German Heroine Ursula Haverbeck Destroys Holohoax on Mainstream TV, Gets Harassed

German Heroine Ursula Haverbeck Destroys Holohoax on Mainstream TV, Gets Arrested

86 year old German historian and a heroine Ursula Haverbeck did the unthinkable last March, when she went on mainstream TV in Germany, and exposed the greatest lie ever told without beating around the bush. In the interview with Robert Bongen for Panorama, Ursula Haverbeck completely destroyed the entire Holohoax myth.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take very long for perpetrators of the greatest lie ever told, and their bootlickers, to strike back against the source of truth. And so on June 3, 2015, German publication Mindener Tageblatt reported that police have raided the houses of Ursula Haverbeck and three others, and are threatening the heroine with arrest.

When lies are exposed with scientific evidence and factual research, the only way to keep the lies alive is to attack the source of truth.

Here are some of the highlights exposed by Ursula Haverbeck during the interview:

  • Cyanide-based pesticide Zyklon B could not have been used for gassings as described by Holohoax storytellers due to its slow release of cyanide to allow for safe fumigation of buildings
  • 15 Million Germans were driven from their homes, many disappeared without a trace
  • German city of Breslau was seized and Germans living there ethnically cleansed. The city was then renamed to Wrocław
  • A collection of orders which were seized by the Soviets after war and were not released until 1990’s show that SS authorities dealt harshly with guards who mistreated laborers at Auschwitz and elsewhere
  • In January 1945, laborers at Auschwitz were given the option to stay behind to be “liberated” by the allies, or to evacuate to Germany with the SS – a majority chose to go with the Germans
  • Alleged former concentration camp inmates like Otto Uthgenannt and Enrico Marco have been exposed as frauds
  • Germans worked hard to develop the means to save the lives of everyone in labor camps, which is why they invested in the development of Zyklon B, the purpose of which was to fumigate clothing and barracks in order to stop the spread of deadly and highly contagious Typhus, spread by the lice
  • Large number of German POWs died in the clutches of the allies who crammed them into camps in Rheinwiesen and held them exposed to the elements, diseased and malnourished

Of course, the above merely scratches the surface. Watch the whole video below. It’s hosted on YouTube, so make sure to click on CC in order to turn closed captioning on.

I wish German heroine Ursula Haverbeck much strength in dealing with ZOG whose establishment is shaken by brave men and women who expose the Holohoax lie.

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        1. Hitler never wanted to “conquer the world.” He simply wanted to safeguard Europe and the greater Western World from all manner of nefarious Jewish influence and, more broadly, safeguard the world-at-large specifically from, 1) usurious Jewish banking and, 2) Jewish-driven cultural degradation.

          the Allied heads-of-State (Roosevelt, Churchill, et al) were puppets of International Jewry; each sold his soul for power and prestige. World War II was a war between two competing ideologies: Nationalism -vs- Jewish Bolshevik Internationalism/globalism — unfortunately International Jewry won.

          Was World War II “the good war” as is often claimed? No, it was exactly the opposite. The Allied victory marked the beginning of the end of Western Civilization.

          1. For every one story from a person calming that the Hitler never ordered the killing of hundreds of children woman and men you can find ten to say just the oppositethe facts out weigh the hype or lies. I nor you or most people today we’re not alive nor were we their to say yes it happened or no it didn’t happen.. but somehow thousands of Jewish people died in mass numbers and their remains were uncovered in large pits that goreng himself pointed out were they were. He was a top officer of the ss and a close adviser to Hitler

          2. During my father high school years in the late 60’s and early 70’s were taught that; the National Socialist Germans 1) incinerated Jews in ovens made for that purpose, 2) gassed them to death with cyanide (Zyklon B) 3) made lampshades out of them, 4) stole the gold fillings out of the teeth of Jewish corpses.
            I thought to myself then, “how does a country fighting virtually the entire industrialized world and which has been sanctioned such that it can import NO oil or other fuel manage to find extra fuel to operate ovens for the purpose of incinerating “millions” of corpses? Germany was so strapped for oil (for the distillation of gasoline) that it turned to distilling coal to make gasoline via a process that two German chemists, Fiscner and Tropsch had developed. Also worthy of note is that Zyklon B was used during those days for delousing clothing and disinfecting ships and warehouses. The “showers” at the various “death camps” were not sealed or even capable of being sealed in such a way as to prevent bystanders outside the building from exposure to the gasses (in other words, not designed for the purpose it was supposedly used for). Of course these tidbits of information were not included in our high school “education”. This website: has photos of the Dachau “showers”. I think it odd that a gas chamber would have windows looking to the grounds outside the building- why make it possible for those outside to see what happens inside?

          3. Your a thousand percent right. What’s the saddest part of all is they use Anglo-Saxon technology, money, labor, materials and their very own brothers to go and murder their brothers and then jump up and down so happily after it’s done. They sure pulled a number on us and got away clean. Still do as most people walk around totally ignorant of the facts.

          4. correct germany had two banks both jewish, the bankers plundered the people and devaluated the germanmark just like what theyre doing now to the americans… the federal reserve is a sham private profiteer group owned mostly by europeans and answers to no other agency not even the president

          5. U my friend speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! So sad millions upon millions of dumb, tricked Anglo-Saxon men led by Zionism murdered the one man who had a real chance to set us free. As a result of this we have millions of females who have been murdered and don’t even know it. So sad the power these people possess and the destructive dealings they’ve delivered upon us. Fight back while u still can and we’re not blocked. That’s coming next.

          6. Well, read the site and you all will see the truth.
            People always nagging back and forth about whether jews where massacred or not. They weren’t. They made all of this ‘holocaust’ stuff up to make Hitler look like an evil person. Most of you worthless shitpiles are just getting off on this site by watching the torture and misery of other people. Let me enlighten you people a little bit on a spiritual level. I admit I am a Satanist, and I have been a Satanist for years now. I have learned some things that would shock any normal person to the core. The jews are parasites of this planet. They have a gene in their DNA called “Cohen” This is a reptilian gene. Yes. go ahead and laugh at me. Most of you would rather giggle at the thought of ‘aliens’, than to go on the Joyofsatan site and read things for yourself. Like I said, Ive been a Satanist for years, ive practiced meditation and opening the ‘7 chakras’ of the human soul. I have learned that Satan created humanity with advanced genetic engineering. Satan is of the Nordic Race of ET’s The race that are tall with blonde hair, and blue eyes. In fact, Satan is where humans get the blonde hair and blue eye genes from in the first place. When you see old comic books, movies, whatever about aliens, they always show something to do with telepathy, and telekinesis, and all that stuff. This is true. Advanced human beings that have meditated and did spiritual practices all their lives have these abilities too. But anyways, we have all heard the stories of some idiots trying to prove that world leaders and people in positions of power, celebrities, famous musicians, whatever, are reptilian shapeshifters and all that shit. This is half ture. They aren’t full blooded reptilians, but they do have the reptilian ‘cohen’ gene in them. Jewish rabbi’s have the purest of the cohen gene in them, they have done selective breeding to keep this pure gene in the rabbi bloodlines. Anyways, this whole ‘Illuminati’ thing isn’t Satanic in any way, shape, or form. Its jewish. Its about the jewish new world order, where the jews rule over the world, having all the wealth and power for themselves, while keeping the average non-Jewish person(the creations of Satan) spritualy and physically enslaved by keeping occult knowledge from them. They put all of this negative stuff out in the world about Satan and demons, just to keep people afraid and away from them. Trying to make demons in pictures and movies look like hideous monsters that snarl and growl and shit. This is all bullshit to make people think Satan and his demons are ‘evil’. Actually, a lot of the demons are actually early human beings that became gods with occult knowledge given to them by Satan. I’m sure a lot of you have heard the stories of Hercules, Achilles, and those famous ancient characters. who had mindblowing inhuman strength and abilities. Those people where demigods, the children of the gods, aka advanced extra-terrestrials(Nordics, Nephilim, etc) who had human wives. Satan intended to make human beings into gods by giving us advanced occult knowledge and abilities. Human beings have all of the natural elements in their souls, fire, water, air, earth, etc. So when a human being ascends and becomes a god, we are among the most powerful races in the universe. The other races of gods, tried to stop Satan from completing this work on humanity. He and his demons(gods) where outnumbered and had to leave. Then the Reptilians created the jews. The reptilians and another famous race of ET’s – the greys are totally and completely against Satan. Satan gives occult knowledge to people that are dedicated to him. Knowledge on how to become a god. Actual Immortality. Its the most advanced occult working – its called the Magnum Opus. I causes the physical body and the astral body (the soul) to unite and become a single entity, with Physical immortality and perfection. the number 666 is the kabalistic square of the Sun and is the number of Spiritual perfection into godhood. there are even rumors that Tibetan monks that have meditated most of their life have completed the magnum opus. Another thing I would like to mention: ‘God’ in the bible represents the jewish people – in other words, the jewish people are ‘god’. the jewish ‘god’ is not a actual living entity, its just a programmed mass of energy on the 4th dimension, that is programmed with psychic energy to carry out certain things and manifest things into the physical world. Its called a Thoughtform – a massive vortex of programmed energy. The jews have their torahs that they chant. these ’42 names of god’ and ’72 names of god’ This is to empower the thoughtform of ‘god’ to make it manifest into our physical world, and bring about the jewish new world order, where jews rule the world. When the jews chant the ‘names of god’ they are invoking this vortex of energy into themselves, this is how they are trying to manifest their ‘new world order’ into our world. Angels are not actual beings as well, they too are thoughtforms. for example, theres images of the 2 angels with flaming swords that guard the ‘tree of life’ The tree of life is a map of the human soul, and represents the 7 chakras, and the 144,000 branches represent the points of energy that flow through the human body. These ‘angels’ are jewish thoughtforms that guard the base of the tree. which represents the base chakra, where the kundalini serpent lies dormant. They were created to keep people from ascending their Kundalini through the 7 chakras and obtaining enlightenment, and godhood. They created these thoughtforms with chanting, aka vibration. The universe itself vibrates to a certain frequency. I’m sure some of you have heard some ‘new age’ mystics or whatever on youtube, or anywhere else that tell people how to ‘raise their vibration’ The stronger a persons soul, the higher the vibration they have. Another thing… ‘Jesus’ is just another name for the jewish thoughtform, it was made to make people into slaves. keeping them poor, away from sex, and all other shit. Sexual orgasm stimulates the kundalini and opens the chakras. ‘jesus’ was also made to make non-Jewish people pray and give psychic energy to the thoughtform, to further empower it and make it manifest into the physical world. Some of you might have heard the stories about people being ‘saved’ by ‘jesus’ this isn’t true. Everyone has a soul. Everyone has psychic energy, or thought energy. When you have a few hundred, or even thousands of people praying the same thing for one person, the combined psychic energy WILL cause something to happen. But people don’t understand that they are the ones who saved the person, not some fake ‘jesus’ character.
            I would also like to add – Hitler never died at the end of WW2. Hitler was a spiritually advanced person with an ascended kundalini. He completed the Magnum Opus and obtained godhood. Theres the tales that the Nazis where trying to build UFOs and all that. It was called ‘project paperclip’. This is true. When people communicate with demons, they are actually telepathically communicating with extra-terrestrials. Hitler obtained the knowledge to build and create secret and advanced technology by communicating with demons. Hitler was never a bad person, he was trying to free the world from the jewish slave state and the jewish ‘new world order’ This is why his name is hated so much, because he crippled the plans of the jewish agenda. I could go on all night about this, but I encourage you people to read all of the site and see the truth for yourselves. I know most of you on here are people of a dark nature, goths emo kids, metalheads, whatever. So whats the harm in freeing yourself from the programmed physical matrix you live in?

