Syrian Christians Joining the Fight Against Zionist Extremists

Syrian Christians Joining the Fight Against Zionist Extremists

I found this picture incredibly touching. Especially this time of year, when billions of Christians around the world celebrate the coming of the eternal, all-powerful and all-knowing creator to earth in the flesh.

Syria used to be a secular country, one of the last ones left in the Middle East, but that didn’t sit well with the Zionists who refuse to peacefully co-exist and instead desire destruction, suffering or subjugation of others.

It’s been more than three years since the Zionists paid, trained and armed extremists were sent to Syria to overthrow the government, but the people of Syria have stood firmly behind their president and took to the arms to defend their country. They stand firmly to this day, regardless of faith, despite terrible hardship and losses.

As Christmas season steadily winds down, let us remember those who did not get to enjoy it in peace. Let us imagine the world without wars for the benefit of few. But let us keep the faith. Every culture of the world tells us that the good eventually prevails over evil. The days of Satan worshipers, whose greatest achievement was the establishment of the lie that they were God’s chosen, are numbered. It’s only a question of when….

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        1. His sarcasm is funny as.

          And as Mouse said, overpopulation will be the end of us.

          What absolutely amazes me is that many humans still think that having more of them is cool and wonderful and stuff…..

          All those newborns will need feeding, clothing and eventually housing.

          Of course global warming isn’t happening but it’s ok because believe me, jesus will save you as his arrival is imminent.

          What a joke.

          1. you could off yourself and a few of your buddies and that will at least be a start in the right direction towards fixing the “problem” of over population.

    1. When I hear about “god chosen ethnic group
      Like the jews …….I always think of the ” lucky” Irish……
      I have never met a ” lucky” irish……..ever!!!!!
      but I both like them……
      They can be pathetic ….though…at times.

    1. There are some decent and good people in Syria, and unfortunately they are beset by some of the most vile people on the planet, who are in turn being supported by some of the most greedy abominable fucks in existence.
      Makes me wish Jesus would come back in Syria and show these filthy cavemen what true retribution is.

  1. Yes yes… “creator this… creator that…” Let me remind you of who and why this wars started: – Your neo-zoroastrian gods that wanted to TRULLY destroy the evidence of the truth. Christians and zionists are all the same, fighting for the same reasons – for control, and the complete wipe of history from the TRUE creators, EA/Enki/Malek Taus/Toth, among many other names given from different cultures on wich the bibles, torahs and qurans refer to as “Satan”, and His “demons”, or should i say its correct names in greek – “Daemons”, meaning “Demi-Gods”, refering to those that ascended to godllywood.

    Want proof of the zio-christian existence? –

    People arent fighting for themselves, they are STILL fighting for their “gods”, but its been a long raging war that everybody forgot what they are even fighting for…

    1. ?People aren?t fighting for themselves, they are still fighting for their Gods?.

      I will have to disagree with you on this one. People invent reasons for fighting and killing each other, they always have and they always will, our entire history shows this to be true.

      We fight and kill each other based upon religion, race, social status, wealth status, sexual preferences, geographical location, natural resources, sexual desire, jealousy ect, because to not fight would be to lose out and our egos will not accept losing out.

      Naturally then, over time certain people acquire large amounts of resources and wealth and live very good lives as a result, but this status can only continue if other people are dispossessed and kept from rising up hence why we use a social structure with a top down hierarchy protected by one sided laws, carried out by ?just doing my job? type people.

      Those with the most resources then come together for self preservation reasons because the only way to keep their position as lord of the slaves is to keep on sucking up all the world?s resources and wealth in order to force the majority into doing their bidding by tempting the majority with the falling crumbs from the table.

      Religion is just one such invention to control the masses, get the majority hooked on religion and then dangle the God carrot in front of them so that they do your bidding.

      My conclusion, human beings will fight and kill each other without much external help and/or influence because it is a natural behaviour that has aided our survival for thousands of years however that natural behaviour manifests itself in sporadic periods.

      Mass political/religious/social movements involved in war are merely the result of an influential controller using the human being?s natural tendencies to fight and kill for the controller?s goals and ambitions instead of their own.

      The puppet master never needed to create the puppets because the puppets were always there, he merely needed to attach new strings every now and then.

      1. I never really mentioned that it was the _only_ reason, i was refering to one of them that is the one that is less known. Anyways, i have the feeling we already talked about this before… 😐 If it werent with you was with someone else, but i agree with what you just wrote.

      2. Hey @empty soul. I’ve always enjoyed your thoughts and comments here on BG. I would like to ask if you could elaborate on this puppet master. Do you believe there is a single puppet master? Or that it is a concept comprised of more than one element? Do you believe it to be human? Or a force or being far more complex?

