Brazilian Inmates Force Another to Hang Himself in Jail Cell

Brazilian Inmates Force Another to Hang Himself in Jail Cell

Brazilian Inmates Force Another to Hang Himself in Jail Cell

In Brazilian prison, inmates forces another inmate to hang himself in the jail cell. Not having any other option and stripped off the means to protect himself, the inmates indeed did hang himself.

The video ends before a solid conclusion could be made if he hanged to death, but it’s quite probable he did. It’s not like we haven’t seen something like this before. Especially if he was falsely accused of rape.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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62 thoughts on “Brazilian Inmates Force Another to Hang Himself in Jail Cell”

  1. I’m hardly a tough guy but why the fuck do these people go so willingly? At least fight for fuck’s sake! Let them kick the shit out of you if they’re gonna at least you’ll be too beat up and tired to care and you’ll maintain a shred of self respect! Make em earn it at least!

    1. You have two options in these scenarios:

      1. Comply with their request and get a less gruesome and relatively quick death.

      2. Defy, and get disemboweled and organs ripped while alive, and prior to that you get few hours of mind-bending torture and mutilation…

      In this scenario I would probably go “fear numb” like a mouse when a snake gets in front of him, and just do everything they order on autopilot. Because that “fear numb autopilot” mode gets broken after few seconds of the torture they will inflict, and you are going to get a full “enjoyment” till the end of your miserable existence.

      While your reaction is normal and human (in fact for any living organism), at this point your survival instincts will do you no good. Just remember that “Dad and son” cartel video where dad complied and got quick beheading; while son – full of desire to survive – did not, and he got a live game of operation with his chest being flayed and hearth gouged out. Below is the video in question:

  2. Looks like more a rite of passage than anything. I don’t think they killed the kid. They wanted him to know once you’re, “whatever they are”, you are them now. Not you, not your family, not your possessions.

    You Are Now Them

  3. incredible the situation, the guy said “I am aware that I am going to die, I am decreed by the CV (red command) and I am going to die as a man” wtf, this is to see that it turned out to be a war of honor PCC x CV … some kind of Latin Seppuku.

  4. Not sure 100% of course but, he looks like guy who haves rape action as alternative solution in his mind, while not being able to find juiced pussy.
    However, risking prison and lynching is not worth of it.

    Btw, this scumbags who force him to hang himself are disgusting people and are not better than shit in toilet.
    Stupid imbeciles having new bargain on their soul. If any of it is still in them.

  5. I would say pretty good chance that he’s dead or if he did live, he’s probably got some major brain damage from lack of oxygen. Creeps me out the way the stomach muscles clench & contract every few seconds then BOOM next sec, completely relaxed.

  6. Way better than to end up with your fingers chopped off and being forced to eat them before getting beaten up and beheaded/stabbed with rusty dull knives. Seems like they went way too soft on this one…

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