Tyrannism v2.0

Tyrannism v2.0 - Dictatorship with Baloons

The reason why Canada doesn’t strike most people as a tyranny is because its leaders adopted Modern Tyrranism, a name derived from what Mark called “Tyrannism v2.0“.

Traditional tyrants and dictators were easy to spot because they attracted attention to themselves by annihilating opposition. Second generation tyrants have outgrown this obsolete and unsustainable model by establishing a cunning and insidious means to sustain a dictatorship.

Instead of acting like despots, they would instead invest in maintenance of their picture as democratic leaders. They would create an illusion of choice by giving their slaves a semblance of democratic election.

With only carefully trained and groomed members of controlled opposition participating, the head trip of democratically choosing their master gave the herd of slaves the collusion of freedom, liberty, justice and equality.

Should a usurper arise and form the uncontrolled opposition by telling the herd of slaves the truth, instead of making themselves look like authoritarian tyrants by annihilating him, modern tyrants would cripple him, flouting the rule of law while maintaining a veneer of order, legitimacy, and prosperity, thereby retaining the image of democracy.

Modern tyrants do not destroy, but prevent existence. They don’t tyrannize, but extinguish the spirit until the nation is reduced to nothing but a flock of timid and industrious sheep in need of a shepherd – the role assumed by the tyrant.

Maintaining the Illusion of Democracy

The illusion of democracy is maintained through systematic indoctrination of the masses utilizing TV programming, music industry, movie industry, the education system and mainstream media. The box would feature shows advertising law enforcement as true protectors of law and order, dedicating their lives to the service and protection of the public.

Feature presentations would be based on scripts in which good always wins over evil, in which honest public servants always prevail and raise above corruption and abuse of power, in which people live the American (or Canadian, or whichever) dream.

Pictures we are fed through the box portray the global war between freedom and repression, with people from OUR countries always portrayed as tech-savvy, globalized democrats who care so much for freedom, they want to give it to everyone. Whereas people from THEIR countries are always portrayed as those out-of-touch, dim-witted dictators.

After seeing a hundred and one movies like that, intermitted by shows featuring cops throwing themselves in the line of fire to save the life of that defenseless, fear stricken little child, who in their right mind would think otherwise than conclude with utmost certainty that we are lucky to live in a democracy?

I would consider it natural if most Canadians felt offended by me suggesting that Canada was one of the most undemocratic countries in the world. It’s natural because modern tyrants employ 21st century tricks to protect their 21st century status quo. It’s natural, because after millennia of polishing their methods to keep the masses enslaved in order to maintain their hold on power, something would be amiss if they still haven’t found a technique that worked better than traditional autocracies.

Technological advancements have made it difficult for tyrants to cover up their abuses and violations so in order not to awaken the fattening masses to the fact that they are ruled by tyrants despite what they see on TV, the tyrants adopted savvier techniques and no longer rely on oppression through physical aggression.

In his (acclaimed, though pro western oppression) book “The Dictator’s Learning Curve: Inside the Global Battle for Democracy” (ISBN 030747755X, 978-0307477552), author William Dobson suggested that the most successful tactics of Modern Tyrants (Tyrannism v2.0) are maintaining control over the state-run media and the country’s judiciary, allowing elections, but passing electoral legislation that would all but guarantee fragmented parliaments and keeping any violence out of sight and out of the media.

Did you pick up on “keeping any violence out of sight and out of the media“?

Why Modern Tyrants Don’t Need Open Violence to Enforce Dictatorships

The world is so fast paced these days, and so dog eat dog, mere day to day survival will eat into much of one’s existence. You may find the time each day to sit down and unwind watching TV, you may find spare change to afford to go out to a bar and socialize with friends once a week, you may save up enough to go on nice vacation once a year, but most of the time in between, you’ll spend fighting your ass off just to get by.

The whole idea of Tyrannism v2.0 is based on this fundamental realization – people have their hands full just to get by in today’s fast paced world. Throwing on a person a major burden in form of a law suit is gonna bring them down.

It doesn’t matter if they’re capable, educated or well off – if they become an inconvenience, all it takes to destroy them is to press a charge. Any charge. It will automatically hand the inconvenient person the shorter end of the stick and is pretty much guaranteed to cripple them for a long time.

