Thief Gets Beaten by a Girl He Tried to Rob

Thief Gets Beaten by a Girl He Tried to Rob

I don’t know if this video is real or a fugazi. It seems a bit too good to be true, but if real, then all props to the girl for taking on that lowlife bag-snatcher and teaching him a lesson with a healthy dose of humiliation.

The CCTV footage shows a privileged girl, probably one who tasted hundreds of flavors of semen, which afforded her the car, pulling into the front yard without confusing her brake pedal with the accelerator. A pair of thieves rode by on a motorcycle, and sensing the opportunity, one of them dismounted and attempted to snatch the handbag from the girl.

She had none of that, and responded by kneeling the thief a couple of times. For someone who’s not afraid to approach and stranger and attempt to tear a bag from their hands, the thief sure seemed too hesitant to fight back. That’s what makes me suspect this could be a fugazi. The girl’s monkeying over him after he was knocked to the ground too seems a bit staged.

But then again, you never know. She was probably on her way back from a session with a customer – cum dripping out of her asshole and all – maybe she really didn’t want to give up her hard earned money.

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          1. I was on the crapper at the time. Besides I didn’t need to, He had apologized the next day for being a drunken Arsche. He even joined us for a Beltane ritual later on. He got drunk again that night too and grabbed another chick. She slugged him too. He should probably quit drinking.

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