Videos of Baltimore Riots, Looting, Arson and Violence

Videos of Baltimore Riots, Looting, Arson and Violence

Three weeks after 25 year old Freddie Gray died in police custody, on the day his remains were to be laid to rest, the city of Baltimore erupted in a string of violence, including looting and arson.

I see Baltimore riots as Ferguson v2. The African American community is malleable, and easily misled – the last thing the ZOG wants is the build-up of enough heat and pressure to temper the useless consumers into a resistance organized enough to actually challenge the police state. Nothing fuels divide and conquer quite like the incitement of racism by design.

For a week, protests in Baltimore remained peaceful and quiet. Then literally overnight, mayhem and chaos took the city over. I can’t hep but wonder if the same group of “professional looters” who turned Ferguson upside down, were also shipped by truckloads to Baltimore.

I also wonder what kind of heinous crap the Congress will pass while the sheeple are being hypnotized by endless coverage of blacks torching cars on mainstream media.

Here is a video from Baltimore, props to Best Gore member ThePortugueseDude:

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          1. But isnt it about time a second civil war erupts rather than being sitting on top of that ever-growing gunpowder fearing everyday that one day it will explode against you?

        1. There will never be another civil war here it is either WW3 or Martial Law…the Government is trying to force us into Martial Law so they can say what goes etc we lose our right to vote work or eat when we want too. We will be in fema camps and food will be rashened. What ever president is in office will stay in office until Martial Law is over…Martial Law os for our own “protection” the last guy who made a gun law for “the kids” then after all guns were taken he passed Martial Law so he could stay in power until someone “killed” him….ladies and gents his name was Adolf Hitler…..see a pattern here???? It’s coming…for the USA atleast I don’t know about the reat of the world…soon a One World Order will be put into law also…after that the world ends….All prophesy is being fulfilled. …right in front of our eyes..

        2. Also the USA is a spoiled rotten place that can’t do anything for itself so we make ourselves look good by being big brother who is gping to help us when we fall??? Noone because that is what the world is waiting for! We are a corrupt state that has veen selfish for way too long…us fight a civil war? Haha we can’t even get along enough to protest the government the right way…it wouldbe mass murder and riots ppeople will be stealing Tvs and shoes not fighting for freedom and rights.. there would never be peace. All it will be is Americans killing Americans and that is what the world is waiting for….

          1. Ever had a situation that you once tought to be impossible proving you otherwise? I certainly do… Nostradamus as well… and the astrals rarelly lie, but if things start to break out, people will notice it quickly. It wont be an “appocalypse” or anything like “fighting for survival”. Its gonna be mere regional conflict, not a real war, it will be like a mere “killing for peace” situation, maintaining order like it once were, but 2 or more factions will be certainly formed, and many more will come out from the shadows to maintain that peace. Now i wont say much more about it… but you’re probably right because people dont want to fight, they just want to be left alone. Maybe calling it “civil war” was too rough of a word. 🙂

          2. Yea I kinda see where you leading this too…there will never be true peace in the world it will all be an illusion (trust me you will see for yourself oneday) 7 years peace treaty….hmmmm sounds great eh!?! 😉 this world is not kind this world is not peace this world is just merelya waiting room for permanent things to come….choose your path wisely…stairway to hheaven or highway to is all up to you in the end..I choose not to follow the sheeple and Iam making my own path it does make me a huge target but I proudly acceptthe challenge. .. the sheeple will laugh at you now but oneday and on that glorious day you will be the one with that final laugh….you have been warned sheeple Open Your Eyes before it’s too late….Ilove this wwebsite because it shows the true evil of this world why is it so true? Because if it wasnt it would ve on the news.. the news never shows the truth behindanything…oneday this site will also ve shut down they are aalready censoring YouTube even more…truthseekers will all ve atracked and shut down because we are the resistance! Yea yea you think I’m crazy now but mark my words one day you will see 😉 kept up the good work Bestgore!!!

