Pathological Lies of Holocaust Survivors

Holocaust Survivors Are Known to Be Pathological Liars

While there are countless testimonies of honest Jews and other survivors of German labor camps, they don’t play along with the official Holocaust story and are therefore forbidden from widespread coverage or any form of publication. What does get a lot of coverage are stories by pathological liars who in a bid to get in on the Holocaust racket, competed with one another in who could invent a more shocking story from a Nazi concentration camp. While fishing for a Hollywood screenplay or book deal, some of the alleged Holocaust survivors went way beyond just lunatic ramblings. Let’s take a look at who exactly these Holocaust survivors on whose testimonies our history books are based on are.

Let me start with a quote from an article published by Fox News on February 29, 2008:

Almost nothing Misha Defonseca wrote about herself or her horrific childhood during the Holocaust was true.

She didn’t live with a pack of wolves to escape the Nazis. She didn’t trek 1,900 miles across Europe in search of her deported parents, nor kill a German soldier in self-defense. She’s not even Jewish.

Misha Defonseca, a Belgian writer now living in Massachusetts, admitted through her lawyers this week that her best-selling book, “Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years,” was an elaborate fantasy she kept repeating, even as the book was translated into 18 languages and made into a feature film in France.

“This story is mine. It is not actually reality, but my reality, my way of surviving,”

Misha Defonseca is not the only one. As honest Jews and other survivors of German labor camps continue getting their voices heard despite decades of systematic suppression, their accurate accounts of daily life in Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor or Dachau whereby laborers had saunas, sport and other recreational facilities available to use, had theaters with regular performances or orchestras they played in, it becomes excessively more and more difficult for pathological Holocaust liars to sustain their blatant lies.

What Holocaust?
What Holocaust?

Misha Defonseca kept telling us her pathological lies about how Nazis took her parents so she had to wander the forests and villages of Europe as a child alone for four years until she found herself trapped in the Warsaw ghetto and was adopted by a pack of wolves that protected her. Yet because she claimed to be Jewish and because her fabricated story supported the Holocaust hoax, she was believed without anyone daring question the authenticity of her absurd story. What’s even sadder is that she has produced a movie, and because the fact that she’s a pathological liar is not widely known (it is intentionally kept that way), no doubt future generations of gullible sheeple will watch it and arbitrarily accept everything it say as true, attacking everyone who challenges its authenticity by calling them a racist bigot neo Nazi anti Semite.

Meanwhile, even though it is now known that Misha Defonseca is a pathological liar, few will call her movie out for fear of being prosecuted.

Jew Soap Myth

Jew Soap Hoax Was Thoroughly Debunked and Admitted by Jewish Historians to Be a Myth Is Still Used by Alleged Holocaust Survivors
Jew Soap Hoax Was Thoroughly Debunked and Admitted by Jewish Historians to Be a Myth, Yet It Is Still Used in Lies by Alleged Holocaust Survivors

The Jew Soap myth has been thoroughly debunked to a point that it was no longer sustainable and in 1990, Jewish scholars from Israel confessed that this widespread rumor was a myth. Academics the world over had no other choice but to follow suit and ditch the myth the same way they had to ditch the shrunken heads or human skin lamp shades lies. But do you think that stopped the pathological liars who claimed to be the Holocaust survivors from including it in their made up stories? Not for decades before it was debunked, not since it’s been debunked. Holocaust survivors simply have no honor in life to at least stop with a lie already proven to be a lie.

Video below is an excerpt from the Donahue Show broadcast in 1994. Jew puppet Phil Donahue invited two gas chamber deniers on the show – Bradley Smith and David Cole, the latter being Jewish documentary maker who proved beyond any doubt that no homicidal gas chambers used for alleged extermination of humans existed in German labor camps, and since his proof was so solid there was no way to refute it, the Jewish Defence League responded by publically threatening him with assassination. Later that year, David Cole went into hiding and has remained in hiding since.

