Video Showing ISIS Executions Are Staged Obtained from Device of John McCain Staffer by Hackers

Video Showing ISIS Executions Are Staged Obtained from Device of John McCain Staffer by Hackers

Hacker group CyberBerkut has leaked a video which appears to show how ISIS executions are staged by Hollywood production studios. According to CyberBerkut, the video was taken from a device belonging to a close collaborator to John McCain while he was in Ukraine. CyberBerkut hacked into the staffer’s device and retrieved the video from it.

Mark Twain once said that: “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” Because We The People are indoctrinated and manipulated by countless external stimuli, including the media, Hollywood, literature, the education system, the government, etc. it’s always easier to doubt what contradicts the authoritarian rhetoric than to believe it.

Thus, it is a natural response of the human mind that has been beaten down by a lifetime of brainwashing, to come up with a million different reasons why that which contradicts the authoritarians must be fake.

What we have before us is a video and no matter what any of us does, none will be able to come up with a definitive “genuine” or “fake” conclusion. So let’s look at the bigger picture instead.

We know that armed forces loyal to Israel, including the US Army, have their military bases on virtually every corner of the planet. We also know that governments loyal to Israel train, arm, finance and support terrorist groups with an objective to bring to the ruin countries whose leaders don’t bow down to Israel. Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi was recently assassinated for this reason, now they are after Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.

What we also know is that there are Hollywood producers, such as Jew Arnon Milchan, with a well documented past of being Israeli secret agents, working directly with Mossad to smuggle nuclear weapons technology to Israel for their rogue nuclear weapons program.

Furthermore, we know that Zionist Jews have a proven track record of producing fake videos for the Muslim terrorists that they themselves created.

After the video of alleged Hollywood staging of ISIS executions, you will find a video of the Kenyan saying it directly and openly to the media that we are training ISIS, although he calls them ISIL. The reason being – ISIS is an acronym for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, so Kenyan, as well as other Israel lap dogs and Zionist mainstream media use ISIL as a means of misdirection.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusion about the leaked video, but will just remind you that shills will always be out in full force when such dramatic evidence is released. Learn how to recognize them, and learn to recognize their tricks. They are professional deceivers, trained for years in the art of misinformation. Expect them, notice them, don’t let them hoodwink you.

Video leaked by CyberBerkut allegedly showing Hollywood production studios staging beheadings for ISIS:

Video of Kenyan admitting that we’re training ISIS:

Video of Israeli authors revealing that ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service:

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232 thoughts on “Video Showing ISIS Executions Are Staged Obtained from Device of John McCain Staffer by Hackers”

    1. It’s incredible how the entire world media pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. The Islamic State is backed by the americans and israelis and yet everyday the media repeats to the people all over the world that it is the other way around and the americans and israelis are fighting the IS. The only ones really fighting the IS are the Syrian armed forces and the media portraits them as the ‘bad guys’.

      It’s like Malcom X said: “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

      1. Think about it, funding and backing IS helps America because when IS takes over every part of Syria and Iraq, America will swoop in and destroy IS since they will be hurt from the war and it makes the focus on only one faction versus America having to combat them all and take heavier losses

      1. I agree that if anything is faked, it’s this video being “leaked” by a hacker group. Just people trying to stir up the pot a little bit getting Americans to hate their country even more than they already do.

      2. There is no Microphone Boom. We hear JJ on the other videos. Camera is too far away to get audio as good as the beheading video. In beheading video the mic would have to be just out of frame above JJ head. I call BS on this. Because the real question is….where is the audio being recorded too? I see no boom, no mic, no, recorder, nothing.

        1. lapel mic or a sound recorder near the camera. they can pick up sound clearly from quite a distance. also, since jihadi john has his face covered, his voice could be dubbed in in post.

          1. dubbed in post I could see. But I know what this equipment looks like and they don’t have it. You don’t get that audio with a lapel. It’s really good audio. But you might have something with the post work.

    1. “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see”………… That goes for here, there, behind you, above you, whatever. Some much bullshit everywhere and people thinking and knowing, it’s fucked.

