Construction Worker Impaled Through the Eye with Steel Rod

Construction Worker Impaled Through the Eye with Steel Rod

Like I said – China and workplace safety don’t seem to get along very well. And with all those pesky steel roads bouncing around, looking for a spare eye to leap into like fruit flies on a sunny day, an impalement is just a stone throw away.

I’d hate to get my head impaled in China. It looks as though the treatment consisted of cutting the rod as close to the head as possible before sending the patient on his marry way. He can now move to America, change his name to Rod Spike and talk jokes about a guy who walked into a bar…

Professionalism of hospital staff is just about as stellar – dude is sitting there with 2 meters of steel sticking out of his head, he’s got to hold his own oxygen mask on his face all the while the staff are busy taking pictures of him, instead of making ready to treat the patient. It almost looked as if they were pointing their cell phones to use the rod as a reception booster antenna.

This may be one of those rare videos in which the eye did not survive.

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83 thoughts on “Construction Worker Impaled Through the Eye with Steel Rod”

  1. What a cool tool. That was right around 3/8″-7/16″ rod stock, that thing would be SOOOO fucking heavy to be hanging out of your head like that.

    SOMETHING has to be said about the “bulls eye cut-in-half, TWICE for the pin-point accuracy of that impalement

    1. You would find in all emergency rooms across the planet, that the first thing the medical staff must establish with a new patient, is their general health before they could give the patient ANY drugs at all.

      Anaesthetics are especially dangerous, as they are only effective when finely tuned to the patient’s body weight and blood chemistry, as an incorrectly administered anaesthetic can turn you from fast- asleep, to ‘deader than Michael Jackson’ in literally a heartbeat.

      Personally, I wouldn’t let those nips get anywhere near me with an anaesthetic.

  2. Is that his fellow working buddy doing the cutting? Is that tool from his job? What the hell China!

    Then they got the camo-guy all up in their business. I’m glad to be an American.

    1. no sparks, that wasn’t a grinder, it was a cutting blade that slowly clamp-cuts the material, like a mini-log splitter.
      I have never seen one of these before, let alone used one.
      I am a welder, and any typical grinder or cutter would have created a large shower of sparks…..that would have suuuccckkkeeddddd

  3. Construction is a dangerous job. My brother died working in construction. I remember he told me one building he worked on had a hole in the ceiling where someone fell through and died, lol. Not a job I would do. Especially since doctors here are complete douchebags about giving you painkillers.

    1. however, they are proliffic builders…china is building the equivilant of a major u.s. city every few months, or, at least they were a year or so ago.

      I do know what You mean, I just can’t agree with it, based strictly on the fact that it’s not true.

  4. To name their kids they throw something metal in the air, the first sound it makes when it hits the ground is their name,(ching, ting ton, bong) in this case it ended up being, “AAAWWWW”

  5. my chinese literacy is extremely low….but from what i COULD read from the scrolling text, apparently the accident took place around 9am, and the worker somehow fell onto the rod. i’m not sure about the next part, so someone please correct me if i’m wrong, but i think it said that they couldn’t operate cos the rod was too long? i couldn’t discern what the rest of the text said after that, sorry x.x

  6. What’d they do find a random contractor working in the hospital with a cutoff tool? I understand cutting off the excess 5 feet of rod but man, how close do they need to get to his skull? Stabilize what’s left inside his face and get his ass into surgery.

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