Hanging Victim Found Days Post Mortem in Nepal

Looks Like He Used Belt to Hang Himself

Hanging Victim Found Days Post Mortem in Nepal

According to the backinfo I got, the corpse of an unknown man was found 3 days ago in Balbari, Nepal. The corpse was hanging from a tree branch in the jungle near a village.

Estimated to have been around 42 year old, judging by the condition of the corpse, he must have been hanging there for days before he was found. The corpse was taken by the authorities for post mortem examination.

Props to Best Gore member @kastrojaxx for the pics:

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125 thoughts on “Hanging Victim Found Days Post Mortem in Nepal”

  1. I’d like to set his head up at the top of a skeeball game at Dorney Park (Allentown, PA) and award 1000 points for a successful roll into his mouth. Winner gets a big stuffed animal.

      1. Yup, good ideas, I’d also use that tooth like a pinball flipper, and have a bell ring if the ball got past it, winner gets free exam by his dentist.
        As a side note, can you imagine the halitosis on that guy? Jesus, forty something and only two sketchy teeth left that I can tell.

          1. Hanes works too…their boxer briefs have a better more comfortable pouch for my massive goo generating balls.

      1. It is a good ole classic, @thedre …I will never think about that song again without thinking of a corpse’s mouth stuck in the wide open position…I’ve been going to that amusement park ever year since I was 5 and I’m 53 now ; little did this poor bastard know his dead piehole would be forever linked in my head with it LOL…

        1. @BiggerBoat75
          Oh my god that too funny, & cool at the same time. I Say cool cause you have gone to that amusement park for 48 years brother, and that’s cool man. I Am also 53 years of age B G Bro.

          Is it not scary how (once you reach 50) every year seems to go by so quickly, and that it’s like one year goes by in (feels like) 6 months, or so??

          1. Oh, no question about it, @thedre ….every year the passage of time between the New Year’s Eve ball dropping and Memorial Day seems to get shorter and shorter unbelievable it’s May in 9 days….I try to tell myself it’s a LONG time til I’m in my 70s and in a nursing home crapping my Depends, but it’s unfortunately NOT a really long time. Now I’m depressed…..

          2. @Illegalsmile55
            I Was born in July 1965 so how old does that make me Lisa, lol ??
            Fuck,,, you’re right girl, lol, lol. Now you’s can all see how bad my memory truly is.
            Thanks for that Girl, as you just made me feel older bwa, ha, ha! 😉

          3. @BiggerBoat75
            See how quickly time passes, i just turned 54 in 15 minutes, ask Lisa, lol.
            Oh yea, and your memory starts to suck, and big time when you get older also, lol.

            And especially when you have had a Major Heart-Attack and the lack of oxygenated blood flow to your brain was cut off for over 1 full hour, or past what the medical professionals call (The Golden Hour) where your brain cells, and other vital organ start to die causing irreversible brain damage.

            And that is (one thing that many here will agree with) i’m sure, lol. But mine was mostly in the form of extreme memory loss, which i’m also sure that many will disagree with, He, he. 🙂

            Oh my god you just almost made me Crap My Pants, or Depends with your Depends comment B G Brother. And don’t stress out about being old, and getting your ass wiped by a 20 year old beautiful blonde in a nursing home, cause look on the bright side, the Covid-19 epidemic should be well over, and done with by then, Ha! 😉

          4. @Illegalsmile55
            Lisa,,, does that mean that if i was single you wouldn’t make love to me cause i am now too much of an old geezer, lol ??? 😉 Fuck,,, i should have kept my big mouth shut about my age last year,,, Fack!!! 😉

          5. @thedre odd you mention the heart problems… I’ll be 54 in November and have just started a heart medicine along with a blood pressure medication. Doc had me do an EKG and that came back abnormal, then I had to take a nuclear stress test and that was mildly abnormal. Next this summer is a catheter procedure which will keep me in the hospital overnight… he even told me I COULD die from the procedure…hopefully they find what’s wrong before I really do drop dead from it. BUT if I do, I want all my organs and my post-autopsy corpse pictures put on BG for all my brothers and sisters to see . After that, cremation. And I’ve already got it in my will to have a Jiffy Pop popcorn pan go in the oven with me, since I’ve always been a hot buttered popcorn freak…..

