The American Jihadist Eric Harroun Died of Overdose in Phoenix, Arizona

The American Jihadist Eric Harroun Died of Overdose in Phoenix, Arizona

Ex-US soldier Eric Harroun, who became known as The American Jihadist was exposed on Best Gore as mercenary who went to Syria to kill innocent people for money. On April 9, 2014, the murderer’s sister posted a message on her brother’s Facebook page that Eric Harroun died of an overdose in his father’s house in Phoenix, Arizona.

After his Syrian adventures where he fought alongside Al Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, Eric Harroun was interviewed by the FBI in Istanbul, Turkey and then flew home where he was arrested and charged with conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction with a US-designated terrorist organization – a crime bearing a sentence of 30 years to life imprisonment. He was locked up in solitary confinement in a federal prison in Alexandria, Virginia for six months, but released in a plea deal in September 2013.

Eric Harroun’s death was confirmed by Cari Gerchick, a spokesperson for Maricopa County. Medical examiner is scheduled to autopsy his body, but it’ll be a few weeks before the toxicology results are available. Each time a mercenary jihadist dies, life for Syrian children becomes a little more bearable.

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        1. Yeah right, he deserves a state funeral!
          You know the kind Deputy Seargent John Doe had? Yeah that’s right, inside a cardboard box, buried down in the bottom corner of the civilian cemetery in an unmarked grave because no one wants to remember the shame this grub reflected back onto the rest of the human race while he was busy executing and exterminating it. How ironic that he ended up exterminating himself ( oh yeah, and don’t come back, even I’d you are just a grasshopper now!!).


          1. He even looks like he respects the ways of those genetically challenged baboons of the middle east who don’t seem to do anything else in life but be violent, execute, shoot guns, blow shit up and grow beards that are just fucking wrong.

          1. Shouldn’t have said “fag”. That’s not cool to associate gay people with this wannabe camel jockey. How bout’ “Rest in Pieces Zionist?”
            I wonder if he intentionally offed himself, or he just didn’t know his own tolerance?

    1. Yea man, it breaks my heart too to see another murican sell his soul for money while taking other peoples souls.Satan started and ended this fool without a doubt. With that being said, dont pout lil sheeple bitches >:). Hes in a much better place now. Now he is with Allah and those other demons 🙂

          1. funny cause I don’t play the xbox at all Waiting for the 360 Emulator to get out then i’ll download all the 360 games I want to play and run it on my computer… just need to buy a controller input adapter for my computer and i’m set 😛

      1. @Obli : that is exactly what is it like. You can just imagine a group of them standing in a circle playing soggy Sao. Last one to cum has to carry the video camera and doesn’t get to kill any civilians.

        Unfortunately there will always be the little boys who never manage to graduate from puberty, and are stuck there for life with their guns and little slumber parties in the jungle and playing more games that we’ll call training so people don’t think they are weird for not having a life of their own with kids and family etc. They just coast along in life hoping nothing will change instead of educating themselves to find a career
        that could work towards solving problems instead of ensuring the world doesn’t progress into bigger and better times. If you want an example then think of oil, black gold. We have the technology here now, to totally remove the need for cars to use petrol. We have had the technology for decades. But you can’t control many people or economies when people are only using $3 of electricity to fill their car. All the new technologies that come through are manipulated by the oil mongers, who buy the technology off the small biotech firms and then sideline the technology that was intended to maximize the green energies. So they just continue to fuck you, me and mother earth. I hope mother earth has the last laugh.

        1. Oh she always has the last laugh. Probably a new disease or another ice age…we are actually overdue for an ice age. Starvation. Crops around the world fail from some unknown blight. People, the panicky herd animals that they are, start slaughtering each other by the tens of thousands. And when money becomes absolutely worthless, they regress back to fucking cavemen. Pathetic how weak the human mind is…although, sometimes I hope I live to see it happen.