State sponsored charges purposed to silence dissent destroy the person without annihilating them. It’s akin to slowly torturing a victim, instead of granting them merciful death. It’s akin to forcing upon the victim the torment to watch their own agony as it deepens with each passing day.

And with the opposition effectively crippled, the modern tyrant can focus on maintaining their image of a democratic leader. Because they’re not seen as dictators who annihilate their opposers, but rather as fair individuals who grant their opposers the right to a trial, the benefits are multifold – they get to enjoy watching you suffer as your life disintegrates before your very eyes, and will still be cheered as democratic leaders running a just and fair society.

Denis Rancourt

A good example of how Tyrannism v2.0 functions can be observed by taking a look at the attacks on Canadian Professor Denis Rancourt – a former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa.

Mr. Rancourt’s “crime” was to voice his support for the oppressed people of Palestine and publicly criticize Israel for their disproportionate use of deadly force against the defenseless people. He was one of the most popular professors at the university and at one point invited Palestinian speakers into his classrooms to talk about Gaza. He also invited geopolitical analysts who were critical of Israel into his classroom.

As despots who exercise absolute political power, the Canadian government does not tolerate dissent, so Prof. Rancourt had to be destroyed. But since they needed to maintain the illusion of democracy so the flock does not rebel against them, they destroyed him the Tyrannism v2.0 way – Mr. Rancourt was fired and removed from all teaching duties, removed from his academic position at the University of Ottawa, the pro establishment mainstream media smeared him as a wrongdoer, and then they pursued him with a defamation suit which drags on to this day, forcing him into a de-facto bankruptcy.

To remove him from his teaching duties the Tyrannism v2.0 way, the pretext that he had granted A+ grades to 23 students in one course during the winter 2008 semester was used. A student spy was hired to monitor his every spoken and written word, as well as his every activity on campus, in order to find a pretext for dismissal that could be used without causing much public outcry.

Because Prof. Rancourt is an internationally recognized researcher, who has published more than 100 academic papers and was highly respected by his students, the public opinion started to side with him. So to counter it, a high-profile Zionist columnist at the New York Times wrote two character assassinating articles to discredit him, and was featured on a popular Canadian TV talk show (whose producers are Zionists) to defame him and his teaching methods.

Other mainstream media outlets played along and added to the character assassination with their own articles. The fact that in Canada this happens to all outspoken critics of Israeli terrorism whose audiences extend beyond close friends and family members was, expectedly, never brought up.

As part of his character assassination, Prof. Rancourt was paraded through campus in handcuffs by police allegedly for “trespassing“, even though at the time he was still a tenured professor.

The University then used its unlimited funding using public money and launched a large defamation lawsuit against Prof. Rancourt. During the trial, more reminiscent of Show Trials by Bolsheviks in Stalin’s Russia, than of anything resembling a democratic society with the rule of law, the judge, also paid by unlimited public funds, ordered Mr. Rancourt to pay a total of legal costs and damages in excess of one million dollars – a sum he could never possibly repay.

As I said earlier, modern tyrants do not destroy – they prevent existence. By stripping Prof. Rancourt of his academic employment, assassinating his character and forcing him into bankruptcy, the Canadian despots sent a chilling ripple effect through all of Canada’s academia never to question their authority or they would follow suit.


Similarities with Mark Marek

As you can tell from the case of Professor Denis Rancourt, there is little difference between attacks on his life and those on Best Gore founder Mark Marek. What Mark is currently going through is very much a carbon copy of what they did (and are still doing) to Prof. Rancourt.

It’s the same sequence of events:

  • A Canadian exercises his human right to freedom of speech by expressing his opinions on matters relevant to democratic principles
  • Gets burdened with lawsuit
  • Gets stripped of the means to earn a living
  • Gets prevented from seeking employment
  • Gets character smeared by the pro establishment mainstream media
  • Gets forced into bankruptcy
  • Gets publicly humiliated by being promenaded in handcuffs and/or orange jumpsuit
  • Every court date is a Kangaroo Court presided by judges who have long decided about the ruling regardless of arguments
  • Judges constantly and repeatedly interrupt the defense in court, disallowing them to present arguments, cutting them off in the middle of the speech and countering with diatribe of monologue picturing the accused as the worst criminal in the world, ending the session before any counter arguments could be presented

Mark’s next Kangaroo Court is on October 17, 2014.