          7. ? so it was a religious war which one is right then?
            narbem is saying to be a satanist and at the same time a polytheistic one. which are conflicting notions. but there are over 4200 different types of religion in the world. however you say a religion vs nationalism. but there are over 16 very different types of nationalism.i’m so confused is it any religion as long as it not Judaism? so would Muslim work, or maybe budidhst or hinduism cause those work with 7 chakras wait i got it zulu or abariginy….and can i go with civic nationalism or sports nationalism… no fuck im so lost help everyone needs to pick one fucking idea this sucks im going crazy with what to do

        1. 70 yrs ago sovjude union now eusjahood union. The difference lay in the atomic bomb.
          It may save our asses from turning to ash but it may also lead to a permanet “cold war” between ex sovjud and the
          west .
          But if you start gaving nuke capability to more than 2 great blocks like it was in cold war 1 the possibility of a nuclear exchange increases.
          The jews was in charge of cold war 1 for the russian side (china cuba and communist country including).then when they saw that the soviet union was collapsing in the late 80 the jews left their bolshe-sojood union and immediatly took the control of the ex anti-communist united state of america,now russia empire (brics) is military equal to usyahoo empire ( eu and saudi ) and both know than they can not win a total and classic global war cause of the uranium and plutonium issue, so they trust can run safely a cold war 2.0, but there is many factor changed, internet for example, and in cold war 1.0 we risked mass extintion a few times .

      1. Silly kike. Tell me… what’s the difference between an untermensh Jooback and a pizza? The pizza doesn’t scream when you put it in the imaginary oven.

        1. Oh, you’re just brilliant aren’t you?

          And certainly a great specimen of superiority.

          Listen asshole, Even if all this was true. SO WHAT!? The shit went down. There is physical proof that exists today. Not just some old lady, like yourself, just talking shit.

          Pizza anyone?

        1. a phrase like this lead to 6 years to prison in my country. soon will be the same in usa.
          A man who subscribe to bestgore is like a german WW1 pilot : have no fear of death or is unaware of the risks involved in flying over the jewish-western puppets sky with dangerous anti-sheepling bomblets under its wing.
          A song I recall to this was written in 1932 and named “Flieger gruss mir die sonne” Fly grat higher than the Sun” and it has a beautiful sound and lirycs said
          Flieger gr?? mir die Sonne,
          gr?? mir die Sterne,
          und gr?? mir den Mond,
          dein Leben das ist ein Schweben,
          durch die Ferne die keiner bewohnt…
          you will easily find it

          In some way if the us state police continues to serve the eternal jew against russia, it is likely that we risk our life like toose WW1 proud piloten.

          Sehr Sch?n 🙂

          1. He never said that, and if he did it was obvious he was being tortured. Just like the Nuremberg trials.

      2. Germany had a stockpile of Sarin nerve gas. Which at the time nobody else had and nothing close to it. It became “GB” nerve gas. it would’ve been easy to kill them all if you wanted to gas people. It’s Nonpersistant kills everything but isn’t area denial like persistent VX which stays on the ground.

    1. “This isn’t the Britain we fought for,’ say the ‘unknown warriors’ of WWII”

      “People come here, get everything they ask, for free, laughing at our expense,’ was a typical observation.
      Many writers are bewildered and overwhelmed by a multicultural Britain that, they say bitterly, they were never consulted about nor feel comfortable with.
      ‘Our country has been given away to foreigners while we, the generation who fought for freedom, are having to sell our homes for care and are being refused medical services because incomers come first.’
      Her words may be offensive to many – and rightly so – but Sarah Robinson defiantly states: ‘We are affronted by the appearance of Muslim and Sikh costumes on our streets.'”

      “But then political correctness is another thing they take strong issue with, along with politicians generally – ‘liars, incompetents and self-aggrandising charlatans’ (with the revealing exception of Enoch Powell).”

      If Hitler Won The world would be alot whiter instead of being darker. The Western Powers have become the authors of their own destruction by defeating Hitler.

        1. Why would Himmler lie? The head of the SS proudly stated at the Wansee conference in front of hundreds of SS officers and nazi leaders, “We are exterminating the Jews”! January 20th 1942, this has been proven by hundreds of eyewitness accounts and transcripts of the famous conference near Berlin, Google it with your “SS officer” friends, freaking hysterical you “holohoax” conspirators.

          1. Lol, you’re clearly a Jew shill. No doubt a JIDFag sitting in the computer lab with your other inbred untermenschen ilk spewing crap about how “J00z are victims” and “gibs me reparations I was turned into a lampshade”.

    2. In case the holohoax will be more and more exposed to the sheeple, I suppose that the global police will have an order by the jewish global mafia running all the western police: capture the non sheeple.
      Can be a thing that will appen just after global police state is really imposed to Eu and us, and tension with putin caused by iysrael-anglo-us policy will degenerate.
      I have my opinion:

      the first who will be jailed or killed and tortured are the member of bestgore because bestgore as rappresent the enemy on the internet, we are not zukemberg controlled and not sheeple, and bestgore pose a significant threat to us/global state police even more than Iran. There have been recently other arrested youngman aside mark bestgore founder, many and for the same reason, I see the same concept and world here, so I fear my subscription here, after years and years of following your comments, will pull me to a mass execution grave or a “guantanamo like” in case the things in us goes on like now and tension to russian go ahead. It’s all about the jews and gas chambers, israel state and stuff like this, plus oil gas and other minor things that will pull us into a third WW. We are already in, but we have our home in the wrong country so we will be seen as traitors and dangerous individuals in the firsts stage of the war, and mark is an example we had passed the first stages of WW3. next can be everything possible. I don’t give a damn, soon or last I will die with a death rattle in my ears or a bullet or starvation is not important I do not give a damn. I do not really give a damn.
      Zivelo Arkanovci tigrovi zivelo Srbija !

    3. God you are so stupid, I don’t know if I need to cry for you, pray or just laught at you…The nazis are races and murders, they wanted to take over the world and kill all jews, gays, blacks, arabs…and you support them? stupid little shit…

      1. It’s so cute when JIDFag kikes like yourself create an account to spew your typical kike lies. The holohoax never happened. A shame really.

        1. Why would Himmler lie? January 20th, 1942 at the famous Wansee conference near Berlin, “we are exterminating the Jews”. Google it it has been proven by SS, Nazi and actual transcripts of the meeting. You see Nazis were very famous for accurate, effective and efficient record keeping, most likely the reason Himmler, Hitler, Goebbels and several nazi leaders committed suicide, the rest ran from WAR CRIMES, why? Holohoax conspirators are truly an ignorant and embarrassingly stupid bunch!

          1. The only idiot here is your kind who believe in Jew lies about a non-existent 6 million being turned into lampshades and soap.

          2. Exactly… its just stupid. One of the first things Hitler did was kick out all jews from Germany and the ones that didn’t leave were killed. And whenever he conquered a country, he sent the jews to the camp. Its very well documented. Its genocide. It wasn’t the first nor last time to happen.

    4. That nice old lady ROCKS. I would gladly give her a courtesy FUCK, because of all that she is doing for humanity. I think that she would be pleased to get a piece of ass, from a good-looking Frenchman 😉

    5. There was no 6 Million more like 780,000 tops compared to the 72,000,000 non – Kikes killed during the war or 200,000,000 killed by Jewish Communism and Zionism. Cry me a river Heblews, people are sick of the Muh Holocaust bullshit. Most hoped it was actually real, and most want to make it happen for realz this time. It will happen, Karma demands it.