      None of you know shit. Nobody does. It’s all a lie. Who cares, live your life and stop drinking in all this bullshit.

      This video could be a Hollywood movie set recreating the real video being made in a studio, ever think of that? Why the fuck would he keep it in his records for hackers to steal it?

      1. ” Live your life and stop drinking in all this bullshit ”

        Fully agree with you there. Wasting time arguing and toing and froing over this and other issues gets nobody anywhere.
        That’s the thing about opinions, we’ve all got ’em, but when all’s said and done, what’s changed ?. Not much.

  1. hmm i’ll just ask does it really matter,is it fake or not?
    we all know they are just a bunch of wild animals who kill hundreds of civilians every day,rape even more goats,all while screaming allahu akbar-their brain isnt really developed so thats their whole vocabulary
    it wouldnt be a shock if american media fakes it nor it would be a shock if those animals really did it
    so in the end-who cares?

    1. Well, if our own government is capable of deception on such a grandiose scale, not batting the slightest eyelash at the massacre of thousands and thousands of lives, woman and children included, promoting it actually…if the people we put in power are that heartless than what the fuck do you think they are doing to us here in our own country? That is why is matters gentlemen. I don’t know about you but I am not comfortable living under the leadership of such monsters. Sure, these fanatics are nothing but savages, whether they are aware of the truths we are coming to see here…but at least they are honest and straightforward about what they do. If the US is really behind ISIS, then they are worse than any savage we have witnessed in the pages of bestgore. …..but lets be smart about our convictions, let’s save the bandwagons for the less intelligent sheep. We know that this video can neither be verified nor vilified….but, given that all the equipment pictured within would be at a cost unattainable to most, I say that this is no amateur fake. Wherever this was made was somewhere where the capitol for such a production was availible….which gives credit to the claims we make on best gore. And another thing, I have heard of a video where ISIS threatens. “Rivers of blood in Gaza” because they have strayed away or something to that affect. Yet, they would have to travel through Isreal to get to Gaza….and not attack? I mean, come the fuck on the 3rd holiest site in Sunnah Islam in in Jerusalem for fucks sake?!?! Anceska, or any other members, can we find and post this video? I think we need to see this….

      1. Actually, what we need to do is reference some of the “Jihadi John” executions and look for similarities is movement and body language. Granted, who knows how many takes they took but its a start. If we could analyze the audio as well…

    2. Why lump all goat rapists in the same group? Some are upstanding rapists from what I hear. Much more dignified than the pale skinned american kidnappers that left people of color and their families decimated from hundreds of years of enslavement ,violence and evil laws

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        1. That’s why after a century and a half of “non-slavery”… You blue-gums still can’t take care of yourselves… You need the White man to give you your welfare check and your public housing…

          You know I’m right… Look at the current immigration statistics of Europe and North America…
          It seems like you niggers love being slaves… “Muh Holocaust… Muh Holocaust…”

          Niggers are like Bulls in a china shop…
          Whatever you don’t break… You shit on…

          Typical niggers…

  2. I’m sure plenty of the videos put out are fake. In some of them the guns don’t cycle when they are fired, which tells you they are either firing blanks, (without blank adapters like those used in movies, which will cycle the action) or they are adding shit in afterwards w/CGI. Either way they suck, and smell pretty bad too.

  3. Nobody said America is awesome. I live in Texas. I don’t think I really care one way or another. As long as I can go to work and make money and Uncle Sam writes me a check I really don’t care. I can say and do whatever I want in my home. So good luck taking that from me. If you live where people are corrupt then oh well. Sucks for you.

    1. That’s where my mind rests on this. I do keep up with isis more than the average person, and I have always looked at them with a skeptical eye (would not surprise me a bit if the Israelis are in bed with isis). However, nothing about this video itself sas that this is necessarily a studio on Hollywood. A place like this could just as easily exist in tel Aviv as it could in hollywood. However at the end of the day, these guys are a world away from where I live my life. I can do my job. I can raise my family. And except for the occasional video on bestgore, isis doesn’t really have a direct effect on my life. If and when they do, my family is ready.