          6. @smileusb75 AKA @BiggerBoat75 (which username would you rather i use??)
            Jiffy-Pop Popcorn, lol, ?? Ah-Man,,, your too funny bro.
            As for your heart condition, try not to worry about it too much my good Man & Best-Gore Brother, because all that will do, is create undue stress, and raise your blood-pressure, therefore increasing your chances of having a heart-attack while waiting to have the procedure done.

            Did The Doctor, or your Surgeon inform/advise you of what the exact cause of your heart problem/condition is based-on?? Is it a blockage, or blockages, which btw were my primary problems, so they had to insert a stent in order to open up my Widow-Maker Artery in my heart.

            My thoughts, and prayers are with You B G Brother. So hang in there, and you will be fine, as they have made some real good advances in different procedures involving the heart in the last couple of decades. 🙂

        2. @BiggerBoat75 Unless you’re in a third world cardiology centre of non-excellence, the mortality rate for cardiac angiography is around 0.05%.

          @thedre Here’s your checklist:

          Do I have:

          Memory loss?
          Difficulty concentrating?
          Difficulty carrying out familiar daily tasks, such as getting confused over the correct change when shopping?
          Struggle to follow a conversation or find the right word
          being confused about time and place?
          Mood changes?

          In anticipation, I have booked your retirement room in the Medicine Hat Home for the Mentally Bewildered. See you soon!

          1. @nastypersuasions Can I be invited too? I have all those symptoms and more. And the county I live in is loaded with medical outlets worse than any third world facility you would find during a trip to the Serengeti. My belief is that I’m up Shit Creek without a paddle. I love you all ….:(

          2. @nastypersuation
            Yes,,, you got-it dead-on brother. Since my debilitating heart-attack that had me pass the golden hour before The World Renowned Ottawa Civic Heart Institute were able to perform an emergency Stent Placement in my Hearts largest Artery, which is called The Widow-Maker.

            Now because this artery is responsible for providing oxygen rich blood to your lungs who in turn provide this oxygen rich blood to your brain. And because when i had my heart-attack i was then residing in Kemptville, which a small community about 45 minutes outside of Ottawa, My Wife Cathy took me there.

            So when i entered the hospital and told them that i was having a heart-attack, they fist gave me a paper bag to breathe-in, cause they thought that i was simply hyperventilating. But that was only until they plugged me up to a heart monitor, and mere seconds later it began to beep loudly.

            Their faces (both the nurses turned white) as one stated to give me some needles, and the other pressed the code blue button in the trauma room. Seconds later people Doctors/Surgeons ran into the room, as the prepped me for life flight helicopter transfer to the Heart-Institute.

            But because life flight were busy with an MVA On hyway 7 about 40 miles away, they transfered me by ambulance. And 1/2 hour later which was about 1 Hour and 15 minutes later i entered an operating/Trauma room with about 8 to ten people all inmasks and suits around this huge bed that was super lit up wiyh about 6 big lights.

            They then, and in mere seconds cut-off my jeans, and ripped them off of my body quickly before cutting deep into my right leg, and exposing the artery that they then inserted a tube the size of a pencil that had a camera,, a vaccum tube to suck out the blockage,, and then the stint that they placed into my heart to keep-it opened, and unclogged.

            So From the time of my heart-attack first happened, to the time that the emergency procedure had been completed, and done,,, 1 & A Half,,, to 1 & 3/4 Hours Had already Went By. So this was bell past The Golden Hour in which Irreversible Brain Damage can, and in my case (did unfortunately) occur. And because this was done as an emergency and my heart was weakened so very much from being 100% blocked for over an hours my chances of survival were at 50/50.

