Failed Robber Kills Himself Trying to Break Into Neighbours House

Failed Robber Kills Himself Trying to Break Into Neighbours House

This is a perfect case of Mr. Darwin outscoring the wannabe robber. A head sticking out of the floor belongs to a 34 year old man from Dungun in Terengganu, Malaysia. He was trying to break into his neighbours house through the floor but it didn’t quite work out the way he’d imagined. Complete and thorough failed house robbery right there.

The house he tried to rob belonged to his neighbour – 43 year old Wan Azhan Wan Abdullah. One day, on his way back home from work, Wan Azhan Wan Abdullah walked straight into his kitchen and found a head sticking out from between the floor planks. In shock, he rushed into the basement only to find a body dangling from the floorboard ceiling. The police was called and upon investigation the conclusion was made that the man died trying to break into his neighbour’s house in an attempted robbery.

Failed robber had a history of drug abuse and a lengthy criminal record. Floorboards are fucking vicious bitches. You mess with those bastards, you get your neck snapped. Wan Azhan Wan Abdullah lived in his house alone. It would have been hilarious if he had brought a hooker to get head from when there was already a head waiting for him at home.

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44 thoughts on “Failed Robber Kills Himself Trying to Break Into Neighbours House”

  1. If I walked in and seen that, I might have been so shocked I might of kicked his head.

    Come to think of it, who is to say the home owner didn’t catch him in the act and stood on the board until he was dead? Just a thought..

  2. How the fuck did this even happen? I mean…if he was hanging..he must have climbed up there somehow…all I can think is the ladder or w/e he was standing on fell as he had his head (4 words starting wit h, nice) halfway through. If there was no one home…why the hell didn’t he try to get in the house through….not retarded means? Doors and windows work great. But, knowing this guy, I’m sure the door would beat him to death somehow.

      1. Why did he go through the floor? Because, he had been in the house before I suspect and having noticed the extremely loose floorboard this raving lunatic, in a genius level stroke of stupidity…. Had this great idea… That was where the thinking part ended

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