Chinese Woman Impaled Her Head on Rebar from Block of Concrete

Chinese Woman Impaled Her Head on Rebar from Block of Concrete

Chinese woman riding a motorcycle without a safety helmet fell and landed with her head on a rebar sticking out of a block of concrete. You can tell by the expressions on her face that everything about the situation she found herself in was agonizing.

Because the block of concrete she was attached to was too heavy to move, the rescuers had to cut the rod with chain cutter. I’m sure the moment her head was released felt incredibly freeing, although the snap of the rebar probably sent tremors directly to her brain.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. This woman is pretty calm considering her circumstances…
    The real fun is yet to come though…
    Their gonna be digging into the base of her skull and neck trying to remove that hunk of rebar…oh the pain..

  2. Whatever they cut the rebar with, it had to have caused the metal to vibrate…I can’t imagine how that felt, but I don’t think it was a good feeling. It was so nice to see people comforting her for a change. Just that act of compassion would make me feel a bit better if a rod was jammed in my head.

  3. I just showed this, the hood-rats fighting, the loa worm, and the huge bug inside that kid from India’s ear to my younger Sister and she almost DIED! Lol!! She loved all your funny comments but she’s kinda squimish! Who knows maybe she’ll be the next BG member! Lol

  4. What the fuck is it with the chinese and rebars, i s’pose its gotta be paired with something, like vietnam and hi-rise diving, isis and head lopping, africa and stoning,burning, personally i just go for cheese and pickle but hey, i,m just a simple bumpkin from the sticks,hey ho.

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