Facial Reconstruction After Impalement with Metal Rod

Facial Reconstruction After Impalement with Metal Rod

These photos seem to be related to the video published on Best Gore earlier. The victim reportedly is a young female driver from Uruguay. The newly leaked pics show the reconstruction of her face that was severely damaged when it was impaled with a metal rod.

Obviously, on top of tearing up the facial tissue, the underlying bone mass was also damaged by the impalement. The woman will likely look deformed for the rest of her life, and her ability to speak, laugh or use facial expressions could also be impacted.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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41 thoughts on “Facial Reconstruction After Impalement with Metal Rod”

    1. EXIT12SAVAGE+ I thought the same thing! She is fucking lucky to still be ALIVE after an injury like that. Damn I bet the doctors and paramedics were shocked that she was still alive! She will defiantly need tons of follow-up surgeries by the time she’s healed.

    1. @zero
      Changes between photos:
      Clothing removed
      Majority of blood/gore cleaned off
      Eyeball pushed back into socket
      Pipe (it’s actually a slat from a metal security cover over a food truck window) has been cut down and the edges smoothed off.

      If, somehow, it isn’t actually the same person, then it’s one hell of a coincidence that the results of two freak accidents were so similar.

  1. I’d love to see what she looks like a year from now…i have simular scars-but not thís bad- from a car accident (pre airbag era) but being a man it didn’t bother me that much; for a woman it must be depressing when you scare people with your scarred face.

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