The Auschwitz Plaques and the 6 Million Myth

The Original Plaque at Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Indicated That 4 Million People Were Killed at Auschwitz

See that photo above? It’s a photo of a plaque that used to be at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial in Poland.

The plans to open a museum and memorial at Auschwitz began almost immediately after the end of World War II. An act creating the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum was passed by the Poles in 1947 and later that year, in support of the creation of Israel, the museum opened with its first exhibit in Auschwitz I. In 1967 the Poles unveiled the International Monument to the Victims of Fascism in Birkenau. It was in front of this monument where one could find 19 plaques, each in different language, telling the visitors that 4 million people were killed at Auschwitz. In English, the plaque read the following:

Four Million people suffered and died here at the hands of the Nazi murderers between the years 1940 and 1945.

The 4 Million figure was rounded down from 4.1 Million figured featured at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. That figure was derived from “confession” by Rudolf Höss at the Nuremburg Trials and the accounts of the Holocaust Survivors who “survived” Auschwitz. Rudolf Höss was the commandant of Auschwitz labor camp for two and a half years. His affidavit made on April 5, 1946 read:

I commanded Auschwitz until December 1, 1943 and estimate that at least 2.5 Million victims were executed and exterminated there by gassing and burning, and at least another half Million succumbed to starvation and disease, making a total dead of about 3 Million.

The figure of 4 Million dead at Auschwitz was an instrumental part of the “6 Million Jews” myth.

From the Nuremburg trials in 1945 and 1946 onwards, people of the world were force fed the “fact” that 4 Million people died at Auschwitz and 6 Million Jews died during World War II. Anyone who challenged any of these numbers was targeted for prosecution. Many lost their jobs, had their names smeared and livelihoods destroyed. Yet there were also some who were imprisoned, assassinated, disappeared without a trace or went into hiding. If you were not a researcher, just an ordinary member of the public who implied that the 4 Million deaths at Auschwitz may have been an over exaggeration, the hoards of indoctrinated, zombified sheep would trample the crap out of you.

But despite undying efforts to prohibit and prosecute independent research into Auschwitz, the 4 Million figure continued to be more and more unsustainable. Eventually, in 1990 – after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe which brought with itself the end of the rule by Jewish Bolsheviks, the USSR released captured Death Registry Volumes and the entire Jewish community along with the Americans, British, French and Russians had no other way but to officially, albeit without giving it too much public exposure, revise the number. With that, the original plaques at the Auschwitz Memorial were removed and replaced with new ones which can be found there to this day. The new text reads (in English):

For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the Nazis murdered about one and a half Million men, women and children from various countries of Europe. Auschwitz – Birkenau 1940 – 1945

Plaque at Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial with Revised Number of Victims from 4 Million to 1.5 Million
New Plaque at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Contains Revised Number of Victims from Original 4 Million Down by 2.5 Million

That’s right – a 2.5 Million people mistake!!!

Let me say it again – for almost half a century after the end of WWII people were brainwashed to unconditionally accept that 4 Million were killed in Auschwitz. Those who but hinted that the figure may be excessive were thrown in jail and called racists, neo Nazis, anti Semites, enticers of racial hatred, or as was the case with Ernst Zündel – “…a risk to Canada’s national security.”

Funny thing is – prior to 1990, if you as a member of the general public suggested that the 4 Million figure could be a bit excessive and if you just implied that it could be as low as 2 Million, the indoctrinated, zombified sheeple would trample the shit out of you with name calling and death threats. Yet not only would you be correct, you would still not have gone down enough.

Now here’s the question for the sheeple – taking into an account this drastic, down by 2.5 Million people revision – would you still attack me and call me names if I said that 1.5 Million killed at Auschwitz is still too high?

Go ahead, attack me. Cause I have a surprise for you:

As of at least mid 2008, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum website has contained a further revised number. You can read about it on

At least 960,000 Jews were killed in Auschwitz. Other victims included approximately 74,000 Poles, 21,000 Roma (Gypsies), and 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war; and 10,000-15,000 members of other nationalities (Soviet civilians, Czechs, Yugoslavs, French, Germans, and Austrians).