          3. They wont be successful to kill an entire movement that is not based on a “leader” system… 😛 They cannot stop the awakening, and the truth can never be hid forever.

    1. This just shows the mindset of the negro, looking for any reason to riot and loot.?The guy was a felon with a long criminal history, was seen selling drugs and after resisting arrest the videos show he went into the van just fine. There were no police in the back so whatever injuries he got were self-inflicted (probably from banging his head against the sides).?Somehow his injuries become the fault of the police. Typical liberal/negro thinking.

      1. Definitely not taking the switchblade knife carrying niggers side but I gotta tell you that being handcuffed and shackled in the back of a paddy wagon unrestrained… is nothing new they have been fucking people up like this since forever. He is not the first nor will he be the last they do this too. A couple of curbs a speed bump or two and some fast cornering the result is going airborne and slamming flesh against steel. Cops can be murderous dicks.

  1. I find this type of expression of anger and oppression to be inadequate to its main purpose. Baltimore folks want to show concerning police brutality, but alas they’re the makers of their own demise. Social collapse at its finest..

      1. I saw that picture too, it does give a glimpse of hope and i appreciate your concern. We the people are in a very serious situation with this great nation has corrupted so much in establishments and politics its scary thinking about the financial crisis coming this fall/winter. What happens when all of society witnesses the same uprising in Baltimore in every U.S. city in the state? America aka. Rome pt. 2 THE GREAT FALL

    1. On the way: DOJ Eric, Al, Jesse, Coulda been my son Obongo, all news networks, riot insurance companies, Hollywood, NAACP, SPLC, and every masked and pants draggin’ looter. “Yeah-dat’s right-tear this place up for…for…uhhhh…what’s his name…grab me sum forties and sum blunts…yeah…duh Whiteys got to pay…”See the difference, liberals? Welfare provides the scum with the necessities for living, and the rest of us WORK and EDUCATE to improve ourselves. The welfare scum does not have anything to do but strut around and look “cool”.Any pseudo-degreed liberal socialist is a liar to say we are all the same.Segregation will eliminate most of the problems.Go back to your country. Stay out of my country.You greedy, parasitic, hateful Jews are behind it all, to destroy White nationalism, our solidarity.But WE get stronger when faced with challenges. Rather then whine to the ‘guvmint’: “Ah needs help.”Your negro two-digit IQs belong in Africa.

    2. That’s because it’s ran by an ape. When you out a human in charge shit changes. What else do you expect from National geographic? I have not seen that many monkeys in one place since I went to the zoo in 89 ….

    1. Hey Ewes…any room over there for us to ship over a few hundred thousand ghetto niggers?? Better yet, give em over to Russia..they got plenty of space and shit talking niggers wouldn’t know what the fuck to do once they get slapped silly by some crazy drunk Russian guys.

        1. Let me make this clear. I do not hate black people but I do hate uneducated people in general. But this is stupid blaming every police officer. There are good cops out there, did you hear about the cop that was put into a coma by a brick? Fucking monsters all around it’s kind of sickening.

          1. I’m sure that pig put a few in a coma. Stop playing the fucken victim game. This is a war. And if innocent people must die to prove a point then so be it. Learn the economics of war before you act like a mom that gives a fuck.

          2. Acting? I do care. And you think this is war? Tell me what’s the war on? Police are here for our protection but people like you villinize them. If someone broke into your house who would you call? The Police. So no these niggers are playing fucking victim. Maybe if they would get an education they wouldn’t be in this situation. I can’t stand people like you who put others into categories. What if that cop was your friend? How would you feel then. In conclusion stop being a hypocrite. Their was no violent force used against the protesters until very recently. He was just doing his fucking job.

          3. Okay I’m only going to comment because once again this was made under my original comment otherwise I would have ignored it.

            I actually agree there are still good cops out there (I know a few) HOWEVER… you are defending a cop and talking about how would someone feel if that was their friend and yet you laugh and say it’s no big deal when a newborn baby is abused. How you feel about this cop is how many people feel about children being abused…just thought I’d point that out.

