Asian Man Uncomfortably Impaled with Pipe Up His Ass

Asian Man Uncomfortably Impaled with Pipe Up His Ass

Asian Man Uncomfortably Impaled with Pipe Up His Ass

Looks like the video is from China or Taiwan. Not sure. It shows a man with a stick up his ass. In the literally sense, not as the condescending idiom.

It seems to me that the thing up his ass is a pipe. It’s probably not right up his asshole, but it looks extremely uncomfortable. He’s not dressed up as a construction worker, which only makes the whole situation more puzzling.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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48 thoughts on “Asian Man Uncomfortably Impaled with Pipe Up His Ass”

  1. First of all, never mind that pipe up his ass, what I really wanna know is how it got there…!!
    Second of all, why not just yank the fucker right out in a sudden fast motion…??
    Third of all, I’d like to know how far in is it..??
    Last of all, is he getting off on it ? Because if he is, dude’s got a future in sadomasochist porn..!!

    1. the femoral artery which passes no far is the largest of the human body …. if it’s broken, it means he’s death in less than a minute …. this is the reason why they leave the pipe there in order to be removed by the surgeons

  2. Hey everyone..
    I think this is a suitable topic to ask this question…
    I don’t usually do this but…
    Has anyone heard from brokeback lately?
    Just curious
    Also, I really hope dude lubed up good for this experience, otherwise, I will say this : inner chafing
    Thank you for your time

      1. Yeah bummer. I know he was pretty sick then that was the last I heard from him. But one never knows with brokeback, he is such a bullshitter at times. Perhaps he eloped with that cross dresser he met up with…haha.

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