Eleven Members of Family Found Dead in India, Ten by Hanging

Eleven Members of Family Found Dead in India, Ten by Hanging

Eleven Members of Family Found Dead in India, Ten by Hanging

Eleven members of a family were found dead in their home in Burari area of Delhi in India.

According to local police, ten of the eleven members were blindfolded, gagged, with hands bound behind their backs and were hanging from an iron grill on the ceiling. An eleventh’s member of the family, an elderly woman, was found dead on the floor in another room. The police found no signs of struggle in the house.

Per notes encountered on the scene, the authorities suspect the family might have died in a religious ritual gone wrong.

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128 thoughts on “Eleven Members of Family Found Dead in India, Ten by Hanging”

  1. Well it seems all but one found their favorite hangout!

    And that iron grill and the bolts used to fix it in place must be one of tremendous quality….

    10 x body = a lot of deadweight!

    1. I hope my priceless expertise can help in this investigation 😀

      1. This was to be the Indian National Team, didn’t make it to the world-cup in Russia, so they decided to make it to Lord Shiva instead
      2. This is a lower caste family enslaved by higher caste (which is normal in India) so they all decided as a family: Enough is Enough.
      3. Guru told them if they died blindfolded with white cloth, heaven is theirs. So they decided, if not now then never
      4. Their cook poisoned them all, then hanged them. The older woman was too heavy and fragile to be carried so the cook let her die on the floor

      We cannot rule out other possibilities

      1. A religious ceremony gone wrong ??? Hhhmmm – what other outcome is possible when you are hung from the neck and hands bound?? I’d even go as far as suggesting that this ceremony went perfectly smoothly with a hitch in sight…….

      2. I have a feeling this had something to do with business owners wanting the house/land. So what they did was murder the family and make it look like a “mass suicide”. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. A similar thing happened in Greece I believe (can’t remember the specifics) where some corrupt businessmen wanted land on a Greek mountain, when the people who owned the land refused it, the mountain was set on fire obviously by the “businessmen” destroying the land and killing lots of people in the process just so that they could finally get the land. There are a lot of sick and evil “people” in this world.

    2. Exactly; what I was wondering was how so many could (willingly and purposefully) hang themselves in such large quantities. It’s fun in a sense to imagine yourself wandering into this building and discovering this gem. The sheer amount of neurons firing through their brain at once, trying to comprehend this spectacle — it sends chills down my spine.
      If anyone can post a link to something remotely similar to this event, I would be delighted. It intriuges me. Mass suicide already does, but this one in particular stands out for me. May just be the calm and quiet cinematography.

      1. I know right? This is a gem I’ll never forget, its like how the hell do you get 10 people to willingly commit suicide? The father is the main suspect i saw a video about him and his wierd actions before the suicide. They all listened to him and died with him.

      1. I’m in doubts about auto-erotic asphyxiation. Usually, such practice is very private. Ten people – too many, moreover they were blindfolded. I suppose that it was a mass suicide without erotic theme.

    1. @Brokeback
      Lol, lol, Fack,, You’re Right as The Old Man must of suffered from Low “T” or Better Known As A Testosterone Deficiency, lol!

      So Me Thinks That his Lack Of *Dat-Smelly-Hairy-Puss* Made Him Bath-Salt The Family’s Earlier Curry Feast, That Unfortunately, End-Dead-Up in a Disaster.

      1. Always Brother, Always .
        I go evena step further and put on my ‘splash Resistant suit, cut a hole for the Penis, like a jew, and put on spermicidal condoms, because one can never be Too careful.
        Then, I watch out for the muscle spasm because she could chomp the Dick off, oh for sure.

  2. “The authorities suspect the family might have died in a religious ritual gone wrong.” What kind of fucking ritual is that? What ritual includes “hang your whole family members” in the Indian culture? I’m genuinely interested.

  3. This makes no goddamn sense. Inherited debt is a plausible theory. I can’t imagine that this is some hindu cult shit. Like seriously what motivated this and how was this physically carried out? This one’s a head scratcher, I tell you huh-what.

      1. There are just too many of them. If they want to leave on their own accord and peacefully, who am I to disagree? There was indeed a dog left behind… but I’m glad he is not hanging around them anymore. Was there no dog facilities on the spaceship??

  4. It’s almost too beautiful for words. How can I tell others about this religion?
    This is so amazing, I hope it’s real. At least the death part. I couldn’t care less about their religious bullshit (aside from smearing it across the Middle East).

    1. Yeah I like it too…. Do they all hung at the same time ?
      In Germany after WWII 27 young women gathered in a barn to hang themselves.
      Because there were not enough ropes, they have to do it in stages

  5. Wow this is some really creepy footage. I usually do not say this for best gore videos, but this is incredibly creepy. Imagine you are a family member, And you come home to this at night time when it’s dark or something. This is just absolutely freaky I bet none of you would be able to spend a whole night by yourself with in that living room in the dark without being scared as fuck – One time I went to a haunted house Halloween theme event and they had hanging bodies it was absolutely terrifying especially when one of them moved it jumped at me LOL

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