          4. @little foot
            If you go back to that section I point out that I was being sarcastic. And just for yalls benefit I’m going to point out when I’m being sarcastic.

          5. I’m gonna call ghostbusters. They have a better track record then the police. Who keep saying that they are there to protect us. Way to many times the pigs have failed me, my family , friends and even total strangers. I thought I left corrupted cops back home when I moved to canada. But they are everywhere. And they aren’t going anywhere unless we become militarized and start pushing back. They are called city police for a reason. And that is to protect the powerful in their city. Nothing but guard dogs for politicians.

  2. Now if all the white people in Baltimore joined them, some changes might actually occur. The government won’t change unless the people who are in it, are made to bleed. I’m just glad that these blacks are starting to attack the police for a change. Instead of just random white people.

    1. From what I seen in this video all they’re doing is attacking random white people. I’m all for demonstrating your anger, even if it gets ugly just don’t direct the anger at the at innocent people or I’m going to call you a dumb fucking nigger acting like a monkey.

  3. Black people bring hate and racism on themselves. Just look how you guys look on here. Straight monkeys.
    If any law should be passed, it should only affect the ghetto black community. Ima b pissed if i and the rest of america have to suffer for your bs.

  4. Words like ironic or funny don’t seem to describe the fact that a week of peaceful protest goes un-reported but throw rioting, looting, arson, assault ect into the picture and the powers that be scramble to change and appease. Almost like these things HAVE to happen in order to effect change in our countries police departments. Oh well if you are unfortunate enough to live in these areas and are decent I feel for ya.
    I saw lots of video yesterday on tv and had not seen this one.
    Is it because it shows blacks being racist attacking whites ?
    Wouldn’t want the sheeple to doubt the wisdom of multiculturalism.

    1. Violence sells, peace doesnt.
      “All is fair in love and war”
      Love doesnt do shit, now war(people) against the established order.. Thats what we need. Violence on the media sometimes works on their favor. Peace never works against them unless you have a shitload of people. real life chess is fucking hard to play (us vs the system)when the establishment is so organized and has tons of resources at their disposal. Our side is dysfunctional and divided. It’s like, they have all their pieces, not even touched. While us, are on our assess eating a burger, doing drugs, jerking each other off, passed out, partying like retards, and backstabbing ourselves. Fuck you establishment!!!!

  5. RaHoWa – racial holy war.

    I’ve lived in bmore my entire life, its always been a rough place but watching ppl burn down their own city is disheartening.

    At least all the heroin and other assorted dealers will make lots of money since they they torched one of the only drug stores in the Penn north area and what better way to cope. At least they didn’t torch the book stores and libraries..

  6. Give ’em an inch, they take a neighborhood. Give ’em everything they ask for or riot for and they don’t know what to do with it or why they wanted it.
    I often post here on BG my disdain for the police here in the U.S. and their errogant, violent behavior and then I turn on the news and root for them while they literally battle in the streets with these black criminals.

    On a side note. The Orioles and White Sox will play a game in an empty stadium. No fans allowed due to the violence. The first time ever in MLB history for this to occur.

    1. Black dressed in yellow she looked like an angry bumblebee.
      Float like a butterfly sting like a bee rumble young man rumble !!! LMAO
      She BEAT his ass.
      Thanks for the quote Muhammad Ali.

  7. Its Black Friday time again folks and items are changing hands so fast the retail outlets are practically on fire.

    The retailers have not seen this much action since the last time a black person was killed by a cop, so all in all its been about a week.

    Baltimore?s leading newspaper ?The Daily Shithole? spoke to one of the protestors; a Mr Moralis Quandary, yesterday.

    This is what Mr Quandary had to say, ?I beez here, all day, supporting my peoples against da racist po po. I show dem my anger my requisitioning the 50? plasma screen Tvs, the shiny bling in da jewellery stores and the petty cash from da tills, not for me of course but for the sake of all the brothers these whitey scum po po have killed?.