But because he was given a total of maybe two minutes out of an hour long show to present his case, during which the Jew puppet Phil Donahue kept interrupting him with mockery and accusations which implied that he was a neo Nazi, David Cole picked up and left before the show was over. During the reminder of the show, Dr. Michael Shermer, adjunct professor at Occidental College in Los Angeles and editor/publisher of Skeptic magazine joined Bradley Smith and clarified that the Jew Soap myth was not a lie, but rather a mistake. Cause you know – when alleged survivors claim over and over for 40 years that Nazis turned Jews into bars of soap, they’re not lying, they just made a mistake.

Then after professor Shermer joined in on the debate and clarified that the Jew Soap myth was not a lie but a mistake, a Holocaust survivor in the audience by the name of Judith Berg rudely pissed into everyone’s face with her story that the Germans did manufacture both lamp shades and bars of soap from the bodies of murdered Jews. Dr. Shermer who had just stated the academic findings that the Jew Soap tale was not true clearly didn’t know how to handle the awkward situation, realizing darn well that the alleged Holocaust survivor in the audience was lying but because she presented her lie with anger, it was anticipated that it’s accepted as told or else.

The host responded by playing the empathy card, as if the fact that this woman had just lied on the show watched by millions of people was not a reason enough to spit the lying bitch in the face. Check it out to see what it looks like when a pathological liar turns aggressive after she was caught lying:

BTW, human soap and lampshades were not the only lies Judith Berg spewed during her brief charade on the Donahue Show. We have aerial photos and maps of Auschwitz so we know no inmate lived within a stone throw’s distance from the crematorium.

What happened there on the Donahue Show is reminiscent of the Holocaust as a whole. Its existence depends entirely on lies and intimidation. Pathological liars get paid to parrot their lies, those who notice that there is proof to the contrary are intimidated, attacked, imprisoned or assassinated. Host of the show – Phil Donahue represents the sheep. Even if proof that the Holocaust is based on lies announced itself with written admission, they would still attack the sane because they fear that any other action would endanger their position as a herd animal.

Holocaust Survivors Telling Lies to School Children

That the Jew Soap story is a lie (or a mistake, as Dr. Michael Shermer puts it) is a widely accepted fact, but it still doesn’t stop the Holohoax survivors from continuing to feed the lie to our children in schools. Check out this news report by KSWT13 featuring pathological liar Fred Schiefler who went to a school to share his vast collection of lies with children who study there. Not only did he present the human soap lie to them, but also, in order to make his lies sound oh so dramatic, told the kids about shower heads dispersing gas from Zyklon B which killed 4,000 or 6,000 people in 15 to 20 minutes. Each of these statements is an utter and blatant lie, which despite being scientifically impossible, is still being used by the Holohoax storytellers:

Lifetime of Lies

The following video may just hit the nail on the head about why the pathological liars who claim to be the Holocaust survivors spend their whole lives lying. Herman Rosenblat, a Jew from Poland spent decades telling his extraordinary story about how as a hungry little boy in a Nazi concentration camp he was thrown apples every day by a little girl on the other side of the fence. To make the story more extraordinary, he maintained that years later, he met the same woman on a blind date in New York and married her.

The extraordinary lie earned Herman Rosenblat two features on the Oprah Show who called it the Greatest Love Story Ever Told on her show and cried fake tears over it. Like Belgian Holocaust liar Misha Defonseca who’s mentioned in this article earlier, Herman Rosenblat and his wife Roma got several book and movie deals out of their lie. His wife played her part in the lie just as well as the chief liar himself.

When asked why he spent his whole life lying about his WWII story, Herman Rosenblat said:

It was not a lie, it was my imagination. In my imagination, in my mind, I believed it. Even now I believe it that she was there and she threw the apple to me.

Obviously, it does not bother him that people get persecuted, prosecuted, imprisoned and assassinated because of his lies. He still thinks openly lying and contributing to the Holohoax was the right thing to do. Countless lives have been ruined because of the lies of alleged Holocaust survivors and he says it doesn’t make him feel uncomfortable at all. Lying sack of shit:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. The Jewish holocaust has gotten so much coverage it overshadows any other WW holocaust. What about the Assyrian holocaust of WWI in which thousands of my fellow Assyrians were slaughtered? No coverage of that, it seems.

