Video Allegedly Showing White Supremacists Hanging Black Woman

Black Woman Beaten, Peed On and Hanged by White Supremacists

This video has appeared on teh interweb with a claim that it shows white supremacists beating, peeing on and hanging a black woman. I have my obvious doubts about this video, as it looks like something the Trump entourage would create in order to demonize white people for Israel, and support their divide and conquer efforts, but I’ll leave it to our Best Gore detectives to determine the validity.

The peeing bit is the only part of the video that looks real to me. Everything else, including the try hard decoration with the Confederate Flag, screams FAKE. The beating is totally staged, and the hanging looks like it was done with a harness secured under the hoodie around her chest. She even played dead for the golden shower scene, LOL.

Someone really wanted to demonize white people, because while we often see videos of black people committing atrocities on random, defenseless white people, videos with the roles reversed are hard to come by. So what do you do if you want to demonize white people, but white people just wouldn’t voluntarily commit such acts? Yeah…

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video. What do you guys think? Real or fugazi?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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201 thoughts on “Video Allegedly Showing White Supremacists Hanging Black Woman”

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          1. This video is so fucking it for real retards. At least switch the role to a black man so you don’t look so stereotypically pussy.

      1. That acting is Chuck Norris bad maybe Steven Sagal bad. it’s without a doubt Vin Diesel bad. I’m sorry if I offended all you dudes with a secret love for them. get in touch with your homosexuality

        1. “Segal is fuckin priceless.
          That scene in The Glimmer Man.
          When he slices those guy’s throat.
          ‘I’m a little bit country.
          He’s a little bit rock and roll.
          (SLICE SLICE) Let’s rock and roll.’
          Kasey fuckin Ryback!?”

    1. Fucking a. Totally fake propaganda bullshit and they all should have their asses royally beat! They’d keep the camera on her the whole damn time if it were real. What cunts each and every one of them.

      White people are the ones being victimized, like the church group in Australia that was jumped by racist blacks, the handicapped teen who was kidnapped and assaulted on Facebook live, there is case after case after case! the white kids bullied and beaten every day in schools across America, the asians being targeted as soft targets for robberies in chocolate cities throughout America, blacks are the perpetrators NOT THE VICTIMS of most of the racial violence in the USA Today. Almost every single well publicized ‘hate crime’ incident since trumps election has been shown to be a HOAX. AND NOW THIS SHIT.

      1. It’s exactly like you said. Fake crap over and over trying to blame white people. Meanwhile all the real attacks against white people by blacks, doesn’t make the news. Which we both know the majority of crime and murder is by black people against whites.

      2. You’re absolutely right. Sadly I grew up in such a chocolate city. And I was routinely bullied relentlessly. It was awful. And when my parents threatened to call police and press charges against the parents of the bullies, they were attacked by seven different people. All seven beating my parents in front of my brother and I. We grabbed kitchen knives after calling 911 and ran out to defend our parents. Seemed like every kid on that block came for my brother and I. Even with knives we were both beaten. All four of us put in the hospital. The police said it was a black and white thing and they wouldn’t get involved to help us. We could press charges but expect retaliation. They destroyed my parents car. And the car of the only other white couple in the block. They are the racists.

    2. I agree. Definitely fake. Her arms didn’t go stuff with hands doing the crazy movements people do as their brain is looking oxygen plus her face never changed any color at all and being light skinned black I would think it would still be visible.

  1. Fake as our reality. She acts unconscious only to moments later help herself up when they begin to tug the rope. The fact she’s able to groan is testament to the fact she is able to breath. Utter bullshit. You should label as fake or just plain remove it.

    1. Seen better acting watching WWE,and hotter nigger chics.
      Obviously staged cuz 99% of whites arnt retarded,heartless monsters…which niggers and Jews want the world media to believe. On the other hand niggers actually DO commit hate crimes,and violence like this like we’ve all seen in vids…yet law and media seems to look the other way claiming it’s racist to point this FACT out.

      1. Yup.
        50+ years of building ethnic relations and bridging cultural differences has been completely demolished by the Secular Globalists in but a short decade.

        Obama, Soros and the other demons who orchestrated this rhetoric deserve a slow, painful death.

    1. Fly the confederate flag with pride! 95-99% Don’t know what the Hell that flag actually stands for anyway. Stupid naive fucks taking a hs history lesson for truth… Dummmmbasssssses!!!!!!

    1. @brokeback Hello my dear friend! Harness’ are easily fixed around the person’s waist with a hook or a loop to the top and behind the neck. Have you ever heard someone make a noise with a noose around their neck? They can’t because their vocal chords are crushed and also there is no way a person could work them if they were still intact as their air supply (Not the band) was cut off.
      I also noticed that they weren’t urinating in her face [flag]. They didn’t film the whole fight and there was no blood [flag] and double [flag]. The man noosing her took the time to move her hair, really? [flag]. The camera man panned off the said victim to film something insignificant, [flag] all the videos I’ve seen, that has never happened. The two strong men who pretended to lift her but couldn’t [flag]. probably because the noose was being properly affixed.
      This has fagoozie written all over it. IMHO.

      1. Not only around the waist they go over the shoulders and link in between the shoulders where they have their loop and you attach a lanyard or your pulley rope. They used the sweater and fro to hide it the best they could but physics don’t lie. Her head, shoulders, and even the sounds she’s making would not be possible if this was true.

  2. fake and gay as fuck. if i beat the shit out of a nigger there would be nothing left to hang, let alone hang there and squeak like that dumb nigger cunt did. nothing but jew homo shit.

  3. This is what the whites commonly used to do to the colored folk a few years back.
    That’s why many black people hate whites because of the past horror.
    That’s why blacks are so angry and violent because of the past.
    Black salute.