    6. @Narben If you’re so intelligent and self educated why don’t you use some spacing in between paragraphs you fucking dolt, call the jews what you want at least they can write better than a 10yo, fucking wackjob, peddle your homo religion somewhere else and get bummed. History is written by the victor, it’s been like that throughout time if you don’t know that yet you’re a fucking mongoloid.

      1. @08fentonl Lol. You’re either a jew or a sheep. Everything I said in my first comment was true and only true. And ‘homo’ ‘religion’? oh no bruhh, you really cut me deep there, lmao. You must have me confused with the idiot unwoke satanic wannabes that hang out in abandoned houses, or in some underground area that sit and preach about ‘evil’ while they jack each other off.

        Allow me to go on with some more occult teachings. Mostly because im bored and I feel like typing.
        Lets start with the number 6 shall we? According to the holohoax, there was 6million jews killed. We live in a world where the number 6 is everything. we go by a 24hour clock and day system. Multiples of 6. Planet Saturn is the 6th planet from our Sun.

        In astrology, Saturn rules over restriction, misery, depression, poverty, time, ageing, old age, and is also binding. The number 6 ties strongly into Saturn energies. The jews use the number 6 quite a bit in their kabalistic workings to enslave the world. Also in astrology, if someone knows their exact birth info they can get a birth chart to see where the planets are and what zodiac sign they are in at the time of their birth. Astrology is a real deal and it tells your entire life, how you will live, how you will die, etc. Sadly most knowledge on astrology these days from books or online sources are corrupted, watered down, or just plain wrong.

        Back to the number 6… As I said, the number 6 is a strong influence in our world, and the jews use it to their advantage. There are 66 chapters of the bible, and all sorts of nonsense. This type of thing is what gives the Christianity thoughtform so much power, as it ties into the number 6, which is the number of Saturn, which has binding and enslaving energies to it. and like I also said, it rules poverty and restrictions. which is why most people are so enslaved by Christianity are dirt poor.

        The number 6 is also a number that’s used in magic by the jews to manifest their occult workings into reality, because its the number that also ties into the physical and material world. Its the number that has the most success in manifesting things with occult magic.

        Lol, all you people have to do is look at the world around you and be aware of the things that Ive said. You’ll start to notice things. Take a look at the world governments, look at Hollywood, or anything else and you’ll notice that most of the people there are jews. For fucks sake, the singer Drake even has a picture of praying hands with the number 6 right above them on his Instagram/twitter account, or whatever last time I checked. A lot of other musicians in jewish-owned Hollywood have hidden occult things in their music and music videos that normal people will never catch onto or notice, since occult knowledge has been taken from the populace by jews, and only a select few actually have this type of knowledge.

        The jews did 9/11 too. as 9/11 was actually a very important and strong date, since it ties into kabalistic numbers and energies, like the number 6 does. 9 is the number of endings, permanence, and is a violent number. 11 is the number of human blood sacrifice in the bible. The attack of 9/11 was done to raise energy for the jews to further channel it to their end goal of total world control. I think its funny how the most tragic events and massacres only happen close to jewish holidays, but nobody has really noticed yet.

        The jews that run our governments intentionally let crime get so out of hand so that they can enforce new laws on the people to slowly enslave them over the decades. Its a slow process. Theres plenty of freedoms that people around the world don’t have these days but did have 20-30 years in the past. Its easy to understand what im saying here.

        But anyways I guess Id better put spaces between the paragraphs before I offend someone else, and they call me an idiot 10yr old, lmfao.

        Also if anyone was wondering about the number 666 and why its different than the regular number 6 , its because 666 is the highest power of number 6 and it ties into the Sun’s energies, which rule over our health, fame, success, wealth, and social standing/status. The number of the sun is 111, which can be multiplied to 666, which gives the number 666 beneficial properties. The ancient pagans used the suns energies in their vibrations and mantras to counter the negative effects of Saturn in ones life. As the sun is healing, and energizing, and the opposite of what Saturn rules. This is why the number 666 is the number of eternal life and immortality, because its the number of both spiritual and physical perfection on all levels. Its a ‘purified’ multiple of six to its maximum power that ties into the sun. Since Saturn rules over time and ageing, getting rid of the influences of Saturn while also practicing spiritual advancement of the soul will literally make you immortal or prolong your life by quite a bit.

        Most people reincarnate into another body and they are forced to relived the horrible things they had to suffer through in their past lives, this is what ‘karma’ is. Its just bad energies and bindings on the soul that need to be cleansed and removed so one can advance spiritually and eventually achieve godhood with occult teachings.

        Christianity and islam are both enslavement programs created by the jews to make the populace worship their own death and enslavement and its disgusting. The soul gets weaker everytime it reincarnates and over centuries of not practicing spiritual and occult workings to empower the soul, a person will not be able to reincarnate again and they get stuck on the astral/4th dimension where they’ll eventually just stagnate and fade away. The soul is not eternal. It burns energy to exist just like our physical bodies do. When a person becomes too weak to reincarnate, this is what the ancient pagans called ‘the second death’ which is the literal and permanent end of a person where they slowly fade from existence and die completely, and cannot be reversed in any way.

        Christianity and islam affects people on a spiritual and subconscious level to where they live for their death and believe that they will go to some kind of paradise when they die, which is false, and the harsh reality is that the jews just want everyone else to fade away and die while they have all the wealth and power and occult knowledge.

        Back to astrology
        All planets in our solar system affect us. If you know someones time of birth, and they’re full birth info, you can literally read that persons entire life and fate, and even see things from past lives. But for someone to do this, they have to be extremely adept at astrology.

        I remember looking at the charts of 2 people that I used to go to high school with that died in a car crash, I could plainly see their death in their personal birth charts, and I could see what set the events off that led to their death by looking on a website that shows the planetary positions the day that they died. Its kind of scary knowing when you’ll die, but if you have the right occult knowledge on this type of thing, you can easily avoid it and live past the day where fate wanted you dead.

        But now in just rambling on about things that the majority of you guys will never understand, so imma end it here and wait for the sheeple to reply and tell me how much of a nut I am for telling them the truth.

          1. @08fentonl I feel sorry for you. But you can just stay a ignorant sheep for all I care. Cant wait to use the things I’ve learned by studying the occult to become a multi millionaire and sit back at my pool at my multimillion dollar mansion while a bunch of hot bitches suck me off. You can stay the way you are and enjoy all the retarded subconscious programming that you’ve suffered through all your life. As far as I’m concerned, youre just one less person to worry about in this competition of life.

            Guess what? I’ve already won $212k just from using occult teachings to help me win money and with gambling. Now I just need to use it to run my own business and i’ll be all set for the rest of my life.
            Have fun with your ignorance, little lamb

          2. @08fentonl I feel sorry for you. But you can just stay a ignorant sheep for all I care. Cant wait to use the things I’ve learned by studying the occult to become a multi millionaire and sit back at my pool at my multimillion dollar mansion while a bunch of hot bitches suck me off. You can stay the way you are and enjoy all the retarded subconscious programming that you’ve suffered through all your life. As far as I’m concerned, youre just one less person to worry about in this competition of life.

            Guess what? I’ve already won $212k just from using occult teachings to help me win money and with gambling. Was completely broke before I got into Satanism. Now I just need to use the money to start my own business and i’ll be all set for the rest of my life.
            Have fun with your ignorance, little lamb

  1. Haha! Get rekt, holohoax believers! Its kinda late here but ill save it to watch it later. 😛 Hell, saying that the holohoax is a lie on the internet might require some courage and will cause you to gain unwanted attention, but doing it on mainstream zio-medias, its like waving a piece of meat in front of a hungry wolf den… This woman has more balls than most germans ive seen today! 😆

      1. She also understand that a blatant attack on her after such a bold statement would be a reactionary faux pas. That said. “Zio” media stands to gain more from the continuationof debate than a complete disruption of it; after all there is little action if action is in debate. As for the who won ww2 question. It was a rouse played out for the public. The adgenda does not care what race religion or social structure it is this time. The adgenda requires these things in place for its continuation. How can a function of the process be the purpose of the process? A gear is not why clocks are made! Clocks are made to tell time… gears are made to keep it.
        Point is doesnt matter who is pulling the strings or why they do it. Answer is always the same. The solution does not change If the perpatraitorsare jew german muslim arab christian or fucking leprechauns.if everyone walked away tomorrow and simply took there power with them, ther would be no element of control. Stop wanting what they sell and they lose. The perpetraitorswll be those who try to force you back.

        Continuing the debate over race and guilt and religion and the oyyy…. Is the fucking point. If you wait to be sure before you act you never will.
        The first time rome sailed to britian they were met by the locals. Who in 1 unified voice declared thier solidarity. Rome didnt come back for 300 yrs. Unity is terrifying. if tomorrow the internet went silent, if everyone chose to show thier unity by simply shutting down…… A trillion silent computers and devices…. Nothing feeding the misinformation. Not even a cricket chirping. Total internet silence. Fear would drive them to play thier hand early. Imagine tomorrow they simply stop providing civillians with fuel. Lol would you be willing to walk away from all youve known

        1. ” Believing all the lies that they’re telling ya, buying all the products that they’re selling ya, they say jump and you say how high, you’re brain dead, you got a fucking bullet in your head ”
          ~ Zack dre la Rocha.


          Agreed. And the Romans never dared take on the Scots or the Picts as they were named by the Romans… Blue Faces … Pictured Faces.
          So they built Hadrian’s wall to stop the Picts invading.
          Solidarity is far less common in all walks of life nowadays, people have become way too self absorbed. It’s a crying shame because great things can be achieved against mighty
          adversity when people choose unity and solidity. Hence the Romans being shit scared of the Picts.