I brought up Tyrannism v2.0 in my post published on the first anniversary of human rights abuses against Mark. This post clarifies more clearly what exactly Tyrannism v2.0 is.

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  1. Thank-you for this! The more people see & read this the better. What is happening with the Zionist agenda worldwide, is nothing short of CRIMINAL. To hell with the Zionists lies, and deception. Long live peace, and prosperity for all to enjoy. The truth will free us all.

  2. The biggest problem with democracy is that it never existed to begin with.

    If someone were to place three objects in front of you and tell you to pick one you would not be getting a real choice because even though it appears that you have control over the choice the actual person who gave you the choice to begin with has the real control because he created the situation and the objects and therefore wins regardless of your choice.

    The above is democracy in a nutshell, you have the right of choice in a game of their choosing and the odds are always stacked in favour of the house. If I were to summarise democracy up perfectly I would say “Their game, their rules, your play”.

    It’s like visiting a casino. Some casinos are better looking than others, some casinos have more rules than others and some casinos require more money to play in than others but they are all one and the same thing, a system created and controlled by the house.

    My conclusion, you are free to play in the casino called democracy all you want so long as you have the money but if you try to go against the house rules you will be ejected from the premises, cause too many problems and you will end up swimming with the fishes.

    1. Agreed @Empty, although, as I believe was touched on previously, one can run for Parliament, anyone can, and have done so.
      We do need more choice, and the pathetic coalition is a further kick in the nuts for the electorate.
      Carswell the Tory defector, just won his seat. May it be the first of many, and if the result in Manchester is anything to go by, the people, although limited, are showing their dissent.if it can get so close in a historically strong labour constituency, it is a good sign for further changes.
      Not much in the grand scheme I know, but drops lead to torrents.

      1. You have to be able to either raise millions in fundraising scams or have millions at your disposal to run in the US. Independents that have millions are ridiculed and/or have lies spread thru media so they never even have a chance

  3. Thank You! @ Acneska, You are very brave,… `surely` by dissemanating all these fakts to the world RE: the TRUT# aboot zio-tyrannosaurian v2.0 cunning ways to control the mass pop. of sheeples ! * so…., they must have yoo next on the docket and next in line to be publicly dissed into oblivion~ when is “your” 1st court DATE!
    ps. I Am sorry four calling you shirley*

  4. Wonderful, Acneska.

    The information/internet age is upsetting all of their little games. No longer able to pull the wool over eyes as easily as in the past. Next step, obviously, is censorship of the internet. And how to do that? Viruses shutting down the “wrong” websites and like you said spies taking notes and finding any little thing to use as a means to intimidate or arrest or shut down truth sites. Hasbara is one such group although they fail with their inability to present valid arguments for their often hilarious, bullshit claims. They are so easy to detect that they might as well give up.

    What concerns me is how we SOB’s may be helping or even hurting Mark’s case…could they (im sure they could/would) use our own words as “evidence” for Mark being a hatemongering psychopath? Its no secret that we have been become known to the unAware as a racist site filled with racists…despite the fact that militant hate groups like the black panther party are free to operate and speak of violence against whites with impunity. But its WHO you are against…no one care about the whites because we are Devil. Talk about jews and well…

    1. They have already censored US internet browsing already. I was looking recently at a help site and ran across someone calling them out because they removed the ability of US citizens to view certain material after entering a search term and the person had a friend in Germany who was able to see the material using the same exact browser. They compared notes and it turned out they were offered different internet safety settings – the US citizen could not even set his to the least censored setting and get the material the German could. Of course the company did not respond to his query… @Acneska – thank you. I suppose there is nothing BG members can do to help Mark at this point?