    1. Absolutely true. Thanks for bringing up that important point.

      By the way, I like that blouse you are wearing. You look like you have nice curves, and a lovely bust.

      Also, your cheeks are so pink I would like to gently pinch them.

    2. Ya isint it an irony we remember ww2 as a Jewish holocaust however millions died apart from 6 million chosen people, the other forgotten dead came from all walks of life and part of world but the Sheeps only talk about how the chosen millions were eliminated and any one who challenges em is called an anti Semite and racist and yet the Israeli state can treat Palestinians like shit and bully any one around the world like a spoilt child.

      1. @restlessnez “Ya isint it an irony we remember ww2 as a Jewish holocaust however millions died apart from 6 million chosen people”

        Where did you get the 6 million figure from, out of interest?

      2. LMAO…..You Chuckle Heads are a Special Kind Of
        Stupid…..Still hasn’t sunk in has it…you can’t except the truth regarding the Sons of Judah… read this slowwwwwyly all you lost boyz n girlz….wanna see if I can reach even one of you numb nut/nutless ‘Tards….
        You are backing the losing side…I’ve read the back of the BOOK…YOU LOSE….now the biggest decision you all have left to make is how do you want your bloody beaten tortured asses presented to the motherfucking
        Lord of Flies…rare…medium….well done…we ain’t talkin’ TBones you ass wipes…..decide cuz yo’ Mofo’s
        time be ‘jus ’bout up!!! Lol man why you slags talk that way is beyond me…it makes you sound like..well….
        SLAGS!!! Ciao’
        P ?
        Agape’ to ALL Beloved
        Time to Distribute S O D’s
        Stay tuned~~~~~

      3. This is why so many people hate the Jews, they are pathological liars. You want to hear real lies by Jews, watch a program called “The Tanning of America” that aired on Vh1 a few years ago. Where Jews claim that they and the niggers are the ones who really built America. What a joke!

    1. Too bad you act like that and make everyone think we’re bad …….. not all the same not all Palestinians the same as not all African Americans the same .kol one different and really listen to me I understand how your thinking goes. Some also saved bereaved Israelis think the Palestinians are terrorists but none of them really do not know most of the Palestinians …… and I do not know all the Palestinians but one thing I’m not is that all Palestinians are terrorists because I know everything is different and you create a stigma like that we create a stigma some people bereaved Palestinians are terrorists but not all Jews are the same as that of all Palestinians same ……… I think we stop to say about all of the type or breed which is the same that you create stigmas and you only create anger and pain just something I’m sure we are all one people and we need to equate …… …… Secondly I was Jewish and did not care if I was a Muslim American or African American or German that I know I like them all and they all die at the end, and I think we die equally, some of the inmates more pain and some of the less .ohamt is that no one knows if there is heaven or something style that no one knows if he thinks he is good, he will take it into Eden ……………….. Another thing I want to say is that I live in Israel and not just teach us only about the Holocaust of the Jews explain some Poles and Russians died and killed in the war. ……. You should read this with an open mind and think about it because I read what you write and try to be in your head and realize you .oaod something all this you are saying that the Holocaust is a lie ………. .There is ample evidence of the Holocaust ……………….. If there is anything you do not understand it because I’m a translator from Hebrew to English software from Google and it does not always translate well,

  2. I’m willing to admit that I know so little that I’m reserving judgement on both sides. However, I find these posts enthralling, They make me want to do my own research, and that, I believe is the true point of these posts.

    1. It is, although you have to keep in mind that the liars desperately need everyone looking to do further research to not find resources that prove the lies, or else they’d be in trouble so a little extra digging may be necessary. Resources they want you to read on the other hand will be bountifully available and in your face everywhere you move.

  3. Here’s a great site dedicated to the most prominent false eyewitness to German atrocities ever known, Elie Wiesel.
    Also check out Eric Hunt’s documentary exposing the Lying Jew, Steven Spielberg and his fictional Holowood
    film, ‘The Last Days’. One of the most hilarious of tall tales is told by Irene Zisblatt, the Poop Diamond lady. It’s a must see.