    1. she does not care of her deat as she is soo near her likely death age and she is still extremely intelligent so she has no fear even of being tortured to deat: a decade at maximum and she will be death rattling in some hospital, so some “soldaten” prefere to die with honour fighting against the impossible.

      1. i cant belive people still think 9 11 was done by al qauda. its diabolical bush and co havent been hanged yet. they murdered 3000 americans and then created the fake war on terror. its just mind boggling that people sit by and do nothing.

        1. the Towers were NOT collapsing under free fall. The heat produced by the impact and fire sucked the oxygen and created a vacuum underneath and since there was a system of underground tunnels linking the towers, this depression basically sucked the weakened structures from below.
          There is therefore no need for explosives to explain the collapse.
          It is a serious possibility that the enemy wants you and other dissidents to engage into such dubious theory to castigate ‘Conspiracists’ and conveniently discredit ALL their other claims in front of the public opinion.

          The real issues related to 9-11 are:
          How much Intelligence did foreign Secret Services knew, that they did not transmit to the US, on purpose, because they knew that an attack on us soil would be beneficial for their agenda, even if later they were a bit surprised, but pleased, by the amplitude and devastation of this attack.
          How much the US services knew that was ignored or dismissed by US higher officials on the same ground.
          Who forged and is behind the yellow cake documents that GW Bush used in his address to the nation to justify the war in Iraq.

          1. shut your mouth you complete and utter tool. ive researched over 100 hours easily on 9 11 and its a fucking inside job. explain to me building 7 then and the fact that no plane hit the pentagon? a missile hit the pentagon and the united 93 was intended for wt7 but they had to drop it anyway to stop people finding out about the explosives. you sad little sheep.

      2. What’s Tony Blair got to do with it? …if it was 1940 now you would not have the balls to question that it happened tell that to the prisoners of war that was there. .your fucking clueless and a coward

  2. My grandmother on my mother’s side was living in Kassel Germany during the war. But she was a very young girl at the time. The most she could ever tell me of war were her first hand accounts of waking up in the middle of the night to the airstrike sirens and having to run for the shelters, and of the hunger and lack of supplies. I think she blocks most of it out due to her age at the time. But everything was wasn’t peaches and cream for all Germans during the war like so many of the holohoax ‘historian’s’ claim.

    1. “Truth can be buried, covered with lies,
      Truth will always be revealed before the last of them dies…….Stand next to me my brothers bathed in there blood. Let us voice the truth, wash away corruption, our voices united, the cleansing flood”

      1. Hmmm trying to find the author of the that it was spoken post war and a few of the Germans I know family and friends of family would often quote this whenever the topic of the war was brought up but if anyone ever mentioned there first to say this I can’t rember its been several years since my last visit there. I do know this was used quietly among Germans a against the many lies being told about the camps and so forth. Many of the survivers fear retribution to this day. Ursula has my respect for speaking against this and made me think of that sadly I can’t remember the entire thing. The only thing I know for sure on the auther was he dissapeard not long after his public speech.

        1. I’ve been following this site for a long time now n this is my first post. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but come on guys calling the greatest crime ever comitted the holohoax, what the fuck are you guys smoking, it high time to get your head out of your ass and come back to reality.

  3. I don’t know if I believe its all a Hoax or not. But it does worry me that you cannot even criticize the official narrative. The government should not be able to tell you that you can only talk on one side of an argument. That makes me think there is something to hide. If it’s true that the holocaust is true, then there needs be no law protecting it. Truth itself is protection enough. She is brave though, I’ll give her that. More people should speak up if they have something credible to add. At least change that stupid law.

    1. I’m in the same boat. I do believe that the story we’re given throughout academia is of course not an entirely truthful account of what did happen, and that’s as far as my belief goes, until actual, definitive proof surfaces.

      However suppressing this woman’s freedom of speech just because it doesn’t conform to the what governments have dictated to be the “correct ” history is indicative of a totalitarian state, rather than the supposed Democracy, whose ideals are conveniently forgotten when it suits them, they claim to be.

    2. Bravo! I was just thinking that about this german/jewish uncalm in the air still to this day. We kind of got a little bit of kindling going in the U.S. fire about nobody is allowed to make muslims feel rejected or else its a hate crime crap. This hate crime is for minorities only. funny how it works in their favor. Hate crime should be know by everybody and for everybody not just non-whites. Reverse Racism. Ive read somewhere about jews in U.S. in the late 40’s early 50’s coming to U.S. and having fake concentration camp tattoos on them to recieve a large sum benefit from U.S. to start their new lives here

  4. Great Neptune, god of the seas… Are they so threatened with an old lady claims that they threatened her back with imprisonment?

    What some people would go through to protect their lies… what a sad truth.

    1. @Kay: I think it’s really hard for some people to believe others could lie so wickedly – unless they have met such a person or group of people. I believe there are people who are pathological liars and sociopaths that couldn’t care less how their manipulations hurt others. The main goal for these liars is to help only themselves and/or their kind. Sick…

      1. I’ve met some, I have seen how far lies can go but this, oh man. Threatening someone in order for them to protect their lies is something a psychopath would do.
        You are right. They are very sick, sometimes to the point where they can’t be helped. It’s kinda sad to think that the world of law enforcement and politics are filled with this type of people. 🙁

      1. Soap is globally made by fucking palm oil wich brings deforestation and made the step to insert palm oil and palm three grease in every processed food we see at supermarket and in teethpaste too so we are eating huge amount of deleterium palmitic-fat and we are sick. So with all the animal fat of the us obeses collected from hospitals it could be made a very fine quality sap since our nowadays soap is made of crappy palm-oil scrap, and it does not wash so good as the old good soap made from animal fat and ash. But that soap argument is completely off topic now I realize, however .

  5. I try to save this kind of stuff so I can teach my children about it in the future , we’re living in an age where the truth is censored and information like this is always altered and can disappear at any moment

      1. You best better watch your back buddy. Take a look at the bible. We have been soft in Germany and herded like sheep to our death’s but that shit is over.

        mi casa es su casa if you are with us and I pity you if you are not.

    1. @mushimushi,

      ?Right I?m supposed to take the word of a women who was married to a fucking Nazi-of course she would be a denier?.

      No, you do not have to take her word for it because you have freedom of thought/expression and therein lies the problem, she doesn?t.

      The world?s history is accessible to us in the present via gigantic collections of written accounts but only one historical account will see those of us in the first world prosecuted and jailed if we dare question it and that account is the Holocaust.

      In other words, you have the freedom to interpret history as you see fit so long as it is not the Holocaust and that is why religious people can freely claim the world is only a thousand years old and that evolution is a lie etc.

      The only reason why you would prosecute and jail people for questioning an event is if you wanted to create an environment where nobody else dared question for fear of punishment and loss of liberty and usually that form of governance only happens in dictatorships.

      My conclusion, those who punish others for daring to question become the deniers themselves because they deny people the freedom of thought and interpretation and where there is denial via punishment there will be accounts without the burden of evidence because written history without independent scrutiny cannot be held up as the truth.

      You wouldn?t accept a contract without your own personal scrutiny of it so why should we be expected to accept history without the same.

      1. ok so i wrote a long thought out response to you and once i press post it just fucking disappeared and didnt even show up so now im like fuck it plus i am tired and i dont want to even be bothered with grammar anymore so anyway what you said was bullshit as she is not being prosecuted plus first of all this is just propaganda and i thought bg was against that and now they are being hypocrites but whatever i wasnt trying to change anyones minds or anything i was just callign out bg for their hypocrisy so to that i say fuck this old bitch fuck the nazi and to everyone else goodnight

        1. @ mush and danius

          If this site hasn’t woken you up, Im afraid your a lost cause pals. Take those blinders off, that the world so blatantly cemented to your dome, take a big whiff of reality. Your opinion matters, that’s the beauty of it all here. However
          “tigers don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep”… So do yourself a favor and STFU with your spoon fed bullshit.

      2. Empty soul, facts are clear in that murder did happen on a mass scale, however the truth is fuzzy. As a concept truth has an intrinsic group morality applied to it. It depends if you’re on the side of the defeated, the victors and the victims.

        1. So many innocent people, women and children, died that mitigating the number of victims, from 6 million to say half a million would be scientifically trivial and morally unacceptable.

          1. @133741
            I suggest you take a good look at the official figures as per the UN.
            The figure has been amended on many occasions over the years, the most recent figure is, quite frankly, astounding.

  6. Every Jew I have ever met had a family member whose entire family was wiped out…or knows some other Jew whose whole family was wiped out…except them of course….who has a whole family whose….sure are a lot of Jews who shouldn’t be.

      1. @Justin
        All these stories of genocide but here you all are…check out the American Indians sometime if you want to hear REAL and LASTING tales of genocide.
        I personally don’t have any Jews around me anymore…G-d must be looking after me as well.

        1. the? Natives? were drifters and settlers camping by fires. White people founded America. They attacked US for being there so we retaliated.

          About 75-90% of Amerindian population losses are believed to have been due to diseases unintentionally spread by Whites. It has been calculated that the total number of Amerindians killed by Whites in warfare is only about 30,000 to 45,000, including men, woman and children ( Another study found that only about 7,200 Amerindians died from “atrocities” commited by White settlers, while about 9,200 Whites were murdered by Amerindian “atrocities” (same source).