    2. People like you are the exact reason are country is the way it is today, how fucking dare you say that, you have a fucking obligation to protect the Constitution from all enemy’s foreign and domestic. Here in America thanks to you poor apathetic sheep, we now have the highest prison population in the world, Monsanto has patents on seeds, they’re adding neurotoxins for no other reason but to make you even more stupid to our tap water, Lets see well it rains nano particulates of aluminum daily, don’t believe me i dare you to google Geoengnieering, the Constitution has been completely shredded, i could go on and on, you’re not loved by your leaders and never will be its always been the other way around, thank you for ruining my future, that exact mentality has destroyed everything i love, wake the fuck up slave, FREEDOM ISN’T FREE.

          1. theberge to clear up, you’re actually a idiot. If you took time to research, you will see i got zero information off Wikipedia, run along sheep the truth is to much for you to handle

          2. Goggle isn’t even trying to hide it dumb ass. Climate engineering is very real. LOL you really think your government would ask your your permission or tell you the truth, you people are to funny you know that

          3. Easy killer. I drink from a well. lol. On a side note, you can get your point across without name calling. You made valid points, just need to relax a bit bud.

          4. BTW… @ShamansBlood…
            Do you believe everything Alex Jones tells you…

            I guess you’re the fool that follows the fool…


          1. Blayvier i was not directing any of that to you friend, except “Good man don’t let them make us a slave” and i know, i try so hard to be nice, i just cant anymore, when i try to spread truth i’m always treated like shit so i fire right back at them now, cant not everything i love is on the line

          2. I like how you say prove me wrong, then give no factual evidence except “Google said it.” There are plenty of things that Google will present you that are not factual in any way. But I guess because you called me an idiot and a sheep, that makes me wrong. You have done nothing to convince me of anything except that you are a sad, lonely man (or lady, don’t really know, don’t really care).

          3. @shamans blood

            No worries brother. I completely understand your frustrations. You have yourself a good night. Don’t let this kinda thing eat at you, one can only do so much. Cheers bud.

      1. Also in America you can have your opinions and thoughts and I can have mine. I am ex military. So what. Prison population? I’m not in prison not am I the majority “race” there. You complain all you want. I did my service honorably. Let someone else do it now. I have a great job great family and in my lifetime the world will be fine minus a few retards.

        1. You’re required to protect the Constitution from ALL enemy’s foreign and domestic. you for not caring in the times of great treason are yourself committing treason against the the American people so please please get the fuck out of are country coward, you don’t deserve freedom of speech like you would actually say something that wasn’t programed anyways

          1. I’m not required to do anything except go to work. Make money. Spend it. Take care of my family. 3.8 billion people in America and you’re worried about my thoughts and actions? I ain’t required to do shit I don’t wanna. So who needs to wakeup? I’m headed to bed. To wakeup 3am. Work by 6am. Come home and now my yard. I don’t live in a desert. Goodnight son. When you wakeup and go to your shitty job you should try to enjoy your day. Maybe take a break from best gore. Lol

          1. The sense of urgency is legitimate sheeple. i have every right to bitch, i grew up in this country so ill say what i want about the fucking fools they’re killing us if you haven’t noticed.

        2. Ignorance is no excuse, and you actually think your military service was honorable, Hahahah what ever lets you sleep at night, you’re delusional, thought id let you know. Now you can take this truth, and become a emotional bitch, or maybe, just maybe, see the light, and actually help and defend we the people, i doubt it though, most people are incapable of going beyond ego, not even knowing your mind is nothing but a tool it’s not who you are, and when you die everything you thought was you, will be gone, so i suggest becoming ego less now, and actually fight for something other then yourself. I said it a million times and ill say it a million more wake the fuck up.

          1. You are still presenting nothing here. You are pissing into the wind then getting mad you are all wet. All you do is call people dumb and talk about the man holding you down.

