Hanged Young Man Covered with Flies As His Body Bloats and Putrefies

Flies Feasting on Bloated face of Hanged Bricklayer in Mexico

41 year old HΓ©ctor Barrios Rodas and his 18 year old son HΓ©ctor Alexis both worked as bricklayers in Tapachula, state of Chiapas, Mexico. One Sunday, after the two returned from work, HΓ©ctor Alexis left home but hasn’t returned. The following day, his father reported the missing person to the authorities but it wasn’t until two days later when his son was found. By that time, he was already bloated and started to putrefy. He was found hanging from a tree, covered with flies in the neighbor’s yard.

It would appear that the young man committed suicide by hanging. He left no suicide note, but he had reportedly had problems with his common law partner Yaquelin which may have driven him bonkers.

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    1. If you can’t count on family, who can you count on? Sarcasm, of course. Blood means jack. You know DIS!!! It’s all about the people you truly care for in this world. Not the people you had the misfortune of being stuck with by the stork. So if he hated his father, then oh fuckin’ well for pops.

      1. FD, Yes, you absolutely know, I know DIS!
        But we can’t be certain that he hated his father, only that “…he reportedly had problems with his common law partner…”
        Sad, all the way around.

      1. You are confused…. They raised his interest rate the first day he was missing… by the third when they found him they had already emptied whatever bank account he had and attached his estate – legal fees included.

    2. In all seriousness kids , it must take some balls to kill yourself , especially like the way this guy has , knowing at any time you can just stand up and stop it , the willpower to carry on and stay seated must be solid , imagine taking that step off a 15 story building , the decision to turn back no longer a possibility , poor fucker , tomorrow might have been a brighter day

  1. Suicide at 18, so sad.It’s a shame he didn’t feel he had somebody he could confide in or maybe the outcome could have been a lot different. When someone commits suicide without at least leaving a note to help love ones understand his state of mind it leaves them empty with more questions then answer!!!

    1. Lol, I know exactly what you are saying since I saw that movie years ago! Don’t know this kids story, but if he was “hanging” from a tree and this photo is accurate, I find it hard to believe that he would have hung himself sitting down – yeah I know it’s possible but not probable.

  2. Love make people do crazy shit man…his partner dRove him nuts to the point of wanting to kill someone and so he did….himself…I understand…rip child…thank you for leaving your disturbing looking bloated carcass for all of us to ogle at.. πŸ™‚

        1. It almost reminds me of those Ethiopian kids they parade in front of cameras to solicit money to poverty families on infomercials. I think their good causes but I suspect that half the time that cash goes into the pockets of alcoholics to support their habits while posturing as charities. Lol

  3. is he wearing pants over his jeans??
    I always wonder why people don’t leave suicide notes..I have always thought if I ever commited suicide I would defintely leave a note just to say to my family that i love them so much and they weren’t the reason for my death x

        1. If I were terminal I’ve already picked the area I’m going to hopefully die on my own accord. Along with that area, I’m making a sigh to put around my neck basically reading “Leave me the fuck alone and here”, in the event some hiker do-gooder comes along and finds my stinking corpse; or bones during to dust. Sounds weird, or maybe even a pipe dream, but eh, you never know!

          1. One day I will find a peaceful spot in the woods, wrap my cock around my neck and hang myself from a tree. The sign on my neck will read “Leave my cock alone and fuck off”!

  4. Noticed something: When it comes to strangulation in which the person is not handcuffed, their hands will always turn palm down and curl before death. Leaving them basically in that same position.

    If you go back and watch that recent strangulation video she did the arm/hand curl thing, that young man that filmed his hanging (that Asperger kid in Norway I think?), his hands curl as well. This kids arms/hands did as well considering the position they are in at time of photos.

  5. I assume this photo was taken after he was taken down? I think all suicide is Sad. Especially wherr no notes BBC as re e lefy. I have worked with many who have tried to end their lives and many parents left to pick up the pieces. The suicide note does nothing but help them accept it was suicide and not a muder. It however brings no closure, explaination or peace. It does nothing to stop them from blaming themselves. And children ha rdly recover and are more likely to slso commit suicide I’f a parent did

  6. Am I the only one here who is just whamboozled by the fact that he died, but he is not wearing flip flops? Nope. I do not think he is dead. He is pretty much alive although doing not so well. No flip flops, no death.

  7. That cover photo looks so damn cool.
    Candymans new chapter.
    Would want to be there to make photos myself haha
    PS: Brokeback, i saw one time you complained you miss those porn adds. I noticed if your logged off, then you can see them lol

  8. I fucking love bestgore. just voted to keep all censorship to a minimum, and funnily i found that I am in the majority. Nice to see that I am not in the minority in the U.K on a subject other than integration.

  9. I can see a pair of weevils on that persons face. can anyone choose which weevil they would like to eat? One is strong and full of energy and the other is weak and feeble, the strong one will fill your belly and give you lots of protein and energy on an empty stomach, and the other will drain you as it will cost more energy to digest than give you back in calories. Which one shall be chosen?

      1. yeah i’m serious. There are a pair of weevils. They match the description above. You have to make a choice, if it makes it easier to make that choice I have A gun to your head, which weevil do you choose?

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