Here’s a screenshot of the page for archiving purposes in case the number gets revised again:

US Holocaust Memorial Museum Website Contains Latest Revision Which Claimed 1.1 Million Were Killed in Auschwitz
The US Holocaust Memorial Museum Website Contains Latest Revision Which Claimed 1.1 Million Were Killed in Auschwitz

In other words, despite the plaques in front of the Auschwitz State Museum not being updated anymore, the latest revised number of total people claimed by the Holocaust storytellers to have died in Auschwitz is less than 1.1 Million. The difference between 4 Million and 1.1 Million is quite significant. We’re not talking about a few percentages here and there. We’re talking almost 400% inflation from a more realistic number, which considering how it kept being revised over the years, may not be final yet. What does this tell you about the trustworthiness of what “they” teach us about the Holocaust?

And that leads me to the ultimate questions of this post – the number of deaths in Auschwitz were part of the 6 Million myth. How come the Auschwitz number was officially dropped by 3 Million yet the 6 Million myth continues being fed to our children in the institutions of indoctrination? How come our children are not taught that Rudolf Höss’ confession was a result of torture and duress whereas his captors placed all bids on sensationalism at an expense of plausibility?


I consider it important to remind everyone that the purpose of the Holohoax series is not to state that they say this and I say that – they are wrong, I am right. The purpose is to engage your critical thinking so you can draw conclusions for yourself. Never arbitrarily accept other people’s version of the “truth”. Not mine, not theirs, not anyone’s. Verify, double verify and trust no one but your own gut. That’s how you’ll find the truth.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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98 thoughts on “The Auschwitz Plaques and the 6 Million Myth”

  1. The 6 million Jews myth is obviously full of holes. What bothers me a bit, as someone of Polish decent, is that the amount of Polish civilians executed during the Nazi occupation seems lost in time. Its as if nobody else died during the Holocaust other than Jews.

    The Nazis were actually pretty fucking methodical. They realized if they were going to occupy Poland for the long term, they needed to get rid of all the intellectual Poles. This is why people say “Polish people are stupid,” the idea being that all the smart ones were killed in the Holocaust. Because my family got the fuck out pre-invasion, I’d like to think I come from the smartest Polish ilk =D.

    The 1947 UN resolution secured the Jews a homeland in Palestine. I’m sure the exploitation of their Holocaust misfortunes led to sympathy from the International community, which ultimately justified the creation of a Zionist state. Its interesting to think that the persecution of Jews during WWII and their ability to exploit that persecution politically has led to the rise of an incredibly militaristic, imperialist Zionist state. Its as if Holocaust was the greatest thing that happened to Jews since the Aliens gave them mana while they were running away from the Egyptians. pffff

    1. For your information, the mass execution of Polish intellectuals and leaders was carried out by the Bolsheviks. Soviets kept the lie that it was the Nazis alive while communism existed, but after the 1989 revolution, and the replacement of Jewish poppet president Boris Yeltsin with Vladimir Putin, Russia declassified the Katyn Massacre files in 2010 and admitted that 22,000 Poles were killed by Jewish Bolsheviks backed up by the Red Army on orders from Stalin. More on it here:

      1. Indeed, this makes sense. My great grandmother (on the side that stayed) owned a big plantation house in Krakow. She told everyone in my family that when the Nazis occupied the house to quarter officers and troops they left everything neat and actually cleaned up the place before they moved on. You couldn’t tell they were there… When the Russians came, they got drunk off vodka and fucking TRASHED the place.

        1. Yes, the truth conquers all things.

          More and more is coming out now and the rest of us must make sure it is not stopped.

          Did they think they’d get away with this forever?

          However often they strike at us, someone will see the flash of the knife at it’s highest arc.
          Time always tells the truth.

  2. Many Jewish people, including members of my family. The sign says suffered and died. Did all 4 million die, or were there 4 million people who went through the camp, of which all suffered surely, and a great many died.

    1. That’s the problem the side of people who would like to know the actual number has way too many jew haters.

      It wasnt 6 million nor even close but if you say that suddenly you are a nazi.

      What happened was disgusting and illegal but the need to inflate the numbers just bewilders me

      1. People don’t suddenly decide to hate a certain group of other people for NO REASON … in the ‘Old World’ Jews weren’t expelled from almost every country in Europe (a verifiable fact) for NO REASON … there IS A REASON to hate a group of people who are taught (the Talmud) that they are ‘the chosen people’ and that all Goyim (non-Jews) were created to be used as their slaves. The Talmud instructs Jews how to control their slaves by controlling everything they see and hear … sound familiar ?

