Face Impaled by Broomstick

Face Impaled by Broomstick

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @ManFromHellNorway, who had his face impaled by a broomstick:

I was impaled by a broomstick few years ago. The accident happened when I was emptying a container with Styrofoam.

The problem was that the container was loaded the day before, and it was without a roof. The company which had transported the goods to my job had put a tarp over the top, as rainfall accumulated overnight.

We then had difficulty emptying the container and had to use whatever we could to get the tarp off the contents of the container. I grabbed the first and best thing I found, and lifted the tarpaulin about 20-25 cm, and in a fraction of a second broomstick slid, and the weight of the water pushed the handle into my cheek and right down to the collarbone.

The end of the part that was in my neck was pointed like a letter knife and pressed against the carotid artery.

I was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital, where they cut open my neck and removed foreign matter. Lots of wood and concrete dust and dirt was washed out from the neck wound. I was put on a strong penicillin for 6 weeks. Two of the weeks I was hospitalized with penicillin administered intravenously.

There was also an additional operation one year thereafter, to remove wood that they had discovered the day the accident occurred.

Thanks for the pics, @ManFromHellNorway. Luckily, the stick didn’t impale the eyeball:

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59 thoughts on “Face Impaled by Broomstick”

    1. It,s funny but i was just thinking about you a couple hours ago. It was about the time that you argued with the cops cause you were outside your??? i think, Uncles old store in the Bronx, bud! I don,t know why it came to me but i thought it was funny, when you stood your ground, and argued with them. They did not know what to say, or how to handle it, lol. 🙂

      1. @dre and HLAM – yer know guys, i think of that video quite often!
        Specifically the part where mouse calmly states to the cop “..i know my rights”, only to receive the dumb arsed reply from the dumb arsed cop -who is obviously trying to belittle mouse- “..what…so you’re a lawyer now?..”
        The dim-witted fucking arsehole.
        That video just gives me (us) a snapshot of the fucking struggle that the average north american must have to regularly put up with, just to try and achieve a basic level of respectful communication (let alone service) from the people they PAY to “serve and protect” them.
        Its a fuckin joke.
        Kudos to you mouse, in that instance, for not rising to Officer Dibbles obvious attempt to provoke you

      1. Great minds think alike! I was going to say, “Looks like the Beaters weren’t doing their job during that match, those Bludgers will kick your ass if given the chance. Sorry about the broom, mate, but at least Madam Pomfrey will fix you right up.”

        Random thought: I wonder how many Best Gore readers that are also Rowling fans consider themselves Slytherins. I’m willing to bet the percentages are skewed dramatically in favor of Slytherin with Ravenclaw coming in a strong second. “Hiss-Hiss Motherfuckers!”

  1. Oooh… Freak is what a freak gets!
    Your narrative had me visualize for a couple of minutes and I guess the way it goes ,it does mean to say that you were up to it EMPTYING a container with yourself with the tarp acting mischievously and nowhere by the ghosts of saturn a broom is gonna embed itself that deep unless you were doing something bizarre which the broom handle didn’t like .
    Please do recall and tell me once again what actually happened cause I tried being in your shoes to see what might happen …. but I swear nothing happened .

    Of all the things , just tell me if that creepy BROOM was spring loaded ……or that container had some pyro onboard .
    Up until this day I had only heard about Brooms impaling arse cheeks ……
    talk about facial cheeks ……

      1. Hey @blucon Bro’, are you on an acid trip??? Unicorns and a thousand flying brooms? I’ll have what you’re having! But, yeah, I was thinking like you and the others, what if this guy was turned around and bent over. The old broomstick up the ass trick as dispensed in Brazilian and other prisons.

        1. Hahahaha @ BornToRun Bro ,
          Ya’re gonna have what I have ; cause we Brothers must have all things alike ………..
          BTW I see ya come and go ……….just on a whistle stop tour !!
          hope ya re doing fine.

  2. Damn lucky! Thanks for sharing your story. If it had gone just the tiniest bit deeper, you would be dead. When that type of shit happens, it must be mind blowing. I wish you good health the rest of your days.

  3. Bet the hospital team were pissing themselves when they had the warning you were coming in with a broomstick injury.And all betting on up your arse,or your excuse for it.Bet they left you for a bit when they realised wow real serious injury! Scar looks bad but hey man you lived,lucky you.

  4. accidents are odd at times, that had to hurt for a while. ive drilled with drill bit through my finger 1/4 inch wood bit not bad but i reversed it to get it out and that hurt. i had a apprentice carpenter nail my hand to a sofit i cut head of nail so i could get my hand free. as a apprentice i cut my finger off but it stayed on hand due to tendion barely on finger i broke 3 fingers , doctor fixed my finger . you beat me take care if it happens again we will call you woody.

  5. well at least now you can say you can deep throat a broom stick and you didn’t gag at all…

    lol sorry couldn’t help it gald you okay dude I could have a list of broom jokes but i’d just have to sweep them under the rug for now 😉

    thanks for sharing ^.^

  6. I rather deal with that pain in the neck…….than
    Spending the night with Ann Coulter…….!!!!!
    With all the ” frou frou”……
    I may s well change my dirty mind.
    Ps: I already did.

  7. Corrr nice! Fucking brutal.. Thank you for sharing. It’s one thing being dead with that shit hanging out your face cos you know the poor sod can’t feel it (anymore) but it’s another thing being alive and aware of your surroundings with that thing sticking out your face.. Props to you man!

  8. Did you get to keep the broomstick? Very attractive wound and a good excuse to get the ladies to look at your neck and kiss the wound better. Ah so that’s how you got such a nicely healed wound! 🙂

    1. I did get the stick with me when I left, but i have Lost it over the years, so the only memory i have is this picture and the scar. And of corse the storry that I have told hundreds of times over the years. Prety impressive to see the face of the listeners change when i tell it. Like the face of my co-workers the seconds after it happened. Should have had a camera at hand at that moment.

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