Man Had His Head Impaled with Rebar on Construction Site in China

Man Had His Head Impaled with Rebar on Construction Site in China

Chinese man had his head impaled with a rebar on a construction site, but his clothes don’t suggest he was a construction worker. Maybe he was just passing by or maybe he was one of those office workers who do fuck all but get paid more than guys who bend their backs and get their hands dirty.

The victim seems rather motionless throughout the rescue but the way he’s being handled suggests that he was alive. Chinese female host is kind of hot, but that language sure sounds demented.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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35 thoughts on “Man Had His Head Impaled with Rebar on Construction Site in China”

  1. I’m a mason so when i saw them stacking those bricks I just assumed they decided since the rear was already their to just pour a footing and build a wall. I mean no point in letting material go to waste in this economy.

      1. I was also wondering, they’re treating him like he’s alive and all the other rebar-victims seem to survive, awesome story to tell people “I had a 6 foot rebar through my brain, i shrugged it off, here wanna see my X-rays?” 😛

    1. I’m sure he had one on & it either flew off when he was struck, or it was removed after people rushed over to help. It didn’t make any difference anyway because the hardhat doesn’t protect the forehead. Either the rebar shot horizontally somehow, or it dropped from above, someone yelled, & he looked up. I’m no forensic detective but I’m going with the latter scenario. It would have had to have been traveling pretty fast to penetrate the skull through-and-through, & I can’t think of anything that would shoot a piece of rebar sideways that fast. Falling from way up high, sure.

      The ONLY other possible scenario would be that he fell off a girder or something, onto the rebar, that had to be sticking up out of the ground. The force of his falling body would be enough to impale him on it. That’s happened to quite a few people, actually.

  2. chinese people and rebars, brazilian trannies and stabbings, mexicans and beheadings, russians and dashcams, Motorcycle accidents in SE asia, brazil’s dirt bike hitmen, africans and necklacing. Clusters of death that happen way too frequently. Bestgore is like a census of death.

    1. Actually, bamboo is pretty goddamn strong. It can be as much as 11.2 times strong as steel, and can often bear more flex & abuse than graphite or fiberglass. It’s an amazing material! They still make a lot of things out of it, including fishing rods.

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