            Now because our good friend & member @BiggerBoat75 will have his done under controlled & well panned-out settings, (where every precaution can be taken,) his chances of survival will increase substantially like our good Best-Gore Brother @nastypersuation has stated. So keep your head-up bro, as you will come out of this A Completely New, and Younger-Feeling Man. 🙂

          1. Hhhhmm. The 38th of July eh? I’m not sure exactly what you mean there @Dr Dre. I know you have some alternative beliefs, but I didn’t know you also believed in an alternative calendar system?? I was born in 1979 (per the normal every day calendar ha)…….

          2. @Dutchy
            Lol,,, i was waiting for you to get back to me with a w.t.f??
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            A Pure Leo. 🙂

            You are only 40 years old man. You have your whole life ahead of you ya young buck,
            as opposed to this old geezer living on borrowed time.

          3. Go the Leo Lion !! I always wonder who looks at this website too. The pussy cartels, the govt, etc which is why is always try to be sarcastic about how well our beautiful human race is doing……..

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  2. I’d hate to be the poor son of a bitch who would have to perform the autopsy on that body. They cut the corpse open and out spreads more fuckin’ COVID-19. In Nepal you’d have a better chance of coming across a hanging corpse than 2 dead foxes who were fucking each other.

      1. Yes it is. People truly are interested in the science that occurs within the human body after a person dies. I said in another thread on this page. Usually takes between 2 weeks for the body to decompose into a fucked up nasty-like state. And that’s IF the body is not preserved with embalming fluid right away. It also depends on the room temperature of the surrounding environment as well.

  3. something weird….

    isnt the corpse should have purple skin on the head for hanging for days ??
    as the blood wouldnt reach it anymore , the skin would have dry blood under it and keep that purple color.
    but here, he look pretty normal and is not bloated or anything…

    seems to me that this dude was already dead before being hang here.

    also no fucking way he hang himself at like 1 cm from the floor… wtf. (i mean, in pic, he look like he could easily be on his knee while hanging and he is hang by something that look like a leather belt, that would never extend like a rope or textile with weather element such as rain or else)

    definitly look like he was already dead and someone hang it here to be find or as a warning or something.

      1. Jaguar? No way @honkey tonk. Definitely the work of a tiger. If you look closely at the pictures you can see the belt was applied and pulled to the left. Everyone knows jaguars are right handed, so this was either a tiger preparing his meal or it’s just plain fake…….

    1. No Science/forensics expert here, but after surfing Best Gore and doing enough further research for a damn long time…I might consider it.

      Typically after a person dies, it takes between 4-6 days for the corpse to start reeking of hell. Then after a week or a week and a half, the body starts to bloat from the chemicals in the body by getting compressed into gas-like carbons that expand because the heart is NO longer pumping blood allowing our dead body chemicals to flow freely around the corpse. So after a week or two the body is now bloated and the skin starts to change color because the blood is ALSO changing color from rotting. Then the skin starts to rupture AS the body starts to leak fucked up disgusting-ass putrid-shit-like fluids. And then from that point forward the body will begin to slowly decompose to nothing more then dry cloth-like skin and bones. This whole process roughly take about 1 whole year if not a little longer. And for the record…ALL this shit happens IF the body is NOT preserved with embalming fluid within the first week after death. That’s what the funeral homes and morgues are for.

      …hands down the most educated post I’ve published on this site so far.

        1. Well…I think the cause of death here is obvious. He most definitely died from asphyxiation by hanging. Whether he was on his knees or not I can’t even tell even by looking at the damn pictures. I’m just talking about what you mentioned in the earlier post about the body going changes by decomposing. This is about: Bloating, skin color changing, disgusting fucked up rotting and shit til the corpse is nothing more than dried skin and bone. That’s ALL part of the decomposing process AFTER the person has died.

          In the end some corpses go through different changes I guess depending on the outdoor temperature and surrounding environment.

      1. It’s actually quite common way to suicide. you just need to apply enough pressure to the ligature so the blood flow to the brain is stopped. After 10-15 secs of this, unconsciousness sets in which ensures you remain in the same position with blood flow stopped. Two mins later, death results……..

        1. yeah but in the pic, he look very low, almost on ground (even on the ground if you count the legs)…
          must be pretty hard to suicide like this, the body will react naturraly of that and the legs would try to lift up the rest :/
          that’s why i think its weird to hang such low height

          1. I guess it depends on how depressed you are which determines how determined you are. Misery can be a pretty strong motivator……..

