Boy Impaled by Fenced Rebar, People Try to Cut It Off

Boy Impaled by Fenced Rebar, People Try to Cut It Off

Boy Impaled by Fenced Rebar, People Try to Cut It Off

I got no backinfo about the video. It looks to me like it could be from the Middle East.

The video shows a boy who was impaled through the chin by a fenced rebar. A few men are working to free the boy. Some hold up his body, while others work to cut the metal rod. The video ends before any conclusion is drawn.

I wonder how he ended up in this situation. Must have been running on the ridge of that unfinished fence/wall.

Props to Best Gore member @carborandom for the video:

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        1. One of my fave movies with Connery and Caine and because it is about Alexander in India. Remember those lightskinned, blue -eyed “Pakis “claim to be his descendants. Famous one being Cricketer now Paki President Imran Khan.

          I liked Zulu as well. Did you like that? With Stanley Baker and Caine. I love that Baker . Nowadays the’d call him badass. When i was growing up badass meant a girl had a shit -looking bum.


          1. HaHa .. yes Nem, I saw ‘The Man Who Would Be KIng’ and ‘Zulu’
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      1. So a guy takes his buddy to the proctologist..
        Buddy’s so bent out of shape he can’t even talk so the guy has to explain what’s wrong.
        “Buddy’s broke his arse”
        Now pardon the pun but the proctologist is a bit anal, says “can you please be more specific?”
        “Well, he’s got a chunk of steel in his arse”
        Proctologist says “sir, please use the correct terminology”
        So the guy says “well, buddy here tripped on a three foot long piece of two by four and he landed on a riser consisting of a single length of grade 40 no.16 5/8″ rebar which penetrated his trousers and subsequently penetrated his arsehole.”
        The proctologist is losing it at this point and yells “RECTUM!”
        And guy goes “rekt him? Look at him, it damn near killed him!”

        1. @The Captain, I am not a robot!
          Brother,,,,, That was super funny my good man, Well-Done.
          I Cannot wait to say this joke to my Wife & buddy Dale whom i am heading over to his place after supper. They will laugh their fucking heads-off as i just did.

          You know What Captain??? We should Start-Up Another Forum-Page that is Dedicated for jokes only, that would be cool no? lol? 🙂

      1. @SlothMan
        I’m Not Sure If that is a Girl with a short Haircut??? or that The Rebar pierced and went through his Fucking Balls First On The Way-Up??? Cause he sure screams like a little girl.

        And,,, what’s up with the guy and that metal-Saw?? Cut The Jaw-Instead Man,,, Much Quicker, No??

        1. @hopingfornemesis

          I’d think that would be a definite possibility. I would suspect that he might give up fishing now that he understands how a fish feels

          I missed this comment as I’ve been busy working on my next book. I wrote one that had sections that were inspired by comments from Best Gore. I write across a lo of genres, but when I write about murder stories and horror, this place is always a good source of thoughtful horrific shit.

          1. Oh yeah. I have 13 Audible books out with six in production. I also have over 25 novellas and full length books on Amazon. I make about $450 a month combined.

            I’ve been writing stories since high school. I used to have a column in multiple newspapers.

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            I think Aussie stuff can be bought under the UK label, but I’m not sure. I would think if you got it from the US site, a US code would work.

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            Hang tight!

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            Take care.

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  1. Compared to where that rebar could have ended up, that is actually a pretty lucky place to get impaled believe it or not. A little further back and it would have pierced his brain, or neck, or numerous other places that would have been fatal. With where it went, he likely won’t have much permenent damage, just a scar and a bad memory.

          1. Cairo? I just got back from Cairo on the 13th, I was in Egypt for 10 days. I went to Luxor and Alexandria too. I was with a student group and it was part of a fall course about ancient egypt. Funny you mention Cairo, I barely just got over my jet lag from coming back.

          2. @janiel
            I dunno… out of the parts I could see, they looked the most suckable… and I didn’t wanna say your nose because who knows what would come out of it if I did. *shrugs*

  2. Sweet Jesus on a pogo stick! They would have been better off lifting him away from the re-bar than to attempt to cut that thing. There is a good sized artery in the mouth in that area, but it if was already nicked, he was bleeding out anyway. Get him off the thing and on his way to what serves as a hospital there.

  3. I Don’t know if i should say that it is The Rebar-Itself, or The Kid Himself,,, that’s a Mouthy, & Skinny Little Prick.
    Or Maybe He, or It Was Just A Fucking Mouthpiece to begin with?? What do ya’s think??
    Cause Now,,, i’m all Confused Man lol. 😉

          1. @Janiel
            That is too funny my good B G Sister, and looks like it’s straight from Bollywood lol.
            Well Hello Daniel Jones What’s-Up my good dude?? Are you ready to support me with high technology Bollywood Movie-Studio While feeding Me Ze Butter-Chicken? 😉

  4. I’m pretty sure that the people holding his arms up are not helping at all. If anything they are making him uncomfortable as fuck. I understand support but they are doing more than that. His body and neck position look awful

  5. Well, what can i say, i wouldent like them fuckers doing work at my place, taking 10 minutes to cut through rebar, I might get my roof done in about 3 years, and the person rubbing his head, the genie aint coming out, they should have cut his head off and transplanted it back on, much quicker, and less tea breaks for the workers, yup!!

  6. Silly child… that’s what happens when you fuck around. You get fucked… unpleasantly. Something tells me that rebar in his mouth won’t be his first fucking for the day either. You can feel that crowds loving and caring intentions from here.

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  8. Hacksaw?!! Don’t get me wrong here. But how come a whole village doesn’t have any cutting motor or heavy tools? Even if they manage to saw the REBAR, that sawing motion will open the would even wider.

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