    The Daily Shithole also spoke to leading liberal thinker; Dr Sui Caedere, who said ? what you?ve got to understand is that by setting fire to buildings in their own communities they were hoping to send out an SOS to the world. They were hoping the world sees their plight, their suffering and reaches out to them. The looting and random assaults were also a cry for help, these were actions of desperation, not malice so lets save our own souls by reaching out and helping them via lenient jail terms, free houses and more government handouts thus allowing them to consume copious amounts of KFC and watermelon?.

    Wow-wee, no doubt the aforementioned racism and riots will bring about long term martial law as a result.

    Goodness gracious, petty squabbles among the masses sure do divide them even further and allow them to be controlled via their own agreement.

    Good night and see you again folks.

    1. Hahahah

      Don’t think any of those apes would know what requisition means lol…” Uhh yea DAT be rekawishin on datnigga”

      “Copious amounts of KFC and watermelon” seriously…

      The main instigators were teenagers, they respect nothing. Given the choice between getting dem new Jordan’s or paying a bill, the Jordan’s win out every time. They don’t care that ppl in Harlem park Penn north sandtown ect that work at the looted places or relied on them are now out of work.

      When I used to use I had to go to that Shithole side of westbmore to cop dope often, dealing with those animals was always a a pain, even when I had a few reliable phone guys they were still all ghetto just like the ones on the strip.

      1. Yea after The Bloods, Crips and Black Gorilla family restore order I wonder when they will follow through with their threat to shoot cops.
        The worst thing the city of Baltimore could do is to allow legitimacy to become associated with these assholes.
        Talk about the fox in the hen coop.

        1. True enough, i was referencing his statement that it was the younger community committing the crimes. We all know a gang is about as credible as jock itch. However it is truly saying something when two gangs who make a living killing each other join up to stop (mostly) youngsters from destroying the city. All credibility aside.

          1. It’s all about money. “Gots ta git pay’d!”
            Every night that those streets are full of cops and media, these gangs are losing thousands in revenues generated from drug sales and pimpin’.

    1. I don’t know bro the other day I watched a video of a drone filming chimps and one of them climbed a tree and knocked it out of the air with a stick…I thought great…now they have anti aircraft capability.

  8. This has all been instigated by the Jewish media, Jewish Hollywood movies, White privilege speeches by Jews like Tim Wise. Blacks are being encouraged to do this by Dirty Rotten Sneaky Jews. All gentiles need to unite against Jewish communists.

    If Jews can bring the country to a crisis point such as civil war, they can take complete communist control.

  9. It won’t be long now until the blacks learn to plan and execute riots intentionally around mid-month when the welfare handouts begin to dry up.
    An example could be as follows. There’s a negro that we’ll call, “Willie”. Willie has sickle cell anemia and is expendable. The decision is made that Willie will be sacrificed for the betterment of the black community.
    Willie is given copious amounts of cheap gin and strapped into a wheelchair with a few toy handguns and a toy rifle. When a police officer is spotted at a traffic light, a string of firecrackers in Willies lap is lit and Willie and his wheelchair are pushed out into the street in front of the police officer(s).
    Seeing the guns and fearing for their lives, the police return fire killing the shit out of poor ol’ Wheelchair Willie.
    A brief investigation reveals that the police had gunned down yet another innocent black man, who, in this instance was armed only with a few toys. As anticipated, the protesters fill the streets and the riots and looting begin after dark.
    Now, rather than disorganized looting and arson, you will see more organized “shoppers” with shopping lists and shopping carts refilling their monthly prescriptions and restocking their malt liquor. Getting that home entertainment center that they had their eye on.
    Un-evolved or deceptively brilliant?

