Man Is Hanged, Then Taken Down When They Realize He Is Innocent

Man Is Hanged, Then Taken Down When They Realize He Is Innocent

Man Is Hanged, Then Taken Down When They Realize He Is Innocent

During some kind of low budget public execution by hanging event, as one man already swung on the gallows, the other waited for his moment to swing, which eventually came, but after a bit of swinging, the killers rushed to take him down because apparently they realized he was innocent.

Makes you wonder what they did all that time that lead to the moment of the execution. Next to no investigation must have taken place prior to condemning the man to death. Likewise makes you wonder if that guy who’s dead on the noose was equally innocent.

If the accusation was rape based and came from a women, there’s a monstrous chance he was innocent no matter which part of the world this is from. False rape accusations epidemic is a global issue with no country spared.

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      1. It’s actually footage from a Pakistani TV show called ‘Zarafat’, which roughly translates to prank or joke. They pretend to execute people and then stop at the last second and say “Zarafat!”, and everyone in the audience is supposed to laugh. Most of the contestants live though, and apparently it’s a big hit.

          1. BubbaZinetti Yes i’ve seen that show, it’s an offspring from a japanese show only they didn’t actually hang them

          2. I think you’re right Alois, this is the Afghani spinoff of the show. It’s on the air in over a dozen countries. Even Israel is planning a version of it, but they’re gonna film it in Syria.

        1. That’s a weird thing to say, google it right now, Zarafat is a boring ass middle eastern talk show with a band and host and guests and all that. Ya dont know shit! hahahaha! eat it. stop making shit up. if this site should have taught you anything, its that theres plenty of fucked up shit going on, you dont need to invent it.

        2. Let’s check it out.
          – Paved roads, with no cloud of sheep shit dust during the skirmish
          – Wood cladded building
          – Freshly painted facade
          – Installed windows
          – No costumes that could be confused with being purchased at Ed’s Broadway, Lake Orion, Michigan, in late October

          This is Pakistan, but I’m not saying it’s Pushtun free.

          1. Actualy it’s from Iran and the guy is not innocent, in Iran the punishment of murder is hanging, he killed someone and it’s always the parents of the victims who decide wether the killer should be hanged or stay in prison, in this video the father of victim first takes the ladder off and lets him suffer then after a while the father fogives him, many victim’s parents do this to let the killer taste the death but on the other hand their heart won’t let them to kill, so they forgive.

        1. Ferestha Iran in the 70’s was just like the west, i’m hoping that they will attack with nukes to the west and kill us all, including you and me , we go together to hell

          1. Honestly, I don’t believe that any of the world powers are enemies. You know how “reality” TV shows always have a bunch of drama going on? As I’m sure you know, it’s not actually real. The producers manipulate things in order to create conflict. That’s what sells. The producers of earth’s “reality” do this on a global scale. They are laughing all the way to the bank, which they own.

          2. That sounds like sense to me HK. All that BS with NK firing off missiles, then the talks, then the deals..or not, they know full well that if they use nukes that will be the end for them as well and their luxury lives.
            They’ll use muslims to start little civil wars like in syria then destroy the buildings then move in and get the rebuilding contracts. Muslims are very handy for their reality TV show due to their low trigger point threshold.

          3. They promised me a nuclear war HK and they haven’t delivered. I reckon NK did attack Hawaii. It was an embarrassment for trump so they covered it up with all that false alarm stuff saying someone pressed a button by mistake.

          4. They say birds of a feather flock together. Speaking of NK, I’ll chime in – it really doesn’t surprise me that a guy who’s worshiped in America as Dear Leader would seek out guy who’s worshiped as Dear Leader in North Korea. One Dear Leader flocking to another. Old wisdom never fails, hehe.

          5. Haha Good point Mark. I wonder what one dear leader gives another dear leader as a present. I remember nelson mandela gave the queen an uncut diamond the size of a rugby ball while pretending to love his starving people.