    1. back in the good old days, white people did this to criminals. it didn’t matter what color they were. there was a black chapter of the kkk and they killed nigger shit like champions. read a book or two, pip squeak.

    2. You sound stupid. Do you even realize since 1980 there have been more blacks killed by other blacks then in all wars, and lynchings combined????? Blacks commit over half of all crime but are only 12% of the population. This looks staged, some black guys probably paid the white guys to do this. Besides where are the news shows if her missing, or found dead. Most of these so called “hate crimes” are not by white people, they are mostly by black people trying to make it look Like white people did it.

  4. Dylann Roof in a Church in Charleston, shooting dead 9 innocent black people and injuring many more. That confederate insanity too was fake, some said 🙂

    The family of the victims ended their testimonies with “We forgive Mr. Roof and we hope he finds peace in his life with God”, something in those lines. Those were black people who welcomed Dylan Roof in their church with open arms and 100% trust, in return they got death from a white-man. And even after that they still had the courage to forgive. That’s the side of black people the media and all the racist faggot establishment will never portray…

    … Which leaves me wondering which is worse: White people being full of shit? or white people having no ability to admit we’re full of shit?

    BLM looks like nothing but an LGBT movement (sorry if that offends anyone), black people lost the kind of strength and fearlessness they had back in the Panther Party days. If I was black people in this country, I would do a lot of damage until the government starts listening, issues me an official apology, worthy financial compensation and fairer laws for the shit suffered during the slavery era. Only after then would there be some respect. The problem is black people are just too humble and nice even while they’re still the most demonized … sigh

      1. I admit I’m full of shit, we’re all full of shit…
        But many of us here wont know let alone admit it.

        Look around the entire planet, you’ll NOT see a platform where coloured people persistently demonise Caucasoids for being white. I have researched deeply in my journey and I can confidently concluded – Racism is a Caucasoid addiction. That’s why we have symbols like the confederate flag and white hoodies to motivate us at it.
        The handful of blacks who try to replicate the sickness against whites only do in retaliation, in a way that does not fit their true nature. I call that revenge stupidity, not evil.

        We’re the true evil of this society if you take off the log from your eye to see.

        “blah blah shut-up Gropella, now tell us something we don’t already know”

        1. you are confusing white people with zionism and you make excuses for nigger hate on whites, by calling it “revenge stupidity”. glad you admit that you are full of shit. because the truth doesn’t need excuses.

          1. “nigger hate on white” (if such a thing exists) is apparently caused by whites continuing to push blacks to the wall with inherent racism and discrimination (not zionism). I know this first hand as I have lived in a place where blacks don’t face racism, and I’ve seen the way they treat minority white people there, with nothing but love and respect. Back in the states it’s a whole different story.

            I’m full of shit, you’re full of shit, whites are full of shit. End of story.

  5. Talking of Trump.
    Piss funny how he met and spoke with the Gun Lobby, promising them that he’d never deny their constitutional right to bear arms, yet no guns were allowed in the venue.
    What a fucking joke that whole bullshit scenario is.

  6. I’ve seen black women getting punched before and the first thing that goes flying is not their teeth its their wigs and yet hers remains snug as a rug right on her coconut as if kinetic energy and the laws of physics had never been applied.

    My conclusion, fake as fuck.

  7. Plus if it was real all that piss would of gone on her face. Christ on a cracker look at that fake hair…disgusting. These people were so much better off and had better lives being slaves and human lawnmowers…subhuman all day long

  8. Wow, never thought I’d see the day when BG was pedaling anti-White propagandist bullshit. Mark, you’re quick to accuse White Trump supporters, but somehow leave out the most likely of culprits, the nigger. Niggers have a history of perpetuating ‘hate crimes’ against themselves and then pointing to the evil White man. From what I’ve experienced, when these ‘hate crimes’ have clear evidence pointing to whitey, it’s a false flag. Just last year we had black Lives Matter and the left up in arms over a black church being burned down by ‘Trump supporters’, only to find out later it was a black Hillary supporter. Gadsden/Rebel flags on the wall? So obvious what’s going on here, and quite frankly it is a shame this video made it on here.

    1. If I wanted to pedal anti-white propaganda, I’d be shilling for Trump. The videos I post are shared so the people can stay informed on what is happening, and form their own opinion, because as stated on the site’s front page, if the people are not provided the option to see for themselves, then all they have is what someone else says.

  9. Ohhh soooo reeeeaaal, just like WWE… 😆 They need to hire better actors next time though.

    Im trully shocked by those evil EVIL white supermarketcists rayzist xenomorphobic goyim torturing that poor young innocent person of color… Black people would NEVER hurt a fly!… Dey wuz kangz an’ shiet! Evil goyim whitez must be erazed tho’!

  10. Fake. They didn’t even film her be raised due to it not to mention the poorly dramatized sounds she was making. African anal submitted that right? Cuz that was pure shit. Totally a tool being used right around the time the confederate statue was taken down.

  11. Buradaki birçok kullanıcının da belirttiği gibi video bana da pek inandırıcı gelmedi.Bu videoyu neden yaptıklarını dahası bayanın kendine bunu neden yaptırdığını dahi anlamış değilim.Gore’de daha başka neler göreceğiz bakalım.

  12. Yea, i agree with you about the peeing part being the only thing that looks real, to me also. FUBAR,,, me thinks. As if they really hung her you think that they would have shown us all, her head turn beet red, and her arms and legs, doing The Funky Chicken, moving up and down uncontrollably just like many others that we have seen do before. And when she dies her face would turn from beet red back to white, or black, lol, in her case. If a message is what they were trying to send,,, well these idiots failed miserably by leaving the best part out!

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