  7. Things like this aggravate me so much! Both sides of the holocaust have written and oral proof and it drives me crazy that people just decide that one side is lying and the other is telling the truth. It’s too late for any of us to ever know the truth and none of us were involved. So why are there so many people still arguing over it and saying they know the truth and everyone else is stupid? Why get so heated and angry over something that happened before most of us were born?

    1. The holocaust really is the principal source of white guilt, the principal tool to stigmatize white national and ethnic consciousness.

      What are the ?lessons? of the holocaust? The holocaust is used, simultaneously, to justify Jewish racism, Jewish nationalism, and Jewish self-assertion and to stigmatize white racism, nationalism, and self-assertion.

      Thus, some White Nationalists reason, if the principal claims about the holocaust could be refuted?if the death toll could be lowered, if the homicidal gas chambers could be exposed as a myth, etc.?then the whole racket of anti-white guilt and extortion would crumble.

      But is this true?

      Revisionists have been chipping away at holocaust claims since 1945. The shrunken heads, human soap, and human lampshades have been quietly withdrawn. The homicidal gas chambers have migrated from Germany and Austria to Poland. Death tolls at individual sites have been revised downward. Scores of fake memoirs and testimonies have been unmasked. And all of these findings have been accepted by mainstream historians.

          1. Your words remind me of an old song that was called SS marschierd im Feindesland, I’m sure you will find it interesting.
            The song was
            “SS marschiert in Feindesland,
            Und singt ein Teufelslied.
            Ein Sch?tze steht am Wolgastrand,
            Und leise summt er mit.
            Wir pfeifen auf Unten und Oben,
            Und uns kann die ganze Welt
            Verfluchen oder auch loben,
            Grad wie es ihnen gef?llt.
            Wo wir sind da geht’s immer vorw?rts,
            Und der Teufel der lacht nur dazu!
            Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
            Wir k?mpfen f?r Deutschland,
            Wir k?mpfen f?r Hitler,
            Der Rote kommt nie mehr zur Ruh'”

            So the Teufel is used as the enemy. I think nazismus was trying to transform itself into a global religion was like a global thing you MUST BELIVE or DIE. Remind me of something similar nowadays

  8. History is written by the victors. Why aren’t you all complaining about alexander the great not being so great. Get over it.

    Just because allies treated german soldier’s poorly doesn’t mean they get a free pass on murdering tens of millions jewish people. Cyanide being used to clean clothes? are you fk’d, cyanide attacks the lungs, bacteria are single celled and are a far cry from humans.

    My own grandfather was a foot-solider in WW2 who was shot and captured by the allies, he never said anything that rivaled str8 up death camps.

    What are the mass graves outside concentration camps? Keg-party gone wrong? Obvious mass suicide?

    1. Ow well thats strange!? Because mine relatives said the exact same thing as mrs Haverbeck! And they were there helping the schutzstaffel with evacuating the camp before the fucking bolschewisten came! And gues what… there was no gas chamber and there were no mass graves.

  9. If a country today started a world war there would be nothing left but crater where it once stood. Telling half of Germany to GTFO and leave their homes is really not a war crime in any sense.

    1. Stop perpetuating this lie. It is a historical fact that Hitler tried on numerous occasions to sue for peace with ALL the Allied Powers. Rudolph Hess risked his life to stop another world war by entering Britain alone to speak with Chamberlain and spent the rest of his life in solitary confinement for his trouble.

      Stop blaming the victim, Hitler-hater. He wanted peace as did the NSDAP and all of Germany. But the Allies were and still are owned by the international jewish bankers and their controlled media and key political/social institutions. It was a jewish war and as Hitler stated in his final correspondences, the blame for ALL OF IT is to be placed at the feet of international jewry.

      Hitler was right. What is with naysayers always chiming in to blame the victim?

      1. You read can’t be that stupid can you?? Rudolph hess came over here of his own accord he wasn’t sent here by Hitler for peace talks. Yeah Hitler wanted peace that’s why he invaded all those countries. .in terms name of peace .that’s why he built the concentration camps. .in tbe name of peace. .that’s why he massacred millions of people. .in the name of you know how pathetic you sound ! Your fucking clueless and an embarrassing fool. Many millions of allied troops died because of this sick asshole.

        1. Read all of this or are you a coward to dare to face the truth”

          If you have excuses as to why you will not read, you are just like everyone else who has no backbone and continues to be a believer who is blind, by hate propaganda about Adolf Hitler.

          I can give you more facts if you dare to be free from The Matrix.

    1. In order to deny something, you would first have to know it was true. If you know the Holohoax didn’t happen, you’re not denying it. You’re simply being honest and stating what you know. That’s what people with honor and dignity do, even if it’s bound to make them unpopular, and even if it puts their life and well being in danger.

      Her going on mainstream TV to finally break the silence that keeps the Holocaust lies alive was a monumental event. It brought the truth before the eyes of the unaware. Holohoax fairy-tellers and their army of shills will continue attacking those who expose their lies, deceptions and perversions of reality, but the fact is – more and more people are becoming aware of the lies and as more and more historians brave the threat and go public with their findings, the foundation on which the Holohoax myth stands will continue to crumble.

      Ursula Haverbeck has the courage not only to stand where many have fallen, but to stand there and keep firing. A true heroine.

      1. You don’t _know_ the Holocaust didn’t happen, you _believe_ it didn’t happen. As far as I’m concerned you are free to believe whatever you want.
        I’d say your brain is deceiving you.

        1. I don’t know if dinosaurs existed, but there is enough scientific evidence to believe it was so. See, the difference is that while you believe in fairy tales, I prefer scientifically proven facts. As a fairy tale believer, I hate to break it up to you, but it’s your brain that malfunctions.

          1. On an added note Acneska, in the scientific community no theory can be held up as fact until it has been scrutinised by the scientific community at large.

            The same applies to the historian communities as well in that no historical event can be said to have happened a certain way until it has been scrutinised by the historian community at large and compared with other relevant period based sources and this is why second and third editions often come out so as to keep up with new findings that overwrite what was once believed in the past.

            The above however doesn?t seem to apply to the events of the Holocaust as we are told to just take their word for it or face prosecution and jail.

            As far as I am concerned if I am denied the right to question and report my findings it must stand that the original theory was created on very shaky grounds.

        2. @Edlux… I know people who have been around the camp… I know a polish guy who’s father worked in Auschwitz and not because the SS demanded him but because he wanted to feed his family and the guards approved it. The holocaust never took place. There were no gas chambers and shure as hell no mass graves…

          1. At the beginning of WW2 there were round 140000 jews in Holland, at the end there were only 30000 left. What do you think happened to the 110000 that vanished? All gone up into thin air? Or maybe victims of tragic “delousing accidents”?
            I don’t know. Do you?

          2. 110000 dutch jews fleeing to the UK & US and after the end of the war succeeding in playing perfectly dead. I’ve some trouble believing such a story.

          3. acording to the jews 6 million jews died while there were only 5 million jews in whole of Europe And soviet russia and in some miraculous way a few million survived so I?ve trouble believing that story.

          4. I honestly don’t know how many jews perished in WW2 (a lot I would guess), but what I’m foremost interested in is the fate of the ones who lived in Holland before WW2 and seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth without leaving a trace.

      2. @Acneska and Empty soul

        I believe that you don’t understand that truth is not synonymous with facts, truth by itself is not a scientific term, facts are scientific. Truth, when applied to society and history, necessarily implies the consideration of (group) morality, hence it’s judged as good or bad. To put it simply, facts states what “is” or what “was” while the truth states what “ought” to be.

        Henceforth truth will always be in the sole possession of those that have the moral right for it, victims or the victors, as part of their retribution. I welcome factual investigation but facts are being clear, Holocaust did happen, mass slaughter did happen. Eichmann on his trial completely admitted it, there’s a plethora of Nazi evidence to back it.

          1. That’s not a fitting analogy Obli because I didn’t insult you. But for some reason I’m a shill if i disagree with some views here, if disagreeing isn’t allowed then change the guidelines.

            It’s a bit hypocritical to claim this is your house when it’s a public commercial website, giving you higher revenue with more users and traffic. In a certain way we are contributing in funding this website.

          2. Over 10 million hits a month, we have never had a problem with generating traffic. we will continue just fine without you. i love the ones who seem to suggest that their sole presence here is the be-all, end-all of Best Gore…if you dislike the way the site is run, start your own site. that is your freedom.

        1. @133741,

          ?I believe that you don?t understand that truth is not synonymous with facts?

          You are just pointlessly playing with semantics, the truth and the facts are commonly seen to be one and the same from most peoples perspective because when someone demands to know the truth they are asking for the facts, not a biased interpretation.

          ?Eichmann on his trial completely admitted it, there?s a plethora of Nazi evidence to back it?.

          Evidence from torture is hardly ?factual? and mostly always ?truthful? under your own semantic reasoning. In other words those Nazis, after having their balls crushed, would have said anything.

          ?I welcome factual investigation but facts are being clear, Holocaust did happen, mass slaughter did happen?

          I welcome factual investigation as well, sadly however it is a crime to investigate the Holocaust and report your findings and so how it can be said that the mass gassings took place seems to be based on other peoples ?truthful? accounts but not ?facts?.

          It is quite simple really, either they allow independent investigation into the Holocaust without the threat of prosecution and jail and hanging over peoples heads or they accept that people will deny the accuracy of the information regarding the event.