      1. And I care plenty about people other than myself. I work hard teaching in a classroom full of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. I am working with people who would go off the handle and kill innocent people if it wasn’t for people like me teaching them life skills and self control. God you are ignorant and infuriating.

      1. That’s right. Ain’t no army charging country boys. Police don’t even effect me. I am white. Lol. Seems only people I see in trouble are people who don’t work 7-3. All these murders by police ain’t bothering me. I say yes sir and keep moving. Or would rather, funny how when you have a job and break no laws, you rarely have trouble. GO COWBOYS!!

        1. “Go Cowboys” – the most offensive thing I have read all night lol.

          I’ll stick with my boys, America’s team, YOUR New England Patriots.

          But in all honesty all off those folks who seem to see us as “sheeple,” as I have been called for the first time tonight, seem to have nothing else to do but make themselves the oppressed victim to anyone who will listen. Yeah, you are an American with enough Internet access to spend your day on message boards and comment threads. Gee, you sure have it tough.

          1. You’ve got to be in either south or central Texas?? I was hog hunting in northern Texas in 2011 and got snowed on :S

          2. Next time I hunt during winter I guess I’ll go a little farther south. I thought about hunting Colorado next not sure though..

          1. Thank you @nofaith I’ve got more than enough white tail here at home. Im after wild hog usually travel twice a year to hunt them.

  4. This is why all White European nations should get out of the Middle East… We need to quit fighting the Jews neverending war…
    The only country I wouldn’t mind seeing militarily invaded would be Israel… Then send ALL the Jews to the south pole…
    If they want their own country… I’d do one better… I’d give them their own continent…
    I’d give them a chance to “chill out”… 😀

  5. Saw a programme earlier, Kenyan cunt chops interviewing David Attenborough. They were talking about overpopulation. Mr Attenborough has a voice a lot of people have grown to know and love. He is respected and thought of as always speaking the truth.

    It’s too obvious now, I see this crap every where I turn.

    That skinny mix raced mongrel is the cheesiest piece of shit I’ve ever seen. Dead eyes, big fake smile, concentrating way to hard on his own body language and tone of voice. Just a big sack of synthetic diarrhoea.

  6. Personally, I’d like to keep them all in a cage. Go through every clip on bg I wish was in better quality, and then re-enact said clip in full beautiful 4K for everyone to enjoy! Better still, they’d all be Jews so even puppy clickers could watch with peace of mind

    Women and children will be donated to the prisons and used. Once used, mince em up and feed the slush to the cage Jews.

  7. It looks like Jihadi John in that Steven Sotloff beheading video, the same kind of hand posturing with the knife, both left handed and both wearing the same boots with the same clothes.

    If you look at the light shining on those shoulder straps he seems to be wearing the same double gun straps as well.

    1. It could also just be a movie about one of the hostages or about all of them…it really doesn’t matter since the creation of ISIS by Mossad and the CIA is operation code name Hornets Nest….

    2. Us Yanks have used the Brits playbook when you leave a country….Iraq was ran by Sunnis under Saddam so we installed a Shia Govt and than we create a Sunni group before we withdraw the troops since the Shia govt in Iraq is aligned with Shia Iran…the whole strategy in the Middle East is to keep the Arabs divided at all cost for the security of the USA ugly step child…

  8. 20 to 30 years from now, Hollywood will be remaking all of these like they do everything else. So, enjoy the originals while you can! Especially before they get remade with all female casts like that new Ghostbusters movie. Fuck you, H-Town!

        1. You know, I’ve got nothing against women. It’s just when people do shit like this for some political agenda is when it grinds my gears. Women in a movie? Cool. I love Alien and Aliens. Ripley is a badass, but when something gets taken and changed the way a movie like Ghostbusters is…bleh. Gag me with a spoon. Of course, no one is forcing me to watch it, and I won’t, it’s the fact that it is being made at all instead of doing something original that bugs me.

          1. I’m in total agreement with that I’ve yet to watch several movies for the same reason to be it does nothing but destroy the movie for me.

