Construction Worker Impaled Through Neck with Rebar

Construction Worker Impaled Through Neck with Rebar

Remember this impalement by rebar? That was also from Brazil. Makes you wonder what kind of reptilian conspiracy this is: “Vicious rebars terrorizing construction workers in Brazil“.

47 year old Francisco Bento Barroso who worked on a construction site in Ladeira Tabajaras, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro fell on the iron rod that pierced through his neck and left him suspended between two walls. His coworkers had to cut the rebar to rescue their dangling friend.

After the incident, Francisco was taken to Miguel Couto Hospital in Topsail while fully conscious and talking with firefighters. He tried to remove the bar from his neck with his own hands but gave in because it was too painful.

The rebar removal surgery took 5 hours. The surgeons are keeping Francisco medicated because risk of infection remains high, however he’s expected to recover.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Construction Worker Impaled Through Neck with Rebar”

  1. Sir we have a man impaled by a rebar!
    Ok let me get my M4 I am coming, gonna shoot that sucker right out of his neck!

    Anyone nasty impalement. No ideas how that happened but somehow I doubt all the safety regulations were kept.

        1. I know plenty of miserable married people who’re still on that missionary nonsense. They’re my old friends who still giggle when I laugh off blindfolds, and handcuffs, as commonplace. They’re either kidding me, and are as big of freaks as I am, or they really are that boring. I think it’s the latter. Why else would my eyebrow be in a constant state of disbelieving arch around them?

  2. When i was a kid used to steal those bars from construction sites and use them as swords most of the time i imagined myself being a knight unlucky guy 😐 construction sites are dangerous as hell ~

  3. God damn Bestgore! Can’t shoot guns, can’t drive fast as hell while drunk in Mother Russia, can’t chill in Homs without getting snackbarred, can’t do this can’t do that and now I can’t even work with rebar without getting my neck impaled. Well that just about finishes off the last thing I had written on my bucketlist. Thanks.

  4. Dude with the rifle is probably his boss. Gotta keep those workers in line. He’s probably going to take away his siesta every day for a year to make up all the lost time today. And you can bet your ass the cost of that rebar is going to be deducted from your wages, too.

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