        2. The problem is not that you dont see the truth or not, its that you dont question the so called “facts” on your beliefs. You worry too much on the truth or false side of history that you fail to understand the reasons behind all that. So tell me, why nazis killed jews? Why did they hate them so much? And if they did hated and killed them, why did A WHOLE NATION followed gladly in favor of Nazis on that decision? Just explain to me, why and how does that make any bit sense to you at all?… You dont really believe a whole fucking nation, and im not talking about 100K people or 200K, but MILLIONS of germans were insane back then, do you? I’d really revise that so called “evidence” of yours if i were you…

          But your logic is very flawed there though, you distrust the probable evidence of what we consider truth and yet when someone “admits” to have done something while being in trial, you dont even blink to it?… Is it because confessions are of the absolute truth to you now, and not the evidence (or lack of it) itself instead?

          So on that specific case, allow me to ask you something. If you had a cause, and you were forcefuly told to say a differente version of your story about your cause with the penalty of facing torture or even your family’s execution if you deny to do it, would you say the truth, or say the different version? And there you have it… the Nuremberg trials in a nutshell.

        3. @soul and Kopf

          Truth is a philosophical term, it’s not a part of scientific parlance. In logic functions are either true or false, so is the scientific data. I thought it would be obvious that truth, when we judge something as right or wrong, can’t really change, it’s what one expects to find in facts. Therefore we want the “truth” about 9/11, about the Area 51, about the Holocaust and so on. So that’s the “truth” the all mighty exonerating truth, it doesn’t exist, and yet people are looking for it. Only facts are there what you build from them will never give a complete image.

          I’m disappointed Empty sould that for someone so bent in philosophical ruminations you discard this as plain semantics, not seeing what I was hinting at.

          Many Nazis, Eichmann included decided to protect their honor, some admitted and died while greeting the F?hrer, others realized that if they don’t admit it, it would be a clear case of perjury, deciding to indeed protect themselves, hoping of getting leniency.

          I never read that anyone was tortured during the trial, they had a due process. Evidence for Holocaust is out there, read it, but if you deny Holocaust know this, you’re helping the state you purport to hate.

          There is no flaw in my logic, since our morality and our value judgments aren’t bound with logic. If the perp admits something and gives credible data about the crime then we have all the reason to believe him.

          1. Please, read what you wrote, its like youre forgetting what youre writting… Once again, ill mention that you are denying questioning whats obviously doubtful, because youre failing to reason and use logic, the same logic that you claim to be seperated from the morals, but yet youre simply failing at puting that into practice… thats how flawed it is…

            If the truth and facts of the “holocaust” were so certain, then why they cant explain missing parts of it, that are inconsistent with the “holocaust happened” version of the story, unlike it is for the “holohoax” part of it? Like for example, how was the “gas” poured if Zyklon B chemical reaction can only work under 23.7?c and the “gas chambers” were mere 7?C… in Summer times? And if so, why didnt the Nazis build a more efficient system for the “mass murderings” if thats what they were thinking about doing, like for example, why not using larger available industrial ovens instead of the 5x mortuary ovens for the cremation of the “mass murdereds”?… If you think that the answer to that first question is by using “heating machines” then why is there no evidence of such machines, or even blueprints… And ill tell you why, because even that would be extremely inneficient…
            Such questions like those you will never get them answered by thinking that it was all planed like if the holocaust was ment to be like people tells them, or even the testimonies of those that were tried in court… because right now, the part that you call “truth” its all based on assumptions, because the so called “gas chambers” are mere ruins today, and the original blueprints from them are saying that they were mere mortuaries for Typhus and famine victims for a lower death toll under such conditions.

            Ohh did you ever heard about the Typhus by the way?… that disease that doesnt appear in school books, or if it does, its just ignored altoguether?… that deadly epidemic disease brought by lice during the end of WW1 and untill the end of WW2 that used to crawl on people with long hairs or beards… like the ones jews had?… There were ways to prevent it like cutting the beards and shaving the heads of people and refugees and decontaminate the clothings it with a well known anti-parasite named Zyklon B… Ohhh wait… Do you see where this is going now?

            Remember this, questioning the events of the holocaust is not denying it ever happened. If you want real unbiased evidence, make your own research and take your own conclusion like the rest of us… (if youre able to think for yourself, that is…) but unfortunately you’re so stuck with that mentality because you were told what to believe in since young. Thats the process at work, working as intended. But hell, if all it takes is the word of someone under a trial, then ill go pick up someone you know, torture him and threaten his family, and tell him to say that a meteor will fall on earth tomorow… maybe you’ll believe on that.

          2. @133741

            ?I?m disappointed Empty sould that for someone so bent in philosophical ruminations you discard this as plain semantics, not seeing what I was hinting at?.

            I understood what you were hinting at, that truth is whatever we want it to be regardless of the facts however If one understands truth and fact to be one and the same and another believes the truth to exist separate to fact they both must have an accurate reality and a personal distance from that point and therefore both are just semantic positions because a reality exists regardless of their personal interpretation of it.

            The above holds true no matter what philosophical spin you put on it.

          3. @Kopfsammler

            So what’s exactly troublesome? That they didn’t use more “efficient” methods for mass slaughter was a simple exit strategy, laid out in Wansee conference. Search for the captured documents and knock yourself out. They didn’t want the Jews to rebel and more deceptively they tried to go for plausible deniability, carefully avoiding the language that would imply they had genocidal tendencies.

            About Zyklon B, seriously, why don’t you be consistent and try to experiment with it yourself? How would you fare eh?
            Only skilled operators used it for delousing with precautions, it’s toxic. But then again it doesn’t matter what anyone will say to you, if exonerating the Nazis represents the truth for you.

          4. @Empty soul
            I agree with you, did I ever took a metaphysical stance in this discussion? Of course that reality exists, but it exists in two forms:

            One is nature and causality, no surprises here, data is often unambiguous and predictable. The all mighty electron doesn’t give a shite about our problems, it just is and it follows it’s own rules.

            The other is us, beings with conscience, pure contingency. Irrational, impulsive, unpredictable. Even if we would have a near total documentation of a historical event that would be meaningless without the knowledge or interpretation of the motives.

            That’s where both history, law and morality kicks in. You want to go deep in for the facts about Holocaust, then go for it. But what is the truth that you’ll find? That some SS members weren’t that bad, some where honorable people, that Zyklon B is for delousing but that it could kill you after exposure, or maybe that some gas chambers weren’t used but at least a couple of million people perished anyway by being shot, tortured, starved, experimented on (there are videos)?
            So what truth will your facts give you? I’m pretty sure it comes down to your ideological bias or your sense of morality (or lack thereof).

            This Holocaust talk is bull, time to end this and smell the roses.

          5. Yes, the forged documents, just like the ones owned by the Red Cross… Yeah, I knocked myself laughing at those actually for how horribly nonsensical they were. None of them matches with one another, and none of them matches with logical situations presented by the reality.

            So they didnt want the jews to rebel? Thats why they “killed” them in your story? Does that makes any sense to you? You keep forgetting one fact, unless of course, you believe that the Auschwitz staff was specificly handpicking psychopaths and murderers to run the camp, wich wouldnt surprise me one bit since you still think that really happened like they told you… that small simple fact that Nazis, or the ones following that, were also humans and had families… What sense does it make for one to arrive home and say, “Hey honney, i murdered 6 bazilion kykes today, and made soaps and lamps from their skins and fat. How was your day?”…

            And by the way, i would be thrilled to try Zyklon B on myself, but i fear that my clothings would be all tainted blue from the composition, and my body with red cherry marks all over it from the hydrogen cyanide injestion and asfixiation… Such colors that was never seen on the bodies of the “victims by gassing”, or at least the ones that were not carbonized in those little mortuary ovens. Hell, i would even explain the mathematical facts behind the absurdity from all that “gasing and carbonation” part, but im sure you wouldnt even read it, because youre very used to demonise nazis ever since they told you in school and movies “Nazis are baaaaad… you must hate them!”

            And speaking of wich… Explain to me why is that the only event in ALL history filled with controversy, and the one that we need to be reminded of over and over and over again? Think about all history, not just this, and make a comparisson… You think its because its the most recent and shocking event in the world where such has happened, dont you? What about the atrocities that the Soviets did after WW2 in Poland and Germany, rapings and mass murderings, and executions in Gulags… (yeah im pretty sure you dont even know what a gulag is), made by the bolsheviks with their way of getting rid of the victim by shooting on the back of their heads? No one even talks about that… And we’re not talking about a pitiful 6 million in here, but way more… and in fact, still today researchers and archeologists are finding new mass graves from the “Red Terror” period in Russia, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarusia, Romania, Bulgaria, etc… and the estimated death toll already reached above 70 millions… But of course… Nazis are the ultimate “evil” ones because they sucked at killing as many as the Soviets did (or even the Allies with the firebombing of entire cities and nuking 2 other ones), so its easier to bash them since they lost the war, isnt it? How typical…

  10. I feel so lost, like I’m on the brink of insanity. The people around me are so deceived and caught up in their little happy made up worlds. I try to drop little nuggets of truth every now and then and get nothing but distain. I have no clue how to reach them. I wish there was a support group, lol.

  11. It is 2015. Just because it has been 75 years since WWII doesn’t mean now the truth can be misconstrued. The overwhelming amount of evidence proving the holocost happened is irrutable. There are 100s of films from that time that clearly show the horrors and film cannot be forged/edited/manipulated like digital media. Piles of bodies in mass graves, skeletonized humans starved to the point of death and of course the eyewitnesses accounts too. Our own US Generals and Cournels who “liberated” the camps saw the horrors with their own eyes and reported what they saw. My Grandfather was there as a German soldier and he told me everything. He was haunted everyday for the rest of his life after what he saw of the camps…the brutality of man against man. He stopped believing in God at the end of the war because he told me, there cannot be a God that would allow such things to happen.

