Girl Impaled on Bicycle Brake Handle

Girl Impaled on Bicycle Brake Handle

The story is that this 15 year old girl was riding a bicycle, hit a pothole and impaled her leg on a break handle as she was falling. It’s kind of funny that they were able to detach the break handle from the bicycle while leaving the damn thing inside her thigh.

Times sure have changed. If something like this happened to me when I was a teenager, I would have yanked that shit out of my leg and lie to everyone that the reason I limp is because I simply fell riding a bicycle. Not today. Nowadays kids go to see a doctor who sends them to get X-Rays done and applies local anaesthetics all the while their friend holds their hand and another one holds a book of picture riddles before their face to keep them entertained. And still they whine like little bitches.

What’s it like these days? When I was a teenager, there were jokes that the difference between a dinosaur and a 15 year old virgin is that dinosaurs were already discovered. Is it kind of like that still nowadays? Cause that break handle impaled her thigh but… Ah well!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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81 thoughts on “Girl Impaled on Bicycle Brake Handle”

  1. Interesting video but a bit too long for something with not much gore to it. Also a bit over sensational on the girls part when the doc tried to pull the break handle out without any pain killer even though it woulda taken him just seconds to pull it out. Nice shots of the hole at the end of the video though.

    1. @bman…it was a long vid, the Versed they gave her is great stuff! She won’t have very much recall of them taking this out! They froze her leg up, so not much painkillers needed. She would be awful sore the next day though.

        1. @bman….dont feel dumb for not knowing. We use it in the hospital and surgery clinics as a pre aneasthetic. It is in the class of benzodiazepines. The good thing with Versed is it causes amnesia for short time while the procedure is being done. All the meanwhile the patient is awake and talking! However, it can make the person sleep for just a few minutes. They go home and don’t remember what happened! It’s great stuff!

  2. At the 2:05 mark, I would hit the “Lady in red” (I gotta learn how to do those musical symbols! And the real black woman, YES, I would hit that too! She didn’t, for some reason, strike me as a nigger!! She seemed educated, you know, respectable! The niggers might get offended at that one, ONLY, because, they don’t know what that means.

  3. Geez, while watching the doc working on this black chick’s leg, there was a white twat pictured on my right. Speaking of twat, I’ve noticed that all these girls shave off their pubes. Is what you guys like? Since they’re hairless, you can’t call them “pussies” anymore, right? LOL LOL LOLLLLLLL……………..

        1. I think it has a lot to do with the sheep. When Playboy made it big in the 60’s, all sheep fell for the notion that a woman is not hot unless she has big tits and a shaven snatch. Sheep always go with what they’re told and a big magazine was telling them this was IN, so both men and women fell for it (it was a golden age of plastic surgery cause all women sheep wanted big tits believing that all men like them big – which is bullshit). As soon as general perception of what’s IN changes, the sheep will change with it.

          1. Dam MA AR AR RK, I’m a sheep, ha ha, don’t mind bush, but if its like a black dude between her legs, time to trim or shave.

          2. About 6 months ago I did my own survey regarding this topic. In all the women I asked (family and friends) there was not even 1 that totally shaves! So, I guess the going totally hairless is for the much younger crowd. I think hair is fine as long as you keep it trimmed short. Besides in a few years the trend will swing back to the ?natural look?

        2. I said `fuck it` to shaving my snatch-area after getting some seriously un-happy razor burn multiple times.
          Its just unpleasant. And so fucking itchy when the hair grows back, its just not worth it.

  4. Marks today are such pussys, I woulda yanked that shit right out doused it with some alcohol and butterflyed that bitch right up. My feeling on hospital emergency rooms when I was younger and even to this very day is that its a place where people go to die or be pronounced dead, or a place to spend lots of money to wait and sit in a noisey waiting room for hours and hours on end with people who have been in car accidents so the rude pissed off ER staff can finally tell you after a very long 8 to 6 hour wait what you already seem to know…that your hurt but its nothing serious

    1. That would have been a bad idea. Puncture wounds need to be pumped clean and USUALLY stuffed with bandage to ensure no dirt remained in the wound to cause infection.
      Fact is, when you have something 3 inches into your thigh, there`s a pretty fucking good chance you`re going to end up with a serious infection VERY deep down inside your muscle.

      Puncture wounds are no joke.
      If it was just a gash through all the skin exposing the fat tissue, fine, douse that in alcohol, stick a band-aid and move on with your day.
      but a deep hole like that does require some medical attention or there`s a pretty good chance that girl would get an awful infection in her muscle, and end up with a terrible limp for the rest of her life.

      Just saying.

  5. the same thing happened to me when i was seven..cycling out of garden and crashed into another kid on his bike..whatever way i landed the pedal stuck three inches into the back of my was four months before i could walk again

    on another note from the neck down Im hairless..for me its not a sheep thing..i just don’t like hair in that area..i think its dirty..and as any other woman would agree especially when its that time of the month..

  6. I don’t know about Y’all but I think it’s fucking funny that she almost lost her virginity on a bike. If the handlebars had turned another inch or so further she would have been deflowered by Mr. Schwinn.

  7. kids these days. i swear when i broke my leg when i was 13 while riding a bike, i didn’t cry that much. all i had next to me were my uncle and cousins.

    oh, and she a stupid nigger 😀

  8. Hey i’m a little confused about something, maybe it’s me needing glasses. The first part of the video shows the an arm that’s white with a lttle bit of black where the fingers are, but her legs are black. Now at the end of the video you see the girls arms and they are black. Am I missing something here?

  9. I found a few thing wrong with this video first off the guy showed her face HIPPA Violation and Second that white girl with the I spy book has a bigger ass then some black chicks WTF! I like it haha also to add EMS did what we are trained to do “Leave it in, Do not take it out!” so that is not wrong.

  10. That must have been a doozy of a pothole she hit! Jeezuss.

    The reason they don’t yank it out on-scene is because there’s the possibility that she could bleed out on the way to the hospital. My own personal gut reaction to something like that would be to yank it out…but that’s what Steve Irwin did, and he bled to death very quickly. They said there’s a good chance he might’ve lived if he hadn’t pulled it out, but I suppose you’re not thinking too clearly when you’re underwater & you’ve just been impaled in the heart with a giant pronged spear of a stingray tail.

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