  9. I don’t know if I am missing something here, but what would be the point of staging the videos? Whether they are real or not the ‘message’ is the same, that ISIS want world dominance and they are setting out to achieve it whatever way they can.

    1. The purpose of the staged videos is to delete the boundaries between reality and fantasy, true and falsety. They want people to be uncertain about what it is really happening.

    2. @gunkgirl, the issue is that ISIS were/are a western funded outfit. They are the very same ?freedom fighters? we armed and financed to overthrow Gadaffi and soon to be Assad.

      It stands to reason then that they are using them as a boogeyman, much like how they did with Bin Laden, and these mock executions are being created and used in much the same way as the old Bin Laden videos were used to keep the war going strong and the war chests fully funded.

      The public are like children in the above regard because you can keep them engrossed in the story and gain their support merely by giving them a big, bad Mr Wolf to focus on.

      If our governments truly wanted to stop these extremist hot heads they would have backed and supported Gaddafi and Assad.

      Remember, a manufactured threat can still be real and still become a threat but the biggest threat still remains those who manufactured it in the first place.

      To end on a fitting quote;

      ?Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities?.


    3. @gunkgirl They haven’t explained anything to you what you already didn’t probe with your reasonable question. ISIS or Daesh is strategically aligned with the same coalition that proclaimed Syria to be within the “axis of evil” or a rogue state, which by itself is an utterly hypocritical and baseless accusation, which you can realize after even a shallow research. That coalition is led by US and it’s cronies.

      With reckless realpolitik and possibly purposefully faulty intel US allowed the Sunni surge because in Syria there is almost no secular opposition to the secular government, this allowed ISIL and others to spawn. It would be utterly absurd for US to train ISIL because the risk and the eventual cost of containing political turmoil in the strategically importan Middle East would outdo any benefit.

      My brief analysis of this..first video shows nothing, it can be and it is fake. There would be no point for US to stage anything because ISIS is already using murder as propaganda to advertise itself to the jihadi public. Second video is a simple slip of a tongue and for the third video there is no evidence of Israel involvment, even though it wouldn’t suprise. I know myself from my time in Palestine that Hamas had ties with Israel during its PLO struggle.

  10. Have been reading this book about the rosicrucians and it spoke about the path of destruction each race brings if you become too self absorbed in race. This is the pitfall that the Jews fell into and why Jesus was incarnated as a Jew, a sort of last ditch effort to save them since they would trust no other unless they were a Jew too. But we all know how that ended up.

  11. If this was true wouldn’t at least some news organization ,not controlled by the (EVIL MONIACAL ZIONIST AND ITS ALIES) have exsposed this story. And not even mentioning FOX (FAUX) news and Russian anti-western news channel RT. I mean forgive me but all I see is a pretty dark screenshot with a supposed story to go with it. You could take this picture and and add a million stories to it.

    * A documentary
    * A law enforcement anti-terror training video
    * A Hollywood movie

    One must remember that the simplest answer to a problem or question is usually the right one. And why Ukrain of all places? Isn’t that risky with the Russian presence there right now and the risk of them exposing us. It would’ve been far more easier to film in Isreal or the U.S. What would’ve made more since, filming in a top secret U.S. military site , a secret MUSAD building in the heart of Tel Aviv or an Eastern European shithole of a country crawling with Russians. I’m not saying I’m pro-this or anti-that but this story doesn’t even seen that it warrants space on this or any other website until we see more proof. This is just a picture and rumor for right now and not even a good picture. For me or anyone with a brain I think it safe to put this in the category of the Babushka lady, the Loch Ness Surgeon’s photo and the Bigfoot Patterson film. Or maybe you can write me off as just a pro Zionist sheep as you all like to say. But those who think this is legitimate should ask themselves this, “Am I just a sheep myself that will believe anything another anti-liberal, Jew hating, euro-centric, pseudo-intellectual told me to believe?”

    1. “One must remember that the simplest answer to a problem or question is usually the right one.”