    1. The lack of intelligence in some of the propagandists on this thread is ridiculous… How are you to deny the eyewitness accounts on BOTH SIDES of the war, the remnants of concentration camps, typhus, famine, executions….need i go on?? I’m all for doing my own extensive research but i cannot believe to think that Hitlers agenda was a walk on the park for everyone. You must either be a neo-nazi to believe none of this happened or posess plain common fucking sense!

      1. @brando rey, it is not the concentration camps, typhus, famine or executions that people are disbelieving, it?s the mass gassings and all day long cremations that?s the issue because the evidence just isn?t there to support it and the only evidence found was a few oral accounts from somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody who died and some hastily rebuilt out-houses(due to the Germans supposedly destroying them all on their retreat, as if they had to time to do that whilst retreating ha).

        Had all there been were concentration camps, typhus, famine and executions the Jews would not have been able to get special treatment due to the fact that many countries in many wars did the very same and so six million gassed and burnt Jews made all the difference in past to present Jewish social/political gain.

    2. In a mass murder case you normally need to provide a body. In one case Treblinka there were 700,000…non-bodies that no-one has been able to find.

      For example no one went to jail for the mass extermination of the Polish officer class 16,000 dead. All the bodies found. No one spent a day in jail from that killing.

      The German nurses and doctors who ran the delousing unit at Treblinka were hunted down and executed. No bodies produced.

      Where are the bodies if they were not reduced to colour coded wind blown ashes as per expert eyewitness Ellie Weasel?

      Cremation timeframe (Note: a modern gas powered crematorium takes 4-6 hours) at Auschwitz:

      4 million Jews (do we ignore the other inmates, 75% of whom were non-Jewish communist supporters of the brutal Jewish soviet regime?) and we assume the 4 ovens worked 24/7 for 4 years without any time needed to clean them out or undergo repair:

      1 oven cremates 250,000 Jews per year (and we should add 750,000 non Jews to this number, but we’ll let it ride), which, divided by 365 is 685 per day, which is 28 per hour, which is…

      1 every 2 minutes. So not even any need to add the other inmates which comes to the equally preposterous figure of 1 per 30 seconds.

      But hey, as the Auschwitz museum curators halved that number we get to the much more realistic figure if 1 Jew every 4 minutes!

      I call fucking evil bullshit. Because bullshit it is.

      The Jews and their communist underlings tortured and murdered 60 million White Christians in the gulags; and Jews controlling the US Federal Reserve and Bank of England forced our populations to help the USSR take over even more of Europe by attacking the ONLY Caucasian resistance movements in Germany, Italy and Spain, and happily destroyed the British Empire in order to achieve this end.

      Since the Jewish victory they have prosecuted the peace with one aim – the extermination of the entire White race by mass Negro and Muslim immigration. The very self same Kalergi Plan that Hitler spoke of in his second book when he described Kalergi as the most evil man in Europe.

      The Kalergi Prize is handed out annually by the EU to those who have done the most to destroy the White race and further the creation of a lower IQ mulatto over whom the Jews will rule forever in a new worldwide USSR.

      The coming planned Europe wide civil war with Muslims will be the final culling of White males before they bring in tens of millions of male Negroes “to replace the lost workforce” though actually to continue the miscegenation of the remaining White females by rape or consent.

  12. guys and girls of bestgore when i just close my eyes and just imagine ,when i just see the bigger picture over what the world would have ended up like if hitler had been successful i really honestly see a utopia would have risen from all the mayhem and murder. come on do the same just imagine now all the dust has settled hands have been shaken and new policys across the world have been implemented and rules have been set and they are made for the people to benefit the people. i think europe would be a gloriuos place now. theres no way to sugarcoat this shit anymore immigration and zionism banking is turning the world to shit (for most of us) and there seems to be not much slowing it down right now. whats the saying .. suffering should be creative, should give birth to something good and lovely. well that i think was the real purpose of ww2. i think the bloodshed was not committed for the sake of evil i think althoug brutal i think the right result would have been the great germany and its great people ruling europe and making the world a better place. fuck forced immigration and fuck zionism its rotting humanity.

    1. @smellyoldminge,

      The mass uncontrolled immigration was done on purpose for four reasons, to destroy the workers unions, to replace the indigenous population with a new, more easily exploitable slave class, to lower the wage levels across the board and to destroy the European identity so that they will never rise up again.

      Even today with all the migrant boats leaving Libya, instead of either letting them drown or taking them back to Libya they keep collecting them and bringing them back to Europe like some fucking filthy taxi service and in doing so prove that this is all being done on purpose against the wishes of the people.

      Already we have far too many unemployed indigenous people as a result of the millions of low skilled, low paid immigrants taking all the jobs. The working class young in particular have been badly destroyed by all this immigration and can now never hope to get a foot on the ladder or own their own homes or even start a family.

      The only people who have personally benefited from this immigration is the business owners(who coincidently pay next to no tax due to tax loopholes) because the economy is fucked based upon the fact that the taxpayer has to pay working tax credits to top up the wages of all low paid workers which is mostly every immigrant and because the low waged pay very little tax, have free access to state infrastructure(hospitals, schools ect) and do not boost consumerism due to their lack of purchasing power the state(ie the taxpayer) ends up with a negative net profit and as a result a lowered GDP with makes borrowing more expensive and therefore incurs us an higher level of national debt hence more cutbacks and stagnated wages so and so forth until the entire country dies and the parasites move on to the next host to start the cycle all over again.

      Make no mistake, anyone not rich who supports the current situation is either mad, stupid beyond words or suicidal, in no particular order.

      I bet there are many old ww2 soldiers who look at the state of their countries now and in hindsight wish they had downed tools and joined Hitler.

        1. @ewestomper, yeah, you?re right.

          Small business owners don?t have the power to lobby government policy and have to make do with what market conditions are there and so the guilt of crime falls on the shoulders of medium to large corporate chains.

      1. this is what im saying empty there was bloodshed at the time and during war this is inevitable but is the britain of today what we defeated the great germany (and all their great scientists inventions engineers) for ? .oh not to mention the beautiful patriotic fraulein’s. now they were real women who were proud of their roots and were loyal to their german men. unlike the inbred slow witted ugly looking rude loud mouthed interbreeding skanky looking cheap tacky and downright nasty mongrel popping scabby bitches that are now the indigenous female poplulation of the uk. its a real shame we won the war and i think even the grandparent generation of today think so. they fought for nothing. they died so europe could go to shit. what a pitiful nation we are and europe is on the decline. if theres any germans on here we dont hate you and we secretly wish you’d have shown us the way instead of the zog bastards that now have us by the balls slaving our lives away while they ‘lend’ our money and sit back and get fat by doing nothing. what a shit short straw we all got by winning the war. what you think empty ? (big fan of yours btw empty love your comments always search your opinions on posts here)

        1. @smellyoldminge, thanks for the kind words.

          As far as war goes, the people never really have a choice in what they get to fight for, the rich and influential make those choices for them and it is almost always based upon social/political/financial gain for the higher strata of society.

          The people are told/brainwashed to fight the enemy be the ?French Frogs?, the ?big, bad Nazi?, the ?cold cruel Russian bear? etc and so some join willing because they are idiots and then some are forced to join via threat of hardship, violence and/or death.

          War is a game of chess though and the people are merely pawns to be used and sacrificed for the Kings and Queens of the world.

          As far as the situation of the modern UK woman, well, not all women are bad you have to remember but there is definitely decline and rot among many British women these days. Too many of them are dating and procreating with blacks and ending up single mothers with half-breed kids who will not be readily accepted by any side.

          There are also far too many women ending relationships and taking sole custody of the kids by lying to the courts about the father. There are also far too many women making false rape charges against men and using alcohol consumption as the excuse.

          However, the above social decline effects both men and women and has being going on for a while now and is due to people having no morals as a result of our society losing it?s identity as a race and a nation.

          In the past interracial relationships, divorce without good reason, unmarried mothers etc were frowned upon and the family member guilty of it would be more or less ostracised by the community and this happened because the people felt compelled to protect their race and society.

          I am not saying we should go back to this train of thought but our population does need to start having some self respect again because those races who do not give a shit about each other will always fall victim to those races who do and that is why the Jews prosper and we do not because people in disarray are easy to control and exploit.

          Therein lies the answer, our people have been brainwashed via propaganda at every level by those who wish to see us destroyed and that makes us victims but it also makes us fools to ourselves because instead of standing together under duress we instead turned on each other.

      1. Curios Chosen, you don’t know your own history, you lived under a socialist dictatorship and it did some good for you. How about Ben Gurion, your founding father? You even had a nice Nazi like purge amongst your ranks with the Altalena affair. Ever since, Israel is basically a military base with a state, reminds me of Prussia in a way. Ironic isn’t it.

  13. Freedom is only freedom (of speech) if you allow it for those that think differently. If there are exceptions to this rule then you’re trying to determine who has the right for that freedom, be consistent.

    1. A propos, it wouldn’t hurt to ask yourself would you have the right to free speech or dissent in the Third Reich? Wouldn’t the result be the same since the moral attributes of the victorious would change and they would proscribe what one ought to say and not to say?

  14. Holocaust deniers are some of the funniest fuck-wads to ever walk the earth. Despite overwhelming testimonials, film footage, documentation, etc., all it takes is a few Jew-haters to get morons to believe the holocaust was a lie.

    So it comes down to this. If you believe it was a lie, you’re a fucking hateful idiot, and there’s little that can be done about that.

    1. The funniest fuck wads to walk the earth are the Ultra strict Jews, the ones with the mainly black attire, dodgy hats and tassles of mousy curly hair.
      Literally piss myself laughing whenever I see these fools walking around in parts of London.