  5. Both side of the political race are freemasons. So if you vote for a democrat, he is a freemason. If you vote for a republican, he is a freemason. Jews control freemasonry. That is one subject that needs to be made into an article on best gore. Freemasonry and it’s purpose. I haven’t seen it be mentioned, and it is one of Jewry’s most powerful tools.
    On anther note, I wouldn’t trust banks with your life savings. The government can freeze your account whenever they want. They can seize your land or any real-estate you have. You’re safer hiding a bunch of gold coins somewhere safe. He was given a million dollar fine, hope his money wasn’t in the bank. I would put the majority of your wealth into something you can physically hide from the government. Don’t own a big expensive property that can be seized. Have a modest house. Keep most of your wealth liquid.

          1. The people of Cyprus, whether they had ten grand or a tenner in their account, turned up to draw it out, and hey presto, the money was gone.
            Those dirty Banks are a law unto themselves, an absolute disgrace, and proof positive that so called private savings accounts are nothing of the sort. When it comes to the stick and lift, nobody’s money is safe in any bank.

  6. I always knew our tyranny was better here in the west, like so many other facets of existence. We crush the masses with economic ruin, clowns and balloons in color! Oh, and our food is much better. We stuff food into other food! And don’t forget that which is most important, the sugar! You simply cannot beat being trampled on with fun and great food! Slave labor and enemies of the state are too 20th century. That’s why they are still in black and white. :mrgreen:

  7. This post is an excellent reason to always exercise your rights. I exercise mine by possessing firearms with high capacity magazines. Barak Okenya and his ilk always question “where in the Bill Of Rights does it state you should have these weapons” ? My answer is it is called the Bill Of Rights for a reason, not the Bill Of Needs.

    1. Exactly. I’m in California. High capacity magazines? No. Semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines? No. Anything reasonable? Not if they can help it. Can’t even legally own a night scope that’ll attach to a firearm. Need a permit now to buy. You know what? Not that I need it, but the fucking 2nd amendment is my permit for all the above, and bearing all the above.

  8. Okay!… So i’ve been a lurker around here for a couple of years now, haven’t felt the urge to make an account to comment until now. Usually i’ve just skipped all the anti-zionist posts because they were obvious and in my eyes silly. I’ve read some of them, and i thought this post would be something different. As soon the producers of TV shows were Zionists i laughed and just had to comment.

    I find it amazing that so many people in the comments, blindly believe what is written in the post. Yes, i must agree that the entire deal with the Denis Rancourt sounds a bit extreme. But lets try and look at it as a person who’s running the university. Here’s a guy, talking about a conflict. He has been employed to make sure the students are well informed and learn about BOTH SIDES. As far as I can see from this post, he was on the palestine side completely. Even though if he was, he should still have brought up the Israeliens motives aswell.

    Now i know you guys really like this site, so do I. Because it provides us with the raw truth and imagery of the world we live in. But that doesn’t mean everything posted here, is posted without an opinion.

    1. first of all, welcome.

      second, we never say that everything we write is Absolute Truth and to follow us blindly or be “deleted”. Everyone here is free to draw their own conclusions and to think for themselves. Unfortunately, those who share opposing sentiments often do so in a disrespectful way.

  9. POTUS be like, ‘Yo, knee grow, I say you can’t smoke pot but suck dick son that’s OK.’ Oh and I know how sensitive you Canadian’s are living under tyranny. I just love homosexuals as they bring such diversity to life.

  10. I love the site, the pics and the news that you print up. But after reading through the “If the government attacks Mark again” part I garner that you might get a great deal more support if you dump the conspiracy paranoia. It tends to make people think that one is utterly bonkers while I as well as everyone else here know that you are not.

    1. it’s not really paranoia if it’s been proven to be a fact. viruses have been sent to attack us and groups have been proven to spy on us (which is pointless since we are breaking no state, local or federal/international laws. we are protected under First Amendment to the US Constitution, Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 4 of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, and Section 2 (b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. not to mention that International law holds that freedom of expression is protected in all forms, including online i.e. based within the World Wide Web).

      A very obvious case was when a number of us changed our avatars to various photos of Hitler. less then twenty four hours later, the site was attacked, rendering members unable to change avatars from here. that’s what started all of this gravatar.com shit. so paranoid isn’t exactly the word I would use to describe it.

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