      2. Actualy it’s from Iran and the guy is not innocent, in Iran the punishment of murder is hanging, he killed someone and it’s always the parents of the victims who decide wether the killer should be hanged or stay in prison, in this video the father of victim first takes the ladder off and lets him suffer then after a while the father fogives him, many victim’s parents do this to let the killer taste the death but on the other hand their heart won’t let them to kill, so they forgive.

    1. That is so sad. Makes you wonder how many innocent people are still being sentenced to death and kept quiet after the authorities discover that he was innocent??? It’s truly sickening, the Pain, and the Sheer Horrifying ordeal, that this poor innocent Man had to endure. 🙁

      1. It’s bound to be in the best man’s speech at his wedding, “Finally, someone was able to tie him down and rope him in”. Not to mention the honeymoon double entendres “I told you I was well-hung” etc etc.

  1. Merely speculating: the family of the victim forgave this guy; hence the execution was called off. It sounds like this guy is pleading for forgiveness. Hopefully one of our Afghan or Iranian contributors will explain to us what is going on here.

    1. I was going to make a similar comment. I have seen one of these hangings before where the family rushed forward with forgiveness as he started swinging. It seems unlikely to me that he was presumed guilty and within a few seconds of him swinging they all of a sudden solve the case and discover who the real perp was. Nah, this was forgiveness, nothing else.

      Sometimes you can get out of the shit by paying the family off. Maybe when he dropped they saw all that loot going down the pan and decided to accept his offer of 10 (used) goats, 3 camels and a free round trip to Mecca.

      1. Yes. SONGWRITER . I have seen one of those. I saw a murder victim’s mother run forward and take the noose off the perp’s neck at the last moment. The perp broke down into sobs and hugged the woman spilling tears on her breast swearing he would from that moment be her new son till his dying day.
        It brought a tear to my eyes.

    2. Alois, I have seen that as well. It does make more sense that the family pardoned him, but the source I got the video from said he was innocent. We have seen inaccurate info on videos time, and time again. I wonder if some people just make up stories to make the videos more interesting, or if things just get lost in translation. Probably a bit of both.

      1. apparently he was found guilty again that afternoon and hanged again only he survived that one as well because his neck was so long his feet were on the ground

          1. @Hoping for Nemesis haha yes poor Lazarus. Maybe these muslims have been reading the bible

    3. Yes I think I can help with this friend.
      Zoo zoo li cas lawm no puas yog. Rau txiv leej tub yuav tsum raug menyuam ib porno hu ua kua phev txiv neej nyob rau hauv nws cov hwj txwv thiab uas yog hais txog nws tiag tiag.
      Zoo piav kuv yuav muab kom tau kev ncaj ncees!

    4. I am Iranian and yes, they forgave him, in the first minutes he pleads and he says: “please Mr Mokhtar, forgive me, please, Mr Mokhtar I beg you to forgive me, for the sake of God, for the sake of Abulfazl(Abulfazl was an Imam and is a saint between Shia muslims),send me to prison, for the sake of Amir al Moemenin (which is another Imam), please, for the sake of Majid’s soul (I think Majid is the name of the victim)…”, and he continues with other saints. but the old man with a black hat which probably is the father of the victim says: “no, I don’t want to” , and he takes the chair off, then others tell him: “Baseshe, Baseshe” Baseshe means enough, so they ask him to forgive and at the end he says: “ok it’s enough” so they put him down immediately, the man didn’t payed the father of victim, the payment is called: “deeye”, no he didn’t pay the old man, it’s just forgiveness.

          1. I can’t wait much longer for this war Nemesis, i know mark says it’s all zioist manipulation but that won’t mean anything to me when the islamists are cutting my head off

          1. @Hoping for Nemesis I don’t know but canadians seem to be the most naive of all westerners, i know a lot of westerners are naive, especially the middle classes and the snowflakes but i think canadians are really asleep

          2. Wont be long brother. Stupid zionatoyanquis -read Uncle Sam- enabled all this Headchopper immigration to aid Fatcat euro and us industrialists. More consumers ,divides Euro states and keeps headchopper elites onside ,this all furthering Unce Sam’s geostrategic goals .