  10. I am no prejudice nor racist but COMMON! Even the Caucasian can be niggers at times. I see lots of blacks causing destruction and so many whites trying to stop this riot. Kudos goes to the woman in the bar helping the injured black man. Blacks wonder why they are judged and ostracized. Sheesh

  11. This might have already been asked and answered but did you see the video of a morher that saw her son on tv throwing stuff at the police and she went and yanked his mask off and whooped his tale on tv telling him to get in the car as she was hitting him….haha that has to be embarrassing but more mothers need to do that!

    1. Nah it is just going to force us into Martial Law…that has been our Governments plan this whole time. See with whites and blacks as civilians fighting like this the Government will say hey to help you out and protect you we will force Martial Law to help….yup we will have caused this ourselves so we wont blame the Government which was put here for the people by the people! Hence the Government is for us not them yet they have completely brainwashed us into thinking they do all of this for our safety and our votes matter ha no they don’t sorry but it is the truth…turn off your TellLiesVision and look around for once. The TV is nothing but lies to provoke us into protesting and fighting each other when it is the Government whom is provokeing hate…..

  12. I would hate to be black……….

    just doing my best to fit in with society……

    but forever being dragged down by the nigger.

    if there is a race war………… should be niggers against black folk…..

    then when all the niggers are gone and the streets are safe for all colors…..cos niggers love killing niggers …..eveyone will be happy………..

    1. Don’t you see this is already happening? They already kill each other and hate each other….I don’t understand how a Race hates its own Race…look at Korea for instance they hate each other so they divided the land and families it didn’t matter who they were and they are all the same Race yet they have been at war for over 50years…yup the North and South still threaten to blow each other up over there everyday. …could you imagine whites hating whites and seperateing us from each other??? That sounds insane and white people will never do that.. but the black people will….instead of banning together they crumble apart how is the riots helping that man that died? Yes we all see the corrupt cops they do the same to whites and we agree they are the problems but when blacks get on tv the media sends them into a whirlwind of hate and all whites see is the agenda the media is showing us . We no longer think of corrupt cops or government we think of the blacks causing riots and hate….we fall for it everytime….so the blacks are killing the blacks and we all sit back and watch it instead of honestly helping… white neighbors don’t fight othwr white neighbors. ..but blacks seem to hate eachother so much they will all fight for nothing… it’s a sad world….

  13. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. The other day I saw a black lady dragging her nigger son out of the rioters and beating the shit out of him! Why don’t more black mothers do this? Beat some sense into them now, stop being a dredge on society for fuck sakes raise some productive people then maybe we wouldn’t be all up in here (well maybe some of us) talking about how shitty niggers are.

    1. While they are at it why don’t all the “thug rappers” in the music business come on tv and tell them to stop or how about go protest with them ??? Where are the rough neck “living on streets during hard times thug singers ” at now??? People need to wake up man! They got in made and will never come out and act that way for nobody yet they sell millions lying about how they get treated by the cops ha wow! And the kids believe them. Not trying to diss rap music I am just sayin…..

  14. Most of the insanity took place on the west side in basically Harlem park penn north, bit on the east side by the district Court, ppl burned down a senior center that was being built….a fucking senior center! These ppl are animals..

    One shoe store owner who had his business destroyed was watching his security cams from home and saw his employees and regular customers looting the place among others. Big surprise he is taking the insurance money and adding one more match box to the city.

    Let’s see how long it is till all these nignogs are crying that they don’t have a major pharmacy to get their HIV meds, or why no one in america would ever want to give these ppl anything since they are taking a huge nig dump right on their own porch. No companies are going to invest here.

    I drove for uber and gotsgs like be careful if driving near the city haha..I didn’t even go out. I don’t want to watch these walking stereotypes burning down my city.

    I might switch up my carry from the .40s&w to the 45acp. More stopping power hah.

  15. Isn’t it interesting that the White House is so nonchalant about Baltimore…

    Obama and Holder were all over Ferguson but why not here?…

    Because Ferguson was spun as a ‘white cop’ issue…

    But Baltimore… With its black mayor… Black police commissioner… And largely black police force… Is not a ‘white crime’ issue…

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