        1. Holocaust deniers are idiot, the even not understand the simple thing that they are against the law and they belive to be at the side of the justice. But they are not.
          As the ex Mr Sarcozy President (a jew) said ” If I read Celine it’s not because I am against the jews”
          So I am.

    2. What about those who have testimonials, film footage, documentation, etc regarding Israel?s war crimes against and mistreatment of Palestinians?, are the Jews who believe it is a lie hateful fucking idiots as well?

      1. If Israel defends itself against attacks by Palestinians, no matter how justified, you Jew-haters will put all the blame on them. So, what’s there to talk about? Show me the Israelis lining people up, shooting them dead, and throwing the bodies into mass graves. Show me Israeli monsters like Mengele conducting evil experiments on people. Show me the Israeli concentration camps where Palestinians are starved to death and thrown into ovens. Oh, I can keep on going, but why don’t you start with these for now?

        1. Chosen, you really are a moron.

          Israel carpet bombed Palestine, hitting the residential areas, the schools and hospitals etc, in other words Israel attacked all and sundry regardless of the age, gender or whether the individual killed had actually done anything wrong or not.

          The above was done because Israel considered itself to have been wronged and personally attacked by some Palestinians hence all Palestinians were suspect and shared the blame.

          How is the above any different than what Germany did against the Jews. Germany considered itself to have been wronged and personally attacked by some Jews hence all Jews were suspect and shared the blame.

          The rest is just pointless argument because lining people up and shooting them is no different than blowing them to pieces with a bomb, it?s all murder.

          ?Show me the Israeli concentration camps where Palestinians are starved to death?, eh, have you seen Palestine lately, due to being enclosed on all sides and having destroyed infrastructure there are now people starving and dieing of disease.

          I do have fun debating with you Chosen due to your almost psychopathic interpretation of right and wrong.

          1. You have a warped sense of history. And if you can’t see the difference between the barbarism of the Nazis and how the Israelis attack military targets (yes, Hamas fires rockets from schools and hospitals) then I can’t help you.

    3. @chosen
      Testimonials hu? Just scroll up idiot!

      I know people who have been around the camp? I know a polish guy who?s father worked in Auschwitz and not because the SS demanded him but because he wanted to feed his family and the guards approved it. The holocaust never took place. There were no gas chambers and shure as hell no mass graves?

      Relatives of mine voulenteered to join the Waffen-SS and they helped to evacuate the camp before the soviets arrived and again they said that there were no fucking gas chambers and no fucking mass graves! And they swore that on the heads of their children.

      These were testemonials of a Polish family that lived near Auswitch and my relatives you fucking lying moron… So go stick that anti german propaganda up your fucking Arsch!

        1. Like the once of the so called Holocaust survivors? Yea, if you think those were hearsay’s (because I actualy know that Polish family) than I declare that all the other testimonies were also hearsay’s and so unreliable.

          1. Holocaust survivors are given benefit of the doubt because they’re the victims, there’s a bunch of videos depicting murder of Jews out there, they’re authentic. Holocaust deniers lack any plausible material to back up their claims, only testimonies.

            When will you realize that you’re helping the Zionists. It’s one of the defining policies of Netanyahu to round up as many Jews that would use Israel as a safe haven against any renewed pogroms.

            Trends like these, Holocaust denial and other is just being instrumentalized by Israel to consolidate it’s place and legitimacy. Suddenly Israelis are not just Israelis but Belgians as well. Think about it.

      1. You wanna put the Polish family against millions of people who say otherwise? How fucking brain damaged are you?

        I’ve spoken to holocaust survivors, I’ve visited mass graves, I had family members who fought in the war, and you’re a stupid motherfucker.

        1. Spoken to survivors he said… Ah pease cut the fucking bullshit! The definition of a holocaust survivor: A jewish greedy fuckwhit that wil do anything to get some money from that holoHOAX restitution fund!
          So take your bullshit elsewhere and go fuck yourself

      2. I know im realy late on this but i also had family in europe who faught during the war and i can honestly say with 100% certainty you are the deffinition of retarded. Of course your scum bag SS relatives lied about what they did. If i was them i would have lied too. And also btw my one of my great uncles jobs was to find all of the nazis hiding in france and personaly exicute them 🙂

  15. A book I highly recommend is “the hoax of the twentieth century”, by Jewish professor called Arthur R. Butz. It will show you how the holocaust is nothing but a lie to perpetuate the antisemitism card, reparation money, empower white guilt and the existence of Israel.

    1. Hey Portuguese dude,another good read is by Alison Wier, ‘Against our better judgment, how the USA was used to create the state of Israel’.Excellent book.Explains how the Zionists agreed to get america into WW2 in return for a deal to create Israel afterwards.

  16. WW3 will commence in a second if a israeli’s submissive-slave-vassal nation in the EU, even the U.S. will not jail everyone who denies the first law of the existance of the fucking state of iyyyisrael: the six pack holo of the yahoodi.
    As soon as is Iran to say that is a holo, no problem, yisrael will use MCcain hillary clinton as and american sheeple “american sniper” boy as cannon fodder against iran in a war wich will not evolve very likely to a global war until the come to power of putin’s russia and the surpass of russian military technology in the middle ’10 of the 2000. So the jews governing us and its vassals opted for isis proxy war .
    But if a country like germany or france or denmark will stop to jail holodenier and start to drop the support and the ass licki of the 27 january, then a storm will rise and this storm will engulf the entire west in a dangerous dust.
    RT news and putin know that, so they only provoke the jews with small tricks but never speech about the six holo packs.
    If the situation degenerate, we will see holodenier not punished at all but rendered hero, and the day after we will be captured as they trak everyone registring or even going to site like bestgore or RT
    They have NSA now, so if soviet union was able to reach every single graduated from poland and execute them with a 9mm kurtz round in the neck using only paper registry to search them
    and find them, imagine now they now our exact ip and by smartphone our exact location name and relatives.
    they will finde an exuse like anti terrorism
    to enter my home at 2 in the morning cause I’m here writing “bad” words.
    As she say, the entire ruling class and economical system running now is based on the six paks hoax. If the hoax fall how can goldman sachs or joodle google obanana davidcameruun exists? they will be so exposed that they will retailate immediatly before it would happen with jailing and police state regimes. That’s what happening right now and only a WAR and millions or billions of death would change this jahoodiyisrael and westernlikers dominance. The price is high enough to involve a modern world with the serious to risk the human gender to be wiped of earth and extinguish, at best, a millenium after we will repopulate a radioactive earth with a medieval-like technology.
    It’s has gone too far the lie to be covered with the truth, but it would be covered only with WW3.

  17. The Jewish leaders in WW2 coldly said ‘If were going to stand a chance of getting israel created,then there has to be lots of Jewish blood spilt,the more blood,the better the chance’.So basically,the more they inflate the numbers,the more disgusting it makes the whole thing.

  18. If you belonged to a group that kept getting expelled from numerous countries you would want your own country as well…instead of changing their ways they chose to establish a Jewish state…After setting up the Jewish colonization of Palestine by Edmond Rothschild in 1891 the master plan was set in motion after securing vast amount of land in Palestine…WW1 was to defeat the Turks so the Brits would control Palestine for their money masters….Hilter was the best thing ever for the future development of Israel with the Haavara Agreement in 1933 which helped German Jews migrate to Palestine before WW2…for a real dose of reality and truth, I highly recommend you watch…All Wars are Banker Wars on YouTube….

  19. I’m such a fucking coward the only way I can express my fear of blacks and Jews is with the anonymity of the Internet. Fucking idiot ass pseudo-intellectual filthy little crackers. That’s why all white bitches want black dick cause they need real men. XD

  20. in the lies of a Great American Dictator: “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” Ms Haverbeck, thank you for exposing the lie. I would have thought you a racist years ago, but now after studying , reading, learning and following the lies of a Global Agenda, you are a light shining in a cold dark world. Thank you for your courage.

    1. Responding to @thorvelasco, I am looking for you….born nazi a Jew (so fucked up, but recently found out my Jewish granmavis actually German,so full German…. Feel strange about this…but more excited about my heritage. No ignorance, pls explain your idea of holohoax

  21. 1. There were an estimated 15 million jews in all of Europe. To think an army whilst in the middle of a war on three fronts could round up, contain and kill a third of them is incredible. Even the Nuremberg trials estimated the numbers at 150K to the now preposterously accepted 6M. There are many jewish “scholars” who now want the number to be 18 or 20M. Needless to say the only thing holding them back is the actual number of documented jews living in Europe during the war. Not to be deterred, they now want to hyper-inflate the number of jews in Europe. No kidding. Now they are saying there were over 4M jews in Warsaw alone. Actual number was 400K.

    2. It’s well known the reason they pushed their propaganda and hyper inflated the numbers to secure “their” homeland and to recreate Israel from what was at the time British ruled Palestine. Ironically, the land much like now was bereft of order: attacks upon soldiers, suicide bombings of markets, military and government installations and sniper attacks all perpetrated by the jews to force the British out. Nary a word about “Israel” before 1948. Everyone acts as if the violence blossomed when Israel was born in 1948. Surprisingly, not much is taught, even at the university level about pre-Israel. Luckily, not all microfiche of newspaper articles have been destroyed. But they rapidly are.

    Too bad the jews could not find a way to work with the Palestinians for they only had sixty-five years to try. Not to say I think it’s deserving what Israel is receiving, but you reap what you sow. It was the jews who commuted the first documented holocaust, remember those pesky Canaanites?

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