    1. very wise, i tip my hat to you. hopefully one day this will come true.
      the fucking kikes have had enough fun killing innocent people and brainwashing the world, now it has to end soon. the idiots who believe all this shit should get a good gassing too.

    2. As a red blooded American veteran, it warms my heart to know that men like you exist here. I feel that a mass awakening is going to take place and that truth will find the light.

      The dirty yids sit behind a desk and take control, such as when the k1kes had General Patton murdered. And that fucking desk jockey Ike the k1ke became supreme allied commander, and then became potus. That piece of shit desk jockey didn’t deserve to wipe General Patton’s boots. Fucking back stabbing k1kes.

    3. Nah, you’re blaming the jews for all the problems. It’s not just their fault. It’s everyone’s fault. Look at America for making that propaganda. They are the same as them. Or during rome, killing the Britains and calling them barbarians, you can’t just blame one person or group and expect everything to be better, it’s more complicated than that, you have to look at the big picture. People have always done evil things, and they will keep on being people. They will never change.

      1. This post really does. Way back in highs school I took a class devoted to the holocaust. Our final paper was to be on the denial of the holocaust. I remember sifting through so much info it made my head spin. It’s kind of like trying to write a paper on 911 or the recent Boston marathon “terror” attack. So many stories and ideas you lose track. Luckily high school was nearly a decade ago and social media didn’t really exist yet.

    1. Because the Zionist jews insist upon it. They believe, according to the Kabalah, that they cannot return “home” and be “redeemed'” until 6 million of them have been sacrificed, hence the term holocaust, which means burnt offering. The Holocaust has now become the official jewish religion, to be taught in all American schools as factual. Did you know that in Europe you can be jailed and fined for even questioning the 6 million figure?? Google Ernst Zundel who was jailed for 10 years before being able to clear his name. Wikipedia introduces him as a neo-Nazi German Holocaust denier. How’s THAT for indiscriminate and “factual” information??

  3. 6 million Jews, 4 million Jews, 2 million Jews and now at least 960,000 Jews were killed in Auschwitz.

    Now here’s the question, surely any number of Jews killed would have sufficed, during world war 2 and at the end of world war 2 Germany and the Nazis were hated by most of the world and the Jews were looked upon with sympathy and kindness, why then did they need to create such an over inflated figure to achieve what was already theirs to begin with.

    The answer, they knew that they would need to create a legend, a story so powerful that it would still stand strong many years later because they were banking on the fact that they would be able to use this position to expand for many years to come, they knew that what they were planning would not be accepted by the global community without an insurmountable position.

    This is why they used such large figures, they would have claimed 20 million dead if they could have got away with it, the reason why they are willing to reduce the figure now is because they have met their goals, the job was done, the past was no longer important, the Nazis were old news, we have a new bad boy in town, Islamic extremism, and with this new figure to hate and fight the expansion continues.

    War is the best disguise for those who do not wish to be seen.

    1. The fact that they use the war as a disguise it’s more like the surface of the problem (the tip of the iceberg). The main cause is to make more money out of wars … think about it as a bet on who is going to win the war. If X and Y are two countries in conflict then they will finance the both sides with money, weapons and whatnot, but they are doing it in a manner that X doesn’t know that Y also is financed by them and vice-versa, so mainly the deal is as follows, if X wins the war you give me my money back and you can claim your money from Y, but if you lose the war you can sell me your resources from your country, cheap hence the small wages hence the poverty and high criminal rates as every individual is killing another for food or money. This is how the banks work in case that two countries are at war, they make out of it more money than you can think and steal resources in a manner that the sheep won’t notice. As for the wars and how they begin is just a matter of multiculturalism if you know what I mean!

    2. The jews believe they are the Chosen of God and the rest of us are animals. Therefore they must rule us because we cannot do it ourselves. Their myth and magic goes back 5000 years. The Kabalah teaches them that they cannot return “home” and be “redeemed” until 6 million of their souls have been sacrificed, therefore the term Holocaust, which means burnt offering, is their Holy Grail of decieving not only us, but their own people, as well.

      As they continue to indoctinate us with the “magic” of their suffering, we will continue to become more and more enchanted until nothing can break the spell.