        1. @der kopfsammler, I don?t remember the conversation so it was probably with someone else but then again I tend to be intoxicated in the evenings so I can?t really say for sure.

          @face the music, it?s a cabal of sorts where the world?s most wealthy and influential men work together in order to create their own version of the future, a future slanted in their favour of course.

          You have to look at the capitalist machine on the whole. The fact that the media, the politicians, the bankers and the corporations all sing from the same hymn sheet shows you how combined their efforts are, naturally then there are far too many of them to be working in any form of democracy so there must be a hierarchy of power and it makes sense for a capitalist society to have that hierarchy based upon who has the most wealth and influence.

          This biggest trick they ever played on us plebs was to convince us that we have a vote and with that vote we have the power to change things.

          1. I’m with you on voting being pointless. Either way the puppet that has been chosen will be put into office. The thing that I believe is that there is a supernatural force or entity that is at the top of the pyramid. This plan has been going on throughout history for a long span of time. It would take a great organizer to oversee and perpetuate the plan to achieve the endgame. It’s possible for it to be humans alone, passing on the plan from generation to generation. There are just to many people that would be in on it. Of course there is compartmentalization but there has to be someone or something at the top that knows it all and orchestrates the diferrent puppets. What about the reports of pagan worship within these secret groups. Or the attendance of prominent people of the world to ancient mystery religion rituals. You should look into Michael S Heiser. He’s a doctor who studies ancient biblical languages and talks about the divine council of the elohim. I believe there is a connection between that divine council and the pagan gods of the ancient mystery religions.

    2. Demi gods demons deamons (the romans used what 23 different gods and tried to appease thier favorite) Gods, angels, realized potential.! What makes any one think that any other conciouse being has greater right than we? And similarily what makes us think we have greater right than any other? What every religion is trying to hide IS the truth! All conciouse beings have the same potential. We have the same ability to ascend thru the conciouse planes just as did they. The difference between the 3rd and 4th dimensions is one of understanding 4th and 5th same and so on and so on. A being that has acsended to the fourth understands the necessity of conflict and has thru war understood peace or vica verca. So in the 4th plane they decide how best we will come to understand the same. If you remove conflict from the human experience you retard the rate at which we learn. If you remove war you take our thirst for peace and compassion. People are designed to overcome anything if we are united. To overcome the imposition of a fractal consiouseness is our first think and feel as one is the inevitable outcome for any race that will ascend to a higher plane where we lose these physical bodies and join as one entity of conciouse knowledge! 1 being no more lies. No more delusions of individuality. But so on and so on the process repeats once all have joined the conflict of the fourth we will face our nemisis again. Individuality! ……..But where does it end? There is no being in this verse or the next that can stand before me and claim to be my god, just another liar with greater privilage at the time. Potential is the same and the inevitablity of our joined conciouse is still inevitable.
      Picture our potentialverse as an active brainscan, and all possible matter as the greymatter. Picture our universe as a single synapse of thought sparking out of nowhere. a thought created by a greater understanding. An understanding made possible by countless thoughts and experiences that happened when they happened but coaleced into something new when all the pieces where available. Millions of billions of lessons all creating one greater understanding. And when the final lesson was learned BANG. A new thought full of possibilities and potential. A young thought with so much of itself to learn and realize. But still a thought. A consiouse energy in a sea of matter. Nothing less and soooo much more. This new will mature and grow and realize itself. And this new thought will come to understand where it fits in truth and when it starts to mature it will spell the end of old thoughts and beliefs. It will augment truth and its experience will rewrite the reality of of the potential verse thus doing away with old misunderstandings and the GODS that bore them. And on it will go. You see we are an unrealized part of the greater truth that IS; no matter what lies are told, we will overcome them. No matter which being stands before me and tries to claim himself my god he is only pushing me inevitably to the realization that my experiences will bring understanding to them. We are not before or after we are not greater or less than we are a part of the inescapable and inevitable truth. I have no doubts that others have realized and await our awakening, i have no doubt that the challenges we face are intended to speed us thru our evolution thru suffering.
      “Through war we will find peace”
      A simple statement of truth. For it is thru war we learn of our thirst for something better. Through war we experience the pain we would not wish on anyone. Through war we will make our greatest mistakes and learn our greatest lessons. Through war we will come to realize that it is war we do not want but unity. To look in anymans eyes and know we are loved. To wipe out fear of each other and most importantly ourselves. When all our sins(misunderstandings) are realized we will know unity. It is only through accepting ownership of our mistakes that we will learn from them.