      Who do you think is benefiting from all this organized chaos in the Middle East?… That’s what it boils down to… Follow the money…
      Why hasn’t ISIS… Or whatever they want to call themselves this week… Militarily attacked Israel yet?… Hmmm…
      ISIS has military operations pretty much all over the Middle East… Pretty much everywhere except Israel…

      Now if you think this is illegitimate… You have to ask yourself…
      “Am I just a sheeple myself that will believe anything another libtard… Jew loving… Jew-centric… Ignoramus told me to believe?… “

    2. @KraKerKilla,

      ?But those who think this is legitimate should ask themselves this, ?Am I just a sheep myself that will believe anything another anti-liberal, Jew hating, euro-centric, pseudo-intellectual told me to believe??

      Why do those who think this is legitimate have to be anti-liberal, Jew hating, euro-centric, pseudo-intellectuals?, this would mean that those who believe it to be false are all wonderful human beings without a shred of malice.

      Legitimacy of argument is a game of information gathering and conclusions, not social/political positioning.

      Information gathering is like a jigsaw puzzle in that each piece by itself contains very little to go on, however when combined they do start to form a picture and at that point we can start to make educated guesses and form opinions.

      We know that overthrowing Gaddfi and Saddam caused the middle east to become destabilised and created a power vacuum.

      We also know for a fact that these ISIS lot are the freedom fighters who fought in the Arab Spring and of whom we armed and financed.

      It is also true that western governments lied about weapons of mass destruction and have done false flag attacks before, all of this is well documented.

      Considering the connection between both ISIS(the freedom fighters) and western governments and the fact that our governments do lie to us on a regular basis it does give a lot of credence to these sort of arguments.

      If those in positions of authority cannot be trusted to tell the truth why should we maintain the idea that only those in positions of authority can state the truth.

  12. Dude. Like I read the comments from you guys and you said it looked stage and shit. But it really really looked like they were in the butt-fucking desert. Dude. you people got good eyes. Man, cuz got swindled as fuck. Hackers are super cool. Thanks. -951-

  13. how can a simple video like than convince you that all the beheadings was fake ?
    this can be a scene for a movie or documentary about isis or a video intented to spread doubt about these killing, the beheadings are real

    1. It’s the entertaining of the thought. Mostly provoked from the title. John McCain. War hero. Still doesn’t change most opinions which have been a who cares? Keep it there. Fake it. Real it. Make it news. Who cares. As long as I can go to work and make money and my family is safe and happy I think most really just flat out don’t care. But it’s fun to talk about.

  14. fyi, many Americans are sick of the shit, and are not cowards, so never use that as a excuse not to help, the revolution is NOW, it’s a war for minds atm, never stop waking them, this must stop peacefully now, or I’m telling you the future of america does not look good.

    1. There’s someone else who said minds win wars. He’s the same guy who’s plummeted our country for the last 8 years. Probably a hero of yours. Barrack Obama. Yall two would probably get along

  15. I call fake. First off, blurry camera. Second off, the camera is perfectly focused on the actors. Third, it’s in color and doesn’t look like security footage, so what is it? It’s a fake, that’s what it is.

  16. I don’t think this proves anything. you can’t prove this is strong evidence of anything. someone that has an agenda to show that ISIS isn’t real muslims killing people could make something like. another scenario could be that ISIS does in fact make some fake videos but that wouldn’t prove anything either. if beheading was fake doesn’t make isis fake.

  17. You know when it’s real. Low budget,shaky camera,dirty rugged men, real wind blowing the weeds and dust, the sound of blood squirting out,real gasps for air and showing the execution all the way through. Fakes are in HD,edited,effects,cleaner looking guys,dramatized and some of the backgrounds don’t have any life to them.

  18. Cockroaches, trying to pull a fast one on everyone, again.
    They couldn’t have made it any more obvious that these videos were fake, the real insurgents who behead people in the Middle East use potato technology.
    I don’t care if this particular video is real or not, ISIS is fake and so are those high budget “execution” videos.