        1. Ya, Schlindlers List is watched atleast 4x times by k-12 students before they leave… many subconsciously translate the fiction of that movie into reality, and the line between fiction and reality is blurred. That is the power of Hollywood emotion and drama.

          1. Indeed, I was one of those students. Still a great movie as far as movies go, yet once again the written accounts of a select few, leaving much room for fictional additions. Skepticism should be employed as a standard reaction whenever we see, ‘this is a true story’ and probably more so when a production is so arrogant that they don’t feel need to make that point.

      1. Understandable. There really is such an overwhelming amount of bullshit , Just uncovering all the lies propagated by the so-called “survivors” would be never-ending.
        You are doing a great job, I might add, using this platform to bring light to the subject of not only the Holohoax, but of the monstrosity of evil known as world Jewry itself. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

      2. Well the sad part is that the fucking Jews control the entire media and until we can do something about it things will never change. And when someone does speak out the Jew stronghold of media and Hollywood will destroy you. Look what they did to Mel Gibson’s career. How many movies has he done since he spoke out against the Jews?

  4. If you tell a God fearing, bible bashing person that God has never been proven to exist and therefore cannot be said to exist they go red in the face and their eyes start to swivel and out pours a stream of well learned clich? statements because that is all they have to fall back upon.

    The Holocaust believers are the same, all they have is what they have been taught over the years, information that has never been through any form of scrutiny since day one.

    In the scientific community a theory cannot be held up as a fact until it has gone through professional scrutiny and this can take years, therefore it cannot be said that the Holocaust is a fact since it has never been allowed to be scrutinised.

    I place the Holocaust in the same realm as religion in that it comes under faith, faith meaning that it cannot be said to be true and therefore nobody should ever be prosecuted for placing doubt on its name, the fact that people are prosecuted for this is in its self a crime against humanity.

    1. Are all members of bestgore such ignorant morons? In before “Wow you believe in the holocaust? You’re such a sheep, visit bestgore more often to find out the truth about everything, cause the owners are so smart and knows everything!”

  5. Not being a religious person, I started trying to understand the history of Jews a few years ago. It was not something we studied in my education. My first question was why do we pay Israel so much money every year and why are they so important to American’s.
    And right off the fucking bat, I was called a bigot and anti-semite for simply ASKING. The entire religion seemed based in even MORE hypocrisy than others. (I think they are all fucked up) A few years ago I read this article about Israel spraying White Phosphorus on injured children (and elderly) in Gaza. When I asked questions about it on various blogs, I was inudated with again…bigot and anti-semite. Yet Israe would not allow the outside press to cover the story. Later they were found guilty of war crimes and still I am the bigot for asking.
    Lastly I started to discover that if you even dared to QUESTION anything about the holocaust you could be sent to prison. I was like WHAT THE HOLY FUCK??
    So for the life of me, I can not figure out how they continue to be such a blatant bully in the world. It makes me wonder how many generations it will take to see Israel for what it is. It may never happen as long as they continue to mention the holocaust with ever other breath and continue to own and operate the media…AND then call everyone a bigot for bringing up the subject in the first place.

    1. People are waking up at an incredible rate. They won’t be able to stop it anymore. The most important part of standing up to a threat is to understand it. For the longest time people were deprived of the means to understand it, but with it now being widely available, the understanding spreads like wildfire. Once tipping point is reached, civil disobedience will follow. Revolution will become inevitable then. East Europe got rid of Jewish Communism in that manner, in exactly that order.

      1. You know, people were awake a couple generations ago. Seems like My Parents, who were born at the beginning of the war, and people their age are completely apathetic when it comes to the question of the Jewish Zionist agenda. But amongst my grandparents’ and their peers, many of them had plenty to say about Israhell and the Jews. What happened?