      The work of this website and others is the only antidote we have.

  4. Well here’s an official number. 5 million people (mostly civilians) died in the war between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, in an almost decade long war in the1990’s. And, during all this time, the USA and the European Union had knowledge of the massacres that were happening and did nothing. The USA in fact even supported Yoweri Museveni (who, coincidently, sells a lot of oil to the United States), a dictator and a war criminal who forced thousands of boys bellow the age of 17 to enlist and ordered them to rape, pillage and destroy whole villages.
    Yet, the lie that 6 million Jews died at the hans of the horrible Nazis keeps being perpetuated through time. Our media, in the Western world, is completely owned by the zionists, and we all were fed these lies.

  5. I have believed for a long time that the holocaust is exaggerated zionist propaganda, this does not surprise me one bit.
    I’ve just registered on this site as this topic made me need to leave a reply, if you guys don’t mind, tell me what you think to what is going on at work for me;

    My ‘right wing’ beliefs are well known in the workplace but only because people have either asked me about them or talked about them outside of work. Work and social life are separate things, I go to work to do a job as we all do.
    Anyway, I have been told that I am not to talk about my views (which is practically everything, as it all comes back to the jews) and be careful who I speak to outside of work so that they are not brought back into the workplace.
    What the fuck is going on, I will not be silenced, I respect everyone’s right to freedom of speech but mine does not get the same?

    1. Bloody right buddy, dont let them limit you in any way. Its hard to be a one-eyed in a blind world. I stopped trying to convince the others, cause this triggers only defensive behavior, a cognitive dissonance.The best way from my experience is to pick up those who you really care about from where they are, and put a mirror in their faces.

    2. It’s really up to what kind of job each one of us has and whether we are willing to jeopardize it. If it takes 10-15 years to get the degrees/certifications as well as many loans to pay for college one should think twice before saying out loud what he/she really thinks.

    1. Seig! Heil! Heil!

      Ein Reich, Ein Volks, Ein Fuhrer! Seig Heil!

      I’m so sick of this Zio-Democrapcy.
      I say we make Ron Paul Fuhrer and move this nation forward under his will. Greatest suggestion ever.

      1. I’d be weary of crypto-Zionists like the Pauls. Libertarianism is just another Jewish construct. Ayn Rand, Ludwig Misces, Milton Freidman, they’re all Jews and their writings are the foundation of Ron Paul’s Economic Ideology.

    2. You gentlemen are fucking awesome ! Stay proud and never bend to the fucking ass kissing k1ke bastards. Don’t ever let them take your mind. As an Italian American, I have always had deep respect for the Germans & a long mistrust of the greedy k1kes.

  6. Hello! 🙂

    Nice series! I hope you can also post something about the fake pictures that were taken inside the camps after the Allies won World War II.

    There are both pictures of piles of corpses which are used to support the holocaust hoax (that by itself only show that many people died in the War, which is “normal” if the country was pretty much destroyed… they didn’t have enough to feed the civilian population, let alone people in prison camps)… And also FAKE pictures that were clearly manipulated to add more bodies to the scenes.

  7. The so called “Holocaust Historians” arent even willing to proof, that alternative research is false. The official statement tells, that it would give to much attention to evil racist propaganda. But they act more likely from a weak position and out of fear, that an open discussion would unveil the stinky parts of their rotten agenda.
    The same with with this phony human-caused climate change. Its at the latest since Climategate scandal obvious, that its another way to rob and to control the populace. But they still pull this shit trough, and want the deniers in eco-gulags or dead, like mr. Pentti Linkola, Paul Ehrlich or the pusfilled John P. Holdren.
    If you ever heard of the Agenda 21, then this a part of it.
    In the film 1984, from Eric Blair alias George Orwell, (it wasnt made up, this guy operated in the highest circles), there is a omnipotent party, that is rewriting the history and destroying the language, so the slaves will not be capable of critical or creative thinking anymore.

  8. Yes the sheeple can finally see what wwII was all about destroying the ottoman empire and getting a foot hold in the middle east. The Balfour Declaration was an official notice of The English Royal Crown’s recognition of Palestine as the rightful home of the Jews. Then 25 years later Hitler, who was a potential offspring of the rothschild family, comes to power and allegedly kills 6 million jews. The whole western world backed the creation of the israeli state because their sympathies were attacked. The west got its spy state in the middle east had no real unified front in the arab world to worry about and the raping of the oil there has been en mass since. Oil is used in everyhting might i add.

