Belorussian Extreme Paraglider Ivan Krasovsky Impales Shoulder on Pine

Badass Won't Let a Little Splinter Get Him Down

Belorussian Extreme Paraglider Ivan Krasovsky Impales Shoulder on Pine

Belorussian extreme paraglider Ivan Krasovsky survived crash into the woods with a nasty impalement on his shoulder. He was rescued and taken to a hospital with a rather broad pine trunk embedded in his body.

The fateful landing happened near the “Stalin’s Line” – a historical and cultural complex founded in commemoration of soldiers who died in World War II outside the city of Minsk in Belarus. Ivan Krasovsky was on a hang glider with a parachute wing.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus issued a brief press release about the incident stating that “The pilot-man injured his shoulder, his condition is satisfactory” – no shit!

Ivan Krasovsky is known in the paragliding circles as “pro-extreme”. He has been doing extreme sports for 15 years. He is one of the few in the world with balls to perform “Infiniti Tambling” – a continuous cycle of dead loops.

The exact cause of his crash has not been clarified. Ivan was brought to Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital in Borovlyany where he underwent an operation to remove the log. The doctors reportedly promised to give the log to Ivan as a souvenir.

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    whatever, this guy is perfect

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  2. He got the chip off his shoulder by paragliding. BUT… as a result, he got a literal chip on his shoulder to take off! He said he is going to ‘log’ this event in his diary. ; )

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