.
    At the same time you are allowed to film at a certain distance as long as you don’t interfere. By running her mouth non stop at the cop pulling perimeter security I believe she overstepped in her rights as well.
    Your doing enough by just recording don’t end up making a cameo appearance and becoming part of the story. Give them the slightest reason to put their foot on your neck and they will gladly do so.

    1. Exactly @rayf. Do these hood rats not understand the word subtle !?. Silly question I know, but these people never learn.

      I’m not sure how the law works in the US, I have never fully looked into it. Makes me wonder though, whether any of these people understand statutes or common law among other things. Mind you, the way the cops over your way operate, it probably makes no difference if a person ( fiction ), knows their rights.

      1. I’m sure exact rules and laws vary from state to state so it’s probably a cluster fuck trying to keep it all straight but it should be ok to film if they are doing their duty it is as much their protection as ours. No excuse for what the cop did but it did appear the lady went out of her way to antagonize them. I noticed the other person filming who kept their mouth shut and just filmed didn’t seem to have the problem this lady did.

  7. I don’t see any improvement in police behavior now that they are all being recorded. In fact, I actually see them getting worse. More and more police are acting like they used to when no one was looking since they are still getting away with it while being filmed and broadcast all over the world. I fear this is only emboldening them…

    It was one thing when it was Rodney King, high on PCP running from the cops, but when it is Eric Garner selling cigarettes, that cop straight up murdered that dude –and nothing happened. As far as I can tell, it’s officially open season for cops vs. citizens now.

  8. I never condone this type of behavior by the cops unless they’re being filmed by an IPhone retard. It looked to me like she was properly filming in the landscape format instead of portrait though, but it still may have been an IPhone, that’s a gray area. Never go IPhone retard.

  9. The cops always say..’but when you need us we are there’……..this is true………but when my car is broken into, i do not expect a cop to knock on my door and beat me up… much the same way as if i am complying with what they ask me to do……i do not expect to be beaten up…….but thatnks to everyone carrying a camera nowadays, a lot of cops are being filmed beating people up……….its not that the cops have suddenly started beating people up, its the camera that is new…………the cops have been beating people up and worse for years………..its a habit that they are finding hard to break even though they know cameras are out there…………

  10. Looks to me like the little nasty Jewish “Princess” was spewing some nasty things to the Marshals. I’m sure she more than likely yelled at him “You stoopid Goy you work for me, ima tell my rabbi to fire you” and thats when he flipped out.

      1. Agree,but you know sometimes we aren’t in the best mood so it’s hard to know if it’s smart to film a cop so close,but hey I’m seeing it from a 12 years old point of view πŸ˜‰

          1. Lol thank you πŸ™‚ But yeah it can be Allah! Since they say it’s whoever you want it to be then it can even be Pikachu, if you consider him you’re “higher power” πŸ˜‰

  11. i can’t help but think that the cops/government are up to something with all this killing/assaulting civilians. Like they are consistently doing it and getting caught to wind up the public, which will result in retaliation (eventually) and then they can introduce new laws they may want to implement now but can’t justify. Taking into account they are a bunch of lying bastards, i reckon there’s a bigger picture here and they’re working towards something.

    1. I see your point. If They can get enough incidents out there in the news, online and in the people’s minds, the climate is perfect for creating legislation and ratifying amendments and such.
      I’m not clear on just what they might be trying to accomplish by such publicity but it certainly has people talking.

      1. I think they are doing this to cause riots over race hate crimes so they can justify passing martial law by sayin it is for our safety which is a dang lie! Hitler did the samething (after he passed a gun control law “for the kids”) which made him able to stay in power because our rights are over when in martial law. We have to do exactly what they say or else. It is coming very soon…be prepared!

          1. Under martial law, I think civilians would understand just how spoiled they are now.

            You think cops are bad?

            Imagine trying to fuck with armed soldiers who don’t care whether they shoot you dead on the spot.

            I live in Texas. Most of these hillbillies with their 2nd Amendment rights propaganda would be clueless if it came down to martial law. There are too many military installations here and too many soldiers/airmen for any type of militia movement to take place.

            Texans are silly.

            Silly country folk.

          2. Yea the sheeple are doomed. ..half the peoplein the usa are on welfare or sone form of government assistance and when that stops and they have to stand inline for a little bit of food in a fema camp are in for a rude awakening! ! Lots of peopleare gonna die and probably kill each other during the first few months….it’s going to happen soon. And you bet they are gonna come after the ressistance first! Elderlyand kids ssecond. The sheep will be last….

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