          1. Yeah I don’t know if I want to be around to see it, I would prefer to get wiped out in the tsunami to end all tsunamis. But the fucking government, and mine is just as bad as all the rest, they make me laugh when they do something like give the go ahead for another 2,000,000 hectares of old growth bushland to be wood chipped for fucking paper! Chip chip wood chip turn it into paper throw it in the bin no news today. But they get on the news and justify it by saying we’ve got to support jobs and forestry is a legitimate job just like anything else. So they turn 2m hectares of old growth into a barren wasteland to save the pathetic blue collar jobs of 200 rednecks that couldn’t be fucked educating themselves in finding another Job. So what is more of a tragedy? 200 pathetic logging jobs guaranteed for 10 years or 2m hectares of old growth gone for ever, turned into baren wasteland to save 10 years of FV jobs. Countless extinctions, destroyed habitat, completely dis respected for human greed, and we did it all in 200 years while that ecosystem has been supporting itself for 40,000 hrs if not more. It disgusts me.

          1. The Fallout video games are my favorite! My favorite video games are the ones with a story line that last a long time like GTa etc. & of course Mario is a given. I lost my PS3 cords during my move from MI to AZ so I’ve only been able to play Mario kart, Mario bros an all that on my nintendo

        1. Unless you use a controller to shoot up a public place, then games don’t do anything but give you the thirst.

          Play “No Russian” on Modern Warfare 2. Great visual aid for a walk-by inside a crowded airport. Good times.

  1. You do drugs, you take your chances? Who do you think are making these drugs? Ruthless people who don’t give a shit what is put in it. When you buy street drugs, you don’t really know what’s in it. Be safe and grow your own Marijuana.

  2. No different than the fat Christian ministers who preach about adultery and “using sorcery” and then bang a hooker while doing a line off her navel shortly after delivering their sermon. Bottom line; he did not “practice what he preached”.

  3. No greater punishment can anyone endure than to die in an absolute fucking SHITHOLE like Az! A state with a ruthlessly cold blooded culture that actually passes injured and even dead people on the street, could fill it’s canyon with all of the brown trash bangers,
    wiggers & white trash tweekers, caters to old people for their money & loves it’s mormon fucktards! Slightly to the right of Reagan’s dead pubes, Always re-elects a sadistic, meglomaniac sheriff who has caused them to be routinely investigated by Amnesty International, always 25 years behind the times technologically, love their prison & defense industries & hotter than the inside of Satan’s ballbag at least four months out of the year. A pretentious, pseudo-libertarian society that can’t decide whether they want to be a bunch of stuck-up, old money Snottsdale simpletons or the bloody west of old.

    Tn may not be the greatest place to live, but after two decades in the shithole of the cosmos, I could wish nothing better on my worse enemies than to live & die in Az-any part of it!

  4. From what I’ve read about this weirdo . My gut tells me he was murdered !!! I would bet money on that .
    What overdose on heroin leads to a massive pool of blood ? I don’t know but regardless of the written words I think someone killed this idiot .

  5. Just one more ideological FUCKTARD, gone and forgotten. If they where a rag on there head then they need to be dead. Stupid goat fucking camel jockies, can’t learn to get along in the 21st century, bomb them back to the 1st century. Murica!!

  6. Ah did he go over to play soldier with the devils,did he get fucked up on the devils powder in that shit hole,see they don’t want ye when your fucking goofing off into your gun,an can no longer get it up even to partake in a bit of sheep shagging,did come home looking for some civilised help and decent treatment even if it was in prison,ah but couldn’t shake the itch though needed that dirt and now he’s dead! At least he got a pain free death,not like the people he helped murder,fucking junkie bastards,hope he burns..

  7. Okay. This is so funny that it’s happened to him on a slightly different level than some might think of.

    While he believes that he will now be in Paradise with 72 virgins (Boys?? Girls??? Goats…yeah..those) the joke is on him as those “72 virgins,” were described in a country/region that uses the metric system.

    Why is that a big deal?

    In shitty Amerikan measurements, that’s only about 1.37 of the cunts.

    I laugh at the martyrs! HAHAHAHA!

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