      1. First of all, thanks for the head-ache by slamming me with that wall of text too… anyways…

        When gods (and demi-gods) lived among us, before they were defeated and the first civilizations destroyed when the second moon fell on earth, humans were kinda their “slaves”, thats what this world was for in the first place. After that, humans were forced to take up arms and learn the art of war to defend themselves after the zoroastrian invaders (proto-jews that invaded and corrupted the antient Phoenician regions) tried to take over, its a very antient story written in many versions in so many cultures about the “first wars”. Yet truth be told, the gods are gone, returned to Orion, but the enemies from Pleiades (the jews) are still living here with us… All we can do is to remember their long lost glory, instead of letting us be oppressed by the enemy’s ones.

        And yes, youre possibly refering to astral-projection and inner meditation? Things that i (in my case) would never heard about if it werent for my beliefs, that and astral reading as well, who i am still an adept and yet it rarelly fails me. We’re re-discovering the old sciences from the first civilizations from the times the gods used to live among us, the Jet engine, for example, is one of them – It was based on antient knowledge. Such knowledge is being hidden or ignored by all other religions (the neo-zoroastrian ones: christianity, islam and jewish), and replaced by “logic-science”, that is slowing us down, because if is there something that doesnt make sense but it works, its “conspiracy”, “a myth”, “impossible”, or “the work of the devil”… (they are kinda right on that last one though.)

        I agree with that “Through war we will find peace” part, but only because its the only way we know now… Its been so long this wars have been fought, that we made this our very own natural ways now… its hard-coded in human genetics today… so “through war we will find peace”… when everyone else oposing to us is dead, and there’s no one else for us to fight against…

        1. 1st sorry for “SLAMMING” you i find it painstakingly difficult to confine a thought to a paragraph. 🙂 this is a discussion room however and lots of words are little speech.

          I was not refering to astral projection! i was however refering to ea enkai malek taus and toth, having been a race of people at 1 point that had ascended though 4th and 5th planes and already shed thier fractured conciouse. See we think of ourselves as individuals when we are inescapably connected on a consiouse level. Your mind my mind all 7 -8 billion minds on this planet are awaiting a consiouse realization! And when we experience it we will lose this misunderstood concept of individuality and realize we are one being of conciouse energy shed the need for the 3rd dimensional bodies and take up our 4th dimensional state more akin to plasma. Where we will stand with malek and ea and so on. And they await our realization for we are needed for them to ascend further.
          No matter what the previousley evolved races know they cannot know our personal experiences can they? Therefore it remains a distinct necessity that we share our experiences with them. To further thier understanding. I would geuss there are twelve races required for the next ascension but thats just a; you know; gut feeling. The hebrews refer to thier deity in images. Depicted as a being of pure light whose size comparible to the burj al dubai. Paraphrasing obviously. When you look at matter we have liqiud solid gas and plasma states of matter possibly one between liquid and solid as well. The argued difference between them is the spacing of molecules. If you microwave fire you get plasma. Fire so energized its molecules are not held as tightly as they were in its previouse state. Its in a state similar to this where we find our “creators” as you called them. Astal projection could allow us a glimpse of their plane but even in an astral state you are confined to the knowledge you are willing to accept. The narrow minded will not project the open minded are still so limited by what has been engrained as truth in thier minds. A truly open minded projection could actually gleen a bit 9f knowledge which would seem huge to us but then the truly open minded would still be waiting on the rest of us to open our minds. What we do for each other we do for ourselves.
          In my statement on war i was pointing to the fact that we have made just about enuff mistakes for the world to accept that we are wrong. JUST ABOUT. We are on the precipist of the single most important realization since the “big bang” and simultaniousley we are on the precipist of giving up our freedom of choice. Its sink or swim. Will people realize in time that the only way is to still our hearts and unite to stand, NOT fight. We as an evolution have a choice to make and if we make it together we cannot be moved. In this plane we have so much unrealized potential. Our sciences are a bastard of what we are actually capable of. But fear stops us from realizing our potential. So we compensate what we know to be true. The quickest way to understanding is to accept possibility. Instead we demand evidence.

          Sorry for slamming you again.

  2. The Golden Rules still trumps religion….whoever has the most gold rules…religion is just away to scam huge amount of money from naive people believing in man made up fairy tales….Mary wasn’t a virgin she was just another lying ho saying she didn’t have sex….I know women can come up with some whoopers but getting knocked up without having sex takes the cake…the sad fact is that we only live once so we better enjoy it while it last….

  3. Syria’s Christian community is fighting for its very survival. With Bashar they have a future. With ISIS there is no future for anyone, just endless death and destruction.

    As resources diminish and the global population continues to grow in the future, things are going to get much worse before they get better. The virus will accelerate its destructive behavior until equilibrium is met or extinction.

  4. What the Islamic State does in the Middle East… I could care less.
    Even though this is a problem that Arab people need to deal with… much of what these people are doing appears to be barbaric by White European standards.
    The internal affairs of what happens over there should have no involvement by European nations.