            And when it all goes tits up? Who cares ! It isn’t on our shores say the cigarsmokers in Washington and Tel Aviv!

  2. In Muslim countries …. sometimes deals are made at the
    Last second.
    The victim’s family may forgive… or goods……
    Like a camel or two ….a car….or whatnot……can help a lot
    To save a life.

  3. zarafat zarafat is a show about singers, not executions. there is no tv show were people actually die, and the guy on the right seems pretty fucked. but hey, believe what you want.

  4. I was totally in awe for the first 3 minutes of the video how the guy on the right who was already swinging was able to speak so eloquently and not be silent, taking into account he was already dead. Amazing!

    1. @HamburgerBob; it would have been unlikely with such a short drop.

      Death in a short drop hanging (or Iranian hoist) occurs through carotid artery obstruction leading to cerebral hypoxia, obstruction of the jugular veins preventing arterial blood and thus cerebral hypoxia, increased pressure in the carotid sinuses which triggers a bradycardia and, ultimately, a cardiac arrest (or a combination of all three factors).

  5. In Sweden rape has increase by 2000% since the start of immigration, 9/10 prisoners are immigrants and 90% of the rape-hearings in courts are all immigrants, and only Sverige Demokraterna see this, the other parties turn a blind eye and keep pocketing all that delicious money, SD 2018 !

  6. There is something I do not understand, in the countries of the Middle East, Islamic countries, women are worthless, and nobody listens to them. If a woman is raped, it was probably her fault, that’s what those monkeys think. I am surprised that if they are accused of rape, they have been condemned and even more so without a decent investigation. shit! I’m surprised

    1. From what I understand it is a bit complex. They believe women should be covered and not alone when in public. If the woman follows all these protocols and she is married, then it is completely on the guy and he is sentenced to death for adultery. Unless she happens to forgive him and they marry.

      Very strange no matter what. In America, if you rape, you’ll get maybe 8 years and you’ll serve maybe 4-5 years. Sometimes men in America gets sentenced with very minor circumstantial evidences such as faulty witnesses or matching description. So I don’t know what place is more worse, but I would say justice is never really served no matter what.

  7. it is in Iran, it was not a mistake. he was sentenced to death for something he did. he begged for his life for 4 minutes. the victim’s family could save him from the death penalty by forgiving him. they made him feel what it’s like to die and then they said it’s enough. bring him down. (This happens more often in Iran when a family of the victim forgives the criminal.

    1. believe me It was not a Prank. The other guys is dead. I am from Iran. We dont have Prankshows like this. His neck was almost broken. Aftet he was save. He was complaining about the pain in his neck. They say no worrie you ate free now and we bring u to docter later

  8. Herd mentality at its finest. Everybody needs a scapegoat to atone for their own insecurities. Enough bickering about how to fix a country, or how to destroy another, or which one is the best. It’s time to focus on us as a species. Society has tied a noose on our necks and is amply willing to drag us down into our own exctinction. Pun entirely intended.

  9. They say if Sharia Law is correctly implemented it would be near impossible to execute someone or hand out sentences like lashings. Interestingly the Quran does not stipulate stoning as punishment but rather “a hundred lashes”. Quran 24:2

    Stoning was actually an inherent custom in the Mosaic law of Jewish communities living in Medina at that time. It is true that the practice of stoning, which was originally a Jewish tradition, has long survived in the Arabian lands and resisted all attempts of reform, despite its evident absence in the Quran.

    The Qur’anic measure makes accusation extremely difficult, if not impossible. The proof of adultery requires the presence of four eyewitnesses who, according to the Muslim law, must have witnessed the sexual act and relate the same descriptions, which is virtually impossible.

    The obligation to provide four eyewitnesses is a drastic measure, which makes proving the adulterous act very improbable. The Quran is very strict regarding false testimonies and punishes those who present false testimonies with the same penalty as that of adulterers: flogging along with the loss of all of their civil rights

    1. It’s in Iran he killed someone punishment is hanging but the parents of victim forgive him during the first moments of the execution, they were negotiating with the father to forgive him and at the end he did so they put him down

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