  19. It would be the worst kind of foolishness to believe everything you hear / see / read on the internet without question. With experience comes the wisdom necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff and to recognize bullshit when it’s presented as the genuine article. The naive and gullible will hopefully learn and grow from their mistakes along the way.

  20. I call bullshit.

    The Jihadi John videos were shot in the desert, and they really were executed. The intelligence agency involved would not risk performing a stunt like this in a makeshift studio.

    Of course they were involved in the production, but I believe the production itself was not manufactured as this fugazi would have you believe

    1. exactly this video is just bullshit. if isis videos were fakes and elaborate scheme by the government they would make sure no evidence such as this would leak out. they wouldn’t be so careless to have proof of it being fake just leak out out of someone’s cellphone or whatever. not saying it’s impossible but highly unlikely

  21. I dont think this is fake. I just watched foley execution, the “real” one, and they look very similiar, he even holds him by the back. The only thing that you dont see very clear in this video is the movement of clothes because of the wind, but there is some movement. But considering what USA government has done in the past, it wouldnt be shocking if everything would be staged. I wouldnt be surprised if islamic state itself isnt some reality show in new mexico…

  22. Check out this post from 2 weeks ago and read my comments:

    pause the video at 16:27 – The guy at the very end of the line (left hand side of the screen) is supposed to be getting his head blown off with a shotgun? Pause it at that moment and look at his head. It?s still very much intact

    At 16:36 there?s a very detailed image of a fellow with a shotgun blast ?impacting? his head. There?s a problem though. The pink jelly that appeared just a moment before flys away and you can see the back of his head and hairline intact.

    On that last one they even use a close up shot with a high speed camera with many images taken in a fraction of a second to make it easy for us to slow it down further and catch them in the act.

    Definitely there’s a lot of stuff coming out of the middle east that’s legit and real life. NOT this though.

    Propaganda? You bet!

  23. Never posted before, this post forced me to sign up though… nice to meet you all!

    What I’ve always found strange is that the technology superpowers (US, China, UK etc) can track down virtually any digital communication on the planet and openly spy on all of us. It appears even the TOR has now been compromised following the fall of sites like silk road etc… unyet…. the US and others claim to have no idea where 100’s of millions of $’s come from that fund ISIS. That alone makes me sniff bullshit of their part. The US are not openly heavily involved in the ISIS counter offensives (I’m guessing in part to the hugely unpopular illegal wars they waged in the middle east based purely on GWB’S WOMD fairytale) but interestingly US weapon systems are selling like hotcakes to at the moment to the likes of S.A who can easily sell the “war on Iran by proxy” rhetoric at home. You could read that the latest “war” contains all the usual upsides for the Jews, with little to no loss of life for US personal but still providing a nice little earner. All 3 boxes ticked?

    Everything about the ISIS insurgency is all too convenient for me, maybe this particular video is fake I don’t know, but the underlying idea that Zions and others have absolute control of the ISIS (and thus anti ISIS) propoganta tools is blindingly obvious in my opinion.

  24. some fake ar obvious, some are real.
    imo its a stupid idea to make fake shit, as the “real” killer can exploit this for create more “real” execution. in any sens, they are always peoples that refuse to watch the true, as same as they always are lots of peoples that accept the lies..

    fucking humanity brain these days

  25. some video’s are fake, others are real.

    anyone knows ISIS is real, on what are they dropping those bombs on then?.

    as for support sure they get finical support from US, it’s state earns most money with conflicts that’s why their are so many armed conflicts in the world.
    but then again only a thesis no hard facts with is likely good for my health.

  26. read the book Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr. The dude is an old school christian, but before you snooze off hear me out, the book is all about the Devil’s plan to take over the world by way of the Jews, masons and world revolution and goes chronologically through history with examples. He wrote the book in 1956 and said that the then newly formed state of Israel would be used to stir up conflict in the Muslim world that would ultimately culminate in WW3. I don’t know how much of all that is all true with the jews and masons and such, but that last statement alone is chilling

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