        1. There was no way to spread the news then (jew owned media) , but today my friend , we have @mark & BEST-GORE to thank for this issue going viral, YES, VIRAL, gotta love it. go B-G go 🙂

      1. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland all have laws that make legitimate research into the Holocaust illegal. Switzerland doesn’t have laws against alleged denial of the Holocaust, just against denial of genocides which are applied to the Holocaust researchers. The Netherlands, Australia, and Canada have no law against genocide denial, but because they are heavily under the Jewish influence, their courts have ruled that such statements are a form of hate speech, so even without direct laws criminalizing it, if you dare to research the Holocaust, you may be prosecuted. The United States is very lucky because they still have their first amendment to the constitution that Jewish lobby has not been able to destroy yet. In America, Holocaust researchers don’t have to fear prosecution.

        1. jeah, dont say one bad word about jews here in germany, or you will taste her halitosis in your nose. Its possible her to pe jailed, if you denie the holox, but if you say Hitler killed not 6 000 000 million , but 500 000, than u might have a chance to exit a jail penalty, but definately not if your judge is a jew .

    2. Dude that is part of Fucking Jew manipulation! That’s what those bastards do best. If you question Jew motives or speak against them your labeled a Nazi supporting Anti- Semite! The Jews are the scum of this Earth. Their religious doctrines teach them that non-Jews are considered lower than cattle.

  6. if someone ever made up lies like what was made up about the nazis, id do exactly as the lies say, if they want to portray you as a monster, show them just how lacking their imagination is and theyll be very happy that youre holding back, thats what ive learned from rumour revenge

  7. The massive quantity of material archived at the U.S. National Holocaust Museum in D.C. alone would suggest that if the Holocaust is indeed a hoax it is of such enormous proportion as to become an entirely absurd proposal.

    Clearly, it happened. It is contentious only on the matter of degree.

    1. That’s what gets me. How could something so huge be invented and maintained if there wasn’t extensive evidence in its favour? I maintain that a great many people may have lied about it and their experiences but that may simply be because they could get away with it and exact sympathy/ attention whilst possibly making quite a bit of money. Its certainly not substantiation that the entire thing was a falsification invented to control the masses. I’m sitting on the fence with this one. It would take an incredible amount of research for me to even begin to scratch the surface and there are so many people involved, each with their own unique testimony and perspective that I may never be able to reach reasonable conclusions.

      1. You’re right about one thing, it would take an impossible amount of research to find any actual concrete evidence that proves the Holocaust happened. I’d say you’ve got your work cut out for you since….
        No Gas Chambers Were Ever Found (Except For Those To Delouse)
        Not One Plan, Order, Photo, Budget Or Blueprint For Gas Chambers Was Ever Found
        Not One Single Autopsied Body At Any Camp Has Been Shown To Have Been Gassed.
        If you can prove that homicidal gassing happened, then you might be able to prove the Holocaust happened.

        1. From my understanding, the most of the Jewish executions were supposed to have been carried out by the ss and adopted former men of the law in basically a sweep of Europe. – Death by gunshot wounds. A lack of records could have been due to there being were no gas chambers but it likewise could have been that the Germans destroyed them at the end of their campaign. As hawks said, the extermination I can believe was exaggerated because (as I’ve mentioned in another post) history is always written by the victor. If the victor or, ‘liberated’ parties (Jews) decided they were going to make things up they were well within their capacity to do so. It’s just the extent of that deception which makes things difficult. Primarily in the scale of these alleged happenings.

  8. theres a story told by chopper read the Australian criminal ,that once he shot someone and then a few days later thought fuck it il hand myself in saves them coming hunting me and all the drama .so he walks into cop station and says hey im chopper I shot someone ,they look at him like hes mad ,like what sane person would walk into a cop station and say ‘ive shot someone’ because usually you shoot someone you run from the law . so they let him walk free because the real truth actually seemed that strange it became untrue to the coppers. its the same with the holocaust ,we have been fed the same story that the jews were gassed so much and its so ingrained that nothing else seems true or worth uncovering but in time it will unravel and the REAL underlying truth will show and the web of lies will untangle.