    1. Your right BOC,

      The initial draft of the Balfour declaration contained in a letter sent by one of the Rothschild to Balfour, referred to the principle “that Palestine should be reconstituted as the National Home of the Jewish people.”

      When you consider that Aliyah, which is the immigration of Jews from the diaspora (exile) to the Land of Israel and is one of the most basic tenets of Zionist ideology you are left with the conclusion that the Jews do not want to simply expand their borders into Palestine, they want Palestine in its entirety to be their homeland, they believe that they have a historical right to be there, that they once lived and thrived there thousands of years ago.

      They will keep trying to achieve this aim forever until it is done, the Palestinians will be forced to leave or they will be killed, ironic that our population would allow this aim from the Jews whilst they despised Hitler and the Nazis for doing the exact same thing.

      The longer I live the more I am sure that world war 2 was started by the Zionist Jews who used the German people to speed up their plans, yes, they sacrificed a token number of Jews for these aims, everyone should just research the Jewish Question and the formation of the Balfour declaration and the establishment of the idea of a Jewish homeland, once you’ve researched these matters you will find that you will be thinking much the same.

    1. The thing is that the 6 million figure is used to justify Zionism crimes against humanity, such as the ones perpetrated by the State of Israe, which is governed by extremist as bad as the ones they claim they’re fighting against.

      The “myth” is used to justify the existence of Israel, and thus the billion dollars flow into the Middle East to foment the wars we currently see happening. The “myth” is used whenever someone questions the crimes Israel commited by Israel. If you say something Israeli govern does is wrong, that automatically puts you side to side with the Nazi, the scum, the racists, and so on.

      Of course 1 million deaths are a shit-load of people. But they died as a result of the WORLD WAR, not as a result of “the Holocaust”.

      They (the Zionists) try to use give the tragedy a magical atmosphere… The word “holocaust” is biblical, related to sacrifices to God and things like that. They try to bend the truth in a way to make them look good.

      The truth is that many jews died, yeah, but not as a result of mass killing or genocide. They’re not even a race of nation to begin with, although the creation of Israel tries to give them such status.

      The “myth” is used for political reasons, that’s why Israel doesn’t recognize Armenian Genocide, and that’s why Israel supported the Apartheid in South Africa…

      Israel is a much Nazi as Hitler.

  9. Good think I’ve never believed anythink… I mean, we (in Germany) still get school “education” about exaggerations of WWII history… When I was in school (~10 y ago) we had to see documentaries only about bad bad nazis… But all the other crimes to humanity at WWII weren’t a topic..O.o
    Is our school education system just dump or is this brainwashing?

  10. Long story short, yesterday when I was at GoodWill “I got community service.” I was talking to a coworker about people being set on fire and so forth. Then he stated that it takes so much heat to burn a body to a crisp, let alone destroy a body. So I was thinking after Mark stated that Jews where burned in large groups outside. How would they even be able to burn all their bodies at once if it takes so much heat to just burn one person to a crisp?

  11. Ya know, I might and probably will sound like an asshole for sayin’ this, but when I was bein’ taught all this bullshit that they tried pushin’ down my throat, in my heart I just didn’t believe it. I felt it was all bullshit. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. sad face weep weep weep , ok enough with the bullshit, WHAT the fuck can we do about it??? I’ll tell ya, FUCKING NOTHING! Because white men do not stick together like the other races. Well the majority anyway. Oh , by the way, did I say were fucked?

    1. Just to clarify, when I said “taught” I meant in school (all the bullshit, they try to make us) believe. OHHH and I heard my old school in queens new york, did away with there school yard to put trailers in it to act as classrooms, (for all the indians and whatever else comes into this country) Hey, did I say were fucked?

  12. I don’t buy the cremation theory.
    Why would germans waste fuel (a limited resource, specially in war times) to cremate the bodies of the jews? It looks like if someone tried to build up a story about a massive killing but in the lack of physical evidences had to argue that the corpses were eliminated by fire. Pretty convenient.
    On a side note: Nobody is obliged to think like Uli does, neither to believe what Uli believes.
    Be yourself!
    (come tomorrow that I’ll teach you the “C”).