        2. yep, had a family member do it this way. on their knees, not sure why but that’s just the way they did it…
          maybe it’s so they have a choice to back out before they pass out if they decide to change their mind last second.

  4. @thedre Thanks my BG bro for the prayers and concerns they are always appreciated, and same to you as well…I think it’s some kind of blockage from what he’s saying. I actually still have to get an echocardiogram before the catheter thing …was supposed to be early May but because of Covid19 they pushed it back a month. After that’s done he’ll know just what he has to do with the catheter. He hasn’t mentioned anything about a stent or any kind of bypass surgery. I don’t think it’s that bad yet, but could be if I go to long without these other procedures. Until then I’m just gonna keep my stress levels as low as possible and keep taking the meds correctly. Thank God for this website which brings alot of light-headed fun and comedy to my daily grind. As far as my username I guess it’s BiggerBoat75 but my profile name (which is also my email @gmail) is smileusb75. I’m a die hard fanatical fan of the original JAWS and both names reflect that lol I’m not sure how to change it so I just have the one name here, oh well…thanks again bro for the encouragement I’ll keep u posted , and you take the best of care of yourself too- God bless

    1. @BiggerBoat75
      You are welcome sir, and always feel free to ask me any question that might concern you about your upcoming procedure, because i am sure that they will insert a catheter in the artery of either your leg, or your neck, and then insert a stent in order to open the blockage. And brother,,, you will feel 20 years younger about 6 weeks later when you get back on that treadmill during your stress test.

      Also,,, they always have to prepare you for the worst case scenario by telling you that the procedure can be fatal, in a small percentage of the cases, which is now about 1.5 percent. I Hope that this information will help alleviate some of your stress, as i have been there my good man, and B G Brother. 🙂

    1. I wonder if that shirt can be salvaged with some good oxiclean Tide detergent or a good dry cleaning…could wear that to this New Year’s Eve party at the Valley Forge Radisson.

  5. Everyone seems to be very interested in his mouth and I can see the attraction there, don’t get me wrong. But I’m more focused on that neck. That is a true case of ‘rubber necking’ if I ever saw it. Had he survived, I’m sure he would have been a good foot taller…….

  6. Belbari is a fairly small area (~ 30 square miles) in southern Nepal; blink and you’ll miss it (I did twice driving to and from Dharan).

    Its significance is that it’s bordered on the North and East by the largest and the densest forest in Nepal, the Charkose Jhadi (‘Four Yard Bush’).

          1. Don’t forget your film director job at my buddy’s she’s excited to have a watcher for a change 🙂 When this fucking plague decides to leave. I think KOP would be a good locale rather than her place…

          2. Here’s what I’ll do, buddy…the moment you respond to this message I’ll post my cell and email , and I’ll wait 30 seconds and delete it that should give you enough time to copy it down. Your choice which u want to use kiddo …

  7. This is actually really fascinating, though. It almost looks like if it had been left alone a while longer is could’ve almost mummified in a way. I don’t really know the weather conditions there, but I’m sure that was a factor. The body itself looks dehydrated which gives of that sunken in zombie-esque look. Pretty cool.

  8. This is actually really fascinating, though. It almost looks like if it had been left alone a while longer it could’ve almost mummified in a way. I don’t really know the weather conditions there, but I’m sure that was a factor. The body itself looks dehydrated which gives of that sunken in zombie-esque look. Pretty cool.

  9. This is actually really fascinating, though. It almost looks like if it had been left alone a while longer it could’ve almost mummified in a way. I don’t really know the weather conditions there, but I’m sure that was a factor. The body itself looks dehydrated which gives of that sunken in zombie-esque look. Pretty cool.

  10. This is actually really fascinating, though. It almost looks like if it had been left alone a while longer it could’ve almost mummified in a way. I don’t really know the weather conditions there, but I’m sure that was a factor. The body itself looks dehydrated which gives of that sunken in zombie-esque look. Pretty cool.

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