  9. It reminds me of some episode of a horror series “Tales of the Crypt” can’t recall the whole story cause it was long ago. I just remember the ending its like a woman kill her husband then throw his body in the soap maker then afterwards she use the soap(because she still loves him) then the horror begins… eye pop on the soap then her body drips blood…

  10. I’ve fucked dozen of beautiful women in my life and had wild orgies in the playboy mansion, and
    It was not a lie, it was my imagination. In my imagination, in my mind, I believed it. Even now I believe it.

  11. I love how I can go on this site, a gore site, and delve in such intelligent conversation with such insightful people. I really do enjoy that we can come on here and question mainstream sentiment, without fear of ignorant reprisal. As for the holocaust, the hoax was the degree/gravity of what actually happened, which was in turn used by the zionists, who had been trying to gain a territory since the 1890’s or so (correct me if I’m wrong) to use as leverage to achieve their goal. There have been much worse (proportionally speaking) genocides that gain little if any notoriety…

  12. Yea i often wonder why the holocaust is so played up. Genocide in general is going on, even now in Africa and other parts of the world. But all you ever hear is about the WWII. Like slavery. Millions of slaves where throughout history but yet all you ever hear about is the black slaves. Who where treated like farm animals. I am sure that there are cases of mistreatment. What about the Romans who fed slaves to lions, or the genocide in china by the Japanese? It seems like the ones who complain the most, get the most.

  13. I’ll admit this is not the first time I have heard of this “Holohaux.” I’ll also admit that I had my reservations. What I need to know now is; Is it all real, or no? Did the Holocaust actually happen? Was it as horrible as History makes it out to be or was it all rainbows and rubber ducks? I’m so confused. They either slaughtered millions of lives or they didn’t. No gas chambers? No point blank line ups? No starvation? Or is it ALL lies? I remember having survivors come to our school way back when explaining in great detail the horrific things they had to endure. They seemed like such nice old souls. Where they pulling the wool over our eyes too?

  14. The Nazi’s filmed so much. You see tons of footage of war, from the Nazi side. Now i am starting to wonder.
    I do remember seeing a few video’s of executions shooting people down in a hole. But I’ve noticed you see naked people running. But never see them shot. Where they running to the lousing chamber? The only Nazi execution video’s you see are a few repeated. If they documented everything like they did. Why do you never see but a handful of executions. And no proof that they where Jews. I remember the Star painted on windows, and beatings in the streets. That is not an execution, or a gassing tho, and again this is the only a handful you see.
    I’m starting to think the Nazi’s just wanted the Jewish influence out of Europe, so they made it difficult for them to live there. Where the executions that you see actually war criminals? Or Violent criminals in general?
    It is true that Hitler restored Germany’s economy when he rose to power. Was this because he took out the Jewish influence? I don’t really hate Jews. I actually don’t know any.
    Where the Germans just bias against Jews but not actually mass murderers? and allied war propaganda used it to paint them as the evil we where all taught?
    I have so many questions about the holocaust that i just don’t get. Again if the Germans where so much into a supreme white race, why did they ally themselves with Japan, and Italy?
    I guess one of the best ways to know these things are to actually interview real German soldiers? and people who where there. I for one would like to hear the German side of the story.
    Nothing makes sense about it anymore.
    I don’t really know any Jews so i can’t judge a char on them. I don’t know any Germans either. I live in a small town. Maybe a few German people, but they are actually only German by heritage and American by birth.
    They are some of the nicest people i ever met.

    1. Hitler was not in it for a ‘Supreme’ race, he wanted ethnic purity, that means blacks stick with blacks, whites with whites, Nordics with Nordics, etc. This is due to his belief in Eugenics and evolution, part of it is that too much mixing of the races leads to poor genetics and an overall unhealthy humanity. Many Nazi soldiers are verboten from speaking anything about the supposed ‘holocaust’ that would even come close to supporting the Nation Socialist Movement. Hitler and The Third Reich did help the German economy tremendously by allowing them to re-claim territories which were stolen from them by the Treaty of Versailles which just so happened to contain all the important resources that Germany needed to survive their forced depression. Most jews I know are pretty self-righteous and bigoted themselves, that and their barbaric practice of ‘kosher’ meat is absolutely despicable to me, they slit an animals throat and let it bleed to death because that is ‘humane’ (Search up Dagenston Massacre if you’d like to see this on humans). My opinions at least, Fuck Jews, Fuck Christians, and FUCK MUSLIMS. Hail Satan!