    1. The Germans actually kept pretty interesting and detailed records concerning the best methods for cremation. Apparently placing a fatter body or high-fat content infants on the bottom of the stack, and then more emaciated bodies on top helped stoke the fire and use less fuel.


  13. i brought up this topic about the holocaust being falsified to the world after WWII ended on and my account was suspended by a fucking jew kike moderator even though i stated that i was a revisionist and wanted to discuss this subject with other people and hear their opinions.

    there are too many fucking kikes in this world who need to be brought to justice and sent to concentration camps to finally be killed so we can actually have some peace in this world.

  14. Even a leftist like me can’t deny facts like these. Thanks for your continuing research, Mark. I have no end of respect for you.

    While I wouldn’t call myself a holocaust denier, it was certainly improperly archived. The difference in the numbers on the plaque and on the revised website are astonishing in the worst way. Embarrassing to see how easily I was led astray.


  15. i dont understand why this is so important to some people! if it were 10 innocent people killed in this way its atrocious. if 20 million people died this way… its still atrocious. why does it matter. i think all that matters is that we remember so something like that never happens again.

    1. The major point of the Holohoax series is not the number of people that died. It’s the fact that Zionists are using lies about the Holocaust to make non-Jews feel sorry for Jews, which makes Zionists look harmless while they dominate the world (such as the massive number of immigrants in Europe to destroy European cultures, as the Jew Ms. Spectre admitted Zionists were behind). When a typical sheep thinks about the Holocaust, they think about six million Jews that were murdered.

      Not only is it false that six million Jews were murdered, but they pay little, if any, attention to non-Jews that died. And before you accuse me of being an anti-Semite (which would be typical of a sheep), I only hate the Jews that are actually involved in the ZOG.

  16. You know what’s sad I work all week for filthy rich jews. I bitch n wine how cheap they are. Then when I get home I check my favorite website best gore and now I really can’t stand jews and stupid niggers by the way I live in an almost all black niggerhood owned by jews. Please I want to go back to being a blind sheep the truth is to much there is nothing I can do to change the way the world is ran or is there? I should have swallowed the red pill.

  17. I am a ‘holocaust’ denier.
    I do not deny that many died.
    My argument is with the term ‘holocaust’.
    ‘Holo’ can mean either ‘holy’ or ‘whole’ depending on your views..Both are inaccurate.
    ‘Caust’ is essentially burn.
    My (atheist) Father was also part of the ‘holocaust’ because his corpse was cremated.
    ‘Megadeath’ is probably a more accurate term, possibly even (at a push) ‘genocide’, but ‘holocaust’ is just a fucking joke.
    Were the atheists, communists, homosexuals, conscientious objectors, gypsies etc part of this ‘holy’ burning?
    Do Jews (unlike the extinct dodo bird) still exist?
    Either way, both the ‘whole’ and ‘holy’ parst are fucking jokes. .
    Many were buried in mass graves, are they included in this holo’caust’?
    When people hear the term ‘holocaust’ they instantly think : Millions of jews killed “for no reason”, without a question.
    That’s a bit like saying, “I can’t understand it. They’ve put me in prison, just because I enjoy raping and killing children”.
    Actually, maybe that’s touch harsh but you know what I’m on about.
    Let’s face it, if it weren’t for Hitler, Jews would have next to fuck-all to moan about – apart from the last time they annoyed every fucker that they came in contact with.
    Hitler is a recorded sound, a moving image on film, a photograph. He’s almost tangible.
    The previous cunt that ‘persecuted’ them is at best, an oil painting.
    This is why we believe that Hitler was an heartless alien devil (booo, hisss etc) from outer space, whereas Churchill was a faultless, Godly, paragon of virtue (and not in any way a complete cunt)!

    1. Jelousy. Bitter. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. That’s what it essentially comes down to in the eyes of the unsuccessful. I’m Jewish..Haters hate Jews because we are superior..admit it. Case in point..Hitler must have had to feel very intimidated, threatened, and scared by us….so sad the poor little man.

      1. The other way around, you hook-nosed Jewess, Germans were, and are, the most superior race. They are the chosen people, the only race with morals, who act ethically without being told. Their economy was so robust it threatened the Shylocks in Britain and Russia. That’s why your people killed the men, and raped the women, so your defective, inbred genes could survive. It’s a Jewish law. Jews are so inbred they have to mix. Jewkipedia will tell you this straight up.

