Execution of Child Rapist Mohammed Bijeh by Hanging in Iran

Execution of Child Rapist Mohammed Bijeh by Hanging in Iran

23 year old Mohammed Bijeh was accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering 21 children between the ages of 7 to 13 years. He was apprehended by the Iranian police along with his accomplice Ali Baghi in September 2004. While Ali Baghi was sentenced to 15 years in prison, Mohammed Bijeh who was the main culprit was sentenced to public flogging (100 lashes – ouch) and an execution by hanging which took place on the main square of Pakdasht, a town about 40km south-east of Iranian capital Tehran.

Up to 5,000 turned up to watch the hanging of Mohammed Bijeh, and one of them, 17 year old brother of Rahim Younessi who was one of rapist’s victims broke through police barricade and stabbed Mohammed Bijeh in the back. Mother of another victim put the noose around murderer’s neck who was then executed by hanging with the use of a crane.

Iranian press labelled Mohammed Bijeh “the vampire of the desert”. According to Iranian sources Mohammed Bijeh did confess to killing and raping of 16 boys whose bodies he burnt after the act (prosecutors believed he may have been responsible for deaths of 21 boys). He was sentenced to death for each of the murders he confessed to and lashes for the rapes.

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51 thoughts on “Execution of Child Rapist Mohammed Bijeh by Hanging in Iran”

      1. Sounded to me as though he raped and murdered and yet then bunt the body’s of some 21 young boys! They should have hanged him-just long enough to regain his wits and continued that process another 20 times, Then give him the long drop on a short rope! 🙂 Just saying….

  1. I like to see how “civilized” people ask for more and more punishment for this poor guy. I don?t want to say that I agree with his conduct, but think that “this kind of punishment should be introduced in western countries”, seems to me very sick and mad. there?s no doubt that the victims falls to the same level at the guy.
    Finally, let me say you that I?m not white, I?m not from western country (chile) , but I fell very more civilized than this kind of animals called “iranians”, that stoned to death people for sex “crimes”, by example.

  2. Karma is a bytch! He got off light if you ask me! They should have tortured him for a year, starved him near death, but kept him alive by a food pump and IV saline drip! Then let the family of victim get ahold of him!!!

  3. Im white and im western (canada) and i think they should do this to every sick fuck that rapes and murders children. I wish we had the death penalty in canada. Murderous pedos like this do 6 years with good behavior and get a chance to get a pardon when they get out.

  4. @9

    What do you suggest, huh? To spend money tax money, which even the kids parents pay, to keep this disgusting fuck alive? The civilized thing is to hang fuckers like these high and i have alot of respect for countries like Iran, to do this! Even fucking animals know to get rid of the bad kind, why should humans be so damn different?

  5. Ya may not like Muslims but ya GOTTA respect they way they punish child raping murderers. No years in prison. No millions spent feeding him. No millions spent in attorney fees. No years of appeals. Not even the cost of expensive chemicals to execute him humanely. Just a guilty verdict, a rope and a crane…DONE!!!! And all for under $10.

  6. For once they hanged someone who actually deserved it. How gay guys get the same punishment as this monster is beyond me. Why women are stoned to death for adultery, even if they’d been in a terribly abusive marriage is beyond me too.
    I wonder if the revolutionary activities in the middle east will also bring about a change in punishments -eventually.

  7. what if the poor fucker was innocent ?….not as if Iran has a sound judicial system is it ……i heard they like to beat the shit outta ya until u confess to anything…..if hes truly guilty then i hope those lashes hurt like fuck and he can rot in hell,if hes innocent…..i hope hes gone to a better place the poor bastard.

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