  15. in my country we hold a 2 silence.
    so called Remembrance of the Dead.
    they claim it’s for all war casualties, but guess what each year it’s WWII movies on TV. alone that exist in etherlands.
    Indoctrinate, corrupt.

    My eyes are open.

  16. Here in Belgium the soap and lampshade thing is still going smooth. in my last year of high school about 5 years ago, there were even faked pictures of lampshades and soap in our textbook. another thing they said was counches made of jew leather and pillows stuffed with jew hair… How I would rage if I was in that class now. but alas the battle against sheep can’t be won over night.

  17. Why is it when jews are confronted with their lies they say things like ” I believed it” ” It was real to me”. One of them wrote a best selling book in which he claimed something like 12 million jews were killed, jews were turned into soap, fire coming out of crematorium smokestacks etc. When his lies were exposed he was like ” The facts are unimportant. I was writing about deeper truths” or some such shit.

  18. Late to the party but just wanted to say I don’t give a fuck about anybody, the very least being the whiny fucking jews. Christ we gave them a chunk of land so just go there and shut the fuck up already.

  19. Fairly new to the site , and its amazing the facts I find , and embrace as my eyes are opened to these scumbags and how wrong and deceived I have been. Thank you bestgore and thanks to the members for all you do , I stand with you .

  20. You have to wonder if Hitler was a forward thinkers aka he knew what the Jews would do so they had to be murked. When you watch many of these people, you can see they were coached. This holocaust thing is money, big money and folks feeling sorry for these folks. What gets me the complete absence of the black people killed outside and inside the camps. People in America and other countries thing that these Jews are those from the bible when they aren’t. These are Ashkenazi (notice “nazi” at the end) Jews and they have no affiliation what so ever with the Biblical Jews. These Jews took advantage of a situation in Israel, New York and Los Angeles. If you polygraphed many of these folks, you would definitely find out they have lied!

  21. Good quality articles on this issue. Have you watched ‘Black Holocaust Lies’ on youtube? It would fit perfectly with all this other stuff. Blatant parroting of holohoax script and more pathological lying.

  22. I stopped reading this article before I finished the first paragraph and happened on the phrase “…honest Jews…”.

    I understand the writer’s need to temper his rhetoric about these hook-nosed slugs, but that’s going too far.

    There is no such thing as an “honest Jew”.

  23. I do think there are somethings that are not clear about WW1 & 2, however I think its dumb to say holohoax instead of what actually happened; a holocaust. This site provides very little other than biased rhetoric in this area, and i am an objective viewer. My views have been changed many times by learning new truths, but I don’t believe the holohoax, that really is a hoax.

  24. Show me 10 000 000 skulls and I’ll show you proof of holocaust. Even the whole term ?holocaust? is faulty, for holo = all and caust = burnt. There’s no noteworthy decline in the number of world’s jewish population after the WW? ? even the jewish organizations have admitted to this! Jews are so fucking stupid, come to think of it. And what makes me despise these lying motherfuckers even more, is that they consider us complete fools. How wrong they are. Their bullshit is starting to reak to high heavens. The jig is up.

  25. This is all part of the Jew scam. They manipulate you everyway they can in the media and when you question their motives they label you an Anti-Semite. They put a lot of stock in this “chosen people” thing. And their religion teaches them that all non-Jews should be considered cattle.

  26. White supremacists say nobody preaches equality more but believe in it less than the Jews and boy is it true. Jews hate blacks and non- Jew whites that’s why they love seeing them at each others throats.

  27. I’ll use any platform I can to speak out about these lying Jew bastards. Their moto is “never again” as in a Holocaust, but let these Jew fucks keep trying to destroy our country and we’ll see.

