Corpse of Hanged Man Found Covered with Blisters and Maggots

Corpse of Hanged Man Found Covered with Blisters and Maggots

Corpse of Hanged Man Found Covered with Blisters and Maggots

In the Quilombo dos Palmares area of Alagoas, Brazil, a corpse of a man was found hanging from a tree. The corpse was in the state of putrefaction, and was covered with blisters and maggots. The stench must have been revolting.

Makes you wonder if anyone would sneak up to the corpse and pop one of those gooey blisters on its back with a needle. The odious slime would explode onto their face and drip from it, making its way into the throat through the nostrils. Yum!

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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          1. Uuuhhhmmmm if you ignore something long enough it eventually falls to pieces? Maggots get the job done when you don’t want to? If you want an open casket you’d probably better not hang yourself?

      1. mgtow fighting words! Well they have too with me mate. I try and keep myself in shape and can still look presentable .However, i’m twilighting now and my washboard stomach days are a memory or in a photo to be passed around and commented on wistfully. ;D


          1. Haha putting Too instead of to completely changed the meaning….i think… I’m not doing a washboard stomach for anyone Nem. Gradually as we get older, bits start breaking down. But money makes up for a lot. We men have money to hide our misgivings and older women have loose dresses to hide theirs. @hopingfornemesis

          1. crikey guys there’s this weird woman walking past my house singing like a lunatic, lahh dee daaa, really loud too.

          2. svag the word has to mentioned first, someone mentioned maggots so you replace the first letter , no one mentioned mock…cor dear, there’s always one that doesn’t get the rules ..okay svarg let me start you off with an easy one. svarg likes a TRICK or two

          3. @diluted i thought i was fucking clever with the whole mock shit, since you were mocking me. do you get how it works now?

  1. Imagine if they would’ve left the body there a bit longer.. all the tissues holding the bones together would’ve eventually gave and boom! Falling body parts. So I think. But anyways I’m new here. So.. what’s up BG ✌

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