  18. Approx. number killed at each extermination camp[163] Camp name Killed Coordinates Ref.
    Auschwitz II 1,000,000 50°2′9″N 19°10′42″E [164][165][166]
    Belzec 600,000 50°22′18″N 23°27′27″E [167][168]
    Chełmno 320,000 52°9′27″N 18°43′43″E [169][170]
    Jasenovac 58–97,000 45°16′54″N 16°56′6″E [171][172]
    Majdanek 360,000 51°13′13″N 22°36′0″E [173][174]
    Maly Trostinets 65,000 53°51′4″N 27°42′17″E [175][176]
    Sobibor 250,000 51°26′50″N 23°35′37″E [177][178]
    Treblinka 870,000 52°37′35″N 22°2′49″E [179][180]

    I would say this goes into the millions?

    1. What is your source? Are you accepting these figures because they agree with your pre-conceived ideas of the truth of the Holocaust?

      How did the Germans, who were fighting a war on all fronts, have the time, means and resources to kill, burn and bury, then dig up again and burn again, 6 million bodies?

      Where are the bodies?? How many Jews were autopsied to prove they were gassed? Why can no forensic scientist who visited the camps find ANY gas residue in the existing chambers from so much gassing as is stated? How did the Germans continue to kill Jews after the Allies bombed their supply lines, destroying their only sources of food and medicine, thereby starving the Germans as well as the camps?

      If you can answer and back up with verifiable evidence, I will publish your article.

    2. Those numbers in [ ] are reference numbers used by Wikipedia, an Israeli web server, meaning the Jews are responsible.

      Jewkipedia won’t change their numbers because it’s a school resource. Children must be indoctrinated as per the Horace Mann system our country adopted, and the Jews are responsible.

    1. If you will do some research, you see that probly less than 900,000 all total died and that was from typhus, starvation and disease, as when the Allies bombed the German supply lines, food and medicine could not get through.

      The guards, commanders and administrators of the camps died, as well.

      Go to Youtube and search “Holocaust hoax” and you will find many videos on how impossible it was to kill 6 million people efficiently and completely.

      I can recommend some free PDF download books, as well.

      If we don’t exposed and stop these lies, we are all doomed. Go to my site and see the Jews in Goverment list and you’ll see how completely they own us.

    2. If you’ll read the plaques Mark has listed in his articles, you will see they have lowered the figures to the hundreds of thousands, plus the Red Cross disputes with authority the 6 million myth.

  19. Ever since I was a youngster I’ve been interested in human conflict especially WWII(probably due to several of my great uncles having served) and I read a lot of books and from more than one perspective. For some three decades I have maintained that the Germans never intended to eliminate the Jews. If the goal was to wipe out the people as a whole the energy and resources invested would really have had to be rather enthusiastic and dedicated to that sole purpose. The Germans didn’t even try to wipe them out. Had they tried it is very likely the six million mark would have been attained.

    1. Well,?this?makes?no?sense…?Why?is?my?post?running?off?the?page??It?isn’t?confined?in?the?box?like?everyone?else’s?posts.?Could?it?be?my?browser?(Firefox),?or?could?it?be?the?website??Can?anyone?help?me?figure?out?what?is?wrong?here??Is?this?normal,?or?some?sort?of?glitch?

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  21. Even their shit-house Bible bangs on about them being ‘victims’.
    Fuck me! Their ‘God’ cunt tells them to murder some fucking tribe or other one minute, the next minute the fucker’s telling them to murder some other cunts!
    Anyway, I’m happy to say “megadeath” or “mass murder” but ‘holocaust’ was just a term invented by a jew in the forties to try and pull on the heart strings! Utter fucking bollocks!

  22. Very enlightening.

    And when you have racist authors like Deborah Lipstadt (Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory) perpetuating the myth and condemning anyone who questions the numbers, you can see how utterly deranged the Jewish propaganda machine is.

  23. I am confused. Were Nazis any less of dicks because of this difference? Are they somehow less hateful because they “only” killed a couple million and not six? I appreciate the information, but the tone is as if this mollifies the atrocity.

    If I saw a Nazi from this era today, I would cut off his balls just as readily with this modified number as with the former.

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