  28. Jews believe in equality right? How about the Jew owner of the L.A. Clippers? Makes millions off his negros and tells his mistress not to associate with black people. Typical hypocrite Jew ain’t he?

  29. what about the 50+ million other civilians killed ww2, does anyone give a fuck about them.

    its all jew this jew that. lying sacks of shit. they were scaming people before the war, during the war and after the war to THIS DAY.

  30. For a death camp, we certainly are seeing too many survivors.
    And from the old womans comment we learn there was soap available for them.
    She said the other prisoners told her not to use soap because it might be her mother.
    Now you tell me why nazis provide soap for them?
    Were they concern about their health in a death camp?!
    In 1940’s regular people couldn’t afford to buy soap or didn’t care much about hygiene and yet, jews are complaining about their soap!

  31. I drives me crazy when people call (what may or may not have been done to Jews by Nazis during WW2) it the holocaust. The word holocaust was commonly used during and way before the war ever happened. It means something like being completely burnt and was used often in newspaper headlines. The great Chicago fire was referred to as a holocaust and also things like burning train wreckage. I just don’t like the way that it’s used.
    Also, since it’s what the post is about, even if Jews weren’t murdered and abused physically, they didn’t deserve to treated like they were. Taken from their homes and separated from loved ones. Forced to live in cramped places where diseases were rampant, and without adequate medical care. Those things definitely DID happen, and even if everything else is a lie… that was not okay. It was wrong.
    Shame on those who tell lies for personal gain. Shame on those who believe it was okay to imprison so many innocent people. Shame on those who choose to focus on what didn’t happen instead of what did. And for what it’s worth, I believe the “human soap” idea comes from the fact that resources for much of Europe were scarce during the war. Because of this people used what was available, cats, rats, dogs anything really to make soap.

    1. Hi @irisflower not to cause trouble with you, as I’ve agreed with all your posts so far and I can only relate my own story. Please feel free to peruse my personal profile. Obli asked my story after I read about the holohoax idea. I urge you to read with objectivity and know my story to be true…my grandfather lived to 85 despite his health issues, and told me his story when I was 18. His scars prove his past. I’m not sure what happened to the Jewish population during the wars, I can only speak to my families story, but google research will give you more story. I’m not denying Jews were killed, but one thing I’ve learned is history was written by the victor….cheers!

    2. Yes, well the Americans were doing that, too…plenty of concentration camps on US soil at the time…mostly for the Japanese after Pearl Harbor, of course. And the sterilization laws the Americans were prosecuting the Nazis for at the Nuremburg Trials, that were part of the “Nuremburg Laws”…they were essentially based on laws on the books in the US at the time. And, though they like to say so now, they did not enter the war to fight Nazis because they thought they were wrong. They were practically forced into it because they were attacked first. They went to fight the Japanese to avenge a harbor, and then had to fight the Nazis, too, as they were their allies, and so Hitler declared war on them. And yes, the mass rapes and violence perpetrated by the “liberating” Red Army coming into Germany at the end of the war is commonly considered to be “The Second Holocaust” now-it was so prolific. So, for all of you saying-and I have seen many commenting to this effect on these posts-that they “don’t know what to think now,” realize what you should have been taught from the get-go, or picked up by now-that things are never black-and-white in this world, and that there is really never a “Good Guy” in a fight-especially not in wars. When countries battle, everyone loses-it devastates the economies, destroys land, and brings out the worst in everyone. So, yeah…some Jews lied. It doesn’t mean the Nazis didn’t do some damn evil things, though. Exactly how much of what to how many we may never know, but who cares? The Japanese were evil, too, and so was America, and Russia, and I’m sure, in their own ways we may not yet know about, so was England, and France…all governments still are.

  32. People of True :

    4 milions Poles was killed by german .
    1 milion people from Slovakia, Litueania, Hungury, Romonia etc.
    1 milion jewish was killed not more.

    and one more thing

    1 milion jewish was safe by stupid Poles who now accuse from Isreal that Poles was murders not german.

    WHy you ask ?

    Cos german govermant say : no more money to Isreal , so they looking another coutry who can steal money

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