    As a result of interference from Jewish controlled Western governments… unfortunately the Islamic State manifested.
    While simultaneously attacking the Islamic State in the Middle East… Europe continues to allow Muslims into their countries in the name of Jew promoted multiculturalism and diversity.
    Considering the circumstances… Islamic State fighters would love to take over Europe… this shouldn’t be a surprise.

    Some believe that the Mossad or the CIA etc.. control the Islamic State… of course.
    I think it is a stretch to believe they control all of these fighters.
    All of this is speculation… but I still believe that the Islamic State might have been an operation gone wrong.

    I’d have no problem if these people decided to pay a visit to Israel at some point… but maybe I’m optimistic.
    Nowhere in Europe do I want them or any of their associates.
    Europe needs to be purged of Muslims as soon as possible… this is the main reason why.
    Also attacking these people is a waste of resources.
    It’ll just create more Muslims who’ll seek revenge against us… in the long run.

    1. Of course the majority of the fighters believe they are carrying out their work in the name of their twisted religion. The upper echelons, the top brass, however, are anything but Islamic fundamentalists. This is the reason why ISIS will never fire one single shot in anger in Israels direction.

  5. 2015 is the 100 year anniversary of the genocide in turkey. More than one million Armenian Christians were murdered by the Turks. Today the Turkish government continues its fine tradition by sponsoring the murder of Christians in Syria. I’m pretty sure Mark did an article about it a few years ago, but I might be wrong. Anyway great article and well said @ Acneska

  6. best to keep ALL religion out.
    chrsitian, muslim, jew, whatever, all are equally wrong. every single human killed in the name of any has died for no reason, and any human who even slightly condones it is evil.

    1. Jesus Christ was not a “Jew”, he was an Israelite, Jews are not Israelites and those people claiming to be Israelites over in Israel are not the true descendants of the 12 tribes, they are the synagogue of Satan. Also Jesus was not born on December 25th.

      1. The birthdate isn’t the real issue here. The term “Jew” may not have been used back then, but the Israelites/Hebrews were the original Jews and Jesus practiced the faith. That’s just how it is.

        1. The Talmud was not apart of the Israelite religion, neither was the Tradition of the Elders. The “Jews” of today didn’t follow the faith because if they did they would have accepted Jesus. My point is that the people who call themselves “Jews” or Israelites today are not the true descendants of the 12 tribes. So what I mean by “Jesus wasn’t a Jew” is that Jesus does not share the same bloodline with the people who call themselves Jews today, they are not really Gods chosen people, they are not the seed of Abraham. The true descendants of Israel became followers of Jesus (i.e. Christians) and they migrated into Europe and became the Christian nations of Europe. The people who call themselves Jews today are descendants of the Scribes, Pharisees and Edomites who Jesus condemned and called the Synagogue of Satan and a generation of vipers. They are Khazar and Ashkenazi, not Israelite/Hebrew. “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” Rev 2:9 KJV.

          1. It doesn’t matter who’s bloodline goes where. Many Jews do have direct bloodlines and others converted over the years. The faith is still followed and the Old Testament is still the foundation. The bottom line is, Jesus practiced the original form of Judaism, regardless of how practice has evolved over the years.

          2. Well your bloodline is what determines if you are a descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Only few people who call themselves Jews today have Abrahamic blood and the ones that do are Edomites, descendants of Esau, who is Jacobs (Israel) brother, so they are still not Israelites they are Edomites. If a Jew denies Christ then they didn’t truly follow the teachings of Moses, they didn’t follow the religion of the Israelites. The people who call themselves Jews today do not accept Christ because they are not true Israelites, they are of the very people who had Christ killed. If a non Israel accepts Christ then they became apart of the convent of Gods people and become a seed of Abraham, and if an Israelite denies Christ then they are no longer apart of Gods covenant and their is no salvation for them, the Israelites are under a new testament. So if a Jew accepts Christ then they can became apart of Gods covenant even though they are not truly a descendant of Israel. The Jews of today do not truly follow the teachings of the prophets. The true Israelites lost their identity, most of the people who truly are descendants of the 12 tribes don’t even know who they really are. So to sum up everything I’m trying to say, there are people who claim they are “Jews” or descendants of Israel, but they are liars and they didn’t truly follow the old testament, Jesus was not one of these people.

          3. Thank you, @forwhomthebelltolls. I’m surprised someone on here actually reads my comments let alone enjoys them. I barely comment on here but when I do people usually don’t like or agree with what I say because it’s usually about God.

            I personally don’t celebrate Christmas because it is not the birthdate of Jesus and not a Christian or Biblical Holy day, it is a Pagan holiday a long with Easter, however my family still celebrates it so I enjoy spending time with them, but I’m glad you had a merry Christmas.

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