Decomposing Female Corpse Found Sprung Up in Tree

Bloated Boobage with Maggots Crawling

Decomposing Female Corpse Found Sprung Up in Tree

In an undisclosed part of Indonesia, a corpse of a young woman was found hanging high in a tree. The corpse was bloated and decomposing, with head rotten down to the skull.

I don’t have much further backinfo, but I presume it’s suicide by hanging. One of the pics has good ole pointers in it. I missed thee pointers 🙂

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. When your life is so worthless and somebody figures out you no longer exist until they found your body rotting down to the bones and eaten by maggots..
    It looks like this individual made the right choice to disappear.

  2. This may sound a bit sick. Any dude find her attractive? She is half naked and kind of built. I know some guys don’t care about big boobs. Scrap of the maggets and you got something. huh?

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